December 29, 2010

Immedatialy [sic]

What will I be doing for the next 4 years while Greg Fischer is mayor? You have to ask?

12/30/2010 12:44 AM Update

It's occurred to me that I'm being negative and that's not how I want to end the year out. So here are two bunnies that are brothers and are being fostered in Louisville. They need to be adopted. Adopt them. Thank you:

Fun things you can do w/ Facebook picture banner

Asked my friend and remarkable graphic designer Jarrett Horvath, to show me how to make a clever photo banner where the pictures all made sense together. He made me a 6 minute video on how to do it, only I can't embed that here, unless you have Facebook, then here it is. Anyway, it wasn't enough for him to show me how, he had to give an example, and oh how clever he is:

I think I'll leave it up. Satire can be a challenge in Louisville, but we'll give it the ole college try and see what happens!

December 28, 2010

Spaghetti Junction tolls to come...

The two highest revenue tolling scenarios (#2 and #3) involve tolling the Sherman Minton Bridge (I-64), But if the Feds veto the Tolling Authority's proposal to toll the Sherman Minton, which scenario is next up? Note the "Medium-High" designation of scenario #4 as compared with #2:

From a Note on the No 2 Bridge Tolls Facebook page today:

"Friends and supporters of “No Tolls” on existing bridges and infrastructure:

We recently learned that that appointed (non-elected) members of the Bi-State Bridges Authority voted on and approved a financial plan that includes tolls on existing bridges and infrastructure. The authority members don’t have experience in financing public works projects and made a lot of assumptions in putting together this financing plan, including public acceptance of tolls.

The Bi-State Authority members are not empowered to set toll rates, so they can only speculate what tolls may be. They also assumed that the Federal Government will allow tolls on infrastructures that have already been paid for as a means of fundraising for new structures (two new bridges plus the Interstate connectors known as “Spaghetti Junction.”) The Federal Government requires that toll revenues be used exclusively for the facility being tolled yet the Bi-State Authority thinks they have a means to get around this historic protocol.

As with any large financing endeavor, we want to remind you that your elected officials are ultimately accountable and will have to take a stand on this issue in legislature before laws for tolling existing bridges and infrastructure pass. So we ask you, if you have not already done so, let your legislative representatives know that tolls are unacceptable funding methods for the Ohio River Bridges Project.
Tolls are bad for families and businesses. Our organization exists to educate the public about the issue of tolling; we are not advocates for alternative financial options, although we believe there are many. We are also not opposed to bridges that are built within the financial means of our regional economy provided they do not require tolls on existing structures. We assert that there are plenty of other options to tolls that must be pursued, or an affordable alternative to the plan so that tolls are not necessary. In other words, we are not opposed to new bridge(s).

At this time, the Bridges Authority financing plan will likely get a ‘rubber stamp’ approval from Kentucky Public Transportation Infrastructure Agency (KPTIA) and it will proceed to the Federal Highway Administration for review. Please be assured that this organization,, and many hundreds of volunteers are keeping an eye on this issue and will keep you posted as we have updates. The issue of tolls is still very much a ‘ball in play’ and is not a “done deal” as some would have you believe.

If you have not already done so, please do at least one of these three things:
1.    call the Department of Transportation at (202) 366-4000 and ask for Secretary Ray LaHood’s office and leave your comments that you oppose tolls on existing structures on our bridges,
2.    write your legislative representatives and let them know in your own words that you oppose tolls and why tolls are bad for families and businesses, and
3.    tell people you work with, socialize with or are related to, that the tolling issue could still be a reality if we, the people, do not stand up in protest. Help us spread the word that Tolls are not the solution.

Thank you for your support of the socio-economic livelihood of Kentuckiana. We encourage you to tell your own story about the negative impact of tolls when you write or call Secretary LaHood or your legislative representatives."

