December 25, 2012

That time a US Senator from Kentucky called for invasion of Canada

On this very Christmas day, 202 years ago, Kentucky US Senator Henry Clay took to the Senate floor in defense of President James Madison's 1810 invasion, conquest and occupation of the Republic of West Florida. 

The Republic of West Florida's lifespan as great Western power was short, only 90 days. But if you've ever been to the Florabama bar after midnight, you know these are not people you want to mess with.

The great senator from Kentucky was so consumed with the righteousness of his arguments that he ended by suggesting it was time to "embrace" Canada as well:
"I am not, sir, in favor of cherishing the passion of conquest. But I must be permitted, in conclusion, to indulge the hope of seeing, ere long, the new United States (if you will allow me the expression) embracing, not only the old thirteen States, but the entire country east of the Mississippi, including East Florida, and some of the territories of the north of us also."- On the Line of the Perdido, Henry Clay, December 25, 1810

[Redacted: strangest redaction request, ever.]

Prime Minister Stephen Harper:
I recommend you treat the indigenous people of Northern land with a lot more respect, lest calls to fulfill Senator Clay's vision will be forthcoming.

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