March 21, 2013

Former Rand Paul campaign manager embarrassed by Tea Party bromance with Mitch McConnell

Screenshot from Facebook 
"Is anyone buying this, really?" asks David Adams in a Facebook post Thursday. The question was captioning a screenshot Adams posted of a Mitch McConnell for Senate advertisement that infers that McConnell and Rand Paul are having some kind of Tea Party bromance, 

Adams is the current Chairman of the Kentucky Republican Liberty Caucus, and it's important to note he was also Senator Rand Paul's first campaign manager. Adam's is unapologetically in the camp Tea Party, but that's not to say he's a happy camper. 
 Commenter: "Why isn't Rand putting a stop to McConnell's shameless name dropping?"
David Adams: "It has to get more embarrassing, I guess." 
There's a treasure the Republican Party does not like it to talk about, and it's called "McConnell's List." For McConnell to become the most powerful Republican on the planet, he had to acquire the personal phone numbers of the wealthiest people on the planet. 

If Paul expects to win the Republican presidential primary in 2016, he needs to get his liberty-covered hands on McConnell's List.

When former madam Heidi Fleiss was asked once to release the names on her list, she said "It's not my style." 

What Paul (and practically everyone else) knows, McConnell is not as ethically-evolved as Fleiss. McConnell will let Paul peek at his list, for a price. A high price which Paul is paying right now. 

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