May 31, 2012

Fischer's DC diversity #FAIL not as bad as it looked before

On Tuesday, Mayor Greg Fischer, or his social media pr pro, posted a picture to his Facebook page of many of those who accompanied him on the May 25th DC trip, and a local African American activist noted that the group didn't appear to have any African American representation. Either the Mayor, or his representative, then posted "...just not everyone in the picture."

I went back and checked the list of attendees that Mayor spokesperson Chris Poynter had supplied to Insider Louisville's Terry Boyd. None of the 23 attendees on that list were African American. ('It was a very broad and diverse group'...)

It was pointed out in a comment on that post by one of the attendees, Terena Bell, that Business First reported over 40 people who attended. A quick look over reveals at least two African Americans  went along on that trip, Betty J. Fox with Dress for Success Louisville Inc. and Wilbert James, president, Toyota Motor Manufacturing Kentucky.

I think the lesson from all this is, when someone calls out the Mayor's office on a question, answer the damn question. Don't play games trying to cover up something even when there's nothing to cover up. How hard would it have been to type: 
"Thanks, Jaison. African American representation is important. Betty Fox and Wilbert James were there, too. They just weren't in the picture."

Ed Hart's $16 million question hits the CJ

"For reasons that are not clear, the state of Kentucky accepted an offer of $15.6 million from Holiday World’s owners for the right to operate Kentucky Kingdom"... "after rejecting my company’s offer of nearly twice that amount." ...
"By failing to preserve the highest and best use for Kentucky Kingdom, our state officials have failed miserably in their duty to protect the interest and property of the Commonwealth. Where is the leadership? Where is the outcry?"

See Hart's entire editorial below, that is until the mayor's office gets the CJ to take it down, or the paywall goes up, or the CJ goes down. Better go look fast: CJ: Ed Hart | State fails with Kentucky Kingdom's next act.

May 30, 2012

Final plea to Kentucky Senator Neal to drop his ALEC membership

The following email was sent by me today, 5/30/2012, in response to Senator Neal not dropping, but defending his membership in the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), the conservative factory of model legislation that brought us the 'Stand your ground'-law. 

The thoughts below are mine, feel free to contact Neal yourself with your thoughts, either by emailing him at, or calling his LRC office: (502) 564-8100 Ext. 718, or home office: (502) 776-1222.
Senator Neal,

WFPL is reporting you have refused to drop your ALEC membership.

May 29, 2012

'It was a very broad and diverse group'- Fischer says of 23 non-African Americans who accompanied him to DC

Screenshot from THIS REALLY HAPPENED IN 2012

Mayor Greg Fischer took 23 Louisville business leaders to Washington D.C. for a Business Council Summit last week. (Insider Lou)  Biographies found online for the full list of 23 attendees confirm that 18 of the business leaders who accompanied the mayor were White, and 5 were Indian or Pakistani American.  Zero of the leaders were Latino or African American. 

After posting the above image to Facebook with 18 of those business leaders, community social justice activist, Jaison Gardner, astutely made the following observation in a Facebook comment:
"...wouldn't it be awesome to see some African American Louisvillians among these ranks?"
Instead of Mayor Fischer agreeing with him. Like instinctively. Fischer had the audacity to school him:
 "It was a very broad and diverse group- just not everyone in the picture. Lots of great learning!"- Fischer posted.
What is most-disturbing to me isn't Mayor Fischer's definition of a "very broad and diverse group."  Or that he forgot to include African Americans or Latinos on the trip to the White House when it is inhabited by our first African American President.

What disturbs me the arrogance with which he schooled Jaison, for pointing out what appears to be the undeniable truth. An apology is in order. In order as in right now.

The 23 who went (list of names from Insider Lou, their races from simple bio searches):

Greenpeace gettin' all up in YUM! face- I like it.

Tuesday thunder, Brownsboro Road diet and looking for some help with my next piece

Yeah. Thunder like we've never heard before. There will be floods. Someone will drive a car under a viaduct near U of L and  narrowly escape drowning. Caution, though. Do not make connections. Extreme weather is not related to anything. And yes, I'm going to continue to post this video indefinitely until my friends and neighbors quit electing pro-coal state legislators.

So this got published Monday morning and will probably get me in trouble:
Traffic jam: Brownsboro Road ‘diet’ pits the ‘greater public’ and their Ultimate Driving Machines against Blue Collar bikers, pedestrians.

CJ Building, 525 W. Broadway, Louisville
Next piece I'm working on is the vital need to landmark the Courier-Journal building. I took the photo to the right Friday, and just hopped on the internet to compare it with other views and as always, my sister Lizzie Morrison's images comes up first and her image is so much better because she has no shadow, or tree leaves.

