February 4, 2013

Letter to editor: Opposes plans for lease of Farmington

UPDATE, 4:05 PM- On the Farmington parking lot proposal-it really is a proposal for the national landmark to SELL 5 acres to Sullivan for ONLY $300,000. Individual Landmarks committee had lots of questions, and didn't vote to let it pass today, postponed vote for next Monday at 11:45am, same bat time, same place. Tune to WDRB at 4 pm to get coverage before mine. 
Mr. Morrison,

As a member of the Community who walks the grounds of the Farmington historic property twice a week I am very disturbed with the plans to lease 5 acres for use as a parking lot.  The historic integrity of this property would be compromised and its availability as a recreational area for residents lost if this plan moves forward.

 In the past year Farmington has found it necessary to close the gates to the property at dusk in response to vandalism problems.  Should this parking lot plan move forward I am concerned for the esthetic damage that would occur should a security fence be needed for the proposed parking lot to restrict access to the Farmington property. 

Authorities reviewing this proposal should also be careful to review and evaluate storm water runoff issues with this plan.  Removing the meadow surface and replacing it with material sufficient to support vehicular traffic and weight will cause a much larger volume of water to be diverted into local water conduits.  The effect of insufficient or poor planning can produce a result that causes erosion, flooding and other man made problems.

It is indeed a tragedy that the remaining property of one of the historically significant Louisville families, could be reduced in this way.  I certainly oppose any effort to approve this plan to lease Farmington property.

Doug F.

Doug's letter was in response to the couple pieces I wrote last week for Insider Louisville: 

The CJ's Sheldon S. Shafer published a piece on it Sunday in which Sullivan actually gave some input, that implies Farmington actually plans to sell the land to Sullivan? No way!: Controversial Sullivan, Farmington parking case under review by metro agencies.

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