June 30, 2011

This blog to be discontinued indefinitely

This blog will be discontinued indefinitely as my limited time will be devoted to acknowledging, understanding, and in many cases consoling, the extraordinary number of Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer's critics that are being ignored on his Facebook wall:

At such time that Mayor Fischer delegates a staff member to inclusively engage all his constituents, I plan to stay committed to this objective. Hopefully, I'll be back soon. Let's always leave room, leave hope, for improvement. Thanks for your support.


June 29, 2011

Louisville rocks- 250 people make public meeting on Bridges Project

Of course, I was at last night's public input meeting on the Ohio River Bridges Project, and I was not alone. The CJ reports: Second bridges project meeting attracts 250 in Louisville.
Doubt you'll see any of the excitement on TV, though. Because they were all covering hotter stories. Like Fox 41 for example, broke a story about a post office closing in Timbucktwo. Oh brother.

June 28, 2011

Lie much?

How'd we end up here anyway? Considering a bloated and expensive project that is still, in Tyler Allen's word last night, a "fantasy." Let me tell you how. We had an election.

When the election got tight, and candidate for mayor Greg Fischer feared candidate Hal Heiner might beat him out because of his backwards stance on the Bridges Project, he sure changed his tune.

That was, of course, until days after he was elected and he proposed the revisions with Governor Daniels and Governor Beshear that are now being considered. Yes, now Mayor Fischer owns a bike, and I'm not discounting anything he's done right since being in office. But this has to be the most epic broken promise ever.

If you didn't make it to give your public input last night, you have a chance tonight!:

Tuesday night's public input meeting will be in Louisville: 
June 28, 2011  --  4-8 p.m.
Holiday Inn Hurstbourne
1325 Hurstbourne Parkway

If you want to talk out loud in front of the audience, no reason to get there at 4 PM. That doesn't start until 6 PM anyway.

Joe Arnold holdin' Greg accountable...Amen

I've written a couple times over the last weeks about my anxiety about Kentuckians for Progress, but it is what it is, I guess. Also, the fancy meeting of community leaders coming up on the 26th floor is still on, I confirmed tonight by Joe Burgan. Not surprisingly, I'm still waiting for my invite from David A. Jones.


June 27, 2011

Wanna avoid tolls? Only 1 lane available for THAT!

I've been following the Ohio River Bridges Project since before it was called that. And in all that time, only in the beginning did I see real non-political folks in the community coming out and giving their input like I did tonight. My sincere thanks and a "GO YOU!" to everyone that made it out! I tried to tweet the highlights of the meeting here: @LCourant if you wanted to scroll through all that. I was also pleasantly surprised to see how cooperative the engineers were from multiple firms to discuss the Project.

But let's get the new beef, and there is indeed new beef I do have. For the first time tonight, I was able to talk with the engineers that redesigned the Project to the Governor's and Mayor's wishes, and boy have I found a couple problems that just I can't deal with...

Let's say you are coming from Sellersburg, or Indianapolis, or Chicago, or Canada. And you simply can't or won't pay a toll. Naturally, you're going to notice that the George Rogers Clark Bridge (2nd St) is toll-free and so you'll merrily decide to exit off of I-65 to take that route instead, right? HAHAHAHA! I bet you thought you would be able to do that. Turns out, they've thought you might wanna do that, and here's how they've snipped your pathetic little dream right in the butt:

Only one lane of I-65 is proposed to connect to 2nd St Bridge

If you can't tell from my photo, first of all, Exit 0 is of course, gone. (The pre-revised 2003 Project was going to do that though.) But notice what's new. See how skinny those two little pink lines are in the right of the photo that jet off from I-65. (Oops, South is left, North is right, sorry.) Those lines are skinny FOR A REASON. All travelers and commuters, whether coming from Sellersburg, Indianapolis,  Chicago, or Canada or even the Arctic circle, will only have ONE LANE to exit and avoid the tolls.

If you travel this stretch often, you might find that particularly odd, as it's currently 2 lanes from the SR62 access road. So the new revised plan will bottleneck all cheap folks in one lane. To sit. And sit. And sit. And sit. This lane, will undoubtedly be backed up clear to Indianapolis in the morning.