Mitch Daniels - will protect us from invading Armies

If it's not enough Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels is tolls, then sell sells, Indiana infrastructure, he's also thinks we should be more worried about an invasion from Mexico (or Canada?) than gay rights.  
Check this story out in Politico: Daniels stands by 'truce' call
Oh Daniels is presidential material for sure. Remember, I called the Daniels/ Palin ticket kind of early. I want chocolate creme-filled filled donuts:  Monday, November 15, 2010 Prediction: Why Daniels/Palin ticket will win in 2012 
Also, Daniels has announced he wants us to downsize the WRONG part of the Ohio River Bridges Project: My name is Mitch Daniels and I'm a moron.

December 27, 2010

Release Bradley Manning NOW

I'm loosing patience with President Obama on Bradley Manning's solitary confinement. Even if Manning broke the rules (see below), he was not the nation waging wars in 6 countries while pretending to wage them in 2. He was not the country that killed civilians and reporters with Apache helicopters then covered it up. He was not the President that took us to war on the false fear that Iraq possessed nuclear weapons. So why does he deserve this special torture?

From the Facebook page: Bradley Manning Support Network:
"Bradley Manning is a Private First Class in the US Army. He is currently being held at the USMC brig at Quantico, Virgina. He was detained by the US Army Criminal Investigation Command (CID) in May 2010 and held for several weeks without charges in Kuwait. In an odd twist, the world became aware of Bradley when Wired News published a story that included claims by 'ex-hacker' Adrian Lamo that he informed on Bradley after the two met & talked on instant messenger chat. In early July, the US Army broke its silence and announced that they had charged Pfc. Bradley Manning, who had been a specialist-class intelligence analyst, with violations including "espionage" for allegedly giving classified data to, a website that provides a secure web-based application for whistleblowers to leak documents. Bradley now faces over 50 years in prison. He has been allowed only limited contact with his family and friends, filtered through his military-appointed JAG lawyers. The Bradley Manning Support Network is urgently working to obtain the best civilian legal representation for Bradley. We are currently in talks with some of the most well-known civil rights attorneys in the United States who are interested in defending Bradley. We are also moving quickly to build up a 'legal defense fund' for Bradley, in co-operation with Courage to Resist, a support group of US military personnel that has helped numerous GIs who have dissented or disobeyed illegal orders (which they are obligated to do). In addition, we are co-ordinating the thousands of people from all over the world who support Bradley, whether he really did leak the classified documents or not. We are working with Bradley's family as well as to make sure that organizations or people who want to help out can effectively channel their energy and resources. The central point of organizing online is -- please send this website to everyone you know and let them know why they should help out with this important issue! NOTE - JULY 28, 2010: This page is currently being rebuilt after a hacker intrusion disrupted our existing page, which had over 8,000 supporters. Please help us rebuild this page! More information on how you can get involved with the Bradley Manning Support Network will be added here soon. OUR POSITION: If the allegations against Bradley are true, we believe that Bradley Manning is a hero for bringing to light the realities of the crimes being committed in the U.S. occupation. We call for his immediate and unconditional release, that all charges brought against him are dropped and that he receive an honorable discharge from the US Army with all the benefits available to US military veterans.

The Bradley Manning Support Network exists to defend accused military whistleblower Pfc. Bradley Manning, currently facing espionage charges for allegedly leaking classified data to"

December 26, 2010

Jerry Abramson: Not up to speed

Jerry Abramson is not up to speed for a state office.
Perhaps he has spent too much time in that cave beneath the Louisville Zoo. In October of 2009, Abramson denied knowledge of Tom Riner's "Jesus is the Director of our Homeland Security"-bill to a question Ed Hensley asked him on the radio. Link

Now Jerry's saying he just wasn't consulted on the that huge-wooden-boat amusement park, and "guesses" it's legal. Check out Black Wednesday for the full scoop.

December 23, 2010

Moffett attacks David Williams

Remember in 1992 when Ross Perot and George H.W. Bush argued over stuff that didn't matter while Clinton coasted on into the presidency. This time is like that time.

