March 31, 2012

Waterfront Trayvon Martin Rally packed!

This pic found on twitter: & here's another:

4/1/12 Update, So how many people showed up you ask?

Urban Outfitters graffiti humor

A few days ago, I ranted about the barbed wire surrounding the new Urban Outfitters location, formerly Blockbusters. I did not rant about the obvious, shop local, suburban outfitters, blah...etc.
But I see our neighborhood graffiti artist did. Good for them.

Family Foundation SCAMS candidates with anonymous surveys

The Kentucky Family Foundation,, sent out a candidate survey to Kentucky legislative candidates Friday. Only the words, "Kentucky Family Foundation" did not appear anywhere on the envelope the survey arrived in, the survey's cover letter, the survey itself, the "Most Asked Questions" flyer, or the envelope provided to return the survey. (Scroll down to see all documents contained in mailing.)

According to the cover letter, "the Kentucky Candidate Information Survey" is a non-profit, non-partisan, educational project established in 1993 for the purpose of informing voters where candidates stand in the candidates on words."  

A project, indeed. On the "Most Asked Questions" page of the survey,  candidates are assured that they will not be misquoted for answering "in their own words" because, oh this is rich: 

March 30, 2012

Saturday March 31: 2 Rallies for Trayvon Martin

RALLY #1: NOON :Jefferson Square Park, 6th and Jefferson Streets
The RALLY FOR TRAYVON MARTIN was initiated by the Reverend James Tennyson and the The Justice Resource Center (JRC) and is supported by the Kentucky Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression
 RALLY #2: 3 PM, Waterfront Park
The Facebook event for this rally was created by an account called 'Justicefor Trayvonmartin' and the Facebook event, Justice for Trayvon Martin Rally, has 503 confirmed guests as of 11:43 PM.  Additionally, Mark Gunn has made a video, uploaded to Youtube, promoting this rally:
These two rallies will make the 3rd and 4th to my knowledge in Louisville.  One was held Monday at the University of Louisville, and Tuesday downtown.

Public comments wanted for Brownsboro Rd Diet Project

I support the Brownsboro Road diet and I hope that you consider supporting it as well (meaning express your support with email below).

Having recently adopted the car-free lifestyle, I am very aware of just how much danger cyclists and pedestrians alike face in our city because of the need for speed. Let's slow down, people, and create a safer community. Here's the Metro Public Works release from late Friday afternoon:
"30-Day Comment Period Opens for Brownsboro Road Diet Project

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (March 30, 2012 ) – Metro Public Works is opening up a 30-day comment period on the Brownsboro Road Diet project to allow citizens an additional opportunity to provide input.

Caption contest?

'My record stands for itself'- Denise Harper Angel

Screenshot from
Finally, Senator Denise Harper Angel, my opponent in the upcoming primary election, is speaking freely about our race.

I confess, I have recently appreciated Harper Angel for standing up against AT&T last week, and for focusing on the current session instead of campaigning. I still do admire her for those decisions, but it's time to thank her for her service and move on.

Here's the note now appearing on Harper Angel's campaign website:

"I need your vote on May 22nd 

Dear Friends,

I am facing a primary election challenge and need your help.  My opponent has engaged in negative campaigning, spreading false statements and smears.  My record stands for itself; and I will not disrespect the voters by engaging in a negative campaign.

Beshear, Daniels, suggested potential for tolling Sherman Minton in March 5 Memorandum

P 1 of 20 of the Memorandum of Understanding
Governor Mitch Daniels and Governor Steve Beshear agreed to the potential tolling of the Sherman Minton in writing on March 5, 2012, but kept it quiet from the public. 

That was the day both governors signed what they called the "Memorandum of Understanding between the Commonwealth of Kentucky and the State of Indiana."

Buried on page 15 of 20, the governors schemed to toll I-64, via the existing Sherman Minton Memorial Bridge that connects New Albany to the West end of Louisville.

Let's see if the KYTC transportation lady mentioned that detail in her March 8, 2012 video?

March 29, 2012

Urban Outfitters: you lost me at barbed wire

If you haven't heard, Urban Outfitters is taking the place of the Highlands Blockbuster. Today they put up barbed wire.

University of Louisville IT Help desk FAIL

Public hearing on proposed Anti-Landmark Ordinance

Source: Councilwoman Tina Ward Pugh's emailed newsletter:



Proposed Landmark Ordinance Update

The next public hearing to discuss the proposed Landmark Ordinance is scheduled for Tuesday, April 3rd from 6:30 – 8:30 p.m. at the UAW Local 862, located at 3000 Fern Valley Road

'Are you sure...?' you want to post about climate change-Facebook

Went to post a link from yesterday's Democracy Now (Scientists Warn Global Warming Damage Will Soon Be Irreversible), and Facebook warned:
 "If your comment is irrelevant or inappropriate you may be blocked from commenting on public posts. Please review your comment before posting"
Screenshot from about 12:47 PM EST, 3/29/12

Take your expired Kroger salsa back to the store, NOW!!