Apparently the other lane for the 2nd St bridge will be coming from downtown Jeff. Which is appropriate because everyone will be leaving there once the jobs go. See, even though they're taking away Exit 0, the new access to the downtown area South of Court Ave will actually be another 1 LANE exit at 6th Street. When I pointed this out to Mike Kapfhammer with Buckhead's tonight, I really had a fear he was going to do something crazy. And not just because of the impact on his business, but the impact on our entire community. Everyone that's heard him speak, knows he's thinking about the big picture for our region. My whole life growing up, I heard preaching about revitalizing downtown Jeffersonville, and now I see an infrastructure plan in place with an external obsolescence component built-in just for downtown, Jeffersonville. Oh Governor Daniels, have you no shame? Hope to see even more new faces tomorrow night from Indiana and Kentucky!:

Tuesday night's public input meeting will be in Louisville: 
June 28, 2011  --  4-8 p.m.
Holiday Inn Hurstbourne
1325 Hurstbourne Parkway


Oh, I should prepare you for the format. If you're brave enough to make your input public so everyone hears it, then you probably shouldn't arrive at 4 pm. That fun doesn't start until 6 pm.

Statewide fairness now

While I'm kinda impatient for the Statewide Fairness -before all else strategy that the Fairness Campaign is employing, I've come to accept that it:
1) is a strategy with merit, and
2) they're doing a damn good job staying focused employing it. Chris gets told how wonderful he is enough so I'm not going to go that far. Oh, whatever, ok, Chris Hartman is wonderful. There, happy?
Wait, am I talking to my blog? Good night.

June 26, 2011

GLI Joe Reagan's salary revealed: $369,268

Reagan, me & my lil' sign

Perhaps some of my readers who saw me on Metro TV last week during a budget hearing, were clueless to why I was holding this "86-GLI"-sign behind Joe Reagan's head. (Pictured right.)

It was inspired originally because I've seen how the GLI-sponsored Bridges Coalition fought changes to the Bridges Project, like 8664, through a well-funded public relations campaign, including television commercials about how many legs a stool should have.

My distrust of GLI also was connected to how it's president, Joe Reagan, is also on the board of the Bridges Authority. Reagan is more often than not the spokesperson for why the project should be built in it's entirety, as fast as possible, without regard to what the tolls are, what the impact of the project is, or what the public really wants. In fact, I have a few videos of Reagan's efforts to subjugate democracy while simultaneously make ears bleed:

Fortunately, our courageous Metro Council has approved our latest Metro Louisville budget with the caveats that there will be a review of the GLI contract, and 1/2 of the $1,000,000 requested funding will be held back until it can be determined that there's no overlap in services between what GLI does and other agencies. So I think the next question is, what does GLI really do? Let Joe Reagan tell you for himself because I don't understand most of the things he says. You can skip to the 1 minute mark to hear Reagan explain to the Council how GLI is responsible for everything from Ford to UPS to rainbows and puppies:

  Get Microsoft Silverlight

So did you make it to that part where Councilpersons Tina Ward-Pugh, Council President Jim King, and Councilperson Kelly Downard were asking him those hard questions about his salary that he couldn't seem to answer? Well, maybe this is why...I've found the 990 form for the Greater Louisville Economic Development Partnership, Inc. for the 2009 filing year. (Note: This is not the 2010 figure.)
(drum roll)...

Joseph F. Reagan earned $369,268 in 2009. That's $7101.30/day, or $1421.46/day for a 5-day work week. Or for a 40-hour work week, it's $177.68/hour.

Hopefully our Metro Council will find reasons to withhold the remaining $500,000 that Mayor Greg Fischer wants to fund GLI. You know, you could email the entire Metro Council on one click and let them know what you think...HERE. There are lots of internal and external agencies where that money could be better spent. Let the Council know where you'd prefer the money to go!

2 ORBP Updates:

Vaughan Scott, One Southern Indiana incoming chair, and sponsor of Benny Breeze, called me "insensitive" this evening:

Funny, because myself, I thought his narrative that we need to move swiftly with the entire project, regardless of the toll burden on citizens, is pretty insensitive.

Also a federal update...

In our neighboring good state of Illinois...wait, Illinois does touch Kentucky, right? Well, I think so, and I know they touch Indiana. Whatever. There's a battle over privatization of public infrastructure that's brewing and it threatens to be shaking in the halls of Congress soon. U. S. Senator Dick Durbin is for putting checks in on privatization efforts while U.S. Senator Mark Kirk is on speeding up privatization efforts.