Ironically my pic was taken with the same Nikon Coolpix I've somehow borrowed after she passed it down to Isabella. Goes to show you a photographer's talent is more than their fancy equipment.

Back to the subject...I like the CJ building. Always have. Any insightful perspectives out there on it's history, and why we should preserve it long after Gannett is gone? could be the Louisville Courier-Journal History Museum?
Hit me up with your thoughts:, 502-403-9498.

So giving readers a heads up. I'm not going to be posting here as frequently moving forward. If I write something good, I'll get it up on Insider Louisville or elsewhere. Moving forward, Louisville Courant will be more about promoting social, economic, and environmental justice events and direct actions.

Waching WHAS11 - Happy Birthday Zach Grider. Your cake looks good. I'm sorry they are making you set beside Terry Meiners. That's just mean.

May 27, 2012

You should know who John Brennan is...

John Brennan feels okay calling the US Drone program as moral and ethical. Rainbows and puppies, folks.

Now we learn he's the one guy President Obama's given the job of deciding who gets targeted for drone killing without due process. Check out this AP story by Kimberly Dozier: Who will drones target? Who in the US will decide?

I've written a spell on how U of L students are being recruited clandestinely to develop drone technology here:

May 26, 2012

My president: not a cannibal. Oh, and btw, that's racist.

Screenshot from Facebook, May 26, 2012  
Kentucky Tea Partier David Adams expressed his fear on Facebook Saturday that President Barack Obama intended to cook and cannibalize Republicans come June.

In a caption to a cartoon Adams' uploaded to Facebook Saturday, he wrote:
"Republicans will be celebrating U.S. Supreme Court rejection of ObamaCare in the streets in June and that is when Obama will cook us." 
Wait just a damn second.

May 25, 2012

Don't blame Joe Gerth for not telling you about ALEC

Don't blame the Courier-Journal's Joe Gerth for not telling you about the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), cause he'll get all snippy. "My priority is covering contested races." he says.

Micky, please. Gerth's priority is maintaining the status quo by coddling well-funded, well-connected incumbents. Don't pose.

(Yeah. I brought that forward. See: LC: I'm coming for you, too, Joe Gerth...)

May 24, 2012

24-0? Who lives in L143 because I wanna call shenanigans

Engine Company #13, at 1328 S. Preston Street
Supposedly, Precinct L143 had 24 Democratic party voters cast their votes in the 35th District Senate race.

And all 24 of them, unanimously, voted for Denise Harper Angel. Not a single voter for me.

The polling location for Precinct L143 is Engine Company #13, at 1328 S. Preston Street. This is Old Louisville. Come on.

L143 Sound familiar?
Recall May 2010 Mayoral Primary...

My friend, Tyler Allen, won only one precinct in his county-wide race. I know because I worked for him in that race, and well, that precinct was well-discussed. I feel as if I actually played a role in him carrying it.
See Some mayoral campaign numbers and such

Note: Schedule this for after the election

Rich people: Don't name street for spring, then pave road over the brook. The stupid, it is showing.

What would you do if water continued to pool on your street? What if that the water pooled caused algae to accumulate, an odor, a place for mosquitoes to breed?

I know what I'd do. First I'd follow the nuisance to it's source to see if the owner was someone who could be reasoned with. I've done the first part of that on this little case down on Spring Drive, in the Highlands.

Looks like it's coming from the South, it sure looks yucky...
It's coming out from behind that ivy. A spring, probably. Wonder if Mayor Greg Fischer could help with this? Oh wait, what's that house number?

May 23, 2012

Why Curtis lost. Chapter Two.

Tuesday night Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer joined Denise Harper Angel in harmonious celebration at her 'election return'-party for the 35th District race at the trendy new bar, MEAT. 
Harper and Fischer, both seem pleased with the outcome.

I haven't seen Greg smile this big since he bought that $1100 Jamis Aurora bicycle from Jackie Green.

Why Curtis lost. Chapter One.

35th District State Senate Results:
Out of 46,382 registered voters, 1,116 voted for me, but 5,389, over 82% of those who voted, penciled in the oval for Senator Harper Angel. She actually won every precinct.We can be proud that only three of those precincts, she won unanimously: I139, K135, L143. Precinct L143, for example, is near S. Brook and E. Kentucky. Harper Angel received 24 votes in this precinct without a single vote being cast for me.

