February 28, 2013

Decision on Bauer's Tavern pushed into March

No vote was taken at last night's Individual Landmarks/ARC Committee meeting on the proposed demo of Bauer's Tavern (Azalea's). The case has been continued for consideration at the next meeting set for :

Wednesday, March 27, 2013, 5:30 PM, at the same location. (444 S. 5th St., Conference Room 101.) 

Public input can be emailed to case manager Bob Keesaer:

The biggest challenge I think preservationists face on this one is residents within a close proximity to the subject, if opposed to the change, didn't make their voice heard at last night's meeting, while people representing/speaking on behalf of Rolling Fields,  Mockingbird Gardens, and even JCPS -did make their voice heard in support of the plan before the committee. 

February 26, 2013

Meeting Wednesday to determine fate of Bauer's Tavern

Do we want to preserve Bauer's Tavern, a Metro Landmark built in 1868, or demolish it to make room for medical offices and a new "Mesh" Restaurant?  

February 21, 2013

Ashley Judd is serious, and so are her supporters.

Screenshot from Facebook page set up by Ashley Judd supporters:
SALON's Alex Seitz-Wald has done a nice piece on Ashley Judd's candidacy, if you can overlook that I'm quoted pretty extensively.

See it here:, and yeah. Huff Post syndicated it, too. Not that I'm narcissistic:

Most of my thoughts on this subject can be found in an op-ed published today on Insider Louisville: Curtis Morrison: ‘Is Kentucky Coal already laying groundwork to oppose Ashley Judd?’
Update 9:30 pm:
Who defends against my allegations today that King Coal is staging a primary challenge of Ashley Judd? Just Governor Steve Beshear. Could be a coincidence?

Huff Post: Ashley Judd Praised By Kentucky Governor As 'Serious Candidate'

February 19, 2013

New York Times screws up story on Ohio River Bridges Project

We're famous. Again: NYT | Like the Ohio River, a Bridge Project Divides a Community

Problem 1) Ky. Gov. Steve Beshear tells the reporter what? That this project had to have tolls because all projects have tolls now. Except, that's not true. See St. Louis:

Tyler Allen and a couple staffers made it to St. Louis Monday morning, and this is what they discovered

Problem 2) "A settlement was reached recently between the two states and the well-financed River Fields conservancy group, which has opposed the construction of one of the bridges, successfully delaying it for years, because it would affect historic homes in Jeffersonville, Ind."

Jeffersonville, Ind.?  WTF WTF WTF. Errr. I am at a total loss why I don't have a gig in journalism yet writers for the New York Times can make mistakes this huge. 

It was nice to see Tyler Allen's voice, and the 8664 idea acknowledged.

February 18, 2013

Louisville Preservation: Farmington parking lot scrapped, Cavalier in jeopardy

From 2007-ish? Photo by J. Horvath

(Update 2:32 pm: Also, thanks to Metro Councilman Brent Ackerson for following the parking lot proposal closely. Farmington's in his district, and he attended the last committee meeting. Also thanks to Lark Phillips, awesome citizen, for spreading the news of what was up. Too many others to thank here.)

Farmington: Parking lot proposal for Farmington: dead!:
CJ | Sullivan, Farmington drop controversial plan for shared 300-space parking lot
Special thanks goes to all of you who wrote in emails and attended the two meetings of the Individual Landmarks/ARC Committee. 
Relentless in their questions and advocacy, and especially deserving of our praise, are committee members Edie Bingham, Jay Stottman, and Daniel Preston. Although, even Bob Vice and Jim Mims expressed a concern or two on this one.
The proposed parking lots were just bad answers to the wrong question, and it's refreshing to see them off the table.  
Cavalier Building: Landmark designation in jeopardy:
"This is one of the first buildings built that far west on Market Street," said Portland resident John Owen of the Cavalier Inn. "This isn't the suburbs and it's not a crumbling old building to Portland. It is a viable gateway building to this neighborhood."- WAVE 3 
Photo from Landmarks Staff
More can be found on the Cavalier Building from Landmarks Staff Report. 
Councilwoman Cheri Bryant Hamilton has brought the repeal of the Cavalier's recent landmarks designation before the Metro Council, it had it's first reading on Thursday.
Call to action!: Email our metro council members and let them know we do not want to repeal this, or any, landmarks designation, ever:

February 15, 2013

Harper Angel, McGarvey, Neal: all on my good list

AT&T might be able to weasel out of land line service commitments, and you can blame 24 Kentucky senators who voted "Yea."  Grateful to Louisville's Sen. Denise Harper Angel, Sen. Morgan McGarvey and Sen. Gerald Neal, who all voted "Nay."

Catholic Health Initiatives and discriminatory hiring practices

Catholic Health Initiatives, Inc., now one of Louisville's largest employers, has two social worker jobs posted that require adherence to a reverence clause, which arguably either outwardly or subversively discriminate.

First link below goes to my overview of that situation, second link goes to a deeper analysis by Spalding professor Helen Deines:

Finally, this tip was given to me from a social worker who first caught it, and it got me thinking. If you see a Kentucky-related story that's not being told, drop me a line.

Especially if you're compromised by employment from telling that story yourself. Sources always appreciated and protected.

February 14, 2013

Lil' video I made for Progress Kentucky from I Love Mountains Day

I read today 56% of Kentucky Appalachians are opposed to mountaintop removal. (2011 poll reported by James Bruggers in CJ) If that's the case, why are we still allowing it? Is it appease those 4-door Porsche-driving pricks who have the "Friend of Coal" plates in Louisville? If so, let's just stop.

That poll statistic may impact this 2014 senate race, yet some are spinning it dead backwards.

Joe Gerth, Rand Paul, and Dan Mongiardo are all saying Ashley Judd's achilles heel is her anti-mountaintop removal activism, but it's not at all. In fact, it's how she could /will win.

Thomas Massie, Kentucky's first congressional RSVP to 'Day of Resistance'

From the Western Representation PAC website, "A Day of Resistance" is being planned - a nationwide string of "don't take my guns"-rallies, and the date set is February 23, 2013. There are three rallies set for Kentucky. Let's talk about them:

February 13, 2013

Someone cut off Adam Edelen's internets...No Rly.

This is a screenshot from Kentucky State Auditor Adam Edelen's Facebook page as he watched the basketball game between Duke and North Carolina tonight:
The nearly 8 year Iran-Iraq War, to which Edelen refers, resulted in the 370,000–1.1 million soldiers killed, and another 200,000 civilians killed. Civilians are typically the elderly, men, women, and children.

Both Iran and Iraq countries are over 95% Muslim.

February 12, 2013

STOP AT and T: Call your Kentucky Senator!

You may have seen this piece I wrote yesterday for Insider: AT&T bill hearing today: Are the phone companies out to cut granny’s landline in favor of wireless?

Turns out, the senate committee assigned the bill passed it last night, with only Sen. Julian Carroll dissenting. Now it falls on the whole senate to stop it. Just received this plea from Kentucky Resources Council:
SB 88 - AT&Ts Effort to End Right To Stand-Alone Basic Local Phone Service Clears Senate Committee - Please Call Your Senator Today!

February 11, 2013

Cheri Bryant Hamilton is doing what?

On January 17, 2013 it was reported her that the Cavalier building in West Louisville had been saved when it received a Landmarks designation. (A Louisville victory: Cavalier saved)

Well, hell.

Now we hear Louisville Metro Councilwoman Cheri Bryant Hamilton (D-5th District) is going to bring it before the Council to have it repealed.

Already, there's a flyer, see below. There's also talk that Hamilton may be facing a 2014 primary challenge over this. Stay tuned!

February 9, 2013

Coast Guard holding up transport of radioactive fracking wastes on Ohio River

Louisvlle's distance from Matamoras, Ohio.
 About 7 months ago, I asked this question:  Insider Louisville | Curtis Morrison: ‘Is the fracking industry about to Peter E. Jolly Kentucky’s water supply?’

