October 26, 2012

Mitt Romney's signs may be bigger, but doesn't change that he still sucks

Several 'faces' of Mitt Romney were present on the street in Ames, Iowa this morning, protesting outside the Governor's speaking engagement, or um, what the Romney campaign was calling a "Victory Rally."One protester, a retired teacher in a Mitt Romney mask, held a sign that said "I love teachers." Another protester, also with the same mask, held a sign that said, "Never mind, fire the teachers." 

The protest was billed as "Past Mitt Romney’s to Protest Current Mitt Romney."


“During the course of this campaign, there’s no one Mitt Romney has disagreed with more than Mitt Romney,” said Matt Sinovic, executive director of Progress Iowa. “All of Mitt Romney’s past versions of himself have been denied a voice by his campaign; tomorrow they will be free to say what they think -- whatever gets them the most votes.”

The protest may have caught the Romney campaign by surprise, as the two lone staffers sent in to infiltrate the demonstration were not wearing coats. When it's below 40 degrees outside and someone's not wearing a coat, we know things aren't going as planned.

Those guys were holding large Romney Ryan signs (right), and did everything they could to get in the first picture. I figured I'd give them their moment of fame for being the minions sent in to drown out and squelch the protest with the size of their signs, a fitting metaphor for the influence of money in politics, eh?

Makes one wonder if Mitt Romney would use the same technique to squelch civil disobedience/public demonstrations if elected president. Pretty unsettling, if you ask me.

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