That's like a mandate, or something. If Louisville had and informed public. You know, with:
  • People who attend public meetings.
  • People who have actually read the 'record of decision' for the bridges project.
  • People who listen to 89.3 WFPL Louisville and read the LEO Weekly.  
  • People who aren't afraid to ask questions when they don't understand what's happening.
  • People who read both really credible online sources like Insider Louisville and Broken Sidewalk, and sources  with questionable credibility like Louisville Courant, and the Ville Voice. 
  • People who contrast the information gathered from these multiple sources directly with what is generated for their consumption by the former journalists who have sold out to be pr hacks for government entities. (See:
  • People who participate in public dissent or civil disobedience.
  • People who have paid enough attention to know I suffer from ADD, technically-undiagnosed bi-polar disorder and early onset Alzheimer's, and my best friend is a geriatric golden retriever, yet they still have faith in me as the best 
I am grateful to the people who attend, read, listen, ask, gather, contrast, participate, know me and still have enough faith in me to give me their vote.
I am also grateful to people who attend, read, listen, ask, gather, contrast, participate, know my opponent, and had faith in her to give her their vote.

But there is something for which I am not grateful, but angry.

May 22, 2012

Challenge: Find who you know who hasn't voted in the 19th or 35th. GO!!!!!

Aspiring Awesome Senator & Dog Awesome Boomer
I was the 82nd person to vote this morning in G103. Life is good!
(If you're looking for the challenge, skip to the bottom.)

Had a conversation with the gentleman who left at the same time as we walked away. (After 300 ft, of course). I polled him and he voted for me, without knowing me, because he's tired of incumbents.

The biggest problem he thought we had in the world right now was the military budget starving off every other valuable purpose of government.
He sure got that right.

It's kind of neat to meet people that support me, after they already support me.

No plans for a 'returns party' as of yet. Was expecting I'd be invited to the return party of another candidate but that hasn't happened yet. So I'll probably be hanging out at Big Bar after 6 pm, cause it's only a block from my place and it's got big screen TV's.

4 quick things for Election day

Who wants to shake it with me today?
1) James Bruggers is reporting today that the EPA is finally admitting the ENTIRE Black Leaf site is contaminated. This property lays within Kentucky's 35th Senate District, for which I'm a candidate today. If you live in or near precinct M130, know this: On my watch, you'll have an advocate. And we won't allow Superfund sites to go ignored for decades.

May 21, 2012

WHAS makes me smile

CFAIR's saying Frank Simon targeting Attica Scott

CFAIR, the PAC of the Fairness Campaign sent out the following press release today indicating the haters are targeting Metro Councilwoman Attica Scott. That's not cool because she's my friend. But also because, to quote the LEO Weekly's Joe Sonka, "she’s fairly badass."

If you live in District 1, please set your alarm for 5:45 am. Stumble into the polls at 6 am sharp and cast your vote for Attica Scott before anyone distracts from other Tuesday ideas tomorrow.  CFAIR's press release:

Dr. Simon's Hate Group Targets Primary

Councilwoman Attica Scott Needs Your Help!

Last week we learned notorious mid-90's anti-LGBT activist Dr. Frank Simon had contributed nearly a third of one Metro Council District 1 candidate's entire campaign funds specifically to target C-FAIR endorsed Councilwoman Attica Scott, former organizer of KY Jobs With Justice. Dr. Simon's organization was recently classified as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Read the WFPL News Story on Dr. Simon

Today we found out Dr. Simon is robo-calling District 1 residents to oppose Councilwoman Scott's campaign.

Remember when I said CSG is like ALEC? Yeah, I was right about that, too.

From: Truthout: Uncovering the Other ALECs:

"Some other policy highlights of the past decade include, but are by no means limited to, these SSL templates, as well as policy position papers and what CSG calls its "Innovation Awards," (templates for executive-level initiatives) in the following arenas:

 My opponent, Senator Denise Harper Angel, is so proud of her involvement with CSG, she brags about it on her own campaign website. But I've written about it, too.

In a recent 2.5 year period, the Kentucky General Assembly spent a mind-blowing $495,496 of taxpayer dollars for the Council for State Governments (CSG). See: ALEC legislator dues paid by Kentucky taxpayers.

I'm coming for you, too, Joe Gerth...

Email #1 from me to Joe Gerth
Anyone surprised to see no story about the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) and 35th District State Senate candidate, Denise Harper Angel in today's Courier-Journal?
"ALEC has been criticized for drafting conservative state laws, such as Florida’s Stand Your Ground measure, and then helping lawmakers pass them." wrote Kenny Colston, with Kentucky Public Radio and WFPL Friday. (WFPL:Several State Senate Democrats Remain ALEC Members)
Harper Angel, was a member of ALEC for 7 years. Colston reported she dropped in April 2012. (Although Harper Angel argues March of 2012

The CJ's Joe Gerth, whose beat includes the State Senate race, not only knew about Harper Angel's membership since May 9, 2012, but was arrogant enough to email me telling me he didn't plan to write about it until after the primary election, 13 days before the primary. 