Private Selection® is what Kroger calls one of it's 'exclusive brands. (Kroger) This never has made sense to anyone since the product is very much not exclusive, just the packaging is. But whatever. There's a recall on Private Selection® and heinen's brands salsa. Although the recall is just now announced it effects packages with Use by Date of 3/27/2012. So oops, you're probably already sick. Sorry about that.

 From press release:

 "Club Chef LLC is recalling its 12 oz., 16 oz. and 5 lb. Salsa products because they have the potential to be contaminated with Salmonella, an organism which can cause serious and sometimes fatal infections in young children, frail or elderly people, and others with weakened immune systems. 

It's called LMPD privilege

Kentucky schools are becoming less effective at educating about HIV/AIDS

Kentucky is becoming less effective at educating high school age students about HIV/AIDS. The Youth Risk Behavior Survey is administered by the Kentucky Department of Education's Coordinated School Health Program and funded by the CDC. The following question was asked in the test years indicated and the percentage of students who answered "YES" is indicated for each test year. 

March 28, 2012


WHAS gives Dean Corbett chance to remind us he's White (read:innocent)

Stephen Dean Corbett
Dean Corbett did a television interview with Renee Murphy today in which he vehemently denies that he was ever trafficking a controlled substance, despite his confession to police for doing just that prior to his arrest in early March.

See Corbett's interview on video at WHAS: Louisville Chef Dean Corbett speaks out for the first time.                                      

Helping out a friend? Hey, that sounds familiar....

Congressman has activist moved to solitary confinement

FCI Herlong, where DeChristopher is being held.
I can't believe this. Tim DeChristopher has been moved to solitary confinement because an unnamed Congressman didn't like one of his emails to his supporters. More info here:

Unnamed Congressman Has Tim DeChristopher Moved into Solitary Confinement

ALEC behind voting rights assault

After you read this link below, email your state legislator and ask her/him why they go to ALEC conferences? (I think you will especially enjoy Senator Denise Harper Angel's answer.)

March 27, 2012

LMPD safety plan is 'unjust, and frankly unsafe'

My friend and fellow Activist Drew Tucker just brought to my attention LMPD's community safety plan during the U of L/ UK game on Saturday, which is transcribed below. First...
Drew's spot-on critique: 
1) This is an unjust, and frankly unsafe plan. It focus's on the West End and not on Bardstown road, University of Louisville Campus, etc. or other areas where there is likely to be lots of drinking and fighting; 
2) We should respond, those of us that don't live in the West End, and let the Mayor and Chief know that we don't feel this is a just or safe plan, and we should do so in a respectful manner; 
3) This is likely the same plan as Derby and its also likely that the new Chief of Police is just doing what's in the strategy book. Lets let him know we don't approve, and ask him to develop a better, more just plan that might actually keep us safe from people who drink and watch sports and act crazy when their team wins/loses.

Drumanard contract possibly voidable by KYTC

The Drumanard contract is possibly voidable by the buyer, KYTC. And maybe the KYTC should consider taking advantage of that opportunity to back out of paying double for a house Kentucky does not need to own.

Anti-union 'RTW' candidate surveys sent to Kentucky legislators

Kentucky's Union laborers, like those in Tunisia, should not be underestimated.
Checked my post office box this morning to find a candidate survey from the ALEC-based effort to bring anti-union, so-called "Right to work" legislation to Kentucky. ALEC, which stands for the American Legislative Exchange Council, is playing an organizing role in the war against unions in the United States. (LC:Assessing threat level of 'right to work' in Kentucky)

March 24, 2012

LMPD High speed chase nonsense (with EXLUSIVE VIDEO)

Update: 11:58 PM: EXCLUSIVE VIDEO from Galt House, compliments of anonymous reader:

New local retailer: Barkstown Rd

Photo by Kim Boyle, Barkstown Rd owner/mgr
Barkstown Rd is now open! It's a locally owned place for all your affordable retail therapy for your dogs and cats, and is located at 1045 Bardstown Road.

Since today's my birthday, Boomer was treated to a hemp-made toy, a vegetarian pig ear, some peppermint oil tick repellent (bye, bye Frontline!), and oh yes, the Democratic party leash and collar.

They stock Republican party leash and collars, too, which I thought was odd. I mean, don't Republicans just throw their dogs in cages on top of cars? :-)

Didn't do this, but I support whoever did

Fun fact: McDonald's was my first job. I rose to the level of crew trainer, and 'typed' the employee newsletter for my store.

