July 27, 2012

Curtis moving to Iowa, buy my stuff

I've accepted a position with CREDO Superpac as the field director for their campaign to take down a Tea Party bigot/hypocrite.    (Like that Facebook page to see what I'm up to.)

This gig is until 11/15/12, so I don't know what the future holds after that. Since I'll be working so much, my wonderful niece Isabella has agreed to watch Boomer in Indianapolis. I leave Saturday morning for Ames, Iowa.

I bought a jeep yesterday from no-toll advocate Paul Fetter at Clark County Auto Auction using every penny I had, Iowa's 4th District is kind of not bike-friendly on account it's huge.

So selling my stuff today to raise money for gas and food for the next couple weeks, 1626 Ellwood #2, in the Highlands, stop on in, text me before you come if you want to look at something specific and want to make sure it's here before you come: 502-403-9498.

Yellow couch for sale:

Yellow bike for sale: 

Jackie Green sounds off about David Jones & parks

Today's Greening of Louisville" email blast from Jackie Green and folks:

"It came as a surprise to many to see the recent “City Park Facts
Report,” published by the Trust for Public Land, rank Louisville only
38th out of the 40 largest cities in the United States for the
effectiveness of its public park system."  So stated Dan Jones, the
chief executive officer of 21st Century Parks, in his Courier-Journal
article of 22 July 2012.  He continued: "the metrics used in this
report focused on walkable small parks and playgrounds, and the
public’s access to them...Based upon these metrics, a less populated,
more spread out, merged city such as Louisville, ranks lower than a
more densely populated city."

Streetscene following Friday morning Bardstown Rd shots fired

There were shots fired at about 2:20-2:21 am Thursday morning July 27, 2012 in the Highlands neighborhood in Louisville. The shots were fired at or near Akiko's, a 1123 Bardstown Road.

I was laying in bed at 1626 Ellwood, when I heard 2 shots, a pause, as I got up and headed for door I heard 4-7 more shots all in a row. As I went to call 911 at 2:22 am, I saw cops were already arriving, within 45 seconds- 1 minute after the shooting, so I aborted the call. But 911 called me back.

Within 3-4 minutes following the shooting there was a police helicopter circling area, but it was done by 2:50 am.

In case this is relevant later, thought I'd grab a few screenshots of what the kids were talking about in the club tonight,  per twitter. I was at Tap Room and Big Bar earlier, but not Akiko's. Looks like a younger crowd according to one tweet:

July 26, 2012

Corbin Seaver extending invitation to Metro Council members to play chess

Scheduled speakers for Thursday's MC Meeting as of end of day Wednesday.
The Louisville Metro Council usually lets up to 10 speakers speak before Metro Council meetings, but this Thursday only 4 are signed up to speak. Speaker #2, Corbin Seaver, may not realize what he's getting himself into. These cats are always making moves 3-4 turns in advance. 

But Seaver has given me an idea. Does anyone have a set of yard darts from the 1970's?

You see, item #58 on the agenda is the proposed changes to the landmarks ordinance. I don't think that's a good idea, and I'm not alone. Here's what Laura Lee Brown thinks. And here's what former Mayor Harvey Sloane thinks.

July 25, 2012

Prosecutor in Dietrich case, Paul W. Richwalsky, Jr: Trinity alum, member of 1953 Society's President's Circle

Trinity's Alum Magazine: The Leader, Fall 2007
Should 17-year old Savannah Dietrich's case, charging two Trinity High School students of rape, been prosecuted by Paul W. Richwalsky, Jr., when he, himself is a Trinity High School alum and contributor.

Richwalsky also  served on the Class of 1967's 40-year reunion committee.

Due to his financial gift to Trinity of between $5000-$9,999, Richwalsky was also included in the 1953 Society's President's Circle.  (The Leader, Fall'07)  

These are three points that, taken together, strongly  suggest he's invested in the reputation of Trinity High School.