I owe Gerth no allegiance of privacy since the essence of his two emails is telling me to screw myself:
"Yep. I know" Gerth in Email #2 from Joe Gerth to me.

Photos from 'An American Family Three Decades with the McGarveys'

P 4, 1998 Thanksgiving portrait for the Christmas Card letter
There is no sin inherent in privilege. There is no evidence to support the theory author James Redfield suggests in the Celestine Prophecy, that we choose our parents. As there is no sin, there should be no shame. 

Redacted paragraph 4:42 pm: McGarvey did attend duPont Manual High School, which is a public school outside of Anchorage. I apologize for the error.
When asked about his family, Morgan McGarvey (in a Courier-Journal interview) mentioned that his father, John T. McGarvey was a volunteer fireman. 

He didn't mention that his own first name, Morgan, was named for his grandfather, the recently departed Elmer Morgan, founder of Morgan and Pottinger. Perhaps one the largest foreclosure and collection legal firms in Kentucky. (My sincere condolences for the family's loss.)

Morgan didn't mention that his father is a shareholder of Morgan and Pottinger, or that he was a Legislative Committee member of Greater Louisville, Inc.(GLI), or that he is known as a financial backer for many powerful political figures. (LC: Introducing John T. McGarvey)

When one has privilege, there should be no shame.  But it is offensive to those who do not have privilege when it is misrepresented as "middle-class."  

In today's mail came my copy of the book, "An American Family Three Decades with the McGarveys." The inside cover sleeve says the book is an "intimate 30-year photographic study of a single middle-class family from Louisville, Kentucky."

The book is by Courier-Journal photojournalist Pam Spaulding, but the text is by Claude Cookman. The book was published by the National Geographic Society, and printed in China in 2009.

Bryan Mathews on 'Yates' amendment'

The 'Yates' amendment' proposes compromising Louisville's landmarks ordinance by increasing barriers in the landmarking process. Surprisingly, Councilman Tom Owen, himself a developer,  is rushing to compromise when no compromise is warranted.

The general public has opposed the ordinance 6:1 in public meetings. But more disturbing than that, the ratio opposing the ordinance in Owen's own emails was 279:1 through mid-April. Through an open records request, I obtained 1200 pages of Owen's emails regarding the landmarks ordinance, and read through them and tallied them all, and could only find one supporter of Yates' amendment that had even contacted Owen by email.   

I have obtained some bootleg audio from the 8th District Metro Council debate sponsored by the League of Women Voters last week. In that audio, candidate Bryan Mathews explains why rushing to compromise is just plain wrong and for what it's worth, I agree with Mathews on this. Listen for yourself:

May 20, 2012

'Be Fair and post it on your blog where it can be seen and move on' - Denise

WFPL revealed Friday that records from the Kentucky's Legislative Research Commission (LRC) indicate my opponent, Denise Harper Angel, was a member of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). Per WFPL, "ALEC has been criticized for drafting conservative state laws, such as Florida’s Stand Your Ground measure, and then helping lawmakers pass them." (WFPL:Several State Senate Democrats Remain ALEC Members)

WFPL reported that "she (Harper Angel) did not ask for her membership to be pulled until April of this year." 
Sunday afternoon, I received the following email with an attachment (below), from Harper Angel:
"From: "Denise Harper Angel"
Date: May 20, 2012 1:12:20 PM EDT
Subject: Be Fair and Post this

Note the Date of March 14th which was the first opportunity to decline ALEC membership.
Don't ever call me a liar again.
Be Fair and post it on your blog where it can be seen and move on.

'...will be an excellent Ky state senator'- Bill Mckibben

Original Message (Retweet if you're awesome!):
Bill McKibben and Curtis Morrison
Having been Bill McKibben's cell mate for 3 nights last August, I know this guy is the real deal, and one of my role models. I'm humbled by his confidence.

Bill is an author, environmentalist, and activist. In 1988, he wrote The End of Nature, the first book for a common audience about global warming. (And yes, Tyler, I still have your copy in a safe place.)  The words from his May 23, 2011 Editorial in the Washington Post were used as the narration in this video:

Bill is also the co-founder and Chairman of the Board at, an international climate campaign works in 188 countries around the world. does really cool regular campaigns like these:

Campaign trail at Old Louisville Springfest 2012

Andrew Curtis Tucker, Baby Awesome
Thanks to Brad today for taking so many great pictures. And to Cherise and Martina for their assertiveness in engaging voters, and to Marilyn for getting me there this morning, and Cherise for letting me borrow chairs and table, Mom & Mike for letting me use the tent, and Mike for bringing it to town and letting me set it up, and Mary Beth and Eric for letting me store all that overnight there, and for Elissa, Brian, Leslie, Allie, and Andrew Curtis for keeping me company.