March 23, 2012

A plea to Kroger

84% of Louisvillians currently without power live in 40211, a zip code on the West side of Louisville. Many residents there will be hit hard if their food spoils. But expecting LG and E to repair the power lines while the storm seems to have no end in sight is completely unreasonable.

Rethinking 'neighborhood watch program'

Samuel L Jackson following Trayvon Martin murder:

We all know Martin's murder could have happened in Metro Louisville, where we also have a Neighborhood Watch Program.  Our program offers to provide "each resident with the knowledge and resources to fight crime." 

booting cars ONLY downtown?

Jackie Green's latest rant brings up some interesting issues:
Subject: booting cars ONLY downtown?

Tornado Warning issued for Jefferson Co. until 3:00 p.m.

9:10 PM Apparently the earlier touchdown was in the Heritage Creek area:
2:56 PM All tornado warnings have expired or been cancelled for the area.
2:53 PM JCPS has cleared students to leave school.
2:50 PM Tornado watch (but has warning velocity) around Bagdad, near US Hwy 60

Two tornado warnings now...This was a pic I snapped from WHAS 11 at 2:26 PM:

2:26 PM Reported to have already hit Fern Creek, headed to Fischerville.

March 22, 2012

TOP 7 'Drumanard contract' details to make you angry

 #1 According to a March 1, 2012 contract, the non-occupant seller of the Drumanard Estate, the Soterion Corporation, will be eligible for "moving costs" or "relocation assistance" from the purchaser, the Commonwealth of Kentucky, Transportation Cabinet, Department of Highways (KYTC). Also eligible for the perk will be Soterion's current tenants.

There is no evidence that I have seen that the Soterion Corporation actually exists for any purpose than to hold this asset. The Soterion Corporation is an Indiana Corporation using the mailing address of PO BOX 80, GLENVIEW, KY 40025. The same post office box is My People, LLC , a company which might actually exist. At least it's on on Twitter and Facebook. That's something.

In June of 2010, the Soterion Corporation had listed a mailing address in the Cobalt Marketplace building. I went to that address personally. It was an empty apartment suite. (PROOF)
Is it possible this line in the contract is a scheme to allow Robert S. Jones to get paid a balloon payment separate from this contract, to compensate him for, you know, the moving costs associated with his invisible business. Possible isn't the word, we're talking about the KYTC. It's probable.
A KYTC employee once personally advised me to transfer the ownership of a property I owned in Butchertown to a corporation so I could get  "hooked-up" with relocation assistance for the business. Apparently I wasn't the only one to get that advice.

Another KY Teen Commits Suicide from Bullying

15-Year Old Livingston Cty. Teen Takes Life to End Bullying, Suicide One Week After Lawmakers Strike Down Bullying Bill
(Livingston County, KY) Just one week after Kentucky House Republicans struck down a stricter and more comprehensive anti-bullying law, a 15-year old Livingston County teenager has taken her own life to end the bullying she endured, according to a report from WPSD-TV. Concerned parents have planned a picket to call for stricter anti-bullying policies in front of Livingston County High School before the start of classes on Wednesday, March 28.

Bridges Project Section 106 update: comments & responses

3/22/12 11:58 PM Update: Tre Pryor has a piece up on the Drumanard. Think you'll agree with his conclusion: State appears to massively overpay for Drumanard Estate in order to move forward with Louisville East End bridge

Rebecca Thompson sent this out last night on Bridges Project. Not sure who she is (or why she doesn't know how to use BCC):

What is Councilman Tom Owen talking about?

New game!
Louisville Courant will put up an audio recording of local celebrities, and then you, the reader, guess the context of the conversation! This is going to be so much fun, I just know it!

Our first audio is voice of incumbent 8th District Councilman Tom Owen, whose 'muddling' came under fire a couple days ago: Tough muddler: Metro Councilman Tom Owen ... - Insider Louisville.

So...what is Councilman Tom Owen talking about?

March 21, 2012

Anything Kentucky Chamber doesn't have their nose in?

@CharlesGeorgeKY: Chiropractic mandate fails to advance out of committee. Thx to our members for voicing their opposition. #kyga12

Original Message:

To steal from a tweet from a few days ago directed at GLI, maybe you guys should take up, I don't know, economic development?

US censoring marine tracking website

I first wrote about the Dutch-flagged cargo ship Schippersgracht which was at the time en route to Port Said, Egypt, on March 17, 2012. The ship was reported to be carrying a great deal of arms and explosives, compliments of the United States. Amnesty International: real mad. See: Halt ships of shame from the USA carrying weapons to Egypt.

The ship was expected to arrive in Egypt Tuesday, the first day of Spring, although Secretary of State Clinton's office denied that was the destination.

See:Louisville Courant: Egypt expecting Schippersgracht weapon shipment on first day of Spring.

Two days ago I checked the location of the ship to see if it was any closer to Egypt or if it had changed it's course, and it appeared to be just shy of the coast of Tunesia, still East-bound for Egypt.