Read Senator Durbin's letter in yesterday's Chicago Tribune: HERE.
And the check out Senator Kirk's plan: HERE

No surprise to anyone, I support Senator Durbin. Not because he's a Democrat, although he is. But because liquidating assets is what you do when you are getting out of the game. It's not time for the U.S. to get out of the game.

The bet Republicans are making is that the Tea Party will be choosing the side of privatization.Um, go to the 2:30 mark here to see how the Clark County Tea Party Patriots feel about tolls/privatization:

What can you do? 

Attend public meetings and give your input!!!!!!!!

Indiana Public Meeting
Stop by No2BridgeTolls table before the meeting
June 27, 2011
4-8 p.m.
Public comment period 6:30-8PM
Holiday Inn Lakeview Louisville-North
505 Marriott Drive
Clarksville, IN
Kentucky Public Meeting

June 28, 2011
4-8 p.m.
Public comment period 6:30-8PM
Holiday Inn Hurstbourne
1325 Hurstbourne Parkway
Louisville, KY

June 25, 2011

Nancy Pelosi paying homage to Henry Clay's legacy

Some of the living speakers of the House gathered at Transylvania University. I know that's somewhere in Kentucky but I've never been there. Anyway, it's neat they gathered, and you can read all about it in the Herald-Leader, or just watch this video I snatched from CN2:

June 24, 2011

Iron Quarter public meeting

So what's it going to be, folks? Do we need another parking lot?

State "waiting" to get money for Kennedy Bridge potholes

"Last Tuesday, I asked this question:
"...Finally, the question everyone is thinking but no one is saying, was the maintenance of the Kennedy bridge and Spaghetti Junction intentionally neglected to enable this campaign? Because folks, that's criminal. Folks could have been killed. Don't know about you, but I have yet to hear the explanations from Governor Steve Beshear or Governor Mitch Daniels on why those potholes weren't remedied this spring, like they have been annually since Beshear was a boy." (Fictional character, Benny Breeze created with undisclosed funding source, to manipulate public)
Gazaway put up on at 5:36 pm today
And by damn, WAVE3's Charles Gazaway looked into it. Go here now: State waiting for funding for Kennedy Bridge repairs

Now Gazaway's introduced this question, can other news outlets join him in asking even harder questions? To quote Phillip M. Bailey from a different context, "Now is the time to be asking more questions, not less." Or maybe he said fewer. I'm sure he said whatever was grammatically right.

Here's some sample questions for Andrea Clifford:

Who are you"waiting to get the money" from"

Wasn't paving the bridges projected to be necessary, and if so, wouldn't money have been set aside to do it when it was necessary, and not 6 months later?

Is Governor Steve Beshear aware of the delay, and what is he doing about it?

Have you received any contact from anyone encouraging the delay, to facilitate the public relations efforts to gain public support for the a downtown bridge component of the Bridges Project?

Sure I'll send them in to her. Just did. But Beshear's admin tends to be a hair more responsive to traditional news sources. I'll make this easy for you. I aim to please.
Andrea Clifford
Public Information Officer

And in related news, I want to remind everyone that there are 2 public meetings to solicit YOUR input on the revisions made to the Bridges Project by Governors Beshear, Daniels and Mayor Fischer. Not surprisingly, they are NOT being promoted by 1 Southern IndianaDavid A. Jones, and of course not by the recently $500,000 de-funded-(W00t! Go Metro Council!)-GLI, But I'll promote them here:

Indiana Public Meeting
Stop by No2BridgeTolls table before the meeting
June 27, 2011
4-8 p.m.
Public comment period 6:30-8PM
Holiday Inn Lakeview Louisville-North
505 Marriott Drive
Clarksville, IN
Kentucky Public Meeting

June 28, 2011
4-8 p.m.
Public comment period 6:30-8PM
Holiday Inn Hurstbourne
1325 Hurstbourne Parkway
Louisville, KY

June 23, 2011

Fictional trifecta from Benny Breeze

As much as I hate to drive internet traffic to an economic development non-profit, posing as a fictional citizen, here's Benny Breeze's latest video. The video represents a fictional amount of traffic to a video about fictional character, with fictional information. Kinda of a fictional trifecta, really.

580,974 views...ORLY?
Pre-photoshopped figure, as of this moment, is 1307.

If you hadn't heard, Vaughan Scott, who is banking this project, is the incoming chair of One Southern Indiana.

The video also refers to social justice activist Attica Scott as "Lil Miss Fussy Pants." One Southern Indiana should really teach a class on how to win friends.