More pictures after the jump...

From Louisville Loves Mountains Friday

"We are the people, and we have power." - I teared up.

May 18, 2012

ALEC membership must have slipped Denise Harper Angel's mind

 BREAKING!: WFPL News reporting: Several State Senate Democrats Remain ALEC Members

My friend, Shawn Reilly, who has not helped me in this primary because he had already committed to support Denise Harper Angel, was 'thanked,' sarcastically, by the incumbent Senator today in a Facebook thread

Reilly had 'liked' the WFPL story which exposed not just Harper Angel, but also other Kentucky legislators, on Facebook for having ALEC ties all the way up until after I called her out on her membership.
THE Facebook thread politicos are all watching...
Here's the timeline: 
July 18, 2011 I expose David Williams for being ALEC legislator of the Year. (Incidentally, the only thing I've ever done to help Governor Beshear): ALEC's Kentucky connection: Senator David Williams 
...Too more ALEC stories to list here follow...

February 20, 2012 I call out Denise Harper Angel for being an ALEC-member, the day after it was brought to my attention by a member of the Occupy Louisville ALEC work group. (ALEC's Denise Harper Angel...)
February 26, 2012 Trayvon Martin was shot, and his killer evaded jail because of ALEC's 'Stand-your-ground' -law.

February 29, 2012 After my suggestion, Courier-Journal reporter Dan Klepal asked Harper Angel about her ALEC membership on the day of Occupy Louisville's protest against ALEC. Harper Angel told Klepal she was not a member and had not been involved since 2005 and 2006. Harriette Seiler's thoughts on ALEC
“It’s a Republican-based group. I work in a Republican majority, and I need to know what their issues are...I only attended two meetings, in 2005 and 2006. After that, I considered my time better spent elsewhere.”- Harper Angel told the CJ's Dan Klepal
Mar. 14, 2012 Sen David Williams requests the General Assembly renew Harper Angel's ALEC dues, which were current as of that date.
April 7, 2012 Harper Angel emailed me telling me she was not a member, despite providing no evidence of having cancelled her membership, which was still current:

1st part of 'vote early know' is vote early

Out of town or working all day next Tuesday? VOTE EARLY! Stop by 810 Barrett Ave today until 430, Sat 9-2, or Mon 830-430. Please share!

And yes, the Courier-Journal devoted a total of 36 words to the 35th District State Senate race today. The first mention of the race in the paper since Dan Klepal last questioned Denise Harper Angel in February about my questions on her membership in ALEC. 
That's one word for each of the 1283 registered Democrats in the 35th, and none of today's 36 were ALEC.

Since the CJ is the respected leader in keeping Louisvillians informed misinformed, they conducted interviews with both 35th District candidates, and put them online so voters could make good decisions
are hoping I'll just shut up for Colonel Sanders sake so they focus on 'the chosen one' for the 19th.

Icing on the cake. Since I'm in Grad school at Kent, this is rich, they were able to pimp some ad revenue out of two of those words, "graduate student."
Courier-Journal, Wes creating a little revenue from my candidacy.
Finally, a voter emailed me asking my stance is on a statewide smoke-free law. Great question. Here's my frank answer:

Councillman Tom Owen's Louisville

Future site of Urban Outfitters  (5.8.2012)
According to the person who anonymously submitted the above photograph of a forklift blocking the sidewalk in front of the future site of Urban Outfitters, the lady and the person in the wheelchair she was pushing, had to go under the forklift to get past the forklift.

May 17, 2012

'You can count on me to fight' -Curtis Morrison for State Senate

There have never been two candidates with more distinctly different approaches to creating change. How do we fight tens of thousands of dollars in corporate PAC money mailers? It's called: the internet. :-) 

Now it's secret weapon time, please share this video on your wall, tweet it out, embed in your blog, parody it if you want. Just let everyone you know that 35th District voters have an option for something different come Tuesday!


Mayor Greg Fischer not sure which city agency has street sweepers

The tweet
the tweet
Wednesday a street sweeper parked pretty ridiculously while at Dairy Queen.

Citizen @DukePresley tweeted to Mayor Greg Fischer about it. Mayor Fischer asks citizen to identify which agency the street sweeper belongs. Because, you know, so many have street sweepers.