Today, the C-J's Jason Riley, who broke the story Monday,  reported that Jefferson County Attorney Mike O’Connell is announcing he's going to use this example for a reason to open up the juvenile justice system to the media. (Citing Savannah Dietrich contempt case, county attorney to pursue opening juvenile courts)
But my source also says that Richwalsky specifically asked to prosecute the case. If that's true, this could be an even bigger scandal, which would explain why O'Connell is attempting to control the dialogue with today's press conference. Emails sent from me to Richwalksky have not yet been returned.

I've written about the potential Trinity connections have to corrupt justice. Louisville's mayor Greg Fischer  is himself a Trinity alum. The boys who graduate from this school often have tight relationships that follow them through life, business, and even law, and allow them privileges not enjoyed by Louisville's general population. Alumni typically don't disclose those connections, and they certainly don't want to talk about them.

The intersection of rights between accusers and the accused, issues of rape and privilege...these are not easy topics for discussion. But maybe keeping quiet about them isn't working. And by maybe, I mean, it isn't working.

A petition on called No Charges Against Savannah Dietrich for Naming Her Rapists has over 117,000 signatures. The attorney's for the teenage boys have backed off from all that contempt stuff.

Insider nails MSD/LWC merger story. C-J, not so much

From Mayor's website
Just as Terry Boyd and I were collaborating on the final pieces to the story BEHIND the proposal to merge MSD and the Louisville Water Company, the Mayor Greg Fischer pulls the trigger giving the merger a green light. (Metro Newsroom)

The resulting reporting gives insight to journalism's future in Louisville. I invite you to read both stories and see for yourself.

While the Courier-Journal publishes a story that tells the WHAT: Mayor Greg Fischer to pursue merger of MSD and Louisville Water Company

Insider Louisville publishes a story focusing on the WHY: MSD/Louisville Water Co. merger includes ticking time bomb courtesy of Wall Street

That's because the WHAT has little value, if not harm, without the context of the WHY.

To add insult to the injury of sending the environmental reporter to cover a comb-over of a derivatives scandal, the C-J then posts the story about public entities, under business? Because, you know water and sewer, that's only important to businesspeople, right? Are business people so unsophisticated they can be put  into trances by Thomas Merton-spins about "One Water?" I don't think so.
The C-J should have posted it under crime reports. Which is a great segway...

July 24, 2012

Jack Conway asked to recover Kentucky's LIBOR damages

Chris Tobe, CFA
Chris Tobe is a friend, investment consultant, former KRS board member, and as a result of the latter,a SEC whistle blower.

Tobe is asking Attorney General Jack Conway to pursue recovery of losses caused by the sharks on Wall Street:
Kentucky Libor Damages

I would like you to join Attorney General’s across the country in recovering tax dollars from corrupt banks who manipulated LIBOR and charged excessive fees.[i]   Many states have already started looking at these cases. [ii]    While there are probably more Kentucky based victims I wanted to highlight MSD Louisville and city related entities.[iii]

Louisville Metro releases Give A Day video

Screenshot from livability video
Louisville's latest livable city video has a picture of a subway, or a train. I don't know, no bus is that long!

Before you get excited, this video is not about making our city livable by moving toward a modern transit system that would allow us to compete sustainably and connect poor people with jobs, industry with workers.

No, not that. Today's video is about Give A Day:

Other Compassionate City-endeavors Fischer has underway include passing laws to make homelessness illegal:

Louisville Courant: Mayor Richie Rich can travel, but not you hippies

Louisville Courant: Sleepful protest going on at 6th & Jefferson S

Fischer friend, KRS Chair, and Old National Bank VP Tommy Elliott, to face possible civil penalties

In an interview yesterday, Ed Hart’s comment to Insider Louisville regarding KREF General Counsel Emily Dennis’ findings of Mayor Greg Fischer's unintentional wrong doing: “You can’t beat city hall.”
KREF General Counsel Emily Dennis is recommending civil penalties for those allegedly involved in violating campaign finance laws surrounding the Fischer Inaugural Fund. Their hearing is August 29, 2012 at 10 AM in Frankfort. Here's some media on the thing:
Insider Louisville: KREF General Counsel Emily Dennis recommends civil penalties for Tommy Elliott and others for campaign finance law violations
Courier-Journal: Not in love w/Klepal's headline, but the story appears to be an accurate summary
Anyone want to get a hold of the staff Report,recommendations, email me:
and I can shoot them over to you. The exhibits are too big for me to scan at home. 
Open government =  honest government.

