February 1, 2013

Tea Party Community: Open relationship? Aight, Domestic partnership? Not so much.

Tea Party Com.  relationship status options
Found out for the first time today that there's a Facebook-knockoff that is supposed to be a safer place for conservatives and Tea Party members to express themselves free from liberal bullies. (HuffPost's Nick Wing) There's allegedly other perks, but I won't go into them because this is the one I'm most interested in, and let me tell you why.

They're right. Liberals bully conservatives all the damn time and I am having a hard time tolerating it any longer.

So I read the Terms of Service for The Tea Party Community beta , and there doesn't seem to be any rules concerning party membership or values. There is a rule against bullying, and I like that.

So yes I did. I joined The Tea Party online community. I am using my real name and making no misrepresentations. I firmly believe what I entered on my About Me page:
"There is currently a narrative in this country that suggests Republicans/conservatives/Tea Party movement have no shared values with Democrats/liberals/Occupy movement, and we shouldn't even talk to one another unless we are calling each other names. I reject that narrative, and am here to listen, to learn, and if welcome, engage in the discussion of ideas." 
Facebook relationship status options

I haven't interacted with any patriots yet. I have received one friend request, and I accepted it. If you're on there, friend request me!:
(Lest this be a lonely enterprise.)

I'm not naive. I know I will encounter stuff I'm not into. Already I've noticed I have two fewer options for relationship status. If I was lucky enough to be in a domestic partnership or a civil union, I'd have grounds to say I was being bullied already. But I'm not, and advocating for those folks while they're enjoying their wedded bliss, is just not what I'm into right now.

But alas, I did encounter some hypocrisy, and I'll point it out to make the liberals happy. While the vice of a civil union is unbearable, smoking and drinking? Like open relationships, bring it on!

Screenshot from Tea Party Community bea

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