June 7, 2013

Still no word from my attorney, meanwhile Kerry Stemler wants attention

My attorney supposed to be meeting with Asst. District Attorney Bryan Calhoun today, but I haven't heard from him yet on how that went.

In the meantime, Joe Gerth with the Courier-Journal published what I would characterize as a pretty fair profile of me.

Laughable that Kerry Stemler thought he should have input, since we've technically never met. Maybe he's bitter about that time I "secretly recorded" him being an asshat (after the jump):

There's another video from October 5, 2010 where I heckled "bullshit" during a press conference when Stemler was lying about the timeline for citizen input on the ORBP's tolling scheme.

Stemler aborted that press conference, WDRB's Bennett Haeberle rolled his eyes, and LEO Weekly Steven Shaw lectured me in the elevator about making fun of Haeberle's eyewear. Fun times.

Stemler, who was the chief tolling advocate during his time with the Astroturf Build the Bridges, and his time as a board member of the Bridges Authority, has since been appointed to the troll authority. (NA Confidential)

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