June 30, 2012

A challenge to GLI shill, Senator Denise Harper Angel: Say that out loud in front of people

Photo: “At the Time of the Louisville Flood,” Kentucky 1937, by Margaret Bourke-White, Cea/Flickr
Kentucky State Representative Jim Wayne has been fighting for tax reform in Kentucky for longer than I've paid attention. I only started writing on it in 2010.  When I mentioned the proposal to Senator Harper Angel in an email this January, she ran for cover:
 "In regard to your support of Representative Wayne's tax propsal (sic), all tax issues must start in the House."
Wayne's a rock star, and he's been persistent for a reason. In Kentucky, working class and low-income households pay a larger share of state taxes than high-income households, and it's not right. As poor people have less money, and rich people have more, Kentucky has less money, and well, that's why Kentucky's got some serious budget problems. It's why the state legislature has robbed the state's pension fund blind.

Now the primary election is over, Harper Angel (D-35) can shill for Greater Louisville, Inc. without any short-term political consequences. And not a moment too soon. GLI desperately needs help in their efforts to amplify the voice of those who want to rape and pillage the Commonwealth.

On Friday, Harper Angel sent an email from her legislative email address encouraging her constituents, well, some of her constituents, to attend the meeting. The sub-heading was specific on who the appeal was directed:
"GLI urges businesses to attend and share opinions"
Email sent from Senator Harper Angel, promoting GLI's agenda at Blue Ribbon Tax Commission Hearing (5/29/2012)

June 29, 2012

Louisville/Jefferson County Democratic Party for marriage equality

Here's a little story on some gay rights history that went down Wednesday night. Potentially, it could put Louisville back on the map for our progressive tendencies.

That's whether the Louisville/Jefferson County Democratic Party Executive Committee Member and former Kentucky state legislator Claudia Riner likes it or not. Please share.

Freedom to Marry effort in Kentucky starts with Louisville

I say back on the map, because the City of Louisville was one of the first cities in the country to pass a fairness ordinance that was inclusive of gender identity. Even before New York City, y'all!

Christian health insurance pools: Cheaper premiums or less cooties?

Update: 6-29-12. The following entry has been updated to reflect my misrepresentation that the Christian Care Ministry changed their name. There has not been a name change. See email, right, clarifying that detail. As always, I regret the error and appreciate the correction.

Now that Obamacare is here to say, you may be hearing Kentucky Republicans like David Adams talk more about Governor Steve Beshear's unholy war against Christian health insurance pools.
British Virgin Islands

The pools are exempt under the Affordable Care Act, and that has Adams doing a happy dance. Sort-of.

One existing firm he brings up in his blog is Medi-Share (Kentucky Progress: Let's rock the health care debate)

According to Adams on Facebook very early Friday morning:
"Medi-share is the biggest group in the Christian health sharing industry. They are the only one advertising in Kentucky on radio and they are the only one in a decade long legal battle with the state. Can't help talking about them when talking about the concept, but I don't like them either. I just don't want the state jerking consumers around like this in the name of protecting us. It's a horrible waste of public and private dollars."
Medi-Share has a curious past. It is a program administrated by Christian Care Ministry,

In July 2006, the Kentucky Office of Insurance got suspicious because Christians sent their premiums contributions to a trust in the British Virgin Islands, before medical payments were sent out.

June 28, 2012

And Metro Council's work group is all done

 Councilman David Yates' legislative aide Marty Meyer has informed Neighborhood Planning and Preservation president via email that the secret Metro Council work groups have completed their work:

From: Yates, David
Date: Tue, Jun 26, 2012 at 2:55 PM
Subject: RE: Landmark's Ordinance Workgroup- Clarification desired
To: "Neighborhood Planning & Preservation , Inc."

Ms. Kunnecke,

Thank you for your interest in preservation and support of Councilman Yates commitment to Whiskey Row.  The councilman is very excited about a purported census in the works identifying potential landmarks throughout our city.  He feels that this will set a course for working toward a more “proactive” approach in how we accomplish our mutual goals.  As for your specific questions:

June 27, 2012

Tell Attorney General Jack Conway to quit fighting the EPA

WFPL's reporting a statement released by AG Jack Conway on Tuesday's appeal court decision to let the EPA regulate greenhouse gases to fight climate change (using the Clean Air Act): 

"In a statement, Kentucky Attorney General Jack Conway says he is still reviewing the decision and will discuss potential legal steps with the other states that opposed the EPA regulations."