Um, Greg, it belongs to the Street Sweeping Unit of the Solid Waste Department of Public Works and Assets. (SWMS: Solid Waste Management Services)

Morrison supported not by PAC's, but by social justice badasses

"Alright folks, as you consider who you'll be voting for this year remember my good friend Curtis Morrison for Kentucky State Senate. I do not support folks just because we are friends (which we happen to be, full disclosure), and Curtis and I have our share of political disagreements, but I will say this for certain: Curtis Morrison will sit down and listen to you. Curtis Morrison will then go and do hours of research to see if he is wrong, and you are right. Curtis Morrison will defend the least of us in almost every case. And finally, Curtis Morrsion will give the folks in Frankfort hell for being intellectually dishonest, and that is quite a lot." - Drew P. Tucker
Between Tucker, and the story in Insider Louisville Wednesday, Curtis Morrison investigates: American Legislative Exchange Council owns Kentucky legislature, this Curtis Morrison dude even has my vote.

Denise Harper Angel vs. Curtis Morrison: the cn|2 interview

Embedding a story in my blog about how my blog influences my election. I'm confused, too. Just vote Tuesday. Thanks!

More here:While close on substance, senator and her blogger challenger far apart on style

May 16, 2012

Amy Shoemaker, Morgan McGarvey, Curtis Morrison more committed to repealing DOMA than Denise Harper Angel

From Twitters
It's no secret my 35th District opponent, Senator Denise Harper Angel, opposed gay marriage in a 2008 candidate survey. Harper Angel had an opportunity to evolve herself when questioned in a recent cn|2 interview, but she passed. Instead, she commended the President for his courage.

Harper Angel referenced that she could support gay marriage, but her position, on what many believe is a civil rights issue, would need to reflect the beliefs of the voters within a future 35th district, not the beliefs of the voters who she's asking to elect her Tuesday. And of course, not her conscious. SMH. Self-preservation, much? (cn|2: While close on substance, senator and her blogger challenger far apart on style)

'Curtis got to the ALEC story first for the right reasons'- Insider Louisville

From Harper Angel's KREF report last week:

Terry Boyd not only helps bring awareness to ALEC, but he's gives me some credit for being the first to break the ALEC-story in July of 2011. Curtis Morrison investigates: American Legislative Exchange Council owns Kentucky legislature

And I think he's made a fair observation that using my own investigative journalism in my campaign against my opponent does "run counter to the most basic Journalism 101 ethics."    

Denise Harper Angel's coal-fired campaign

Screenshot from

In a KREF campaign finance report my opponent, Senator Denise Harper Angel, filed 15-days prior to our May 22nd election, she reveals receiving a $1000 FEDERAL PAC Contribution from the United Mine Workers of America (UMWA). The contribution came not from Kentucky, but from the union's international headquarters about half an hour south of South of Washington, D.C.
While I'll fight to the end against right-to-work and to protect the rights of workers to collectively bargain, the short-term interest of the UMWA and the long-term interest for our climate is not compatible. Meet the UMWA:

The United Mine Workers of America's international headquarters made the maximum PAC contribution allowed by law to keep me out of the Kentucky State Senate. Or was it to keep Harper Angel in?

I've written on how Harper Angel voted in 2011 to urge Congress to oppose the EPA. Excerpt:
LRC link to thisVote History as a pdf

"Senator Denise Harper Angel is an ALEC member. Senator Denise Harper Angel opposed the EPA regulation of greenhouse gas emissions. Senator Denise Harper Angel is going to have a difficult time explaining to the progressive, environment-loving Louisvillians of the 35th District, why she voted for this bill."

And Harper Angel did offer a rebuttal. Here's an excerpt:

"When SR 116 came up for a vote as part of the Consent Orders of the day, I was not able to submit a paper vote prior to its passage..."

Harper Angel did not complete the 2012 KFTC Voter Guide (from the Kentuckians for the Commonwealth), but I did.

Here are my responses to KFTC's six questions voter guide questions below. The first two touch on coal and mountaintop removal:

8th District debate tonight!:

This video will not play on a mobile device.
Because it's that radical. (And MIA has a 3rd party content claim.)

8th District debate tonight!:
What: 8th District Metro Council Forum sponsored by League of Women Voters
When: May 16th, 7-8 pm  
Where: Douglass Community Center, 2305 Douglass Boulevard, Louisville, KY  40205
Related stories: 
8th District candidate proud to be a Democract
Owen sees danger of political consequences > value of transparency

May 15, 2012

WAVE 3 doing dirty work for liquor industry

Yep. WAVE 3 just ran with a press release from Dollar General without taking a moment to google about what's fueling their growth.  Below you'll see an excerpt from a story on Louisville Courant that will give you another perspective:

8th District candidate proud to be a Democract

Louisville's 8th District voters, most of which reside in the Highlands, will have three Metro Council candidate to choose from in next Tuesday's Democratic Party Primary: Mason J. Roberts, Bryan Mathews, and the incumbent Tom Owen.