Check out this latest video David Adams has put up trivializing David Williams for Phil Moffett's benefit. Notice the video lacks all those pesky campaign finance disclosures that I always take the time to do at the end:  Why David Williams is afraid of the Tea Party 

It REALLY bothers me that Steve Beshear will benefit most from this silly 7th grade stuff. If only we had a Tea Party to challenge the Democratic incumbents, eh.

In other news:

My good friend, Mary Beth Brown, and me both had letters in the LEO Weekly this week. Very good letters at that:

December 21, 2010

LWC filtering public comments, but not Chrom 6

I was fearing no local media outlet would have the guts to embarrass Jerry Abramson on what might prove to be his most shameful legacy. Not so, Fox 41 brought it.
Our drinking water, that we've been told is the best-tasting water, has Chromium 6, and the Louisville Water Company sounds clueless at best:
"We certainly take the report seriously, but at the same time we right now monitor for Total Chromium, we don't monitor for Chromium VI," said Spokeswoman Kelley Dearing Smith, Louisville Water Company.
Lifted from New!West Public Relations website
So is the LWC taking a beating on their Facebook page? No, of course not. They've got a PR firm, like all entities connected in any way with Jerry Abramson. I think there's is New!West Public Relations. (Feel free to correct me.) Apparently, they've advised the LWC to join social media with the North Korea-setting options. In other words, you can "Like" the Louisville Water Company on Facebook, but that's about it. You can't post on their wall or ask them a question. You can, comment on their existing posts about rainbows and puppies, but check back tomorrow, and we'll discover if they let them stay up. Don't count on it.

Has anyone, cough, Dan Klepal, cough, asked Greg Fischer yet what he's going to do about Chromium -6? I mean, can't we at least fucking test for it? Is that too much to ask?

12.21.2010 10:42 PM Update:
Let's find out if New!West is going to handle the spin for Jerry. By asking them directly on Facebook. I <3 social media.

01.02.2012 1:03 AM Update:
2 years later, my concern is vindicated. Take this you jerky anonymous commenter, you:
Louisville Water Co. reduces pollutant hexavelent chromium in drinking water

December 20, 2010

David Williams wants you to be very afraid of immigrants

Ryan Alessi asks tough questions to David Williams about his proposed Arizona-style immigration bill as well as the Representative Bob Damron-sponsored Everify-bill (HB.321) that passed the Kentucky house earlier this year. Williams, of course, didn't want to talk about Damron's bill, probably because it makes his bill look like it's just a cheap stunt so that he can grandstand for his gubernatorial campaign.
"We want to make sure there won't be sanctuary cities established in the Commonwealth of Kentucky and we want to make sure that our law enforcement officers have a spelled out right to make a reasonable attempt to determine the immigration status of the folks that they stop, and we believe we'll spell that out..."-Williams in the Alessi interview (below)

Williams is also apparently against all taxes. Because taxes are wrong and anarchy is where we wanna go as a Commonwealth. I mean, he says he just wants to make taxes more efficient, but if that was really true, he wouldn't have ignored the Kentucky Forward Plan (Rep. Jim Wayne's House Bill 13). Williams had the opportunity to take tax reform serious in the 2010 session, but him and Stumbo agreed instead that it wasn't a priority. (KFTC covered this well.)

Seriously, Kentuckians can't be asked to choose between Williams and Beshear. It's just not fair to people that have gone to the trouble to graduate from high school and devote their lives to being good people. It's just not fair to us. (I think I asked before, but again, someone please primary challenge Beshear so this wingnut doesn't doesn't get to be Governor? Please...anyone?)

Also, I want to mention, and for the first time, Gatewood Galbraith probably has a better shot this year than ever before. A friend smarter than me said this recently as well. I keep meaning to read his book. Reading Bill Clinton's "My Life" right now, and that sucker is 950 pages-hope to have it finished this week. We'll see. Good night. The best is yet to be, eh.

Louisville's chromium-6 problem

Yeah, chromium-6. In Louisville, KY water. That we have been told is squeaky clean, time and time again. See CNN for more info. Here's the real Erin Brockovich explaining the health risks of chromium-6 (Hexavalent Chromium) at the 3 minute mark:

Undoubtedly, this is one more reason why the Beshear-Abramson ticket is weak, weak, weak- and in desperate need of a primary challenger. I can't. I lived in Cali for 6 months 2006-2007 and you have to be over 30 and a continuous 6 year resident to run. Or I would. This is ridiculous we'd consider letting these clowns run things another day.

This is just sad. Chromium-6 causes brain tumors:

Raytheon, Xe & Mitch McConnell in a 3-way?

Among the 58 Mitch McConnell earmarks that Joe Sonka itemized so delightfully, I decided to take interest with just one tonight: "19. Laser Phalanx $12,000,000". For two reasons:
1) lasers are cool, and
2) $12 million is A LOT of money.

Laser Phalanx is fancy laser defense technology from a company now called Raytheon. This company is the one of the largest defense contractors out there.  Raytheon got themselves some famous earlier this year when they asked Blackwater, (or Xe, whatever the drama queen Erik Prince is calling his company these days) to create a shell company so that Raytheon could do business with them without the bad press. Raytheon had a Youtube video called "We Are Raytheon" (2010) Video but um, this is weird:

"We Are Raytheon" (2010) Video PR #FAIL
The shell company, Paravant,  was created by Xe, and bid for, and obtained contracts on Raytheon's behalf.  Basically, misleading the United States Government. Not surprisingly,  searching for the company name Paravant on the Raytheon website yields no results. Raytheon must really likes secrets.

Senator Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.) called the shenannigan a "classic example of a cover corporation." (Mother Jones)

And Senator Mitch McConnell, NOW wants to trust them $12,000,000 of taxpayer money.  On the bright side, Raytheon is known for diversity. And doesn't discriminate on the grounds of sexual orientation or even gender-identity. Maybe that's why Mitch McConnell was rewarding them so? (sarcasm)

Will Tea Party Candidate get Kentucky SOS-office too?

Candidate Bill Johnson and Senator Elect Rand Paul
Although the incumbent Kentucky Secretary of State Trey Grayson is term-limited from running for re-election, ONLY ONE candidate has stepped forward to run so far, and that's former Senate Candidate, Republican Bill Johnson, of Todd County.

While at a Republican Christmas Party last week, Johnson's words make me think he's not running for Secretary of State to represent the people of Kentucky, but just Kentucky's conservatives (and of course their Tea Party):
“The conservative votes up here are very important – both the conservative Republicans and conservative Democrats,” Johnson said. “So I want to do everything possible to show them I want their vote and I want their support.”  (
How "conservative" is Bill Johnson? Back when he was running for Senate, before he withdrew, he issued a press release that indirectly called for the privatization of airport security.  (Like, um, by Blackwater??):
"Faith in the government to run airline security was misplaced after 9/11..." - Johnson (
I don't know if I'd call trusting our nation's security to corporate mercenaries  "conservative", "liberal", or just STUPID AS HELL. Ah, yes, it's the latter.

Johnson's current platform however, is focused a bit more on issues facing the Secretary of State. But just a bit. His "issues page" might have written by Glenn Beck. He promises to protect Kentuckians from Acorn,  keep illegal immigrants away from the ballot box, and is really scared of George Soros. (Not making this up, See Johnson's own website). As one of Johnson's core issues is civic literacy (which is awesome), we can fully expect he'll be pleased about a little illumination here on his extremist and out-of-touch, positions, right?

Admittedly, Kentucky went for Rand Paul, so Johnson might be alright in far right field. While I understand that argument, I don't buy it.

Kentucky helped put Carter over the top in '76, and Clinton in '92 AND '96. It might be a tad unwise to assume we always place our horse bets based on their owner or trainer. More often we bet the jockey. And I'm predicting a more dynamic jockey,  or maybe two, will be this entering this race soon.

December 16, 2010

Random Louisville Stuff

1) Does anyone want to buy this car for $6500? I'm selling for a friend. Just put on craigslist even. Let me know if you need a reliable used car. Only 104,000 miles, but replaced transmission only has like 35,000 miles: / 502-403-9498

2) Why was Rick Pitino giving his opinion on Fox 41 News of Louisville's chances of getting an NBA team? What business is this of his? Bennett- did you ask him? If so, cease doing that. I trust J. Bruce Miller is going to pull this off if the naysayers can just STFU for a few weeks at least.
(Meaning, I commend the Metro Council in their support and enthusiasm for said project as well.)

3) Louisville Orchestra: Owsley and Christy Brown: Come on. We're having a rough time here,  while you're not. Fix this. Thank you.

4) Mayor Abramson- Did you tell people not to be walking on the street? Then how about getting the ice off the damn sidewalks? Sometimes I wonder if you were born a moron, or if you learned as you went along.

5) Me and my friend Colleen were just discussing the need for the Kentucky Democratic Party to begin coordinating with the DSCC to oust Mitch McConnell in 2014. Actually, we were discussing how unlikely it was that you were doing this, and we were thinking about doing it ourselves. Change takes long-term planning.

End random rant.

December 15, 2010

Defining urbanicide

A word my friend and toll-opponent Ken Wilson invented is gaining momentum on Urban Dictionary, making Louisville famous and stuff. Vote here now if you believe this definition is accurate:

December 13, 2010

Tolling Authority: Try more foreplay, little less rape

Coverage of tonight's Tolling Authority "public meeting" is compliments of Roger Baylor, NA Confidential. Check it out directly HERE.

I hate that I missed it but the more I hear about the format, the more I realize I'd be in Metro Corrections right now if I had attended. An actual open forum would have put the BA's in a position of having to answer questions in front of the entire room and within earshot of the media.

I'm looking at a letter I have from Michael W. Hancock, Governor Beshear's Secretary of Transportation, which is dated October 13, 2010. Here's snippet:
"...we understand that the Bi-State Authority actually plans to have "public meetings" on Bi-State Activities in the near future. These public meetings will give everyone ample opportunity to be heard, as promised by state and local leaders." 
And now we know why "public meeting" was in quotation marks. Please, if you oppose tolls, notify your elected representatives and tell them that in the next couple days. Also, if you know of these 14 Authority members, tell them how you feel.

3 percent minority??? are you kidding me?

“I think you’re hearing the 3 percent minority,” he (David Nicklies) said of the opposition. (Today's Courier Journal)

It's official. The misinformation campaign launched by the Bridges Coalition is running at full throttle.
 The 3 percent minority he's referring to aren't the only people opposed to tolls, but only 3 percent are willing to chain themselves to bulldozers to stop the tolls. Maybe that's why Mr. Nicklies is confused?

Today, from 4-7 PM at the Muhammad Ali Center, join us in standing up to Mr. David Nicklies, the Bridges Coalition, GLI, Inc., Jerry Abramson,  Steve Beshear, Mitch Daniels, Goldman Sachs and JP Chase. It's time the delusion stops.

Stand up, and Say NO to Bridge Tolls!

12/13/2010 Update:
Change your profile Pic now, even if you can't make the meeting. Raise awareness. be a trooper!

December 11, 2010

It gets better...

Where was Justin Bieber when I was a kid? What a great video.

Arenagate: 56 pages of conflicts of interest

Pursuant to  my open records request on December 8, 2010, Will Arena Authority comply to Beshear order, the Arena has notified me they indeed do have 56 pages of "documentation responsive to your request."

Problem is, I don't have $5.60 to spare really. My rent's late, and I'm eating a lot of cereal. But I'm thinking there's a real journalist out there that realizes the relevance of what is contained in these 56 pages to the general public (and the upcoming Kentucky Governor's election), and would be willing to take this and run with it? 

Don't know if it gives you an edge on the scoop, but first one to let me know they're going to run with it can pay the $5.60 and pick up the documents "on my behalf"?  

Moving forward, if I had a modest sponsor, A REAL JOB, or even a rich boyfriend, I could afford $6 to pick up open records requests. Anyone out there see what I do of any value at all?* Pay me in doughnuts maybe? I sure love doughnuts.

*Yes, I'm trying to extort my readers by not running with a story until they pay me. Ethics are different for the cash-strapped citizen journalist, yo. At least I'm not giving a way an ipad to try to get more Facebook fans, (cough, Courier-Journal, cough).

December 10, 2010

51 pages of nonsense- Ready to download

Download the Authority's tolling, I mean, financing plan here: 51 pages of nonsense.
Be sure to take a look at it before you come on down to the Monday, December 13, 2010 Public Comment Session, from 4-7 PM at the Muhammad Ali Center, 144 N. Sixth Street.

Want to know more about the public comment session meeting?

Well, that's just too damn bad, pumpkins. While there's a link that says "More Information" on the Tolling Authority's website's Meeting page, when you clicky on that linky, you get told, in effect, to bugger off.

"PAGE NOT FOUND"- Nice one, guys. Guess you're hoping this will result in some of those "uninspired, uneducated, non-committed people to stay home?

Unfortunately for the Tolling Authority, the citizens of Greater Louisville are inspired (just not by Satan), we are educated (just not by GLI), and we are committed (just not to subverting the public will). See you Monday with our pitchforks and torches, you elitists control freaks!

Update: 12.10.2010 10:46 PM:
I have a vision. If 10,000 people opposed to tolls showed up at Monday's Pitchforks and torches: Public input time at Tolling Authority Meeting!, there wouldn't be any tolls on our existing bridges. Heck, there wouldn't be any tolls on any bridges, ever, again, in the future of civilized government. Would also send clear message to elected leaders that setting up unelected Authorities is not a way to evade public scrutiny.
Update: 12.11.2010 12:23 PM: 
Was wondering why this chart has never ended up in the Courier-Journal? (Just emailed Marcus)
Someone better call New Albany. Looks like it's Rick Pitino night at Porcini's:

December 9, 2010

"...uninspired, uneducated, non-committed people"- Kerry Stemler

At Thursday morning's Tolling Authority meeting, the finance committee delivered to all the Authority members the draft of the proposed financing plan, that I guess they aren't planning on revealing to us until the December 13 public meeting, just 3 days before they vote on it.

Of course the most annoying question asked to the Authority members was a result of a press release sent out earlier Thursday morning: Say NO to Bridge Tolls calls for Tolling Authority to comply w/ Beshear's ethics order before December 16th vote approving tolls

Here's coverage from the media:
WFPL News:
FOX 41 News: (Incorrectly labeled Steve Schultz as Charles Buddecke)
Here's what you won't see in mainstream media:
After Kerry Stemler did his little Jiminy Cricket show for the press, I had the flip on and  recorded as Stemler explained to a reporter why it was so wonderful that he was hired to the Authority, despite his conflicts of interest. Listen and judge for yourself:

Comment! I'd like to know what you think.

Update, 12.10.2010, 12:10 PM:
I got ambitious, and put up another clip that's more boring, albeit interesting as heck to people that find this stuff interesting:

Say NO to Bridge Tolls calls for Tolling Authority to comply w/ Beshear's ethics order before December 16th vote approving tolls

Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear has ordered members of policy-making boards such as the Louisville and Southern Indiana Bridges Authority to reveal any potential conflicts of interest on an official disclosure statement. Say NO to Bridge Tolls is calling for all “Tolling” Authority members (including those appointed by Indiana) to comply with Beshear's ethics order before the December 16th vote approving tolls.

The Courier-Journal reported a week ago that five members of the Tolling Authority a 14 member group named by Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear, Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels and Louisville Mayor Jerry Abramson, have ties to The Build the Bridges Coalition through organizations that serve on the coalition’s board.

For example, Greater Louisville Inc., One Southern Indiana and the Louisville Urban League are all part of the coalition. Tolling Authority members, include chairman *Charles Buddeke*, who also is on the GLI board; *Joe Reagan*, GLI’s CEO; co-chairman *Kerry Stemler* and member *Pat Byrne*, who are affiliated with One Southern Indiana; and *Ben Richmond*, CEO of the Louisville Urban League may all have conflicts of interest.  Additionally member *Sandra Frazier* may also have conflicts of interest. Her firm Tandem Public Relations built the website for The Build the Bridges Coalition and worked with the coalition on an aggressive media relations outreach program (according to their website).

Shawn Reilly of Say NO to Bridge Tolls said “We have asked that all members of the Louisville and Southern Indiana Bridges Authority comply with Governor Beshear's order before voting on the bridges financing plan at their December 16, 2010 meeting.”

Reilly also said “The public needs to know if Tolling Authority members or their families have ties to Wall Street banks or construction companies that stand to profit from potentially lucrative construction, consulting, or finance contracts.”

Say NO to Bridge Tolls has submitted a request to the Bridges Authority requesting copies of all the official disclosure statements and conflict of interest statements before the December 16th deadline. If the deadline is not met formal ethics complaints may be filled.

Say NO to Bridge Tolls is a broad-based community group representing tens of thousands of people across Indiana and Kentucky that are opposed to any tolls being placed on existing bridges or Spaghetti Junction, to pay for the Ohio River Bridges Project.

Link to Facebook Group:
Link to Courier Journal story, Governor Beshear orders strict reporting of potential conflicts:
Link to Courier Journal story, Pro-Ohio River bridge group's study sees tolls of 75 cents to $2:
Attached: *Executive Ethics Order*

December 8, 2010

Dear Congressman Yarmuth

Dear Congressman Yarmuth,

Haven't always agreed with you, but I think you did a tremendous job with health care reform, and I have given you money before and I've voted for you more than once. I just read your attack of Sarah Palin on Huffington Post and I have thoughts.

The very reason people with Palin's values have power is that intellectual elitist use fancy words like "dearth" while itemizing oversimplified reasons why Republicans aren't smart. That strategy- is condescending and will never work. When you have a national stage to make things better, please promote Democratic values and don't bring up Bristol Palin. Never, I repeat, bring up Bristol Palin.

Your job is not to prove how smart and righteous Democratic proposals are, but to bring the country together by framing ideas to where everyone understands them.

I'm working part-time on the UPS ramp for the season, and a co-worker yesterday said to me:
"Explain to me this health care reform thing. Every time I tried to understand what they were talking about they used big words I didn't know." 
 That, friend, is our problem. It has nothing to do with Sarah Palin, she's just filling a vacuum. Democrats have to begin framing our issues in ways that can be understood by non-intellectuals. Please.

Thank you.

The best is yet to be,
Curtis Morrison

Will Arena Authority comply to Beshear's order?

I've made a request- hopefully we'll know soon!

Fischer commits early to opaqueness

Remember how the Courier-Journal went all apeshit for Greg Fischer for Mayor of Louisville? Well before Mr. Tranparency takes office, he has already denied part of their open records request. I have to laugh. I'm so laughing.

 "But he denied access to the other material, on the advice of the Jefferson County Attorney's Office, arguing that it is exempt from the open-records law because it contains 'preliminary observations, recommendations and opinions.' 

Jon Fleischaker, the newspaper's attorney who helped draft the law, said none of the material should be exempt." -Courier-Journal

I have to laugh. I'm so laughing.

December 4, 2010

Alan Grayson brings it

Immortal Technique is now my fav rapper & looking 4 a new Kentucky Governor candidate, yo

Immortal Technique on Obama, 9/11 truth & Corporate America. Here's an example of a talented person intelligently maximizing his impact on the world by using his celebrity to advance the truth- in a search for "something better."

Oh, and on a lighter note- after viewing this video, I'm now Jewish:

Finally thought of the day- If you've heard that I'm soliciting Democrats for a primary challengers for the Beshear/Abramson 2011 Governor's race ticket, you have heard dead-right. In the event I'm not able to find a true progressive to rise to this opportunity, don't think I won't run myself. It's called nothing to loose.

Will Fischer prioritize existing neighborhoods?

Hollenbach-Oakley aspires to change the zoning of their 165 acres, which has a Cornerstone 2010 "Neighborhood designation", to "industrial suburban workplace."

Until the city can afford to restore TARC services that have been removed, as well as make the financial commitment to extend TARC services to this new community, we have no business allowing it to be developed.

Until all our existing neighborhoods can receive the Fischer-promised "world-class best-practice" services to the ENTIRE city, like those that are enjoyed by those living and working within the Louisville Downtown Management District, or even by those services enjoyed within 3rd-6th class cities, we have no business developing new suburban land that would drain Louisville's resources. One of the most-frustrating realities in our city is that when one walks outside the boundaries of LDMD services, like to the Smoketown area around Sheppard Square, the piles of collecting trash are left year-round to rot and pose public health hazards, not to mention aesthetic injustice, until a couple days before the Pegasus Parade. The message we are sending to the kids in those neighborhoods is not subtle- you're trash and your well-being and health does not matter, unless people are watching.

In the interest of transparency, I understand that Hollenbach-Oakley is represented by Fischer Transition Team Member and attorney Bill Bardenwerper.

Until we can respect our existing neighborhoods, and the families within them, we have no business creating new ones. Not even for our friends.

There is a Public Hearing December 9, 2010 at 6PM at St. Michael Catholic Church, 3705 Stone Lakes Drive.

December 3, 2010

Ken Ham's devil doesn't wear Prada

First, I bow to Joe Sonka with Barefoot and Progressive, for having his brilliant question featured on (gasp) Rachel Maddow:

Now- what upsets me most about Governor Beshear wanting to extend a $37 million subsidy to thisArmedgeddon Survival Vehicle (ASV):

  • The Ark is planned to be functioning: watertight, and rapture-ready!

You can't tell me that more than a few of the wingnuts involved in planning this project aren't planning on setting sail in this baby, sans Kentucky Homosexuals, when the last days are upon us. 

There is a facebook page to stop this silliness: Keep Kentucky Ark-Free. 
Oddly, the page is being best-promoted now by Ken Ham, the modern-day Moses of the project:

"When you stand on the devil's toes he reacts.." - Ken Ham
Yes, Ken, you guys are much more organized than the devil, who um, yeah-created the Facebook page. Fans of the "Left Behind" book series are coming out in full force to approve of Ham's facebook status:  See their rants to believe.

Disappointingly to all, the creator of the page is not satan, himself. It was me, in my long johns--eating popcorn, drinking coffee, mixed with Sugar-free Coffee Mate (I'm really strange), in bed, beside a lazy 10 year old golden retriever- that just farted, great. (note: no more popcorn for Boomer.) And no, my toes are not hurting by being trampled by you're toe-stomping Dinosaur Holiness Christian Soldiers (DHCS).

Dear DHCS:  I am not your organized opposition.  You'll recognize them because they'll be in the form of "lawyers" filing a "lawsuit". And it might be a little early to claim "Ark-Crusade Accomplished" because you have better grammar or more facebook fans, than little old me and Boomer. Tone it down. Remember,  WWJD? I mean, after he applied for $37 million in tax incentives to build the boat, would he really jump on Facebook and call Curtis names? Really?