Totally unacceptable. I've started a petition to tell Jack, no. Kentucky can't continue to use tax dollars to fight the EPA!

I warned you all about this Senator Rand Paul cat

This is really happening today. CNN: Flood insurance bill stalled over…abortion?
"After all the work that's been put on this bill, this is ridiculous that somebody said 'I'm not going to let this bill go forward unless I have a vote on when life begins.' Reid said Tuesday on the Senate floor."
Can't say I didn't warn y'all. Back in December of 2009 in fact: Louisville Courant | Rand Paul on Science

Contact Senator Rand Paul and tell him he was elected to be a Senator, not a Scientist:

The C-J: Laid-out by Martians, on planet Mars

Oh my God what the hell is wrong over at the Courier-Journal? Yes, a Kentucky man was found dead in a pick-up truck in Clarksville, Indiana. (Link to C-J FAIL I couldn't even make up if I was on hard, mind-altering drugs)

Kentucky state flag
The best image they could come up with in laying-out the story...the Indiana state flag??? Why not the Kentucky state flag? I mean, He was from Kentucky.

Downard uses wrong committee to debate landmarks ordinance

Metro Councilman Kelly Downward used his Metro Council Ad Hoc Committee on Vacant Properties' June 18th meeting to argue against existing landmark commission procedures, effectively arguing for CM David Yates' amendment to revise the landmarks ordinance. Hell, they were even talking about Colonial Gardens.
"Right now, it's 3 years later and not a thing done to it (Colonial Gardens). Except the yellow tape around it," Downard said in his Committee meeting.  
Dan Marchal with Planning and Design Services, and Richard Jett with IPL, both spoke before the committee about the existing landmarking process, as well as the demolition procedure for structurally unsound historic properties, and the 106 process.

The problem is, this topic was inappropriate for Downard's committee as the Yates' amendment isn't even before his committee, but is before the Planning/Zoning, Land Design and Development Committee. The latter committee plans to vote on the amendment at it's next meeting on July 17.


  Get Microsoft Silverlight

Yeah, if that video doesn't load, don't blame me. You weren't meant to see it, see. That's how Louisville works.
Click on view 'Video" to the 6/18 meeting of the Ad Hoc committee:

Downard eventually apologizes for being "harsh" toward Marchal and Jett. Related, last Thursday, Downard harshly objected to Metro Louisville's participation in preserving Whiskey Row, and he offered no apology. (...recap of Thursday's Whiskey Row)

In an email obtained via open records request, Downard wrote to Councilman David James in April his sympathy with the out-of-state owners of the Colonial Gardens property, Carl Schmid, Jr. and Frances Schmid, and Leona Schmid Properties, LLC, all of Alpharetta, Georgia.

June 26, 2012

"Hundreds of good Catholics supporting the Nuns and religious women"- Shawn Reilly

There's some standing with nuns going on downtown right now, a vigil, on S. 5th St in front of the Cathedral of the Assumption.

Liberty and Libations: Wednesday

Kate with the ACLU sent me this. I'm at home sick today, so not sure if I'll be ready for this kinda fun tomorrow. But that shouldn't stop you playas from having funs.

June 25, 2012

Yates' amendment update/ recap of Thursday's Whiskey Row drama

Rear of Whiskey Row
First, at my request Yates' Legislative Aide Marty Meyer has provided me today the latest version of the proposed changes to landmarks ordinance. I've uploaded it to Google docs right here.

It's likely there will be changes, manifested by the work group, before the final version is voted on by the Planning and Zoning Committee Meeting on July 17th. I wrote a spell on these super secret work groups Friday: Super-secret password shuts ordinary citizens out of Landmarks Ordinance work groups.
Yates' amendment still gives the Metro Council, and not the Landmarks Commission, the final say on landmark petitions. (Section G)

Also, the notice of proposed landmarks petitions are still only being sent to owners, and not residents. (Section D.2) This is extremely unfair to West End end communities like Russell, California, and Portland, where there are a lot more tenant-occupied properties than in other parts of town.