On Friday, NBC News reports that GreenHunter Energy subsidy, GreenHunter Water LLC, has been held up by the Coast Guard, while they determine if it's safe to transport fracking wastes on the river. NBC | Should Drilling Wastewater Be Transported On Barges?  

February 5, 2013

Sullivan vs. Farmington's preservation, follow-up

Update 2/6/12: If it's not disturbing enough that the president of HHF was the brother-in-law of the president of Sullivan when the deal was made, there's more:
1) Herb Shulhafer signed the January 2012 letter from Farmington to Sullivan University asking them to buy the Farmington land.

2) Herb Shulhafer has been an architect with Studio Kremer since 2010. (

3) Studio Kremer is Sullivan's architect. (
I'm not saying anyone had bad intentions, only that conflicts of interests have permeated this entire process.

And what's the point of a preservation group that doesn't preserve their own properties? If this property were privately held by an individual, would we consider a parking lot proposal? 

Update 2/6/12: Keep getting asked who is on HHF board now. Here you go:

Update 2/6/12: More coverage at: Insider louisville | Sale of Farmington land to Sullivan University delayed one week

Update 2/5/12 5:07 PM: New plan- Instead of uploading video from Monday's entire meeting, here's the highlights:

Update 2/5/13 2:45 AM:
First video I've uploaded from Monday's Individual Landmarks/ARC Committee shows Cythia E. Johnson, Metro Louisville's Historic Preservation Officer, as she reads the the emails she's received from the public opposing the proposed 300-space parking lot for 5 acres of the Farmington Plantation:

February 4, 2013

Letter to editor: Opposes plans for lease of Farmington

UPDATE, 4:05 PM- On the Farmington parking lot proposal-it really is a proposal for the national landmark to SELL 5 acres to Sullivan for ONLY $300,000. Individual Landmarks committee had lots of questions, and didn't vote to let it pass today, postponed vote for next Monday at 11:45am, same bat time, same place. Tune to WDRB at 4 pm to get coverage before mine. 
Mr. Morrison,

As a member of the Community who walks the grounds of the Farmington historic property twice a week I am very disturbed with the plans to lease 5 acres for use as a parking lot.  The historic integrity of this property would be compromised and its availability as a recreational area for residents lost if this plan moves forward.

 In the past year Farmington has found it necessary to close the gates to the property at dusk in response to vandalism problems.  Should this parking lot plan move forward I am concerned for the esthetic damage that would occur should a security fence be needed for the proposed parking lot to restrict access to the Farmington property. 

Authorities reviewing this proposal should also be careful to review and evaluate storm water runoff issues with this plan.  Removing the meadow surface and replacing it with material sufficient to support vehicular traffic and weight will cause a much larger volume of water to be diverted into local water conduits.  The effect of insufficient or poor planning can produce a result that causes erosion, flooding and other man made problems.

It is indeed a tragedy that the remaining property of one of the historically significant Louisville families, could be reduced in this way.  I certainly oppose any effort to approve this plan to lease Farmington property.

Doug F.

Doug's letter was in response to the couple pieces I wrote last week for Insider Louisville: 

The CJ's Sheldon S. Shafer published a piece on it Sunday in which Sullivan actually gave some input, that implies Farmington actually plans to sell the land to Sullivan? No way!: Controversial Sullivan, Farmington parking case under review by metro agencies.

February 1, 2013

Tea Party Community: Open relationship? Aight, Domestic partnership? Not so much.

Tea Party Com.  relationship status options
Found out for the first time today that there's a Facebook-knockoff that is supposed to be a safer place for conservatives and Tea Party members to express themselves free from liberal bullies. (HuffPost's Nick Wing) There's allegedly other perks, but I won't go into them because this is the one I'm most interested in, and let me tell you why.

They're right. Liberals bully conservatives all the damn time and I am having a hard time tolerating it any longer.

So I read the Terms of Service for The Tea Party Community beta , and there doesn't seem to be any rules concerning party membership or values. There is a rule against bullying, and I like that.