Sleepful protest going on at 6th & Jefferson

Got a chance Monday afternoon to hang out with Saucy down at the #SleepfulProtest she's set up in front of Louisville's City Hall to protest the proposed anti-camping ordinance.

She spent her first night at the site on Sunday night, and is in process of spending her second now. A continuous stream of visitors and supporters has kept her in great spirits.

Saucy tells me from the people she's talked to, a lot more people really "get dissent" then we realize. That's encouraging.

She's the best chalk artist, ever. (Sorry, Stu!)

July 22, 2012

Louisville media: Follow instructions.

The leashes of Louisville media outlets are being tugged gently to go to this Bridges Project announcement sent out in press releases:
ADVISORY: Congressman Yarmuth, Gov. Beshear, Mayor Fischer, and Other Officials to Make Bridges Project Announcement Monday

July 19, 2012

Fischer's attorney bails as hearing before KREF draws near
(updated 7/20/12: 5:30 pm scroll to bottom)

News came today that Jennifer A. Moore is stepping aside as counsel to Mayor Greg Fischer and other defendants for a Kentucky Registry of Election Finance complaint.

A hearing date for the complaint, known as Curtis L. Morrison v. Campaign Fund of Greg Fischer for Mayor of Louisville, et al., is set for August 29, 2012, 10 am in Frankfort.

At the heart of the complaint is the allegations that mayor-elect Fischer, and others including Tommy Elliott, asked citizens, like Ed Hart and Bruce Lunsford and others, to contribute to the Mayoral Inauguration Committee, when in fact, they were actually contributing to the Campaign Fund of Greg Fischer.

I filed this complaint in December, but Hart joined in January by providing additional documentation and details to the KREF. (WFPL: Alleging Fischer Misled Donors, Local Businessman Joins KREF Complaint)

Fischer would later withdraw money from the Campaign fund of Greg Fischer to repay himself, personally, for loans he had made to the campaign.

According to Fischer's new counsel, John S. Reed of Reed Weitkamp Schell and Vice PLLC, Moore was stepping aside due to her "trial schedule in August 2012."  

Moore, a former state Democratic Party chair, has been floated as a possible candidate for Kentucky Attorney General. If such a high-profile complaint of campaign finance violations received an unfavorable ruling from the Registry, Moore's representation of the defendants would not serve that end. 

Reed is experienced in defending Fischer from campaign finance complaints.

In 2008, Reed defended Dant Clayton, a corporation which Fischer has an ownership interest, in a complaint filed by Jack L. Richardson IV with the Federal Election Commission. The subject of that complaint involved Fischer's use of Dant Clayton resources (email) to solicit a finance staff and a finance director. In that case, the Federal Election Commission exonerated Fischer under the scope of "the safe harbor provision."

A section of my complaint, which is called KREF complaint 2011-203 btw, actually addresses a related matter to the previous Federal Complaint because Iceberg Ventures, which Fischer also has an interest in, had provided resources for Fischer's latest campaigns in the form of ownership of a domain name used for multiple campaigns,

That web domain went from being used to collect mayoral campaign's contributions, to collecting inaugural fund contributions, to now serving as "The Official Site of Mayor Greg Fischer," all while belonging to Iceberg Ventures.

The web domain belongs to Iceberg Ventures to this day.

The staff report and recommendations, prepared by KREF Counsel Emily Dennis, are in the mail to all parties in the transaction, but the Registry Board members prefer those documents not to be released to the media before the Registry formerly considers a complaint.