Go try to check the ship's location now from the United States, at least, and you'll see the website is being likely censored, presumably by the US government.

Edith Bingham and Linda Bruckheimer to be honored for preservation work

Preservation Kentucky will be honoring Edith Bingham and Linda Bruckheimer at their Annual Meeting and Reception on Friday, April 13, 2012, from 6:00 pm - 8:30 pm. The event will be held at the historic Whiskey Row Lofts Theatre and Gallery, located at 131 West Main Street on the second floor.

Speaking of the 100 block of West Main Street, I met Edie on that same block in February of 2011. I was standing as a lone protester just before 7 am on a 10 degree morning in front of Whiskey Row buildings Todd Blue had intended to raze with Mayor Fischer's permission.

March 20, 2012

Occupy Louisville update and Alex Keys #tcot kid giving me advice

#occupylouisville has updated the General Assembly (GA) days and times. Friday, Mon and Weds 6pm at Founders Square Park. Sat. 2pm at Founders Square Park, too.
(Library GA being worked out.)

Scariest tweet of day from @CharlesGeorgeKY

@CharlesGeorgeKY: Three Chamber-supported bills - HBs 277, 300 & 400 - pass Senate A&R Committee. #kyga12
Original Message:

3/21/12 For context about why HB 300 isn't the KRS reform we really need, see Louisville Courant: Frankfort: Where skunks get leashes.

March 19, 2012

Awesome #kyga12 tweet of the day goes to: @Davis_Douglas

@Davis_Douglas: @GLIchamber I just get an email from GLI advocating about school enrollment in #kyga12? You should try concentrating on economic dev.
Original Message:

Owen's muddling fumble still a hot topic

When union workers seek help from Councilman Tom Owen, he remains neutral. What that means in labor negotiations though, is that Owen's siding against workers. That inaction on his part is not going to go over very well in Louisville Metro Council's 8th District, which is mostly the liberal folks in the Highlands who never met a progressive issue they didn't back, or a bumper sticker that wouldn't fit. I broke this story this weekend (The Scott Walker of the 8th District strikes again), but didn't do it the justice Brian Tucker did: Insider Louisville: Tough muddler: Metro Councilman Tom Owen fails to lead on orchestra dispute.

And what's in my mailbox this morning but the above graphic critical of Owen's stance on unions from an anonymous reader! So it's not just me and Tucker who see see Owen's Anti-union stance as problematic. I recognize the image as I screenshot I took myself (posted here), but the captioning is all the anonymous reader (not that I don't agree).

 Owen has two challengers in the May 22 primary, Bryan Mathews and Mason J. Roberts. Mathews has already received union endorsements. Roberts has actual experience doing labor negotiations, although not on the side of unions. He spent 1 year in 8 months in the following endeavors for the County of Monterey:

" Negotiated labor contracts for the county’s 4,600 employees effecting a $960 million dollar budget."and
"Initiated Interest Based Bargaining requiring relationship building between the union and government." - linked in

March 18, 2012

Rep. Joni Jenkins prepares house for what tolls will mean

While I'm not excited the House voted Friday to move forward with a downtown bridge and a tolling scheme that's unbearable, I was pleased to hear Rep. Joni Jenkins confront the body with her concerns on how tolls will cause suffering. (KET at the 5 minute mark)

Indiana(?) National Guard war on cyclists?

Just witnessed at 16:03 EST a National Guard-wrapped recruiting truck honking profusely while tailgating a cyclist going Northbound on 1400 block of Bardstown Road. I want this guy to get a ticket. Already called 911.
Curtis Morrison >502.403.9498

3/18/12 21:10 EST Update:
I'm still irritated about this. Can't seem to find a photo of the exact truck, but the wrapping was similar to this one, although the truck did  not have a topper, and was silver or white.

3/19/12 15:26  EST Update:
This post and it's labels have been been updated to reflect new knowledge from this state's National Guard that they do not have any trucks without toppers. (Thank you for the clarification entity whose name I won't reference here so it won't show up on Google.)

So that means the silver, possibly white Chevy or GMC,  belonged to the National Guard of one of the other 49 states. Obviously, Indiana is pretty close, so who has knowledge about whether the Indiana National Guard has such a vehicle, and if so, where it was on Sunday?

March 17, 2012

Tuesday at YUM!: 99% take on the 1%

Members of the 1%, and lackeys:
Paying $155 for their tickets to get inside the YUM! Arena Tuesday night for the Greater Louisville, Inc. (GLI) Annual Dinner ($135 for GLI members), sponsored by PNC Bank.