It's rumored he's going to have some kinda circus tent at Monday & Tuesday's Bridges Project public meetings, and will be buying drinks afterward. (BTW, RSVP on Facebook to event I set up if you've got your pitchfork & torch all ready for the meeting: The last chance to stop tolls on the ORBP)

June 22, 2011

Change can happen

Disclosure: I put this together and was paid a few dollars to do it. While I'm making disclosures, my dinner tab was also picked up by the incoming 1 Southern Indiana chair, Vaughan Scott, last night. Oh, and my friend Joey bought me a drink the night before last at Tap Room, and friend Kevin bought me one tonight at Monkey Wrench.

The worse part of the project as it is, even if the tolls were only $1 each/way, this would equate to a 4% tax on a single mom earning $15,000/yr in her job across the river. At their very core, these tolls are going nuclear in our war against the poor. And it can't stand.

 I can't stress how important citizen attendance and participation  is at Monday and Tuesday's public input meetings. It seems strange they supposedly had 400 public meetings to come up with this project, but then only 2 to seek input of the drastic altercations proposed by Fischer/Beshear/Daniels.

Indiana Public Meeting
June 27, 2011
4-8 p.m.
Holiday Inn Lakeview Louisville-North
505 Marriott Drive
Clarksville, IN
Kentucky Public Meeting
June 28, 2011
4-8 p.m.
Holiday Inn Hurstbourne
1325 Hurstbourne Parkway
Louisville, KY

I'll be at both public meetings with Tyler Allen's Flip camera recording your public input.  Because I've decided to undertake a project, at Nancy Palmquist suggestion, to upload videos of everyone's perspective on the net. Not sure yet if these will go on Louisville Courant's youtube channel, or Say NO to Bridge Tolls. I'll need to figure that out tomorrow.

So come to these meetings kinda prepared with about 30 seconds or a minute of a powerful statement on where you stand on tolls, and the recent revisions to the project.
Finally, here's an I-65 billboard idea if any of my readers have $3000 they can part with:

"If you're among the 10,000 Hoosiers who must cross the Kennedy bridge for work, Kentucky would like to thank you in advance for bearing the burden of the cost to redesign our Spaghetti Junction. Thanks."

RSVP to the Louisville meeting on facebook:

June 20, 2011

Louisville's ranking in "10 Best Cities for Families"= Defund GLI has named Louisville #10 in it's 10 "Best Cities for Families." We're nestled in between Seattle and St. Louis. (2011 Best Cities for Families: Complete List.)
Interestingly, New York, New York, was 24. Haha.

Remember...a mayor we had, no too long ago, whose focus was proving that we were the largest, and fastest-growing city? Well guess, what? This is better than that. It's better to be a city in which people want to live than to be, well, whatever the hell Mayor Abramson was focused on. I never quite understood it, but it had something to do with possibility. conventions, and soccer parks.

Remember... that a non-profit organization, Greater Louisville, Inc. is seeking $1,000,000 out of our current Metro Budget. Their mission is not to make our city more livable for families. Hell, they haven't been interested in making it more livable for anybody but corporations. Yeah, enough.

Tuesday, the Metro Council will pick back up with budget hearings, and it's expected that Joe Reagan with GLI will be providing the Metro Council at Councilman Downard's request, with a list he is to compile of the salaries of GLI employees. I'm very much anticipating seeing this list.

Unrelated: Remember Tuesday is a meeting of NO 2 Bridge Tolls at the Jeffersonville, Indiana Buckhead's. Socializing starts at 5:30 PM, and the meeting starts at 6 PM.

June 17, 2011

Endeavors to subvert the public will

Random information:

Screenshot from

Works for:
Screenshot from

Where they do PR for the Ohio River Bridges Project:
Screenshot from

And on Facebook, she Likes: 
Screenshot from Benny Breeze's Facebook

Which probably doesn't mean anything. But,
Screenshot from

Does have a history of directly spinning information on the Bridges Project. Just take it from:

Who was is a former Account Manager for:
Screenshot from

While he worked at:
Screenshot from

Here's some interesting beliefs he held in 2010: 
"...While the organizations who have criticized the project are well-intended and represent ideals that I would even endorse, they’ve duped a fair number of people in to believing an untruth...."
"...Groups like 8664 and River Fields want you to think the States of Kentucky and Indiana and the Federal Highway Administration overlooked the environment and want to cover Louisville’s Waterfront Park with more highway concrete. The plans call for more lanes, but more efficient total concrete coverage; a higher traverse across the portion of the park currently under overpasses and less support columns (making that part of the park more open, bright and safe)..." -(Here’s A Little English To Doctor The Spin in

Yes, if you were wondering. That was from a blog entry debating the ethics of good PR spin vs. "good" PR spin, and the example given was, um, neither. "More open, bright, and safe," he wrote.