Traveler warning: Be on lookout for billboards that intellectually molest your children

This summer, the Kentucky's Creation Museum is promoting a nationwide billboard campaign with cartoons depicting dinosaurs in Biblical times. So far, the billboards have popped up in 25 states.
See: AP: Ky. biblical museum ad campaign features dinosaurs

Responsible parents should avoid the billboards altogether, but if that is impossible, use them as an opportunity to explain to their children what happens if they don't pay attention in science class.

The Creation Museum's Noah, Ken Ham, courteously has place the locations of all the billboard sites up online, to make it easier for thinking people to avoid them:

View Creation Museum Billboards in a larger map

June 24, 2012

ZOMG- Gannett's Courier-Journal website. The stupid. Make it stop.

The story I can't find onli
Ya know. I tried to find a link online for a story by Sheldon Shafer called "Ethics complaint rejected." It was some real news. Shafer's reporting where our Louisville Metro Ethics Commission is urging the Commonwealth Attorney to investigate someone who filed a complaint. (Most unacceptable thing ever, btw.)

I never found it on their website or through their website's search engine. Now I can't even get results from the search engine to load.

June 22, 2012

Email your Metro Council members. Because you can.

Did you know you can email all 26 Louisville Metro Council members with a single click? Yep. I like that. It's a good thing. And just allowed me to get a couple things off my chest in this email I just sent:

Curtis switched to CREDO, can you?

Hells yes I switched to CREDO.

Last year, Mary Pat Reagan, the CEO of Louisville's ATT office, worked the halls of Kentucky's General Assembly lobbying a bill that would take away land-line phone service from Appalachian grandmothers. ATT doesn't want to be bothered with non-profitable endeavors, and have this misguided opinion they have cell-service everywhere in Kentucky.

Shit. They don't have cell service in my bedroom.

June 21, 2012

Thursday digest of neat news and stuff

#J21 is he hashtag, if your new to twitter-activism
(This post was modified at 4:35 pm to appease Jacob Conway's respected desire for accuracy about details.)
(& modified again 6/24/12 after Laidman clarified on LG&E)

Today!: June 21 Show PNC whose boss!:  
National Day of Action for the Cruz Family. (And against PNC Bank)

So PNC keeps telling the press they're trying to work with this family, and by "work with" somehow they've caused 23 people to be arrested. So far. Empty houses don't make good communities, folks. It's time for the mortgage companies to really, really work with borrowers. Not just pretend.

Jacob Conway in Insider Louisville: 
Chris Thieneman vs. Perry Clark: ’37th District senate battle will be as dramatic as anything on TV’
I understand Clark's EPA position was added to that story by Terry Boyd and not Conway. I'd like to clarify it.
While it's great Clark's acknowledging the EPA is needed for clean water, he stops short of saying they're needed to regulate greenhouse gases, which cause climate change.

"Clark said coal will still be needed and used for years, but the EPA is crucial to keep the nation’s air and water clean." - cn|2
Yeah, the EPA is crucial for another reason, too, buddy. Still. Doubt Thieneman's position is any better. Although, I do recall from 2010, Hal Heiner was the only candidate who didn't believe climate change was man-made when Mark Hebert asked a forum of mayoral candidates. That means Chris did. I'll have to re-check my video.
Me in Insider Louisville:
Tyler Allen and J.C. Stites were right about the bridges, Abramson, Reagan and PR hacks were wrong - Headline was written by Terry and I'm not a fan. Having 2nd guesses about my opinion, too. I should have restated exactly what I was saying which was:
One day: Another environmental review? Impossible!- will take 5 years.
Another day: We knocked that baby out in 18 months because it's in line with what the Emperor has told us to do.

Jenni Laidman in Insider Louisville:
‘A bumpy ride’ to renewable energy: Coal losing out to natural gas
 A great recap of problems facing the coal industry. I may be wrong, but I take technical issue with his statement:

"November, Louisville Gas & Electric announced it would build a 640-megawatt natural-gas generation plant to replace its 57-year-old coal-fired Cane Run Power Plan..."
It is my understanding LG&E just wanted to convert the existing plant? Clarifications in comments below appreciated.
Wow. Laidman was right. Press release. LGE plans to spend $690 million to build a fossil fuel-burning plant in 2012. You know who is going to pay for this? And once these fools realize burning gas still contributes to climate change, the plant will be abandoned like Marble Hill nuclear plant in New Washington.Think about that.