GLI's keynote speaker, CEO Jeffrey Immelt, was able to earn GE billions in profits in 2010, and use offshore accounts and tax loopholes to avoid paying a single dollar in income tax in the United States. As the keynote speaker to the dinner, maybe he'll be sharing HOW? (ABC NEWS: General Electric Paid No Federal Taxes in 2010)

Members of the 99%:
Peacefully rallying outside with Occupy Louisville, for FREE from 4- 6 PM! (No ticket necessary!) Occupy Louisville will be asking WHY GE doesn't pay income taxes?

The Scott Walker of the 8th District strikes again

Councilman Owen and Mayor Fischer
Yesterday at 4:50 PM, Councilman Tom Owen sent the following email to Louisville Orchestra players who were asking for his help:
"Dear Friend of the Louisville Orchestra and Its Players—some whom I know personally and others only as a beneficiary of your talent:

You asked that I join my Council colleagues to pass a legislative resolution asking that a blue ribbon panel be set up to implement recommendations put forth by the Fogel Report.  You believe that those recommendations can put the Orchestra on a sound financial footing that will assure good relations between the Orchestra board and its performers.

NPP Spring meeting next Saturday

Neighborhood Planning and; Preservation, Inc.

Invites you to
 Our Spring Meeting, And Community Brainstorm
Saturday March 24, 2012

Egypt expecting Schippersgracht weapon shipment on first day of Spring
© portagent
The Dutch-flagged ship, MV Schippersgracht, is reported to be carrying U.S. weapons and explosives. The reported destination of the ship is Port Said, Egypt, where it is due to arrive on March 20, 2012, the first day of Spring. (

March 16, 2012


Sources say the Drumanard Estate is being purchased for $8 million. The property is assessed for $3,000,530. Read more on Business First: Kentucky in contract to buy Drumanard estate.

The Courier-Journal's Marcus Green is back covering the Bridges Project and will have something up in a few minutes much, much more insightful than BF, but I'm not waiting around to find direct link, I'm old, it's Friday, and I need a nap:

Basically, KYTC has squandered $5 million dollars of Bridges Project money because it doesn't matter to Governor Steve Beshear or Governor Mitch Daniels. Tolls will make up the difference and only working Hoosiers in Southern Indiana will be using the bridges anyway, right?

The bigger the tolls, the weaker Louisville become as compared to Indianapolis, the happier Mitch Daniels is with himself. Period. But what pray tell is Governor Beshear's motivation here?

I have re-requested a copy of the signed purchase contract just now. As recently as February 24, 2012 11:59:40 AM EST, KYTC had told me that me a contract for sale did not exist.
(LC:No contract between...)

I've been writing about this stupid house for a long time: OMG: Drumanard HISTORIC STATUS REVEALED AS HOAX!!

Unrelated and awesome from the CJ: 
Editorial: A shameful vote: (Republicans who opposed the anti-bullying bill should be ashamed of themselves. Any questions?)   
George Clooney arrested in protest at Sudanese Embassy (video) 
Um, just when I thought George Clooney couldn't get any sexier.

March 15, 2012

Join the Fight! A message from Bill McKibben.

Every year, the federal government subsidizes the fossil fuel industry to the tune of billions of dollars.
A message from 350 founder, Bill McKibben:

March 14, 2012

Tell people about Chase, little white LMPD bus shows up

So Occupy Louisville had a little event today about education in the community of the many abuses of JP Morgan Chase Bank.

And of course, you say 'Occupy' and 'Chase' in public, and Mayor Rambo sends out the heat faster than if a mugging happened in Glenview.

As long as I likely have an LMPD audience, let me take this opportunity to tell you that your pensions are being sold down the river by our Kentucky legislators, and if you want to be angry at a general assembly, you might redirect your gaze East. The House voted unanimously to to pass faux-pension reform that doesn't make placement agents fees illegal, but instead just regulates them?

If I had a child, I would not let a hungry dragon live in his/her nursery. And for that same reason, I wouldn't allow Kentucky Retirement Systems to make what the rest of the country deems illegal.
Find our more here: Frankfort: Where skunks get leashes.

Larry Clark relieved, ethics commission recommendation didn't include ALEC trips

Clark at 2009 ALEC conference
Remember when I said Democrats like Larry Clark were attending meetings of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) as recently as 2009?

Well, hell, I just found in the minutes of this September 28, 2011 Committee meeting where Clark is...he's...ew...yuck, he's complaining about how he might not get reimbursed on his trips to speak to out of state private sector organizations. (InterimJoint Committee on State Government: Master Minutes)

March 13, 2012

Owen approved appointments, now they're to vote on his development

A couple quotes found in Sheldon S. Shafer's piece this week on Councilman Tom Owen's Belknap Crossing development: CJ: Rezoning hearing slated on project near University of Louisville:
"...The Owens bought the tract in 2006 for $2.35 million from a group of California investors."

