February 9, 2013

Coast Guard holding up transport of radioactive fracking wastes on Ohio River

Louisvlle's distance from Matamoras, Ohio.
 About 7 months ago, I asked this question:  Insider Louisville | Curtis Morrison: ‘Is the fracking industry about to Peter E. Jolly Kentucky’s water supply?’

On Friday, NBC News reports that GreenHunter Energy subsidy, GreenHunter Water LLC, has been held up by the Coast Guard, while they determine if it's safe to transport fracking wastes on the river. NBC | Should Drilling Wastewater Be Transported On Barges?  

When I first broke he story about GreenHunter, most feared was that GreenHunter was going to truck in the radioactive and toxic fracking wastes that are a by-product of natural gas extraction, and dispose of those fluids in Kentucky's class II abandoned oil wells

GreenHunter bought one of those Class 2 wells in Kentucky in Feb 2012, but that's for another day.

GreenHunter's found another way to risk our water supply.

In April 2012 GreenHunter announced their desire to offer barge transfer and storage services for the fracking waste.

By July, Greenhunter had bought a former Mobil terminal along S.R. 7 near New Matamoras, Ohio. (LC: GreenHunter Water messing around on the Ohio River)

I hate living in a world where this is even a question. Of course it's not safe. I've emailed the Coast Guard with several questions. I'll write more when I have answers.

Here's a page out of GreenHunter's latest investor update, they're really proud of their barge facility.

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