See Reed's 2-page notice to the parties after the jump:

Bane vs. Batman for JCPS. You decide.

In a tweet:

Yep, I'm harsh out the gate. It's also called honesty. Learned my lesson...playing nice most benefits the corrupt.

One candidate believes elections should be bought, and then their purchased elected officials should be controlled behind closed doors. See the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC).

The other candidate has a history of challenging a controlled elected official. And now he's challenging one of the controllers directly. 

Yep. I know how I want this movie to end. And oh, yay, Batman's already up on Facebook:

GreenHunter Water messing around on the Ohio River

(This is a follow-up to Insider Louisville: Curtis Morrison: ‘Is the fracking industry about to Peter E. Jolly Kentucky’s water supply?’)

View Larger Map

GreenHunter Water, a fracking waste disposal company that has purchased an injection well in Lee County, Kentucky, may be impacting Kentucky, even Louisville, already. About 325 miles away (by car) in Matamoras, Ohio, GreenHunter Water has begun operating what it calls an "Ohio River barge transloading and bulk water storage facility."

From a GreenHunter Water press release Tuesday:
"We are pleased to report that operations at our Ohio River bulk water storage facility began last week."

"With these assets in operation, we expect to realize an improvement in the economic utilization and overall profitability of our existing Class II salt water disposal wells in the area as we continue working on bringing the barge operations on line in the near future."
What's not in the press release are details about what specific Class II wells are receiving the fricking fracking wastes after it is stored at their facility. (Kentucky has 3403 Class II wells)

July 18, 2012

Urban Outfitters uses Highland Coffee's recycle bin for their trash

Keep in mind, I understand Urban Outfitters' employees were doing what they were told. Or maybe not told.  The problem illustrated in this video falls on management, not retail employees who are being used to, um,  clean up construction debris.

The scene looked a little Lord of the Flies. 

So I called up Greg Hofer, the owner of Highland Coffee...

Words with Metro Council™ | Word 1: epistle

This first edition of Words with Metro Council™ was inspired by remarks before Metro Council's Planning and Zoning Committee Tuesday. See: Brent Ackerson amends Yates' amendment as it narrowly escapes committee

July 17, 2012

Brent Ackerson amends Yates' amendment as it narrowly escapes committee

Final vote of he Yates' amendment as it escapes Committee
Metro Councilman David Yates' proposal to amend the Landmarks Ordinance passed out of the Council's Planning and Zoning Committee Tuesday. But due to some cleverness on the part of  Councilman Brent Ackerson, Yates' amendment is now the Amended Yates' amendment.

Ackerson successfully amended the proposal so that a super-majority (18 of 26)  vs. a single majority will be required by  the Council before it can take up a specific landmark designation to, well, second guess and politicize.

'Louisville's Landmarks process has worked well for decades and our community is fortunate for the success it has had'- Laura Lee Brown

Colonial Gardens
Today at 1:30 pm, the Planning and Zoning critter-committee plans to vote on the Yates amendment.

Here's an email bcc'd to me that Brown sent over to the Mayor,  members of Metro Council this morning:
To Mayor Fischer and Members of the Metro Council:

I am writing to express my support for the Ordinance Amendment co-sponsored by Councilman Owen and Councilwoman Ward-Pugh regarding preserving local landmarks and to briefly explain why I think historic preservation is important for our community and should be administered outside of the political system.

"Our fair city may just survive your quick respite" - Marty Meyer

Today, Tuesday at 1:30 PM, the Planning and Zoning Committee will be voting on the Yates Amendment to amend  rape  the landmarks ordinance. The vote will take place in Metro Council chambers on the 3rd floor, with Councilman Tom Owen presiding as Vice-Chair. (Committee Chair Jon Ackerson has a conflict with the meeting.)