"Tom Owen has pledged to abstain from discussing the rezoning case, or from voting on it when it comes before the council for a decision. The council has the final say on zoning cases in Louisville, after the Planning Commission reviews and makes recommendations on them."
What Shafer left out is that Councilman Tom Owen did not abstain from votes to approve the appointment of the very planning commission members who will be voting on his rezoning request. 

Frankfort: Where skunks get leashes

In Frankfort on February 16, the Kentucky's House UNANIMOUSLY passed Representative Mike Cherry's Skunk Bill (HB300) under the heading:
"AN ACT relating to retirement and declaring an emergency."
To understand what our legislature considers an emergency, and what is REALLY an emergency, we need to back up a bit. Kentucky Retirement Systems ("KRS") is, according to their website,, the entity is defined as:
...a quasi-independent state agency that is responsible for the investment of funds and administration of pension and health insurance benefits for over 337,000 state and local government employees, former employees and retiree.
A huge fiduciary responsibility, safeguarding the pensions and insurance benefits for 337,000 public servants. KRS oversees over $13 billion in your hard-earned money.

In August of 2010, Chris Tobe, the sole member of KRS's Board of Trustees  with expertise in pension investment matters, became alarmed by the millions of dollars being 'earned' by "placement agents" who ultimately decided where KRS money was invested. Placement agents, with connections, too. Tobe smelled a skunk.
Placing agent, sporting his new #KYGA12 HB300 leash-prototype

Shawn Reilly to #KYGA12:A simple plan for an East End bridge

Photo by Jeff Noble
Shawn Reilly has released this open letter to the Kentucky legislature:
"Dear Legislators,

I am deeply concerned about the possible debt our state is going to be in for the next 50+ years if we toll the Ohio River Bridges. I am also concerned with the additional Tax the Tolls would place largely on Louisville but all of Kentucky. The current plan for the project is not fiscally responsible and needs to change to reflect our state budget.  

There is way for Kentucky, Louisville and Indiana all to get what they want out of the Ohio River Bridge Project and prevent us from going into debt for the next 50+ years, along with stopping what could be one of the largest Tax increases this state has seen.

Fwd: Landmark Ordinance - Public Hearing Announcement--REMINDER SIGN UP AN HOUR EARLY

Sorry for last minute notice. If you're near downtown and care about preservation, your voice is needed at 2 pm, but you must sign up in person by 1 pm. Here's Metro Council's press release:
Public Hearings Announced on Proposed Changes to Ordinance on Historic Districts and Landmarks
Two Public Hearings Set for Public to Comment on Proposed Ordinance

Did that just happen?

Did that just happen?

My reader demographic is changing rapidly.

Yale Law graduate, venture capitalist, Humana Board director and former chairman, David A. Jones, Jr., re-tweeted my piece comparing Dean Corbett's arrest to Ridge Wilson's.  (Insider Louisville: Guest blogger Curtis Morrison: If you’re going to get caught with perscription drugs, be a famous suburban white guy)

March 12, 2012



There is currently a very strong odor in the Chickasaw neighborhood that seems to be coming from one of the chemical plants in Rubbertown.

March 11, 2012

Pentagon recruiting U of L students to build drone killing machines

Hanging in Bingham Humanities Building, 3/10/12
Hanging in Bingham Humanities Building, 3/10/12
"WE SHALL BUILD DRONES" "hooray for drones"
"If you love drones we should talk"

An ArduPilot is a pilot of a pro-level unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) system.

Wouldn't it be great to find out these posters now hanging on bulletin boards at the University of Louisville were put around campus by Speed School nerds, with their pocket protectors, because they wanted to make cool friends who all used Linux? Or possibly they wanted to get laid? If only that were true...

March 10, 2012

David Williams questions toll plan

Kentucky Senate President David Williams questions toll plan for Ohio River Bridges

3/11/12 10:55 pm Update:
Today, the Courier-Journal's Editorial Board didn't mince words:
"The time for groundless protest and stalling is past."
The "groundless protest and stalling" to which the editorial board is referring is the public input meetings which proved beyond a reasonable doubt there's no demand for a downtown bridge, especially if that component of the project requires tolling I-65 and giving only 1-lane for those in Clark County to avoid tolls. (See:

March 9, 2012

Truly sad news: East End White man charged with felony

Ridge Wilson, 2008
At 12:17 AM on the Sunday morning of February 26, 2012, the LMPD found Central High School graduate Ridge Wilson parked on the 600 block of Louisville's West Oak Street. It was 3 weeks after his 21st birthday. He was alone in the front seat of his car and, per LMPD, extremely nervous. 

The officer would later cite Wilson's nervousness as the reason he allegedly asked whether there was anything illegal in the car. Wilson allegedly volunteered to the officer that he was welcome to search the car.