Bardstown Road safety:
I wonder upon about an accident a day on a 4-block stretch of Bardstown Road. It doesn't have to be this way.
About 1 pm Thursday, motorist in purple Nissan pulls out of parked position to head North on Barkstown Rd.. Only, for whatever reason, she didn't see HUGE Ford pickup truck that was going to fast to stop in time. And by too fast, they were probably going to the speed limit. It's too high through here. 35 mph is not a safe speed for traffic in a pedestrian-driven business model. Note right behind the red van is the white bike that is a site of a cyclist-fatality.
I talked with Kim at Barkstown a few minutes ago about getting a petition together to demand the Louisville Metro Council make Bardstown Rd. safer. If you're a Highlands business owner who is interested in that campaign, email me:

Urban Outfitters put up fancy sign:
They're hiring, too. Just remember what we reported on the 17th. Know what you're getting into: Urban Outfitters hiring, can you peddle Romney-wear?

 Forgive my skepticism, but how long you think it will be before they raid the pretty flowers and replace them with a bunch of concrete suburbia? Hopefully Highlands Coffee won't let that happen.

June 20, 2012

Drumanard news / Arena news - somewheres else

Need to link my dearest reader's away today. I had a piece I wrote, and one I co-wrote, published in Insider Louisville today. I like it over there because it's reaching people this media venue doesn't always reach.

Attorney General Jack Conway looks into Drumanard Estate sale


Sources: Arena Authority feeling pressure to seek KFC Yum! Center lease changes from U of L

One thing left out of the Arena piece is how Goldman Sachs is using the KFC YUM! Center model to convince the world they care and only do good. Oops. 

"Typically, financing a college sports facility of this size is fully supported by revenues from a university or municipality," reads the full story.

June 17, 2012

Urban Outfitters hiring, can you peddle Romney-wear?

The new Urban Outfitters location on Bardstown Road is nearing completion, and a sign in the window indicates they're hiring part-time sales associates. Prospects are instructed to email resumes to

While a craigslist ad the company placed Friday directs prospects to apply online at From that website, it looks like Urban Outfitters offers benefits, but they're only "available to both full time and salaried staff."(benefits)  
But let's do some real informed consent - know what you're getting into before you go to work some place, yo.

June 16, 2012

2 things to end: Fossil fuel subsidization and Mitch McConnell's career as US Senator has launched a campaign to get members of congress on record with their position on subsidizing fossil fuels.

Lots of fun action items you can do, including tweeting to your Congress members. I liked that so much I tweeted to about a 1/4th of the US Senate on Thursday. There are apparently 81 out of 100 with Twitter accounts according to The Muck Rack Blog. Senator Jeff Merkley, of Oregon, followed me back even, although that could be related to tweet thanking him for keeping Jamie Dimon in check.

Related, Monday, June 18th,'s calling for a twitterstorm. Hellz yes, I'm in. The 24-hour window for Louisville, or EST zone, is will be Mon 4:00 AM - Tue 3:55 AM.

So plugging in my Louisville zip code into 350's scorecard I get a glimpse of a figure, $1,549,508, which represents how much dirty energy money US Senator Mitch McConnell has received. Let's talk about that...

June 15, 2012

Move along: Tryangles' 'Gay Bigfoot' theme does not supposed to bother you

Selected in September, the 2012 theme of the Kentuckiana Pride Festival is Our Footprints are Everywhere. The festival picks back up tomorrow on the Belvedere from noon- 11 pm, Saturday, June 16.

Pictured below are reader-submitted images from Tryangles Bar's float in today's Kentuckiana Pride Parade, which kicked off day one of the two day festival. The parade, as always, began this year from the Tryangles parking lot.

The sign in front of the float reads "Two Proud Parents of a Gay Bigfoot."

So they're not chimpanzees...

