December 6, 2012

James Comer at Kentucky Farm Bureau Convention

Kentucky Commissioner of Agricultural James Comer gave a speech today at Kentucky Farm Bureau's Annual Meeting:

I'm a fan of farming, and farmer (READ: NOT CAFO), and even pretty tolerable of James Comer. But I'm no fan of the Kentucky Farm Bureau. They've invested lots of money in oppressing gays and lesbians in Kentucky. Every time I see someone hanging out with them that acts cool with me in person, I'm just totally like WTF. WTF. WTF.

Here's a little history on my lack of love with KFB:
Louisville Courant: Hal Heiner's Kentucky Farm Bureau Problem
Louisville Courant: Jerry Abramson and Kentucky Farm Bureau
Louisville Courant: Guthrie Mayes PR FAIL Part 2
Louisville Courant: Guthrie Mayes PR FAIL
Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer did not attend today's luncheon, but sent a representative, Theresa Zawacki.  Oh wait. This videos not loading. Maybe it's my computer. Shoot.

Another video from the annual meeting:

The University of Kentucky Department of Agriculture presents the economic outlook for agriculture in Kentucky to the members of the Kentucky Farm Bureau:

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