Councilman Yates' Legislative Aide,  Marty Meyer, must be nervous. He got pretty testy with Curtis Monday night  in a Facebook thread for the high crime of sharing a Facebook photo from his wall:
"Curtis, If you could just take a moments break from your personal vendetta against anyone and everyone in office and just take a deep breath...Our fair city may just survive your quick respite. Our mayor came out to the SW to be a part of an ongoing movement to change the look of Dixie Highway. The proposals include an 8 foot multipurpose sidewalk, uniform bus stops and other upgrades to make the corridor safer and friendlier to pedestrians. And what you don't see on the photo that you hijacked from my post is the mayor writing notes while listening to the various speakers."

That was fun. Now here's my advice for Marty...

July 16, 2012

Mayor Richie Rich can travel, but not you hippies

Mayor Fischer's own biography acknowledges the global perspective the privilege of travel had on his life:
Mayor Fischer last Friday.
"After tarring roofs in Louisville he, very wisely spent later summers in Kodiak, Alaska, as a crane operator helping unload salmon boats. His year abroad, most of it spent in Asia, gave him a global perspective on life and business."
Travel for rich kids, this is important, but travel for poor kids, the city needs a means to arrest them before it's too late.

Thursday at 3:00 PM, the Louisville Metro Council's Public Safety Committee plans to take up that stupid anti-camping ordinance. I like to call it the anti-homeless, anti-'young people traveling' ordinance.

My friend, County Judge Executive Bryan Mathews calls it the anti-freedom fighters ordinance, because it was only brought up after the Mayor had difficulty evicting Occupy Louisville on property the city wasn't even sure it owned, but had already optioned to Cordish for $1.

While the ordinance is sponsored by Council members Madonna Flood and Rick Blackwell, let's not forget it was Mayor Greg Fischer's brainchild.

Clarence 'Bud' Hixson, a local attorney critical of the ordinance, has a suggested changes to the ordinance, below, that includes recognition that:

 "...young people from around the world may travel with little property and no support and that Louisville should provide modest refuge for young people exploring the country who may contribute to the culture."

Hixson's more complete articulate perspective, with his proposed changes in red:

July 13, 2012

APCD schedules public hearing on proposed LG&E plant

Image from Josh Fox's Gasland and the newly released "The Sky is Pink"
Thanks to whoever joined me since Wednesday in requesting a public hearing from the Louisville Air Pollution Control District (APCD) on the construction permit applications proposed by Louisville Gas and Electric for their proposed gas-burning power plant on the site of the existing Cane Run Road coal-burning plant.

We got the hearing.. Only one day into the public comment period, the APCD has recognized and acknowledged our concerns, by scheduling a public hearing for August 15, 2012 at 5 pm! So we've won a little battle! We have a hearing, And frankly, this is a recognition by APCD of our concerns. Yay! Good for us. Now, let's keep the momentum.

Step two is to raise awareness about the proposed plant, the dangers of burning gas to our air and climate, and the threat fracking for gas poses to clean water and, possibly, earthquakes.

July 12, 2012

Per Pew Research, Kentucky ranks 47th in pension funding

"Connecticut, Illinois, Kentucky, and Rhode Island were the worst among the states, with pensions funded under 55 percent in 2010."

That's according to a Pew Research study released in June. The good news is that amongst those 4 states, Kentucky's doing the very best:

47) Kentucky: 54%
48) Connecticut: 53% 
49) Rhode Island: 49% funded
50) Illinois: 45%

The bad news? In 2011, the Rhode Island legislature "reduced its unfunded liability by an estimated $3 billion through a series of benefit cuts." Assuming no other changes,we are on pace to fall to position #48 as Rhode Island improves.

The other bad news? If the Kentucky legislature doesn't have the courage to address the pension crisis in 2013 either, our state will inch that much closer to bankruptcy.

Read more about this most uplifting topic here: Whistleblower Chris Tobe: ‘State pensions worst financial crisis in Kentucky since Great Depression’

July 11, 2012

Louisville's APCD unconvinced 'germane, unresolved issues' warrant hearing for new LG and E plant

Existing Cane Run Rd plant. Source: Valley Watch
LG and E announced the construction of a new gas-burning power plant on the site of the Cane Run coal-burning plant in November. On May 3, 2012, LG and E received an approval from the Kentucky Public Service Commission for the plant. (LG and E)

And today we learn from Louisville's APCD that the community only has a month, starting tomorrow, to make their voice heard on the proposal? A public hearing isn't automatic for the construction of a new source of electricity in Kentucky's largest city? Are they serious?

