May 12, 2013

Mahasen headed for Myanmar, and possibly Mitch McConnell's conscience?

Burma, also known as Myanmar, is facing a "major threat" in the form of a cyclone named Mahasen. 

Pray to God that Mahasen does no one harm. But if it does, Sen. Mitch McConnell will be in awkward spot, both politically and with his own conscience.
From Dr. Jeff Masters on
"The model predicts that the storm will dump a significant area of heavy rains of 32 cm (12.6") over Maynmar and Bangladesh. The storm surge, high winds, and heavy rains of Mahasen are a huge concern for the thousands of Myanmar refugees living near the coast in makeshift camps, as reported by the New York Times."
McConnell has historically shown a great deal of compassion for the people of Burma, and they certainly deserve it for the war that the U.S. and Soviet Union fought in their front yard. I would argue that McConnell's advocacy for the Burmese people, will do the most to help history forgive his otherwise cruel and heartless legacy.

Now Burma faces a threat from another aggressor, and it's not the Soviet Union. The Burmese people are facing a cyclone brought about by climate change. Climate change made possible by those with hands over their ears, like McConnell himself. 

From a January 2013 report from the Public Campaign Action Fund:
"On the very day debate began on a bill to repeal subsidies to Big Oil, an astonishing $131,500 in campaign contributions passed from the hands of oil donors in Midland, Texas into Mitch McConnell’s re-election war chest. Three days later the bill failed by filibuster."
Mahasen travels across Indian Ocean's Bay of Bengal just as the carbon in earth's atmosphere is measured, for the first time ever, over 400 ppm, while 350 ppm is what is safe. (what that means)

If Mahasen causes damage, McConnell's press office will be no doubt be the first Senate office to issue a statement, they will do that: HERE. Will McConnell's statement not only convey sympathy, but acknowledge McConnell's own responsibility for filibustering attempts to end fossil fuel subsidies, putting fuel on the fire of climate change? 

 Looks like 50,000 refugees are outside in camps, without any shelter at all, completely vulnerable to the storm, which is now expected to hit Tuesday night:

Update 5/14/13:
Ug, storm's not going to make landfall now until Thursday or Friday, but 50 are missing and feared dead from capsizing of boat:
Cyclone Mahasen: Boats Carrying Fleeing Rohingya Muslims Capsize Off Coast Of Myanmar

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