June 13, 2012

Following up on Tuesday's Yates amendment fiasco

Owen's 5/29/12 tweet
I've noticed a tweet from Councilman Tom Owen on May 29, 2012 that strongly suggests that Councilman David Yates' accusation that Owen was "forgetful" may be accurate in the context of this incident. (See image)

President Rafael Correa of Ecuador = AWESOME

Can't believe this happened 3 weeks ago and I just found it. President Rafael Correa of Ecuador, this is a man I could work for. Wish we had leaders like this in Kentucky.
"...If anyone comes up to us as a devil, we simply tell them, no thank you."- Correa.

The power broker of Louisville: Frost Brown Todd?

Dan Borsch, speaking at meeting of Bridges Authority in 2010
Louisville businessman Daniel Borsch put out 12-15 questions on Say No to Bridge Tolls Facebook group's wall which collectively suggest Louisville is really just one puppet show with an awful lot of strings controlled by Frost Brown Todd. 
Borsch co-founded Say No to Bridge Tolls with Shawn Reilly in the Spring of 2010.) Consider Borsch's questions below, and feel free to answer what you know in comments, or submit to me at (Source anonymity protected) 

Recap of Yates' amendment staying tabled and stuff

To be fair to Councilman David Yates, he didn't ambush the public at Tuesday's Planning and Zoning Committee Meeting. His intention to have a vote held at this meeting was made clear in the minutes of the May 29, 2012 meeting.
(Documents after the jump)

June 12, 2012

Preservation Tuesday Morning: ACTION ALERT!

Go Dan Johnson!
As reported last night, Councilman David Yates has pushed for a surprise vote on his anti-landmarks amendment Tuesday, also known as the Yates' amendment. And it's made the agenda, too. (link below)

Received emailed confirmation from Dan Johnson that he still opposes it. (See image)

June 11, 2012

Gay marriage debated on KET, it wins. Let's do it!
Not sure how Chris stays all cool and collected when he's sitting up on stage with folks that are equating his lifestyle to incest, but he does it. He's really good at it, too. The Fairness Campaign is lucky to have him.

Yates moves for ambush vote on his anti-landmarks amendment

6/15/12 Publisher's note: The headline of this blog entry was later revealed to be somewhat misleading. My apologies to Councilman Yates.

At 5:54 PM Monday night, I have been cc'd an email with alarming news and strong questions from attorney Stephen T. Porter to Councilman David Yates' legislative aide, Marty Meyer:
"You have just confirmed to me by telephone that CM Yates intends to push action on his Landmarks Ordinance amendments at tomorrow's Planning/Zoning committee meeting. Please send me and the copied persons to this e-mail the latest revision of David's proposed ordinance. Also, please note that this Committee meeting is not even listed on the SIRE system as being scheduled for tomorrow. Is there really a meeting, and, if so, what time?..."
Porter's dead right, too. The Committee meeting for tomorrow isn't listed on the Metro website.
No Planning/Zoning Committee mtg listed for Tuesday on Metro website.

Gannett's Indianapolis paper notices bridges project

From Indianapolis Star:  Why Indiana is paying $255 million to tunnel under Kentucky's trees

I'm not sure how I feel about a headline that is a question that doesn't have a question mark, but there's probably a bigger problem afoot here for the Ohio River Bridges Project. Once wealthy Indianapolis Republicans realize what's about to go down, they might stop it.

Who is Chris Sikich anyway? He's handsome. No offense, Marcus.

'Too much money and power chasing too few taxpayers corrupts our political system'- David Adams

Sometimes we see something we never expect. Especially in Kentucky politics. And that's why God created Kodak 4 year old Macbooks with little memory left, but still the ability to screenshot- so those moments can be preserved, cherished and enrich us forever. 

Monday morning, Nicholasville Republican and political operative David Adams made a pitch, I think, for bi-partisan campaign finance reform. 
"Too much money and power chasing too few taxpayers corrupts out (sic) political system and bankrupts us all. Stopping that means doing more than just criticizing Democrats when Republicans are equally guilty."- David Adams

June 9, 2012

On LMPD privilege - Suggestion for Chief Conrad

I'm no expert in relations between police and the communities they serve, but I have a suggestion for Chief Conrad. If Louisville Metro Police Department (LMPD) officers expect respect, which they for the most part deserve, then they are going to need to quit disrespecting the law themselves.

Time Capsule flashback to 1996

A World Wide Website, CD-ROM, Compuserve...I was so boss.

June 8, 2012

Wanna save those trees by Bowman Field?