Here's the official notice:
"Notice of Action on a Title V Construction Permit

Governor's Blue Ribbon Commission on Tax Reform RECAP

Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear said the purpose of his Blue Ribbon Tax Commission was "to better prepare our state for the future, we must study how we can better align our tax code with the principles of fairness, business competitiveness and a 21st Century economy."

Mayor Greg Fischer identified himself at Tuesday night's hearing of the Governor's Blue Ribbon Tax Commission as "Businessman Mayor of Louisville." 

The Mayor is asking the state to start rebating some sales tax collected from Louisville. They'll get right on that, I'm sure.

The Mayor's second proposal is to have the state allow Louisville to charge a higher sales tax. While sales taxes punish the poor, if the revenue was dedicated to something that benefited the poor that would have a net positive effect, like modern mass transit, my arm could be twisted to agree with this idea.

(More videos after the jump...)

July 10, 2012

Oh Greg's not going to like this

Louisville Arena Authority keeping meetings secret

You wouldn't know from the "Meeting Schedule" tab on their website, when the Louisville Arena Authority was actually meeting. They don't list those meetings there where the general public might find out about them.

In response to my inquiry directly to the Authority, I have learned:
"The 2012 meeting dates are July 16, August 13, September 10, October 15, November 12, and December 10.  The meetings begin at 9:00 a.m. and are held at the arena."
Whether they believe it or not, this is public entity, receiving public money, and is subject to open records and open meeting laws.

Since decisions made by this Authority threaten to have hellish consequences for the health and vitality of Metro Louisville government, the University of Louisville, and our community as a whole, I'd suggest they could go to a little bit more trouble to list them publicly.

Don't make us email Attorney General Jack Conway, people. Life is short. Just list the damn meetings. Thanks.

Regester Larkin Energy sponsored website calls Pennsylvania fracking protesters 'demented,' 'sick'

"If a truck cut through or snagged the cable, it would cause the demented protesters to fall out of the tree platform. That’s how sick these people are." 
 The above statements were included in a Monday blog entry on the Marcellus Drilling News website: Protesters Illegally Shut Down Drilling Rig in Central PA.

July 9, 2012

Paybacks are hell, and it's only Monday

And that's not  the only story you'll get from me this week on the workings of the Fischer administration.

The hottest ticket for Monday night is the Jefferson County Chapter of Kentuckians For The Commonwealth's month meeting. I'll chat a spell on the topics of fracking & fracking injection wastes, we'll get a presentation on Citizen's United, and discuss the annual meeting.

Our chapter's monthly KFTC meetings are the second Monday of the month, from 630 pm - 8 pm, down at 1st Unitarian Church. Hope to see you there!

Tuesday night's the Blue Ribbon Commission Hearing!

ZOMG THIS IS IMPORTANT. The Commission is looking to reform Kentucky's tax structure, but what if only rich people show up? ARGH! Please come. Tuesday July 10, 6-8 pm Highland Middle School Auditorium, 1700 Norris Place Louisville, KY to share your story! More info at: Facebook event

On June 30th, I issued a challenge for this hearing where I talk more about why it is important: 

A challenge to GLI shill, Senator Denise Harper Angel: Say that out loud in front of people

July 8, 2012

Dear Courier-Journal: Quit sucking so much

So very tied of this screen.
Seriously? Do I need to go through this thing every day to convince you that I'm a subscriber. I am a damn subscriber!!!!  And once I do convince you, do I need another pop-up about linking accounts? No. I don't. I need you to not suck so much. Thank you.

