February 5, 2013

Sullivan vs. Farmington's preservation, follow-up

Update 2/6/12: If it's not disturbing enough that the president of HHF was the brother-in-law of the president of Sullivan when the deal was made, there's more:
1) Herb Shulhafer signed the January 2012 letter from Farmington to Sullivan University asking them to buy the Farmington land.

2) Herb Shulhafer has been an architect with Studio Kremer since 2010. (

3) Studio Kremer is Sullivan's architect. (
I'm not saying anyone had bad intentions, only that conflicts of interests have permeated this entire process.

And what's the point of a preservation group that doesn't preserve their own properties? If this property were privately held by an individual, would we consider a parking lot proposal? 

Update 2/6/12: Keep getting asked who is on HHF board now. Here you go:

Update 2/6/12: More coverage at: Insider louisville | Sale of Farmington land to Sullivan University delayed one week

Update 2/5/12 5:07 PM: New plan- Instead of uploading video from Monday's entire meeting, here's the highlights:

Update 2/5/13 2:45 AM:
First video I've uploaded from Monday's Individual Landmarks/ARC Committee shows Cythia E. Johnson, Metro Louisville's Historic Preservation Officer, as she reads the the emails she's received from the public opposing the proposed 300-space parking lot for 5 acres of the Farmington Plantation:

I particularly found the letter outlining the importance that the Historic Homes Foundation not only preserve the history of Farmington's plantation house, but also the history of the grounds because of who toiled those grounds. Slaves, through no choice of their own, were forced to labor without luxury so that the White people inside the Farmington house could live a life of leisure.

Paving over the grounds is paving over the ground's history, in order to preserve the fruits of that slavery on those grounds? It's just wrong. If the financial situation is that dire, sell the house, and preserve the grounds.

Thanks to everyone who wrote the Landmarks Commission or attended today's meeting. Looks like they'll be voting at their Monday meeting, scheduled for 1145 am, at the same place as the one today, that government building on S. 5th St, 1st floor.   

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