July 14, 2011

Mayor Fischer trying to kill me! Boil water IS still in effect

Screenshot 7/1411:54 am LWC website
Screenshot 7/14/11 11:54 am LWC website
According to the Louisville Water Company, at 11:54 AM today the boil water advisory is still in effect, even for my Schnitzelburg neighborhood. That information is easily confirmed on the LWC website and their phone recording. Yet Mayor Fly-by-the-seat-of-his-mom-jeans was was telling people four hours ago, like Jenny Whitlock (below), that the ban was lifted. Undoubtedly, this slip-up has caused people to drink water they maybe shouldn't have been drinking.

It's a good thing Jenny didn't trust Greg, or she wouldn't have checked with Louisville Water Company. Oddly, I was about to trust him, and my poor little doggies could have got sick, too! One of which is an LMAS foster, by the way.

Screenshot 7/14/11 12:13pm Mayor Fischer's Facebook wall
I'll say it again, it's not practical for Mayor Fischer to be left alone with his Facebook wall. Chris/Brandon- I know from the campaign that neither of you are internet wizards, but geez. Maybe Greg wasn't trying to kill me, but it looks mighty suspicious that "It's been lifted" came right after my telling Jenny I live in her neighborhood.

If the mayor doesn't successfully kill me, he might want to re-think that strategy of not hiring me to handle his social media. I have a major in political science and minor in communications, not that I would need them to do better than this.

Friends, neighbors, don't drink the water until you boil it.

Update 7/14/11 12:36 pm:
Still no response from Mayor on twitter or facebook, but found this image on rotation on the Louisville Water Company website:

Screenshot 7/14/11 12:36 pm LWC websit
Update 7/14/11 1:03 pm:
Mayor has still not acknowledged on facebook or twitter that he put citizen's health in danger with his mis-communication.
Screenshot 7/11/11 1:03 pm:  "jobs, jobs, jobs"
Update 7/14/11 2:03 pm:
*Some media outlets are more concerned about public health than the mayor: Don’t drink the water in the LEO Weekly.
*Boil advisory is still in effect per Louisville Water Company
*Mayor still not acknowledged on facebook or twitter that he put citizen's health in danger with his mis-communication. Those liability issues he's concerned about...they're multiplying by the hour.
*As to who updates the mayor's facebook wall, let me remind you of this little nugget from July 4, 2011, in which Mayor Fischer said "yes, Curtis, I post and answer myself.":
Screenshot 7/04/11 "jobs, jobs, jobs"
Update 7/15/11 4:48 pm:
Per LWC at 4:30 pm, the Boil Water Advisory has been Lifted:

"The remaining boil water advisory for approximately 3,000 Louisville Water Company customers impacted by the water main break Monday evening has been lifted."- per LWC.

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