Screenshot from

So what's this all mean? There are folks embedded within our community that are not at all bad people, but they are unknowingly employed in endeavors to subvert the public will. And today, that means:

Or maybe I'm nuts. What do you all think?

June 16, 2011

Judy Green seeks out non-Phillip M. Bailey reporter who won't ask her questions

Embattled Councilperson Judy Green and Reverend Gerome Sutton, held an interview tonight with WHAS 11. Green CHOSE not to grant an interview with WFPL's Philip Bailey, Courier-Journal's Dan Klepal, or LEO Weekly's Jonathan Meador because she wanted to rant about other Councilmembers.Like Councilperson Barbara Shanklin, and Councilperson Jim King.
The interview went on for at least 10 minutes in the lobby of Metro Hall during the Public Comments of the Metro Budget Hearing. After the interview, Councilperson Green returned to her seat in the hearing.

My attempt to record the entire interview was enthusiastically prevented by a Metro Hall security guard, who most likely is a Green-supporter. The guard sent for Tony Hyatt, and once Hyatt arrived, he did inform security that they were not to prevent me from recording in a public space. It would be very surprising to me if the security guard did not know that already. Unfortunately the rant was nearly over so this is what I got, and a little audio, below.

Please, Councilperson Green: Resign while the community can still embrace the good that you did do in office. The more you put it off, you're distracting our citizens from the matter of governing our city, and I know you don't want that.

Here's some more audio from the tail of the interview I caught on my phone:

Benny Backtrackin' Breeze

Earlier in the week, this blog highlighted two peculiar aspects of the bizarre "Benny Breeze" campaign. (Fictional character, Benny Breeze created with undisclosed funding source, to manipulate public)

The first was about how their website indicated the fictional character's intention to "eliminate" the threat of input from Ohio River Bridges Project critics.

 The second was about how the mendacity of claiming transparency as a value, while representing the funding was from "from many local businesses and members of the community" who were "anonymous."

After a little bit of back and forth on the comments on that entry, (kudos to Stu Noland for channeling my thoughts 100%) , and a discussion between Vaughan Scott and Say No to Bridge Tolls co-founder Shawn Reilly, Benny Breeze is doing a little backtrackin'.

First, the funding was NOT "from many local businesses and members of the community," but instead, Scott now says "I am fundig (sic) the vast majority of the hard dollar costs personally....over 90% to date."

Secondly, Breeze has decided it's not the toll opponents and project critics he wishes to eliminate, but instead the "systemic infrastructure"- threat. Whatever that means. Compare the old with the new:
6.14.2011 screenshot from

6.15.2011 screenshot from
Finally, kudos to the LEO Weekly for callin' Bennie out just as he escaped from the cage: 

No. This is the real finally, Greater Louisville, Inc. isn't even keeping their support for Bennie Breeze a secret. This is amidst budget negotiations where they expect to get $1,000,000 from the city. Here's the link to Greater Louisville's promotion of Bennie, and here's the screenshot: 

Screenshot 6.16.11 from
I've written all the Metro Councilpersons giving this information as breaking evidence why not to fund Greater Louisville, Inc. the $1 million that Mayor Fischer had hoped to fund them. Here's my email. Feel free to write your own:

June 15, 2011

Pet peeve of the day

Screen shot 6.15.11
When is the Courier Journal going to fix the spelling of Kentucky in the Tom Loftus bio? God knows I'm no grammar wizard, but it's our own state's name for Christ sake. It's not like they're misspelling Indaina or Oiho.

Speaking of the CJ, at Sunday's premiere of The Last Mountain, I believe I heard Clara Bingham propose that the Courier Journal open a bureau in Appalachia just to cover the injustices of mountaintop removal at the hands of big coal. I sure hope that suggestion is under consideration.

In the meantime, I'm very excited WFPL will be offering environmental coverage by Erica Peterson, who is moving here from West Virginia. I understand from the twitter machine she'll be missed much there. She's already on top of the acquisition of Massey Coal by Alpha, and the awkward spin that Alpha's CEO is spinning. Their new vision is to pollute the air and water of poor countries that can't afford alternative energy. Alpha CEO Calls Coal’s Future “Bright” (Goosebumps at the creepiness)

June 13, 2011

Fancy Anti-Riverfields video featuring Rebecca Jackson released

Although I'm not a card-carrying member of, I commend them for expressing this sentiment,  out loud and stuff:

I'll say again, one reason I'm not on board with Kentuckians for Progress, is dropping this lawsuit will not necessarily lead to he toll-free East End bridge I've dreamed about my whole life. (I think I'm channeling Dick Wathen, for real.) What it will lead to, however, is the "speeding up" of construction of a bridges compromise which our citizens didn't even get asked about. Once the suit is dropped,  Beshear/Daniels/Fischer get to move forward with whatever they want, and at the moment that includes a compromise of an inadequate 4-lane East End Bridge, that will be tolled. Without even thinking, we all know that will not divert the traffic from our downtown we had all hoped to divert. Nor will it provide affordable options for working Clark County hoosiers that are just trying to make it back and forth to work.

Additionally, the current Ohio River Bridges Project Compromise will cause hoosiers to bear the burden of 2/3rds of the costs of the project. This will simply not fly and a concession needs to be made to ease that burden. Paul Fetter in Clarksville has outlined a few great concession options, and I recommend our leaders take them seriously.

June 12, 2011

The MUST-SEE documentary of our time: The Last Mountain

I just got a chance to see The Last Mountain, by producer Clara Bingham, today. Wow. This is a must-see documentary if you live on earth, but especially if you live in West Virginia or Kentucky.

Yes, my electricity comes from cheap coal. But benefiting from an injustice does not excuse us from standing up to solve the injustice. Massey Coal has has committed over 60,000 violations of the Clean Water Act since the Bush Administration began allowing mountaintop removal. President Obama has only recently began slowing this process down, but what he can do is limited to the noise we make.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. is in the movie, and his activism, like the activism of so many in the film, is pretty inspiring. Here's the trailer:

Clara Bingham, on the right hosts a Q & A after today's showing.
U.S. Ambassador to Sweden Matthew Barzun in the audience.
If you missed the showing, Clara recommended we call Baxter Avenue Theater and ask them to play it. They can be reached at: (502) 459-2288. We must be grateful this movie was made, but sharing it is what will really make a difference.

June 7, 2011

Mitch McConnell retiring, Jeff Noble calls it 1st, let's draft Kathy Stein

If you know Jeff Noble, then you LOVE Jeff Noble. Because to know him, is to love him. Especially if you're even moderately progressive. Check out his latest blog entry, and by check out, I mean read it now: 687. Senator McConnell's retirement - with Facebook comments on both the "proposed" retirement and the commenters

I'm excited Jeff has started this conversation. The conversation we should have started in mid-Nov. 2008. What kind of Wendell Ford-kind-of-powerful, courageous, non-compromising Democrat, can we choose to challenge Kentucky's Senior U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell in 2014? If you read the comments to Jeff's post, oh wait, or the heading of the entry, you know where I'm going...

Sen. Stein, at the 2009 Kentuckians Value Fairness Rally.Photo by me

Oh, and I said, courageous. If you're toting around the name of a middle-aged Democrat that's paid his dues, or has a pile of money, or is simply pretty (yeah, I said it), you need to go into the bathroom right now and toss that little piece of paper in the toilet and flush it on down the Ohio right now. These times we find ourselves in require leaders with courage.

Courage, not moderation. The Republicans don't search under rocks for their most moderate candidates for U.S. Senate seats. And neither should we.

And check out 3 minute, 40 second mark: That's right, she's even standing up against mountaintop removal.  I ask you, when's the last time a Democrat, besides Congressman Awesome, had that kind of courage? I'm ready to get started on this NOW. Last time I heard McConnell had North of $10 million already stockpiled, he's probably up to $20 million by now.  Let's get this party hoppin'.

June 3, 2011

Joe Arnold makes Greg Fischer Hide

I should have uploaded this video footage from yesterday's press conference, first. Here's the coverage I uploaded instead: Governors, Mayor host hootenany about downsizing wrong component of ORBP.

But here's the kind of information our Mayor's office really doesn't want you to know about:

1) Our mayor has not made any personal efforts to intervene with the River Fields lawsuit, despite the fact that it was originated by his first and most enthusiastic supporters. (He has their phone numbers programmed in his damned cell.)

2) Our mayor doesn't wish to discuss the implications of this injustice with the press.

 Kudos to Joe Arnold & WHAS 11 for asking the hard questions.

June 2, 2011

Governors, Mayor host hootenany about downsizing wrong component of ORBP

Unveiling of NEW Spaghetti Junction plans
So today Governor Beshear and Mayor Fischer, with a representative from Governor Daniels office, announced the follow-up to their January revision of the Bridges Project. I got there just in time, allowing me to share a pleasant elevator ride with Bridges Authority Director Steve Schultz. We found common ground in that we are both pleased with today's weather. It's a start, I guess.

The meeting started off with Beshear's announcement they've learned they can save $1.2 Billion from the project. Enthusiastic applause began immediately, by the lone Chris Poynter. Within moments, a few members of the press began to clap politely as well, to remove the sound of awkward. It was a cute moment. Tyler Allen smiled and it made me laugh. Oops.
Lesson: When you don't give the public notice of your press conference, don't be surprised when they aren't there to clap for your rhetoric.

Oh, Greg Fischer told a coffin with wheels joke. Talk about awkward.

Besides that gaff, and a few dodged questions, this press conference was REALLY ORGANIZED. Like big-time campaign theater people from out of town-ORGANIZED. If you've given to Beshear/Abramson, know that your money is being spent on some not stupid consultants.

Say No to Bridge Tolls is officially pleased the project is being downsized, but they're also irritated the Governor nor the Mayor gave any credit to the folks in the community that stood up against the tolls. I mean, it was over 10,000 signatures on the No Tolls petition, so I think that's a fair complaint. I'll work on collaborating that press release with Shawn Reilly and Dan Borsh next.

Oh, Dan Klepal thinks I should block him on Facebook so he doesn't see the not-so-nice things I may write about him. I'm afraid not. He's just going to need to defriend me like Keith Runyon if he can't handle the heat. :-) 

There are seven upcoming public meetings but the press release from today stresses that only 2 are for the "general public." I have no idea what the distinction is between the public and general public and no members of our community's press corps asked either. Here are the 2 for the general public:

June 27, 2011: Indiana Meeting 4-8 pm, Holiday Inn Lakeview North
June 28, 2011: Kentucky Meeting, 4-8 pm, Holiday Inn Hurstbourne

My personal problem with the Beshear/Daniels/Fischer 2011 revisions is the glamorization of reducing the capacity of the East End bridge from 6 lanes to 4 lanes. Like it's no big deal. Next year we'll get together for a last-minute presser and they'll announce it's going from 4 lanes to 2. The following year, we'll learn the city is calling it a day, and subsidizing swim lessons at the YMCA.

Kinda looks like the old Spaghetti Junction with new blacktop.
Dan Klepal: "So Greg...on page 3 of the press release, upcoming public meetings are broken down into two categories. Five for the "public" and two for the "general public." Do you really want me to print that word for might raise eyebrows? Mayor Fischer: Why did I even invent you people with glasses? Can you friggin' copy/paste or not?

Damon Thayer: Proud of the Beshear Dino boat

Also, a gentle reminder: Representative Damon Thayer is also the Tasteful Police ™on Facebook. Recently he disciplined constituent, Kim Reynolds. The thread follows:
Credit to Tyler Hess for this precious find.

McConnell delusion, time to recall him

This actually happened: McConnell bashes EPA in speech to coal group. 

Who stands up to call him out on his BULLSHIT? Does Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear? Does former Louisville mayor and candidate for Lt. Governor, Jerry Abramson?

Not that I'm aware of. But Dea Riley did. I'm kinda a HUGE FAN of hers right now.
"...These statements are very disappointing to say the least - they are absolute intentional mis-characterizations of the facts as to promote animosity toward an agency serving on behalf of the publics best interest and the public. Frankly the... EPA is doing exactly it's job and what it should have been doing all along before the prior administrations reduced it to a non functioning agency...." -snippet from Riley's facebook thread this evening.
P. S. Mr. Abramson, I'm still not a fan of you. We are at the same place we always were, in case you were wondering.  Bet you were excited to get a google news alert on your name, eh? By the way, do I understand correctly that Bellarmine is paying you to teach JUST. ONE. CLASS. and it's on LEADERSHIP? Yeah, that made me laugh, too.