May 30, 2011

Memorial Day update

Pieper & Reilly being hospitable & looking fabulous.
Happy Memorial Day. That's why they aren't coming for the trash, I just realized about noon.

First, I want to apologize for the grandiose and ambitious claim I made I was going to read that 274 million page budget over the weekend. Shawn Reilly & Stephanie Pieper's pool just seemed like a better fit for my Sunday....See picture to the right. I'll try to sift through this budget thing later in the week, but if I don't please realize I do like, work and stuff, too.

Next, I wanna announce to all 3 of my readers that Boomer and me are moving tomorrow to Schnitzelburg, in Metro Council district 10, currently represented by Mr. Jim King.

To be clear, this is not a reflection on Dr. Tom Owen, our current councilperson. We've had our differences, but nonetheless he's been accessible, engaging, and friendly for the 2-ish years we've been here in the Highlands. This move is more about giving us breathing room in our monthly budget, so that we can get our fiscal act together. Boomer looks up now with a look that undeniably says "What's with the plural? Homey, I just sleep here."

If any of you want to lend a hand in moving our few worldly items tomorrow between 10 am-1 pm, drop me a text at 502-403-9498. I'd be much obliged.

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May 28, 2011

49th of 50th in American Fitness?

Just got this email from The Greening of Louisville in response to the recent sobering news item reported in CJ: Louisville far off pace on fitness, ranks 49th of 50 metro areas:

The Office of Sustainability's time is now.

This year's American Fitness Index ranks Louisville as 49th of 50 US cities, second to last in public fitness. The Office of Sustainability's time is now.

This year's American Fitness Index ranks Louisville as 49th of 50 US cities, second to last in public fitness. Transportation for America reports Detroit as the only midwestern city more dangerous for pedestrians than Louisville.  These two related rankings confirm studies of Louisville relative to obesity, and other measures of health.  We are not a healthy community.  Our transportation and land use choices share the blame (along with our food, drink and smoking choices).

It is time to tame traffic, enabling citizens to walk and bicycle safely.
It is time to create safety zones for walking and cycling students by implementing absolute, unambiguous pedestrian right-of-ways for three radial blocks around schools and parks.
It is time to protect air quality with no-idling zones around schools.
It is time for driving parents to park outside the pedestrian right-of-way zone and join the other parents walking their children to school.
It is time to reclaim school parking lots, giving back to the community the playgrounds, baseball diamonds and soccer fields that were taken away by parking demands.
It is time to give priority school assignment to children and parents who will walk and bike to their neighborhood schools.
It is time to invest in our existing neighborhoods rather than develop remote sites that increase traffic pressures.
It is time to build commercial and residential spaces that encourage walking and cycling.

The above measures require very little public funding.  These measures will save money and improve quality of life.  Call the mayor's office (574 2003) and your council member (574 110x - x being determined by your reside district - Fifth District number would be 574 1105) and insist that these measures be implemented.

Authorized and Paid for by The Greening of Louisville, 2132 Frankfort Ave, Louisville, KY 40206
Also,  and kinda completely unrelated, if you haven't seen the Grand Rapids video, see now.

Does this give anyone any ideas?

New restaurants at SDF

Several new restaurants and renovated restaurants at Louisville International Airport. They're operated by HMSHost. Here's the press release below, or download it yourself.

Also, I'm still working on going over the budget. It's going slow because there are several things that are not exactly citizen-friendly I've run into already. (Especially page 117.) Anyway, here's where I'll continue to update my notes on THAT: Musings on Mayor Greg Fischer's 2011-2012 Metro Louisville Budget Proposal. Also, I'm using a twitter hashtag #502budget if anyone wants to be nerdy and talk about the budget there. #probablynotgoingtohappeninamillionyears

May 20, 2011

I am Bradley Manning

A great video to share with friends to raise awareness. Bradley Manning was a whistle blower, and what he did was right and served justice. Every day he's incarcerated I have a little less faith in President Obama.

May 17, 2011

I give you Kentucky's new Commissioner of Agriculture...

Remember to tip your bartender.

(Special thanks to Halyn Roth, whose Facebook post brought this to my attention.)

Kentucky election irregularities coming in already

Kim Smith, Awesome citizen reporting on Facebook.
Kentuckians voting in Louisville's Precinct H102 today were in for a rude awakening when they were informed they could not vote in private due to, yes, "a wrestling ring."

Granted, the precinct's voting location is the St. Therese Gym, located at 1101 E Kentucky Street. But still, you'd think they'd yield a little for the sake of democracy. Do we really need to bring in Jimmy Carter on this one or can we just get organized on our own?

Did you experience an election irregularity? Let us know below if you care to, but first notify the Kentucky State Board of Elections.

May 16, 2011

Wonder where I've been?

I've been working a lot. Substitute teaching. Trying to get caught up on bills, etc. I'll be back sooner than you think when I feel like I have something to offer. Take care of yourselves!

May 7, 2011

Derby Madness! Yeah, I gotta work...

I love the Kentucky Derby, even if they drop the Kentucky from it, which is stupid. But this year I have to work, there's a recession thing and so I'm trying to survive and stuff. Anyway, my horse pick is Derby Kitten, so bet on him and buy me a drink the next time you see me.

Thought of the day: If all the gays in Louisville threatened to strike tonight, we'd have marriage equality in Kentucky. 
Also, remember Eight Belles.

Finally, I'm not so sure about the resources or values that went into killing Bin Laden, I have to say Bill Maher makes great points on why the Republican party suddenly just doesn't even make any sense now:

May 5, 2011

My Rep. Marzian is awesome: It gets better!

On Wednesday, May 11, she'll be on the panel at Carmichael's to discuss the book "It gets better." There's a facebook event, of course:

Also, it looks like I've fallen to 3rd place for my photo entry to win a trip to Iceland sponsored by Icelandair. If you wouldn't mind taking a moment to click "Like" on my photo, I'd appreciate it. It's a picture I took from the 2009 National Equality March that was organized by the Fairness Campaign.

Here's the linky to that, oh it's #24, "As goes Iceland, so goes the world...hopefully.":

May 3, 2011

Ghosts from Whiskey Row's past..

A ghost from Whiskey Row's past, manifesting itself as developer Bill Weyland, is going public, just as Todd Blue plans the demise of his end of the Row. What history lies beneath the buildings Blue owns, or maybe an Indian burial ground? I don't think he plans to tell us...

May 2, 2011

As goes Iceland, so goes the world...hopefully

I never ask much of my followers. Okay, maybe that's not true.

But here's a way you can actually help me personally, and maybe even you could help Mayor Greg Fischer!!!! Ohhhhh! Ahhhhh! Everyone wants to help him, am I right? Well, what would help him more than sending one of his only critics to Iceland? But how, you ask?

Just take a moment to vote for my entry in the Icelandic Air Photo Contest! It's ties D.C. to Iceland , through their shared struggle with gay and lesbian rights. Since it looks like my picture #24, is one of only 40, I have a real good chance of winning! (If I understand it right.) I will be so very grateful to you wonderful people if I win! I love Iceland, and I love my followers. Here's your link:

But wait! Following the ridiculous jubilation that's in our streets today following the death of Osama bin Laden, I might just stay in Iceland! Remember all that jubilation that followed our victory in World War I? Yeah, This = Like that, and we know how that worked out. And I've about had it with our country's lack of common respect for human life, so there's a good chance I might not come back...My not coming back might be an added bonus for my critics, no? Come on, vote for me, and let me know you did. That way I'll be nice-ish to you at least while I'm still here!