From the looks of this press release, people are organizing to save all those trees. Yay!:

Beshear vs. Planet Earth - only funny cause it's true

Okay. Back up.
Due my error, Don Gibson of Pike County Coal Corp. was misidentified a few times by me since Tuesday. I regret the error. I've corrected his mentions in previous posts and Insider Louisville's corrected the error in the post below.

Moving forward, I'm grateful to readers who catch these little details- please don't hesitate to correct me, EVER.

Insider Louisville | Curtis Morrison: Beshear vs. Planet Earth – the week in review
Snip: "If Gov. Steve Beshear thought getting expanded gaming passed in Kentucky was tough, he probably really regrets taking on the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency..." - like 1100 words that will piss him off follow.

June 7, 2012

Help find Cagney!

From Facebook:

"(Louisville) - LOST PUP!! OWNERS OUT OF TOWN!!! PLEASE HELP!! crosspost:

Missing female 5 month old German Shepherd mix puppy. Lost from Leith Lane. Close to Newburg, Bashford Manor, and Bardstown Rd. Grandma was puppysitting while my husband and I are out of town and the puppy got away from her. We got the call last night that she's been missing since yesterday afternoon (6/6). We are heartbroken. Puppy's name is Cagney. She is blonde with a black snout. Weighs about 23 pounds. She has a dark blue plastic collar on & a black nylon leash that was still attached to her collar. She is a sweet dog & will go anywhere with anyone. If anyone has seen her or knows anything please call 502-452-1217 or 270-836-8919. Thank you."

June 6, 2012

EPA's Public Hearing in Frankfort full of surprises

EPA Hearing costume-award-winner.
(6/8/12 Author's note: This entry previously identified Don Gibson as Don Blankenship, both in the entry and a video. The video has since been removed, and the error is regretted.)

The EPA has objected to 36 draft mine-related water pollution permits over the last two years. Governor Steve Beshear called for these hearings to put political pressure on the EPA to "get off our backs." 

June 3, 2012

Bailey's great interviews from Friday

Philip M. Bailey, with backdrop of 10 commandments. Photo by me. 2010

Forget reading my rants today. Go listen to Friday's Noise and Notes:
WFPL: Noise and Notes: The Dark Side of Journalism and Violent Offenders at Louisville Zoo

Besides that awkward thing where Phillip M. Bailey goes out of his way to lists alternative news sources without listing Louisville Courant, it was my favorite half an hour of public radio last week.

June 2, 2012

Eyesore of the weekend: 3905 River Park Drive

(6/8/12 Update: Scroll to bottom of this entry to see update from MSD)

This is going to be a new feature of this blog. When we see something like this, damn it, let's do something about it!
Submit your own photo/problem to me at, or solutions to existing problems.
3905 River Park Drive, Louisville, KY. Taken by Curtis Morrison 6/2/2012
This property is located on 3905 River Park Drive, in Councilwoman Cheri Bryant Hamilton's 5th Metro Council District.

June 1, 2012

'We'll take two Tunnels of Death with a side of tolls'- says the Ohio River Bridges Project

The Lefortovo Tunnel in Moscow, Russia, is just under 2 miles long, and was put in operation in 2003. Like the proposal to expand the tunnels for Louisville's Eastern connection of the Ohio River Bridges Project, the Lefortovo has 3-lane tunnels with 2' shoulders. The Lefortovo is also affectionately known, on planet Earth, as the 'Tunnel of Death.'   See why in this video:

Each proposed East End tunnel is planned to be 40' wide.
The curious detail that gives away why Louisville's East End Bridge will NEVER BE MORE THAN 2 LANES in each direction lies in the fact that the tunnels being constructed for the Eastern approach to the bridge will each only be 40' wide. The plan is to build tunnels that will be expandable to three lanes each, when 6 lanes are justified. So we've been told since January 2011. (Video from LC archives)

Why is that curious, you ask?

Mayor Greg Fischer does right thing, gives Brownsboro Road Diet green light!

