January 30, 2013

Farmington's deal with Sullivan University under scrutiny

(1/31/12 3pm Updates: As more info came out which seems relevant to how the proposal came to be, an update was posted to Insider this morning: Also, an Historic Homes Foundation, Inc. board member has reached out to me and I'm hoping they'll be able to provide a statement by Friday/Saturday.)

Whose scrutiny? Mine, for one. But I received no less than a dozen phone calls and emails from people in the last couple hours who were startled to discover some of the things that were published in my story today on Insider Louisville:

Sullivan University moving forward with plan to use five acres at Farmington for parking lot

I like to give LC readers the deeper story, but it looks like there's so much that's come together in the last couple hours, I'll be doing a follow-up post on Insider before the weekend. I will share here some captioned graphics that Insider didn't use for you nerds though:

This is the extent of Sullivan University's effort to compel students to use public transit. No incentive. Just an encouragement.

History of Historic Home Foundation, Inc. annual revenue from their 2011 990

The BOZA agenda item that has been removed for now.

Farmington, Photo:PVA

Farmington rear view, Photo:PVA

Courier-Journal falling for Sullivan's spin in September.

Tangent, both Sullivan and Farmington own a home in the adjoining City of Wellington.

Lojic map from 2011, I believe, which offers some confusion on on whether the property lines are aligned with the zoning.

Sullivan students already have access to overflow parking at the West Campus Student Parking (Source: Sullivan website)

Sullivan recently built a LEED Certified Silver building. This one. (That's good.)

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