While all three 8th District candidates use public transit. Only two are cyclists and one of those is a Democract. (See picture.)

Yates' amendment tabled until after Tom Owen's primary election

CM Jon Ackerson and CM Tom Owen
Metro Planning and Zoning committee's vote to 'un-table' Councilman David Yates' proposed landmarks ordinance didn't pass. 

Since precious Councilman Yates couldn't make it the Committee decided to put off the vote on Yates' ordinance. Put it off until after developer and Councilman Tom Owen's May 22nd Democratic primary election, with hope also, no doubt, that fewer people will be in audience. 

Planning and Zoning chair Jon Ackerson browbeats Phil Bills

Planning/Zoning Land Design and Development Committee Chair Jon Ackerson browbeats Phillip Bills, the Director of Louisville Metro Planning and Design Services, for dragging feet and bringing ordinances for review too close to an 'Action' Required' deadline.

While Ackerson expresses his displeasure, Bills, flustered, shuffles through his iPhone calendar trying to understand how time goes by and stuff.

How Planning and Zoning Meeting go wrong

Sitting in the front row of Metro Council Planning and Zoning, Land Design and Development Meeting Tuesday is the Corradino Group, including Burt Deutsch, Greg Ehrhard, and Julie Turner with Stites and Harbison, PLLC.

River Ridge picking up TARC service

Starting August 12th, TARC's route #71 will be extended to Jeffersonville's River Ridge development, with 4 routes in the morning and 4 in the evening.

That's per Clifford Kuhl, the designer of TARC's schedules. Kuhl says the extension of #71 is in response to rider requests they have been receiving. Although it is no secret Amazon planning to locate a facility with lots of jobs in River Ridge.

Before the "Kentucky vs Indiana"-crowd gets upset, remember Indiana's Department of Transportation funds TARC, while Kentucky's does not.

KREF complaint filed against Jeff Donohue

Screenshot 5/14/12 from
A complaint was filed on May 7, 2012 with the Kentucky Registry of Election Finance  by Paul R. Hollinger, Sr. against Kentucky State Senate candidate Jeffrey Martin Donohue.

Donohue and Wade Hurt are both candidates running in the Democratic primary for the 37th District Senate Seat.

Hollinger is alleging that Donohue has filed four KREF reports since 2010 without ever listing rent paid for a campaign headquarters located at 407 Fairdale Road, a property owned by a Collis B. Nelson.

According to google maps, Donohue's headquarters in picture on his website is clearly 407 Fairdale Road.

May 14, 2012

Sen. Denise Harper Angel, parallel parks sort of

On my cycling down to tonight's KFTC meeting, I ran across a fancy new Cadillac that wasn't parked too fancy at all- on Caldwell at Swan.

Then I see the "35"...what are the odds?

Here I am switching over to a car-free lifestyle, my opponent has purchased a new 3.6 Liter-powered race car, that she may not yet learned how to parallel park.

Metro Councilman Dan Johnson speaks out against Yates' amendment

Louisville Metro Councilman Dan Johnson spoke today about how the preservation of Colonial Gardens is a good thing, and also about his opposition to Councilman David Yates' amendment to the landmarks ordinance:

Martina Kunnecke, President of Neighborhood Planning and Preservation, Inc.:

Even your favoritist, most-handsome blogger spoke out today against the Yates' amendment: (More videos, pictures to be added)

The collective statement opposing the Yates' amendment, that was agreed upon by the signers at the end, appears below:

Preservationists opposing 'Yates' amendment' hosting press conference at noon

Metro Council’s consideration of changes to the existing landmarks ordinance jeopardizes Louisville’s places that matter
Groups and individuals who care about preserving Louisville’s unique places are holding a press conference today, Monday, May 14, 2012 at Noon to oppose Louisville Metro Council's consideration of changes to the existing historic landmarks ordinance.  
The group will be meeting at the parking lot where Elmo’s building once stood, 306-308-310 E. Main St, between Floyd and Preston Streets on South side of street, in Louisville, KY.   

May 12, 2012

2012 BIAK Walk inspiring as always

The BIAK Brain Walk went off Saturday morning with perfect weather and incredible energy. The annual walk starts and ends at the Belvedere and is sponsored by the Brain Injury Alliance of Kentucky. 

I ran into a past client of mine, Michelle, who is a nuerosurgical nurse at the University of Louisville. It was good to catch up with her. We were in a speech class in IUS back in the day, as in when Clinton was running for president in '92.