In the pocket of a pair of jeans in his backseat, LMPD found what they described only as "a bag" of Xanax, a Schedule III drug to treat anxiety disorders and panic disorder. Wilson had no prescription for the drug, ironic given his nervousness, and he was arrested and charged with trafficking, a felony. (Citation

Wilson is a senior at the University of Kentucky, and incidentally is was a linebacker with the University of Kentucky Wildcats football team. He had a 24 game-history, was sixth on the team last season with 47 tackles, two sacks and a fumble recovery. Whatever all that means.

In 2011, Wilson had a shoulder injury that led to a surgery for a torn labrum, causing him to miss the last three games of the season.

Reactions to Wilson's arrest...

About 200 news articles with the word "felony" in the headline, or in identifying the drug trafficking charge, hit the internet. Example in the Washington Post:
Kentucky LB Ridge Wilson facing felony drug trafficking charge after arrest in Louisville 

A few hours later, the football team dismisses Wilson for “breaking team rules.” On Wednesday, Wilson entered a not guilty plea to the charges. (Lex18: Former Cat Wilson...)  His hearing date was not reported in the media, probably because he's no longer newsworthy following the dismissal.

Here's some comments from NBC's website:

 (NBC Sports: Kentucky LB booted after arrest)

"They (these gifted athletes) have the world on a string and the string on their finger & they 'STILL' F it up!!!"- NBC user drjem writes.
Also on Wednesday, Chef and restaurant owner (Stephen) Dean Corbett was featured in Insider Louisville for launching a new radio show, known as the The ChefBoyArDean Show. (InsiderThe first episode of show ran Thursday night from 7-8 PM featuring guests Dan Dry and Steve Coomes. The latter authored the story for Insider.

Dean Corbett, 2012, on Terry Meiner's show
By 9:50 p.m, a LMPD officer had witnessed Corbett allegedly delivering Vicodin, a Schedule V drug, to an unidentified former employee who did not have a prescription for the drug. Subsequently, Corbett swerved while leaving the scene of the alleged crime in his 2011 Black Mercedes Benz.

It was the latter swerve that triggered a traffic stop, and the police questioning which ensued in which Corbett allegedly admitted to police what he was doing. Corbett was arrested. Allowing Corbett to leave the scene of the crime draws attention away from the likelihood the crime occurred within 1,000 yards of Zachary Taylor Elementary School, which could have affected the severity of the trafficking charge at the LMPD discretion.

Reactions to Corbett's arrest...

Corbett's lawyer, Thomas Clay, says Corbett completed his transaction “never thinking that it would run afoul of the law.”

Steve Coomes, the guest of Corbett's on the night in question and the author of Wednesday's Insider Louisville entry has wrote a new piece for Insider titled: Truly sad news: Restaurateur Dean Corbett arrested for drug trafficking. Snippets from that piece:

"There is a knot in my stomach as I write this...."
"I can only hope and pray he’ll emerge better from this experience, and that anyone reading this will take heed. He’s overcome adversity before, and I fully expect he will this time."
In a couple comments to Coomes' piece,  one commenter professes what a "wonderful man" he is, and another contemplates it's a set up, asking why the police weren't out arresting for rapes and robberies.
(Insider Louisville: Truly Sad News...)

WDRB 41 gave Corbett the opportunity even to share his statement. "I would like to take a moment to explain the events that occurred last night and ask that the media and public please use compassion and understanding before judging me." Corbin writes in the first paragraph.

The statement is compelling. Corbett doesn't admit his actions were illegal, but "inappropriate." Corbett signs the statement not with his name, but with the cutesy alias "Chef Deano." I guess "ChefBoyArDean" would have been over the top? 

Read Chef Deano's statement yourself: Chef Stephen "Dean" Corbett releases statement on arrest.  WHAS 11 also gives Chef Deano a chance to clear his name by sharing his statement: Chef Dean Corbett releases statement after arrest.  Notice the outpouring of sympathy and prayers from, I suspect, privileged white people for whom Corbett has likely prepared fine meals.

Whether the drug trafficking crime which Corbett has been charged is a felony or misdemeanor has not been of any interest to any of the media outlets reporting on the story. (Fun exercise: Perform a Google News search for "Dean Corbett" & felony. Once I click publish, there will be one result, not 200.)

Corbett entered a not guilty plea on Friday. His next hearing is scheduled for Tuesday, May 8. (Bus First: Restauranter...)

Curt's Conclusions:

I. Ridge Wilson's football career, may be over. He may not see this now, but it's probably in his best interest. Our bodies are fragile and it's pretty disgusting we'd let our higher education system somehow compromise them for our entertainment, but I digress.

My prayers are with Wilson, not only for recovery from his injury, and in coping with his anxiety, but for recovery from the systemic racism that permeates our country's approach to arbitrary law enforcement.  Let's hope his hearing doesn't end the way we all know it could.

II. Corbett won't only get off at his May 8th hearing, the Judge may joke around with him about a specific recipe. He'll sign autographs in the hall outside the courtroom. His restaurants will all thrive as the community rallies around him because they know his story and he's like them, they can relate. Many of those rallying are guilty of the same 'crime,' they just weren't caught. Someone will set up a Facebook page to have his charges dropped, if they haven't already, and that's okay.

III. It is unfortunate it takes a white guy like us to get arrested in order for us to see how stupid a crime can be, but that's eclipsed by the opportunity we all have in...see IV.

IV. The charges and penalties for drug trafficking are not a deterrent in the abuse we seek to address. Our criminal justice system has become a proven way to drain our community's resources in outright arbitrary and hostile attacks on individuals who most typically cause harm only to themselves. We intervene by taking these individuals and putting them in our over-crowded jails to sleep, as reported in the CJ recently, on the floor.

It is my prayer, my hope, and in no smart part my will, that we pass reforms in Kentucky to decriminalize petty drug offenses. Drug abuse and addiction are illnesses. Illnesses are not cured with retribution, but comprehensive no-one-left-out, accessible mental health and medical treatments. I'm hoping you're with me?

General information: 
A Black Mercedes Benz SUV has it's advantages, but I'm tiring of them: Used Mercedes SUV For Sale: $4600 

Old Louisville Location of Wilson's arrest:
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East End Location of Corbett's arrest:

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03/12/2012 Update:
An edited version of this post has been republished on Insider Louisville with great reservation by Steve Coomes, which he's emailed me as well as left in the comments:
I have a bias against foodies. 

March 8, 2012

Reggie Meeks takes hypocritical stand

So here's the deal. Wendy Caswell is a registered Democrat (see below) who has filed to run as her 42nd District House seat in the May 22, 2012-Democratic Party primary. (More about her on her campaign website.) Caswell is the sole challenger to the incumbent, Democrat Representative Reginald Meeks.

Metro Council candidate receives union endorsements

Bryan Mathews, candidate for Louisville Metro Council, 8th District, has received an endorsement from both the Greater Louisville Central Labor Council and the United Auto Workers. Mathews is facing the incumbent Metro Councilman Tom Owen, and newcomer candidate Mason J. Roberts.

"I am humbled and thrilled that my candidacy for the 8th District Metro Council has been endorsed by the United Auto Workers and UNANIMOUSLY endorsed by the Greater Louisville Central Labor Council." Mathews said. "I appreciate their confidence in my vision for the Highlands and ability to protect the rights of the hard working families of the Louisville community."

Given Councilman Owen's awkward history with ignoring union protesters (Local activists protest Chase Bank branch in Louisville - Tom Owen tries to avoid crowd), and opposing Occupy Louisville's long-term occupation of public space, it was no great surprise to anyone he was unable to secure these endorsements.

March 7, 2012

Assessing threat level of 'right to work' in Kentucky

In early February 2012, we watched as our neighbor to the North adopted so-called 'right to work' (RTW) legislation.  This was a surprise to many, as Governor Mitch Daniels had once opposed RTW. The law's passing brought the number of states with RTW laws up to 23. 

RTW laws are all the rage now, apparently. A few hours ago, Brett Chamberlin, a writer with NYU Local published a very disturbing piece of information I had previously not considered:
"The reason most state’s 'Right to Work' laws read nearly the same? ALEC was leading the charge." -(NYU LOCAL: This Law Brought To You By Wal-Mart: Who’s Writing American Legislation?)
The reason that got my attention is Kentucky is a state with a plethora of legislators who are either proud members, or not afraid to be photographed with them. 

March 6, 2012

Tina Ward-Pugh shares her coming out story

Louisville Metro Councilwoman Tina Ward-Pugh (9th) tells her inspiring story in the video below, from her time at the Southern Baptist Seminary, to her own coming out story.

This is the first time I've heard Ward-Pugh talk about her sexual orientation. That's not to say she's never done it, it's just the first time I've noticed, and I commend her for it.

March 5, 2012

@GovSteveBeshear has trouble tweeting about $10 tolls

Governor Steve Beshear probably used the wrong link in a tweet earlier, for a reason...With a proposal including $10 tolls, prayer may be the only chance we have to keep UPS and other big businesses in the region. Or any businesses. Or anyone.

Good News for Gardiner Lane

Good news for a few of my good friends in Senate District 19, the neighborhoods on either side of Gardiner Lane will be a little quieter soon, according to this press release from KYTC:

Sound Barrier Construction To Begin Along Watterson Expressway
LOUISVILLE, Ky. – The Department of Highways District 5 Office advises motorists to be aware of impending construction along westbound Interstate 264 (Watterson Expressway) just west of the Bardstown Road interchange  (mile point 15.6). Work is scheduled to begin the week of March 5th to construct a sound barrier on the north side of I-264.