June 6, 2012

EPA's Public Hearing in Frankfort full of surprises

EPA Hearing costume-award-winner.
(6/8/12 Author's note: This entry previously identified Don Gibson as Don Blankenship, both in the entry and a video. The video has since been removed, and the error is regretted.)

The EPA has objected to 36 draft mine-related water pollution permits over the last two years. Governor Steve Beshear called for these hearings to put political pressure on the EPA to "get off our backs." 

 That's not all that happened, though. I livetweeted the complete hearing from @senatorawesome. And with WFPL's Erica M. Peterson's suggestion, the hashtag used was #epahearing.

And uploaded pictures to Facebook here.
  PLEASE: Tag your friends you recognize, to raise awareness about Thursday's hearing, June 7th from noon-4 pm & 7-11 pm at the Eastern Kentucky Expo Center in Pikeville, KY. 

Just as important, public comments can be submitted online. Visit KFTC to find out how: 

NOTE: Special thanks to WDRB News for being the ONLY Louisville TV outlet to cover this hearing. Their truck still was there as we were leaving after all had spoken. WHAS, WLKY, WAVE: They weren't there.
Something Insight might want to consider.  

WFPL 89.3 FM was there, as mentioned, as well LEO Weekly's Joe Sonka. And the C-J sent a single journalist, Mike Wynn. Here's his story.

Great videos will be posted below as I upload them over the next 48 hours.
Including the gentleman who dressed as George Washington, and lots of KFTC and Sierra Club members. Check back- I'm just one busy gay squirrel with ADD and no staff but a geriatric golden retriever.

Uncivilized, petulant pro-coal heckler removed by Kentucky State Police:

Democrat, yet ALEC member, Kentucky Rep. Jim Gooch:

Here's a badass. Thomas Edward Pearce, who was allegedly kicked by one of the pro-coal dudes, but the police wouldn't arrest the kicker:

Here's solar advocate Sam Avery, whose comment was quoted in a tweet by the C-J's Mike Wynn last night:

Here's Louisville's Mark Steiner:
And Truman Hurt:

And Thank you, again, WDRB 41 for making it to Frankfort:

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