November 23, 2011

Wednesday before Thanksgiving thoughts...

There was a house fire on the 1800 block of Stevens Avenue last night. WAVE 3: 7 rescued from Highlands house fire
Besides everyone making it out in time, the house itself shows little, if any, signs of exterior damage. An indication the Louisville Fire & Rescue response time must have been pretty awesome.

This should be a reminder to us all to make sure our smoke alarms are installed and working! And if your housemate, like mine, believes you're such an awful cook the thing should just be taken down, then it's probably time to have a set down intervention with him/her on who should be cooking? Maybe your situation is different...

OCCUPY LOUISVILLE NEEDS!: I get asked a lot by generous folks what is needed down at Occupy Louisville. To clarify, I'm not down there much, lately, but here's comprehensive list of what the needs are:

POLL FUN! Regarding the 8th District Newsletter, currently named the "District 8 Bugle":
A) Do you enjoy receiving it via US mail, or
B) Do you enjoy downloading it as 2.0 MB pdf file to take up space on your hard drive forever, or
C) Would you prefer to view it online, with the option to have it emailed, like they do in the 9th District?
Enjoy your Thanksgiving! I'm grateful for a lot of stuff in my life right now and so this threatens to be one of my best Thanksgivings, EVER!


  1. I'm not in the district, but I'm saying Option 3. Much better that way.

    Happy Thanksgiving. Aiming to meet with you this weekend.

  2. Highlands District 8 ResidentNovember 26, 2011 at 2:24 PM

    I think a web page / forum that included the newsletter would be ideal.
    It's very hard to keep up with all neighborhood meetings and affairs as it is right now.

    On an unrelated note, I asked you a question via your Facebook page and you never answered. Mr Owen has answered my calls and emails to him promptly. Respectfully, I suggest you might want to consider being available to people if you are challenging someone who is always available.


    LM, District 8