Compliments of CART

Metro Newsroom: Project to Improve Safety, Add Sidewalks on Lower Brownsboro Rd. to Proceed

So yes. Mayor Greg Fischer is capable of making citizens happy and doing the right thing. And advocating for the greater good by giving the green light for the Brownsboro Road diet. For background on this issue, see my piece from 4 days ago: Insider Louisville: Traffic jam: Brownsboro Road ‘diet’ pits the ‘greater public’ and their Ultimate Driving Machines against Blue Collar bikers, pedestrians

"After six years of studying this particular plan, it is time to get this project done and improve the safety for pedestrians, bicyclists and motorists. I applaud Mayor Fischer and all of the engineers from both government and private firms who have spent years working on this solution and are confident about its resulting improvements to our community's health and safety. And for the residents and business owners who hung in there over the past 12 years to come up with a viable solution, our community will be enhanced exponentially for your good and steady leadership,” said 9th District Metro Councilwoman Tina Ward Pugh in the Newsroom Release. Ward Pugh began work on this project over 11 years ago.

Metro Parks’ Louisville Tennis Center To Offer Adult Tennis Clinics at Chickasaw Park

I hate to copy/paste press releases but I saw Billie Jean King on CSPAN3 yesterday talking about how she would have never taken up tennis as a kid if it wasn't free at a public park. Tennis is a lifetime sport, so it's good for young people to get into.

Of course, this is Louisville. So our clinic is only for adults, and it's not free. Tennis clinics for kids are offered, (click here), but you can't get in on that for under $120 (for 12 classes), and they're definitely not taught at Chickasaw Park, but at the Louisville Tennis Center, across from the Louisville Zoo, in Joe Creason Park.

But hey this is press release is about relatively cheap tennis lessons in a public park. So check it out:
Metro Parks’ Louisville Tennis Center To Offer Adult Tennis Clinics at Chickasaw Park

LOUISVILLE (June 1, 2012) – Named “Facility Of The Year” by the United States Tennis Association (USTA) Kentucky in 2009, the Louisville Tennis Center is responding to an increase in demand for tennis clinics in local neighborhoods.

Time Warner - feeling the heat

To be fair, the truck was parked illegally today, and deserved this ticket.
Time Warner blocking WDRB. That's news to people who watch WDRB. I would watch it myself for the local news, if it wasn't for Bill Lamb popping up with his "Point of View." Lamb probably thinks people care about his Point of View. Let me tell you something Lambchops, run for State Senate, you'll find out quickly, and precisely, how much they do not.
I hate to say I told you so about this Time Warner deal sucking, but I kinda did. Remember Mayor Fischer: "These are silly questions,"  when Mayor Greg Fischer belittled my question about Insight ON AIR at WFPL? Here's an excerpt of that January 2012 drama:
"...Fischer was in the hot seat explaining on air to WFPL's Phillip M. Bailey, how he was not influenced by the contributions he solicited from Insight. Fischer explained how his toughness in dealing with Insight was proof enough that he's not done anything wrong. (audio to full interview)

I tweet a follow-up question that Bailey courageously relays:
(Let's take a moment of silence to reflect upon the years of hearing WFPL's Julie Credence ask Mayor Abramson questions like "What's your favorite color?" and "What your perfect Sunday?") 

Mayor Greg Fischer, helpless to dispute the obvious merit of the allegation, responds:
"These are silly questions."

Kentucky opponent of gay marriage complains 'opposite-sex siblings can accomplish that same-sex partners cannot'

"This is a physical act that opposite-sex siblings can accomplish that same-sex partners cannot," writes Richard P. Hagan, an opponent of gay marriage who lives in Columbia, Kentucky. Hagan's original letter was published in the on May 31, 2012:

Not 'unfair'

Prohibiting same-sex marriage is not “unfair.” It is no more “unfair” than prohibiting sibling marriage between a brother and a sister. Both prohibitions are simply recognizing biological factors that prevent the two from being legally married.

In actuality it is probably more “fair” to permit sibling marriages than same-sex marriages. Being wedded is more than just possessing a marriage certificate. It also involves consummating the marriage. This is a physical act that opposite-sex siblings can accomplish that same-sex partners cannot. At best, theirs would be a pseudo-consummation or faux consummation. Historically and legally, lack of consummation renders a marriage susceptible to annulment.

I therefore repeat, prohibiting same-sex marriage does in no way venture into the realm of “fairness.” It is simply recognizing a biological reality. Efforts to claim otherwise are illegitimate and contrived.

Columbia, Ky. 42728