But if y'all are able to break through Gannett's security from hell today,  James Bruggers has a piece that's worth the read because it's on a subject not got much attention, that I'm aware of at least:

Deep trouble? Carbon dioxide capture and storage may cause quakes

July 7, 2012

Remembering Buttermilk Falls

Delbert Valentour, center,
My Papaw Tour, Delbert Prentice Valentour, was a rural mail carrier, He had  a morning route in Brandenburg, and an afternoon route in Battletown.

As a side hustle, we'd haul water from Buttermilk Falls to fill what seemed to be every other 's cistern in Meade county. None of them seemed to have large enough roofs to keep cisterns full. I liked delivering water.

Buttermilk Falls was tricky, because the spring water came out of the side of a hill, and backing a water truck up to the pipes required considerable skill.

I was Papaw's helper in both jobs, delivering mail. delivering water.

Funny to think I'd later deliver the Courier-Journal, Papa John's Pizza, people into their next homes, and now,I guess I kind of deliver news.

Sometimes Papaw took me with him to a bar on the Brandenburg hillside.  I'd order RC, because I was like 6. Papaw would order a Pabst Blue Ribbon or two.

We'd talk about which of his hens was producing the most eggs, or when I'd next get to ride his John Deer lawnmower.

We'd joke about what the eccentric Minnie Crecelius, who was on our route, would write in the next week's Meade County Messenger under her "Battletown happenings" column. I had learned one summer that pretty much whatever we told her would end up in the paper. She was the MSNBC of the Big Bend holler.

Three days after Christmas 1982, the Meade County Health Department and two private physicians sought outside help after diagnosing 20 cases of Hepatitis A in a short period of time. By January 4, 1983 an epidemiological investigation was underway.

July 6, 2012

Louisville Arena Authority stonewalls journalist

Governor Steve Beshear sent a memo in December of 2010 demanding all members of Kentucky's policy-making boards and commissions reveal any potential conflicts of interest on official disclosure statements.

I submitted an open records request (ORR) on June 29, 2012 asking the member's disclosures from the Louisville Arena Authority (LAA) and this was the response:
"The Louisville Arena Authority does not possess documents responsive to your request."
Excuse me. When I requested the same documents in 2010, there were 56 pages responsive to the request. I saved the letter, see below.

So there are two ways I can think to explain this situation:

1) The Arena Authority attorney C. Edward Glasscock, took them home and his dog ate them.

July 4, 2012

Declaration of Independence

When in the Course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.

July 3, 2012

Tom Owen's hype vs. the Bardstown Rd public safety crisis

Here's the Bardstown Road corridor propaganda orgy Metro TV episode and Youtube video that Metro Councilman Tom Owen managed to have released just 11 weeks before his May 22nd primary election:

A great irony there's so much pride about the Twig and Leaf in the video, since there wasn't much support on the Metro Council in support of the landmarks designation for the, um, landmark.That would include Councilpersons Owen, who keeps popping back into this video like, like, well, it reminds me of that Whack a Mole game.

But let's speak to the real problem revealed in the first 13 seconds of the video. Bob Keesaer, with Planning and Design Services, says Bardstown Road "balances vehicular traffic with pedestrians."


You know that crosswalk in front of the new Big Bar near the corner of Lucia Avenue?

July 2, 2012

Unite Women: Messaging training & fundraiser

This press release came in Sunday night on the happenings and such for United Women Kentucky:
Meeting president of Planned Parenthood, Cecile Richards, becoming Kentucky Colonels, marching in Louisville's Pride Parade, and attending the 6th Annual Louisville Sustainable Living Event in Clifton is just the tip of the iceberg when the topic is what has Unite Women KY been up to. And no, in response to your unasked question, we do not let 100 degree heat stand in our way.

It is true that the last month has seen a lot of action by the folks at Unite Women KY, but it has unfortunately also seen continued attacks on women's rights. Our good U.S. Senator Rand Paul, for example, managed to overcome his dislike of "politics as usual" to stall flood insurance legislation by attaching a fetal personhood amendment.
But enough about the bad, on to the good! (aftter the jump)