July 2, 2011

Fischer engages LMAS critics/ Councilwoman Green to moonlight

If you're just dropping in, Mayor Fischer has a plethora of disconsolate critics regarding his decisions to reject No Kill Louisville's bid to run Louisville Metro Animal Services. And yes,  I was first critical of the decision to open the management up to bidding to begin with, because it wreaks of privatization and cowardice, but as long he went there, and No Kill Louisville was our only bid, it's understandable why so many animal rights activists are so upset. So they've been expressing their frustrations on his facebook wall all week, and were ignored up until, well they were first scolded for cursing:
"Dear friends -- we enjoy the free flow of ideas. However, there is no place for cursing in comments. Please note that any comments that include swear words will be removed from my wall."- June 28, 2011 Mayor Greg Fischer Status update
 But yesterday, the mayor was respectful in acknowledging his critics with this post: 

"Thank you for all of your comments about LMAS. I do read every post and appreciate the time taken to share your opinions. Yes, LMAS has room for improvement, and we’re on the right track to better solutions. That’s why finding a world-class leader who will make that happen is critical. As we navigate this change, let’s continue to work together, with compassion, to do what’s best for our employees and animals." -July 1, 2011 Mayor Greg Fischer Status update

I've posted a request for clarification on whether the mayor is handling his own social media, as indicated by the "first person" in both posts. If it's a staffer, a little heads up here- there's an ethics issue with representing yourself as someone you are not.  But overall, hey, I'm impressed you guys came around on this and am looking forward to more engagement from the office with ordinary citizens in the medium in which they want to communicate. Kudos.

And secondly, this is rich...Phillip M. Bailey with WFPL has broke the news that Embattled Councilwoman Green to host radio show.   I'm kinda excited about this, civic issues in this town could use more attention. The program director's indicated that Green won't be discussing the allegations against her, which makes sense. Besides that "unknowingly"- excuse, we're all familiar with from a prior judge race and frankly it's boring.

I'm hoping Green keeps the show legit, keeps it positive, and really talks about issues, and includes guests outside her inner circle. Although, her inner circle isn't always wrong, either. Reverend Gerome Sutton's remarks at Tuesday night's Bridges Authority meeting were spot on.

Hey, enjoy your weekend. Get off the internet and go outside. I'm gonna now.

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