Papa John's Pizza donated free pizza and Heine Brothers donated free coffee. It's odd, but pizza and coffee really works. Can't explain it.
TEAM BLAZE! Blaze Wright, in blue shorts, is a brain injury survivor. Blaze was hit by a truck in the West End. It's hard to even think about. Andrew Horne, center, who is an attorney is representing Blaze's case. Back right is Chel Austin who is the director of BIAK.and Steph Horne to the right.

Oh no you didn't

Looks like 8th District Louisville Metro Council candidate Mason Roberts has become the the 5th person to 'Like' a Facebook Page called the Focus.

Roberts was the first person, however, not to have the common sense to first defriend me first, so I can see that he did it.

Ford and UAW - This isn't right.

Morgan McGarvey, the cn|2 interview

  Morgan McGarvey  (May 2004, Pam Spaulding)
"Early on when Morgan (second child) was dating the woman who is now his wife, she asked him to tell her something she didn't know about himself and he said, 'Well my family has a photographer who follows us around.'"  - Pam Spaulding, a photographer who has documented 30 years of McGarvey life. (the visual student).
Morgan McGarvey, 19th District candidate for Kentucky State Senate, has had every advantage one could want, with all the money a candidate could ever hope to raise.

One of his opponents, Amy Shoemaker, had the courage to say why McGarvey so easily raised that money, and why it was wrong for him to accept some of it:
“When many families are struggling with foreclosures and losing their homes, candidates should not be taking contributions from the banks and lawyers that foreclose and forcibly evict the elderly and sick.” - says Shoemaker.
(Disclosure: I have a very strong bias against candidates who accept PAC money from corporations, but especially ones who accept money from owners of nursing homes.)

On Friday, Louisville nurse and attorney, Beverly Glascock, had the courage to dissent against Shoemaker's allegation, with a Facebook Note she posted on Shoemaker's Facebook Wall.
"Unlike you Amy I don't need someone else to be my mouthpiece," Glascock writes. 
And writes. And writes. Glacock posted the same 376 word comment on the Louisville Metro Democratic Club's timeline, the Fairness Campaign's timeline, and C-FAIR's timeline. Saturday morning, she posted the comment on Louisville Courant here and again here.

May 11, 2012

CFAIR needs canvassers for Scott, Shoemaker

CFAIR, the political action committee of the Fairness Campaign, sent out a call for volunteers today to help canvass for two of the candidates who received their endorsement, 1st District Metro Council candidate Attica Woodson Scott, and 19th District State Senate Candidate Amy Shoemaker. Other candidates endorsed by CFAIR:

Mayor Greg Fischer: Now I have your attention watch this video

Because of this: 
James Hansen in New York Times Wednesday: Game Over for the Climate
Let's take this serious:

These would be nice on top of Whiskey Row, especially. A model, that's how we need to roll in Louisville.

Meet Sarah Cunningham, the cn|2 interview


"Cunningham who has been endorsed by the Sierra Club said, if elected, she would consider 'user fees' for coal and utility companies whose vehicles damage roadways. She said the way to offset hypothetical losses incurred to coal companies is through a green initiative of blue collar workers installing energy efficient utilities."  

Shanklin not committed to Yates anti-landmarks ordinance

When asked where she stood on Louisville Metro Councilman David Yates controversial anti-landmarks ordinance, 2nd District Councilwoman Barbara Shanklin not only had the decency to return the inquiry, but she make clear she had not made a decision.  "Still waiting on all the amendments to finished surfacing to make a decision," she wrote in an email on April 22nd.

Message for Mike Flatt

Screenshot from Facebook Feb. 2, 2012, 12:05 PM
It's been three months since I screenshot the above image from Mike Flatt's Facebook wall, and posted it here (Louisville gay bar owner screws up, BIG TIME). Flatt is part-owner of Louisville gay bars Tryangles and Teddy Bears. I know what you're thinking...why won't I let it go?

May 10, 2012

Kentucky's Blue Ribbon Tax Commission coming to Louisville

Photo: “At the Time of the Louisville Flood,” Kentucky 1937, by Margaret Bourke-White, Cea/Flickr
The Governor's Blue Ribbon Commission on Tax Reform, led by Lt. Gov. Jerry Abramson, will be working to develop recommendations to make the state’s tax code more responsive to the ups and downs of the economy, as well as to make taxes more equitable for all Kentuckians.

What: Public input meeting to Governor's Blue Ribbon Tax Commission
Date: Tuesday, July 10, 2012 6:00-8:00 p.m.
Location: TBD, but Rep. Jim Wayne has asked that for Louisville's public input meeting to be held in the Portland neighborhood, where people are most suffering Kentucky's current tax code.

If you want to join me in raising awareness about this opportunity to affect justice in Kentucky, RSVP on Facebook and message me if you're okay being a co-admin: