January 29, 2011

WFPL News to be Gaberized

Bullard after a Metro Council Meeting
Ladies and gentleman, if you haven't heard- Gabe Bullard will be the newest news director of WFPL 89.3. This is the channel my radio dial is on 95% of the time, and I couldn't be more stoked with the choice.

See, Bullard won't be snuggling up with Greg Fischer like your run-of the-mill Courier Journal reporter (cough) Dan Klepal (cough).  Also, Gabe doesn't make mistakes. Like ever. So he really deserves this.

So- I'm stoked for you, Gabe and I'll buy you a drink the next time I randomly run into you! :-P

January 27, 2011

Ryan Prater on SB 6

I love it.

January 21, 2011

John Yarmuth: On the RIGHT side of history

Pleased to report that Kentucky's 3rd District Congressman John Yarmuth will be joining 120 other members of Congress in co-sponsoring the Respect Marriage Act in this Congress. (Although the total number might be different than 120 since the mid-terms, I don't have the most recent figure handy yet.)

I learned of the Congressman's change of heart from the following letter he submitted to the LEO Weekly:

It’s Getting Better
This month, I was proud to add my voice to the “It Gets Better” campaign — an effort to bring hope to LGBT youth who are the targets of bullying, taunting and discrimination.

The message of the campaign is clear — for these young people, the future will get better, and our nation’s commitment to equality will grow stronger. The help and support are there — in our communities, in our neighborhoods and even in our government — and a world of new opportunity is just around the corner.
As a legislator during the 111th Congress, I was proud to join my colleagues in passing some of the most significant legislation in our nation’s history to knock down the barriers to equality for LGBT Americans and do our part in making it better. We focused intently on two goals: passing hate crimes legislation and removing the military’s unfair “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy — and we succeeded on both fronts.
While politics have changed for the 112th Congress, the goals of those striving for LGBT equality have progressed. This Congress, I am proud to join my colleagues in co-sponsoring the Respect Marriage Act, which would repeal the discriminatory Defense of Marriage Act and open up new doors for LGBT rights.
While so much political rhetoric focuses on creating divisions where there should be none, it’s probably hard to believe that it will continue to get better. But the message of hope is one all Louisvillians and all Americans committed to equality must continue to share with our friends and neighbors every day to make the promise of equality a reality.
John Yarmuth, Louisville/Washington, D.C.
Yeah, I'm smitten with this man right now. I kind of always knew he would do it, and I'm proud to have him as my Congressman.

Remember when Michael Handley with Kentucky Fairness Alliance told me I shouldn't be pressuring the Congressman? LINK Lesson: Just because I'm not in your club, doesn't mean I'm wrong.

Remember when I risked getting head-stomped at the Heiner/Lally/Paul election results party in the Galt House because I wouldn't take off my Yarmuth sticker? Well, I was there to support ONLY Hal, and God! I feel good about leaving that sticker on right now.

Yarmuth's co-sponsorship of this repeal has been a personal goal of mine since December of 2008, so of course I'm humbled and grateful. A couple of my friends have expressed to me their belief that I was somewhat responsible, and that was really sweet. I don't know if I was or not, but thank you.

Next up: Senator Mitch McConnell has a speaking engagement scheduled for mid-February through the McConnell center. Accepting ideas on how to best capitalize on this engagement to either:
1) Protest/Lobby the Senator on specific legislation. Ideas already submitted - Dream Act, mountaintop removal. There's always the Respect Marriage Act. What' s yours? (Comment below!!!)
2) Bring awareness to his incompetence, out of touchness,  in such a way to garner some media in a way to effect the 2014 election. What's your ideas????

January 19, 2011

Louisville Mystery Fail #1

My longtime acquaintance and friend, Jeff Noble, writes the blog Ohio River, Left Bank, MP 606, that's had a lot more visitors than mine. And for a myriad of reasons,  it rightfully should have. Like his grammar is one big reason. Jeff can't win at scrabble to save his life, but he's all over the grammar.

Another reason his blog brings all the boys to the block, is that he offers fun, like the "Hidden Location"- contest. Marty Meyer always wins the contests (Once I won). Of course, I'm never one to implement an idea without improving it with my eclectic touch. So announcing... the newest monthly feature to Louisville Courant...(suspense)...
Louisville Mystery Fail
I provide an image, and the commenter that gives the most detail to the what, where, when, why and how, wins, and gets recognized in a follow-up post for their intuitive brilliance. Since this might get a little racey, I'll even let anonymous people play. Ready...Get set...go!


January 16, 2011

Baby Doc on Facebook too?

Just noticed the pics of Jean-Claude Duvalier back in Haiti on Fox Nation. What a strange development that he would want to go back to Haiti, eh. A quick Facebook search reveals someone set up a page for him, Jean Claude Duvalier "Baby Doc" that already has 2,819 fans. This page appears to be set up around November 1, 2008. That's a lot of fans, and it appears that many of them are Haitian.

I thought this guy was bad news bears and the Haitian people hated him. What's going on?

January 14, 2011

Ken Hamm & his $71.90 cleverness

I need  a date to Ken Hamm's "Date Night" at the Creation Museum. Only YOU need to pay the $71.90 cause I can't give these people any money.  Also, you need to be hot and smart.

Why $71.90, you ask? My guess:

Genesis 7:19 (New King James Version)

19 And the waters prevailed exceedingly on the earth, and all the high hills under the whole heaven were covered.
I tell you again. These folks are building that Ark so they can float around in it. Check out Barefoot and Progressive for more on the Date Night: Linky to the devil

Wikileaks Anthem - Official Music Video - Song by Isaac Sloan

"When knowledge is free, the human race can stand tall.."

Amy Goodman: Courageous

I honestly think Amy Goodman, with Democracy Now is the most courageous person in journalism. If our President wants to say violence is wrong, he needs to get us out of Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan and who knows where else. Following the clip of Bill Clinton speaking after the Columbine shootings, Goodman says:
"...That was President Bill Clinton telling the young people of America, violence is not the answer. Yet he was saying this against the backdrop of the US bombing Yugoslavia. And now you look at today. The same message to the young people of this country. Violence is not the answer, against the backdrop of war." 
Listen in at the 40 minute mark:

January 13, 2011

It's the little things that make me happy.

Three days ago, I called for Greg Fischer to stop using his campaign's Facebook page to conduct city business, and to cease Iceberg Venture's use of the City of Louisville's logo to collect campaign contributions. So far, we have 50% compliance. Not too bad.

Update 7/21/12 Related:

January 22, 2012:  Fischer supporter: '...let the truth guide him...' 
January 13, 2012: After my KREF complaint had been filed, but before investigation had begun, Fischer amended his KREF reports to disclose the in-kind donation by Iceberg Ventures. (Fischer amending KREF reports)
December 29, 2011: KREF lists Christy Brown as respondent in complaint

December 8, 2011: Inaugurationgate?
December 5, 2011, beginning to put CJ/Dan Klepal's work in context: Negotiating with the city? Greg Fischer's accepting donations 
January 27,2011 Attorney General Jack Conway's office informed me it was all okay: Greg Fischer / Iceberg-Gate Update 
13, 2011 It's the little things that make me happy

January 12, 2011: Questions for Greg Fischer 

January 10, 2011: Who's running Louisville?
And again that same day: Iceberg-Gate Contest!

I was gamed.

A week or so ago, I missed an important factor in coverage of the latest Bridges Authority meeting. ((East End Bridge lane's a distraction.)

I was gamed.

Yes, I was right that there was a big distraction that day, but I missed what it really was. Transportation activist Rex Vest just pointed it out to me. The ultimate capacity of the East End Bridge WOULD BE REDUCED by the Steve Beshear, Mitch Daniels, and Greg Fischer proposal.

Specifically, there was concentrated spin that day that the ultimate capacity was not decreased. Listen for yourself:

Also, hats off to the Ville Voice for coining the term Bridges Debacle Forum. LINK

There's no question this forum is being used to prove to potential financiers that the 2-bridge project has momentum, which it does not. Oh, yeah, and identifying who the out of town contractors are they're going to use, so they're bidding solicitations can profile them directly.

January 12, 2011

Questions for Greg Fischer

It's been over 36 hours since I first brought attention to improprieties of the website. I was grateful that Jake with linked to it yesterday, because that means even Dan Klepal, his most loyal reader, knows about my concerns. Basically, the root of the issue starts with this phrase found on the contribution page of
The entity, "Greg Fischer Mayoral Inauguration" is not registered with the Kentucky Secretary of State as a corporation. I'm left with the suspicion, that contributions given on this website, are being "washed" through Greg Fischer's campaign account. This suspicion is reinforced by the website being operated by NGP- the website people of choice amongst Democrats. And a friend tried to buy her gala tickets with company card, and the inaugural committee said no-no.

Why is the City of Louisville using a website registered to Iceberg Ventures to collect political contributions after the end of a campaign and why isn't anyone freaking out about it besides me? I don't know...I give up. Maybe I'm wrong again. I emailed our Mayor just now the following inquiries to find out:

I have questions about the website,

First, when money is collected on that website, to which entity is it deposited, and at which institution? And is this entity incorporated, and/or will it be filing campaign finance reports? It's my understanding that contributions for a political campaign cannot be initiated after the campaign's completion (See
ADVISORY OPINION 93-013), so does this mean that money was collected for the 2014 campaign?

Second, did a campaign compensate Iceberg Ventures for the use of the I understand that in Kentucky, "...a corporation may not make a contribution of money or any other  thing of value to a political campaign." (
ADVISORY OPINION  93-004) Please advise.

3) It appears to me that the website is using the City of Louisville's logo to collect political campaign money. Could you please clarify this for me as well.

Looking forward to closure to my questions.

If you haven't got a chance to read Greg Fischer's Citizen Bill of Rights, you may remember that #2, funnily named "TRUTHFUL ANSWERS AND EXPLANATIONS" is the following right:
"Every citizen has the right to straightforward and honest information in connection with any significant decision made by the mayor. I will publish and make available the reasons behind my decisions on all significant public matters."

I'll be sure to keep you playas in the loop if I hear back...

Update 7/21/12 Wow. I misunderstood how this stuff worked when I first stumbled up on it, but nevertheless I was right. Something was rotten, and here's some more info on how it plays out:

January 22, 2012:  Fischer supporter: '...let the truth guide him...' 
January 13, 2012: After my KREF complaint had been filed, but before investigation had begun, Fischer amended his KREF reports to disclose the in-kind donation by Iceberg Ventures. (Fischer amending KREF reports)
December 29, 2011: KREF lists Christy Brown as respondent in complaint

December 8, 2011: Inaugurationgate?
December 5, 2011, beginning to put CJ/Dan Klepal's work in context: Negotiating with the city? Greg Fischer's accepting donations 
January 27,2011 Attorney General Jack Conway's office informed me it was all okay: Greg Fischer / Iceberg-Gate Update 
13, 2011 It's the little things that make me happy

January 12, 2011: Questions for Greg Fischer 

January 10, 2011: Who's running Louisville?
And again that same day: Iceberg-Gate Contest!

January 11, 2011

Fischer getting just a little better with fancy internet tubes

If you're a Facebook junkie, you'll notice that Mayor Greg Fischer now has a Mayor Greg Fischer Facebook page. This is a step in the right direction, and I approve.

Except when you go there, you discover that Fischer believes he's the 50th mayor of Louisville Metro. Well that's kind of historically embarrassing, since Louisville Metro isn't even a decade old. Who is in charge of editing mayoral communication for historical accuracy? Please don't tell me it's that hottie from Rhode Island? Is he still around, btw? Anyone? I've decided we can date now.

Finally, and most disturbing, as of this hour Fischer's still using the city's logo to take in campaign contributions:
 And of course, he's doing it on a website owned by Iceberg Ventures*:

*In a prior correspondence to the AG, State Auditor, and the media, I made the mistake of saying Fischer owns only 8% of Iceberg Ventures. I was thinking of Dant Clayton- my bad. Thanks for the correction. I apologize for the misinformation.

January 10, 2011

Iceberg-Gate Contest!

As reported earlier in the breaking story Who's running Louisville?, Iceberg Ventures owns a website that uses Louisville's city emblem to solicit campaign donations for the 2014 Greg Fischer for Mayor Campaign. I've forwarded this information along to the Kentucky Attorney General Jack Conway and Kentucky Auditor Crit Luallen (to her aide, I don't have her email addy). I've also cc'd some of those I like in the press.

Place your best guess here of which mainstream news outlet will "break" Iceberg-gate first, most likely without giving me credit. Anonymous comments are okay for this contest:

Who's running Louisville?

Is it Mayor Greg Fischer, or is it his incorporated campaign? Can you tell?:
Greg Fischer for Mayor Facebook page status: 1.10.2011
This could be fixed pretty easily. See Representative Yarmuth. You set up a new facebook page for Mayor Greg Fischer. I'll give you guys one more week before I do it myself, and I'm pretty sure you don't want that...

But wait, there's more. The website, which looks remarkably like a City website that  accepts political donations, is registered by Iceberg Ventures.  Can Iceberg Ventures use the City's emblem to collect campaign contributions for Mr. Fischer's campaign? Is Iceberg Ventures who I see about getting a new recycling bin?

Screen shot 1.10.11: See city emblem & accepting donations??
Screen shot 1.10.11: From the campaign, the city, or Iceberg? You decide...
If it's on it's communication from Iceburg Ventures. Nice.

January 8, 2011

Sarah Palin: Guilty.

Farmville has a friend on the Metro Council

I couldn't make this stuff up. Farmville has a friend on the Metro Council. One that's fighting for reform, no less.

Seriously, I like Dan. I hope this doesn't cause him to de-friend me. It takes a lot of courage to be my friend. Still waiting for Anne Northup to accept my friend request, btw. Just as well. She's a Facebook fan of the page "Can the CONSTITUTION get more FANS than Obama?". That's referring to President Obama, who is her boss.

Oh contest!!!Where is this uncleaned road stretch of road located?
Also on Facebook, I'm noticing Greg Fischer is using his campaign Facebook page to conduct city business. Basically, it's unprofessional and tacky. It's hardly my fault you chose a Facebook page name that didn't survive the election. You could have chose one that just had your name. (See Tyler Allen).

Also, it's snowing. And the roads aren't clear. Probably too early to call this #FischerFail1. Oops, too late.

January 7, 2011

2009's Best 41 seconds in Kentucky sports

Yep. Ken Hamm is right. Kentucky not only had unicorns, they're still out and about. And we're proud of their heritage.

January 2, 2011

"Who eats wolves?"

I love my family. I love them most, of course, when they are engaged in political debate.

January 1, 2011

Special message to Butchertown Neighborhood from Bridges Authority

Seriously, now that I have a your attention--Check out this latest ridiculous stunt. There's a Bridges Authority Business Meeting scheduled for this coming Thursday, January 6th, at 10 AM at...Where at? Alpha Centauri??? (check the site yourself)

TBA??? When is the A???

Public meetings shouldn't be planned like ambushes, Christi. Less than a week's notice is unacceptable.

1.1.11 11:32 PM Update:

My good friend Eric Brown has brought to my attention that the location is located within the site, at this link:

Specifically, this meeting will be held at:
Indiana University Southeast Campus
University Center North, Lower Level Hoosier Room
4201 Grant Line Road, New Albany, Indiana 47150