October 31, 2010

Nothing says it's under control like riding around the city atop an emergency vehicle

Nice scarf! Where'd you get it? Oh no don't tell me - the Leading Man at 18th and Jefferson?:

These images were taken from the Greg Fischer facebook page, which is apparently ran not by netroots professionals, but rather by a den of differently-abled albino gerbils, that are being kept alive by their IV connection to the Matrix. Okay, here we have Greg violating another one of those "KRS-whatevers"....

"Jobb, jobb,jobb!!!"  ("Jobs, jobs, jobs" in Swedish)
Nothing says I'm a mayor "of the people" like cruising through their neighborhood in a car that Swedish King Carl XVI Gustaf has given the Royal Warrant. To be fair, Saab was recently purchased by a Dutch company with a loan from a Russian mobster so hey let's all get one:

A little Yarmuth hypocrisy

From WLKY debate between Congressman John Yarmuth and Todd Lally, Yarmuth demonstrated a little hypocrisy that Lally wasn't quick-witted, or probably even knowledgeable enough to catch.
Here's the exchange:

Todd: Lally: "I'm for an east end bridge with no tolls. I don't think we need a downtown bridge right now and if we do it at a later date, we can always re-address that,"

(Curt: Thank you Todd for being right on this issue.)

John Yarmuth: "Todd Lally's employer (UPS) would beg to differ with him about the need for a downtown bridge that they think is critical to their future,"
Curt: "John Yarmuth. I believe your employer would beg to differ with your position as well. Look no further than the Bridges Authority's rejected Tiger II grant application. As our application was rejected, the applications that were approved had urban freeway removal and mass transit components. If you were doing your job in Washington, and lobbying for funds for our project, you would have known this. But since you didn't, check out this article called We're tearing this highway down, Transportation Sec Ray Lahood says.

In fact, Sec. Lahood would probably bop you on the head for being critical of Lally on this issue. Skip to the 6:15 mark in this audio recording of Lahood, itemizing what your employer's priorities are:

Democrats keeping fear alive - Telling us to stay the course

Stay the course??  
Really? When a Democrat quotes George W. Bush to justify Greg Fischer succeeding Jerry Abramson, well I just wish I had my own TV show. I could have so much fun with this.

So here's why you should let Fischer succeed Abramson (couldn't help myself):
Also, disturbing robocalls are asking Christians in Kentucky to examine Rand Paul's faith and his positions on faith-based initiatives. Listen: LINK TO AUDIO OF THE CALLS. 

The calls are being paid for by the Kentucky Leadership Council (Andrew J. Horne's PAC). I think the 2nd half of the call is legitimate, the first half not so much. More info at Barefoot and Progressive.
Andrew J. Horne w/his wife Steph and me (3/2006)
Comment what you think about the calls. Do they cross a line, or are these legitimate issues? I'm really curious to know what readers think...

Hi, I'm a Tea-Partier

Having trouble getting through to fellow Rand Paul supporters?
Don't make fun of them. That, um, doesn't work. But, well, it is fun to watch.

Greg Fischer: pro-stripper

Seriously grasping for straws now, Anthony G. Casebeer, treasurer of CFAIR, the political action committee of the Fairness Campaign is now making this declaration:
"No way should any progressive ever consider voting for Heiner" 
                                ....because, see (c) above, because Greg, of course, is pro-stripper:
1) I don't take nicely to being told what I should and should not consider. Even when it's hilarious.

2) Please God, may the FC send out an email blast with this message. Because Heiner winning by 21 points will be much more satisfying than if he only won by 14.

Heads up to my gay peeps, don't get played:

October 30, 2010

Greg Fischer on the student assignment plan

Hal Heiner on "alternative transportation'

Greg Fischer on air-conditioning

Memo to Fischer family maid: Re-stock before Tuesday night

Curtis: still voting for Yarmuth

I honestly think I may be Yarmuth's biggest critic in this city. I don't like that he hasn't co-sponsored the Respect Marriage Act. I don't like that he came out in opposition for the UPS contract to bring Fed Ex jobs in Ohio to Louisville. And I certainly didn't like him pandering to Churchill Downs with gaming legislation. And don't get me started on his affiliation with River Fields.

However, I'm not a newt. I'm still going to vote for him! I could list the 1,000's of reasons but here are a few. The main one is his commitment to healthcare reform. Personally to me, I also appreciate his support for the Race to End Homelessness and the Louisville AIDS Walk.

All while the alternative, Todd Lally = batshit makes stuff up about what's going on in the world. See his latest commercial here:
(Kudos to LEO Weekly for breaking this)

Subtle message from using a pre-Muhammad Ali Center skyline graphic is not lost on the viewer.
Either the the video was made by out-of-towners, or it made by one of those special locals that still refer to Muhammad Ali Blvd. as Walnut Street.

Because I'm a Realtor, I received a nice email from his parent's company where they claim to be blindsighted by the RPAC endorsement of Yarmuth:
"Today we received a flyer in the mail, sent by the National Association of Realtors out of Chicago, endorsing John Yarmuth.  This was, not only disappointing, but also surprising since NAR never sent the expected survey requesting a response to questions pertinent to issues affecting the real estate industry. " 
Um, the campaign wasn't even organized enough to get a hold of the questionnaire to even be considered for endorsement. This clues us in to the fact that Northup must not even be advising them. Also clues us in that they can't run a competent congressional race, much less a congressional office.

D-list the Drumanard

Get it? delist -- D-list, So clever I am ;-P
You urgent action is requested to help delist the Drumanard estate from the National Register of Historic Places.  The National register is receiving comments this week from Louisville area residents as to whether to delist this 'bogus' historic estate.

If you can either mail or fax a letter to the following address / phone number by this Friday (Nov 5th) it would be much appreciated. 

“Keeper of the Register”
National register of Historic Places
1201 Eye Street NW
8th Floor – MS2280
Washington D C 20005

Or faxed to 202-371-2229

Here are some talking points (note: please put all of this in your own words / style. Any duplicate sounding letters will be disregarded. So - each letter must be 'original'.)

1. This delisting request is only for the SECOND designation! (there are two NRHP designations. the 1st is for the main house and surrounding landscape. We only want the 2nd one delisted which is for the overall property).

2. The Drumanard is not historic. (See Drumanard Historic Status Revealed as HOAX). While the Olmsted firm did the initial landscape design, it was never built. The current layout does not match the original Olmsted layout.

3. the 2nd designation says that Drumanard is surrounded by dense woods and tranquil setting. This is false: it is surrounding by neighborhoods and busy highways / roads.

Your action now is a critical to build the East end Bridge in an affordable manner. Thank you for taking time to assist this important effort!

Update: Following a request, I looked into the question of whether delisting is common, and this is what an expert told me:
"Yes, delisting is a regular process.  In fact, there have been at least 50 delisting here in Kentucky - but - you'll never read about that in a 'Kentucky newspaper' if you know what I mean!"

Curt and Curtis got in an argument today over Carla Wallace

Curtis) So we MUST vote for Greg Fischer because we either support Carla Wallace's right to dignity or we do not. Carla Wallace was a co-founder of the Fairness Campaign and her departed and generous father, it's largest benefactor. We must listen to her.

Curt) So that's it?  Miss Carla says what to do, and us gays must follow like a bunch of gay sheep? That's stupid.

Curtis) Shhhhhh! Put aside your social justice and environmental values. Don't worry about connecting working class people from their homes to their jobs in the most direct route possible, via an East End bridge. Intersectionality of oppression does not apply to hoosiers or working families. Just shut the hell up, and vote for Greg Fischer because Carla Wallace and the Fairness Campaign say so.

Curt) But, isn't Carla Wallace snuggled up with the Anti-East End Bridge River Fields?

Curtis) Shut the front door! Carla is my heroine. She would never. Show me the proof.

Curt) No, it's true. Stites and Harbison is bragging about it on their website:

Curtis) Ouch. That sucks.

Curt) I made a video expressing other reasons Greg Fischer is the DOWNTOWN BRIDGE ONLY candidate:

Curtis) You're ate up with this aren't you?

Curt) Shut up. Shouldn't you be walking Boomer? You're getting fat. Go sell a house. Here's a precious "out of context" clip of Greg explaining how he's using the Fairness Campaign, in his own words:

Curtis) Have you given any thought to taking up another hobby after the election?

Blind Trust ? Why Greg can't be trusted to build the East End Bridge

Okay, here's our Jefferson County Democratic Party at their MOST STUPID EVER.
I really want to know who the individual is that is making these videos for you guys so I can de-friend him/her on facebook. Here's their creation:

1) Louisville is NOT at war with Indiana. We are a region with a regional economy.
2) Mayors do not decide where businesses locate, the business owners do. (DUH!)
3) Heiner's buildings are already 80% leased with leases that extend beyond the mayor's term.
4) Greg Fischer also own a friggin industrial park that benefits from a downtown bridge, which I've already pointed out in response to your last creepy music video: LINK.

Your latest video was so ridiculous though, I couldn't even parody it. The problem with parodying stupid is someone might think I'm stupid. So instead, I just gave my reasons why I don't trust Greg Fischer to build the East End bridge. Been wanting to get this off my chest for a while:

On Judge Mason Trenaman...

The Fairness Campaign targeted Judge Trenaman as being an enemy of fairness. I confronted the Judge tonight on those allegations, and frankly, I'm confused. Because he's NOT an enemy of fairness...

Our conversation started with me acknowledging his support of the Race to End Homelessness, but I was intrigued when his wife, Stephanie, a retired social worker, revealed they were foster parents and hoping to adopt another child. Having almost adopted myself a few years back, I revealed the "I'm a gay guy that hopes to adopt someday too." And guess what? Trenaman and his wife were supportive of that. And the attack piece put out by the Fairness Campaign: it was probably uncalled for. These are good people. Check out his website, and here's his Youtube commercial:

October 29, 2010

Greg Fischer NOT for mayor

The videos....

Picture of 2009 wrecked Cadillac discovered!

Tiger Woods' 2009 Cadillac (Chuckle)
Oh, oops, this one isn't the one we were looking for. My bad.

Somehow Heiner's 35 year old divorce is news to A Kentucky Newspaper today, but an accident involving Greg Fischer's car about a month ago isn't? I don't understand.

Ed Springston has wrote that the accident involved Fischer's son (HEINER ATTACKED BY CJ; FISCHER STILL GETTING FREE RIDE) If that's the case, Chris, just let me know, and I'll drop this right now. I don't believe children should endure suffering because of the civic engagement of their loved ones.

I also don't believe I want to live in a city where open records requests are blown off. And I'm not moving.

October 28, 2010

10,000 hits for LC / Still no accident report from @gregformayor ...

First, thanks for the traffic! Broke 10,000 hits since I started keeping track 11 months ago. It's been a wild ride for sure. I've learned a lot, and had a lot of fun. Hope you have, too!

And second: Update on the request for Greg Fischer's accident report: 
Honestly, I didn't believe there was anything to this, but since the LMPD wouldn't cooperate with my open records request, and the Fischer campaign tried to cover up that I even requested it, I kind of felt like blogging about is all I could do, and so that's what I did Tuesday
Today,  I asked for the report from Chris Poynter more formally via email (below), and CC'd a bunch of honorable journalists so they could see just how transparent this Fischer campaign is:

I fully expect the Fischer campaign to acknowledge my email with some smartass remark on how they didn't even know my blog existed within the next 24 hours. Or, they could just say it went to their junk folder. That's actually a popular excuse this month already.

Really though, the Fischer campaign is probably just ignoring a non-supporter, just as they plan to do if they win.

By popular request...the 30 second version...

I got some feedback this morning that Louisville does not have attention span for more than 30 second videos, so I've made a 30 second version of the Greg Fischer/ ORBP Jobs video that was released last night, and published today on The 'Ville Voice (I'm famous now):

Also, this is really strange. The Courier Journal is now sending tweets that take you to spam.

Not making this up...when I clicked on that tweet link, this is what I saw:

Wonder if they'll learn how to use the internet tubes before their electricity gets turned off?

How many JOBS does Greg Fischer say the ORBP will create?

Since Greg Fischer announced his candidacy for Louisville mayor, we've heard lots about job creation from him. But let's see if he knows what he's talking about...

Feel free to download the August 23, 2010 TIGER II Application and check out it out the figure for yourself.

As an aside, our TIGER II application was rejected by the Dept of Transportation because it lacked an urban freeway removal component &/or mass transit components that the winning projects included. See 8664 for complete details.
Video produced by Curtis Morrison, Democrat & author of Not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee.

October 27, 2010

Hal moves ahead with a 7 point spread...

Hal Heiner now has a 7 point lead on Greg Fischer. The Courier Journal, "Louisville's paper of record," to quote Fischer campaign spokesperson Chris Poynter, is breaking the news:


Remarkably, Nimbus Couzin and Jerry T. Mills, candidates whom the Courier has ignored for the entire cycle, have now grown noteworthy enough for pictures. (Nothing desperate-looking about that, Dan.)

BTW- I can't help to draw a bit of a comparison to this latest news:

Fairness Campaign: Like Greg Fischer, above the law

On October 26, 2010, CFAIR- The political action committee of the Fairness Campaign, a registered 501(c)4, released this video to youtube:

This video does not release new information, as Louisville Courant broke this info months ago (in July). 

What this video does is interesting though. It violates the law. 501(c)4's can't go about the world creating political commercials without disclosing who paid for/ created the video. This is just one more example of why Greg Fischer, Inc, and it's affiliates, believe they are "ABOVE THE LAW."  

This comes on the heals of a now Kentucky State Police investigation of Fischer's negotiations with Green to gain his endorsement. And 4 days into my quest to get the accident report from Greg Fischer's, aka "Mr. I Invented Tranparency's" recent auto accident. (And the subsequent cover-up of that quest by the Fischer campaign.)

I'm seriously embarrassed by the Jefferson County Democratic Party today.

Curbstomper would like apology from curbstompee

"I couldn't bend over, because I have issues with my back"- Tim Proffitt

Sellersburg, home of Kerry Stemler, passes no tolls resolution

Breaking news on from NA Confidential, another "NO TOLLS" resolution was passed unanimously Monday night by the Sellersburg Town Council. Resolution R2010-005 was titled "Resolution about toll charges on new Ohio River Bridge" and passed 4-0, with one member being absent.

NO Tolls resolutions express the public's fervent opposition against tolls, as a financing mechanism to pay for bridges. At the last business meeting of the Bridges Authority, on October 7, 2010, the Authority acknowledged receipt of NO Tolls resolutions by the New Albany City Council and the Louisville Metro Council.

Since that last Authority meeting, NO Tolls resolutions have also been passed by the Clark County Council, the Utica Town Council, the Jeffersonville City Council, and now the Sellersburg Town Council. Say NO to Bridge Tolls will be presenting copies of the latest resolutions to the Authority at their next business meeting, scheduled for November 4, 2010 at 10 am (Location: TBD).
"With Sellersburg being the home of Kerry Stemler, co-chair of the Bridges Authority, it's time for him to either take tolls off the table or resign from the Bridges Authority, because Sellersburg now joins a long list of Cities that have officially said No to Tolls." -said Shawn Reilly co-founder of Say NO to Bridge Tolls.
Say NO to Bridge Tolls is a broad based community group representing tens of thousands of people across Indiana and Kentucky that are opposed to any tolls being placed on existing or new bridges, and/or the Spaghetti Junction, to pay for the Ohio River Bridges Project.

Disclosure: Louisville Courant hearts much Say NO to Bridge Tolls.

October 26, 2010

Greg Fischer: Release the accident report

Greg Fischer: I've heard around town for a month now that your 2009 Cadillac was totaled in an accident. I'd like to know more about that before the election.

Posted on Fischer's Facebook page at 2:28 pm by yours truly
I tried to pick up the accident report myself on Friday but Alicia Smiley, with LMPD (502-574-7761), told me that the Freedom of Information Act only works if I have the date and location of the accident. I'll be honest, I didn't see that anywhere in the Act. And it's not lost on me that Smiley is currently employed by the Jerry Abramson administration, who supports Fischer's candidacy 100%.

So, Greg, please, in the interest of all that fancy transparency you talk about, release the accident report. Thanks.
Fellow Louisville citizens: Let Alicia Smiley know that you want to see the police report, too: LINK

Update: October 26, 2010 6:13 pm:

1) Looks like the Fischer campaign did not approve of my question, because they have deleted it from their wall:
Screenshot: 10/28/2010, 615 pm
See- Greg, you realize how you look like a sneaky bastard that's trying to hide shit?
2) Heard through the grapevine that a real journalist, not like me, has filed a FOIA w/LMPD to get that police report. Happy Halloween!


The National Register of Historic Places designation for the Drumanard estate is being challenged by “Say NO to Bridge Tolls” (SNTBT) in an effort to save the tax payers $260 million dollars.

The Kentucky Heritage Council denied the initial request but, the  
group has sent an appeal with new evidence showing the property is not  historic. The appeal will be addressed by the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP), in Washington D.C. and a ruling is expected before the end of the year.

The Drumanard estate is located at 6401Wolf Pen Branch Road, in eastern Jefferson County. The grounds are within the proposed route to the East End Bridge, and currently a $260 million dollar  
tunnel under the backyard is proposed to avoid any impact to this one property. Provided below are the primary considerations for this appeal:

There are actually two NRHP designations for the Drumanard  

>   The 1983 NRHP designation protects the main house and landscape surrounding it.

>   The 1989 NRHP designation includes the remaining 50 plus acres. The 1989 NRHP designation relies heavily on the implication that the Olmsted firm, designed and built the landscape.

SNTBT has found that while the Olmsted firm did a design, their plan WAS NOT implemented.  The house location, orientation, and roads are substantially different from what the Olmsted firm proposed.

>  The 1989 NRHP designation also stated that Drumanard is  
characteristic of the ‘Olmstedian landscape vision for a secluded  
restful setting’ .  This is not correct. Just to the north of the  
Drumanard is the Shadow Wood subdivision, which was sold by the  
Strater family (who developed Drumanard) and to the west is a five  
acre tract containing a house that once was part of the estate.  To  
the south is U S 42, which is a major traffic route.  The 1989 NRHP  
indicated there were ‘dense woods’ that isolated this property from  
surrounding developments. This is obviously not correct.

>  Farmington, which is one of Louisville’s most historic  
estates, is closer to the Watterson Expressway than the Drumanard  
house would be to the proposed new interstate for the East End Bridge.

With the Bi-State Bridges Authority  prepared to enact tolls on Ohio  
River bridges to pay for the $4.1 billion dollar project cost, SNTBT  
recommends a review for cost savings.  And, hundreds of millions of  
dollars could potentially be saved by deleting the tunnel under the  
Drumanard estate.

Steve Wiser, a local historian and architect, says that “Before we  
spend $260 million dollars on a tunnel, let’s first make sure we have  
our facts straight as to how historic Drumanard really is.”

Shawn Reilly, co-founder of SNTBT says, “If the Bi-State Authority is  
wrong on the historic value of the Drumanard estate,  we could be  
spending $260 million for no reason and other facts on this massive  
project should also be carefully reviewed.”

Say NO to Bridge Tolls is a broad based community group representing tens of thousands of people across Indiana and Kentucky that are opposed to any tolls being placed on existing or new bridges, and/ or the Spaghetti Junction, to pay for the Ohio River Bridges Project.

October 22, 2010

Wanted: Low level, under-appreciated employee of Chamber of Commerce

Are you a low-level, under-appreciated, employee of the Chamber of Commerce that feels like maybe you're causing harm to the world? It happens.

As you may have heard, our democracy is under attack by your employer, but that's not your fault. And there is a plan for you and me to make things better. You need to take home some documents from work and get them to people that will reveal the information publicly.

What we need to know, as American citizens, is where the money going into our political campaigns is coming from and how it is being earmarked. You don't have to be a wiz-kid and provide analysis. Short descriptions are ok, but don't stress that, and certainly don't use your handwriting on the documents.We're educated folks and we can figure the info out.
We do, however, need the documents.

So how do you provide it and ensure you don't loose your job, or worse? This is easy, but you can't do it today.  It takes planning. Relax, you'll be able to do it soon. There's no such thing as too much analysis or being too careful with this kind of solution.

Here's are 2 simple plans. Plan A and Plan B. Adapt as you see fit and by all means, err on the side of caution:

Plan A Digital scans of documents uploaded directly to Wikileaks:

Note: Currently Wikileaks website is down while they improve their engineering anyway. This will not only give you some time to get up some courage, you'll be able to devise a custom personal plan that will ensure your success. However, getting the documents out before the general election, will obviously make the world a better place.

1) You need to purchase a small roll of duct tape and a box of heavy-duty ziplock bags the next time you can find a grocery/hardware store without video. Use cash, please.

2) You need to smuggle the small roll of tape into your workplace. You will probably need to do this by putting it within a heavy-duty ziplock bag and putting it within a bodily cavity. Thank you for your service.

3) In the course of your workday, when you come across classified files that would give Americans a perspective on where Department of Commerce money is coming from in our political system, take note. These can't be documents that co-workers would be able to trace to you.

4) Tape these original documents to your body beneath your shirt/blouse. (You must wear an undershirt.)

5) After you go home, put on some tennis shoes, and on foot (DO NOT USE YOUR CAR OR TAKE A GPS CELLPHONE: you will be tracked) get on a bicycle and ride to Kinko's. There are 18 24-hour Kinko's in the DC area that have a 24-hour attendant. Use one of them.  Take a $100 bill.

6) Stop by and buy yourself a milkshake. You deserve it. This breaks the $100 with non-traceable bills from wherever you got your milkshake. Not a few gin and tonics. A milk shake.

7) Only use the cash at Kinko's that came from change from the milk shake. Scan in the documents you have smuggled out.

8) Upload them to Wikileaks. Note: DO NOT VISIT Wikileaks website ever from your home computer. In fact, whichever computer you just used to view this blog entry. This is painful, btw, but you need to throw the computer you are using right now into the Potomac tonight. Like, well, after you jot down my address below. Sorry about that.

9) Go buy yourself another milkshake!

Plan B Mail those documents to me and I'll upload them for you:

Curtis Morrison, 1939 Bonnycastle Av, Louisville, KY  40205.
This way you don't have to wait for Wikileaks to come back up either. I'll upload them to my own blog as soon as I receive them.  Don't EVER visit my blog on your computer, or follow me on twitter or you will need to throw ANOTHER computer in the Potomoc.

Your country will be grateful, I promise you that. Thank you in advance!

October 21, 2010

Greg Fischer throwing Jackie Green under the bus

"The (Fischer Campaign) also raised the issue of our team playing a role inside gov. -- should Greg get lucky. ;)"- Jackie Green in email to his staff on October 13, 2010 (LEO Weekly)

10.21.2010 6:12pm Breaking Update:

Check out Fatlip to see for coverage of an unprecedented "spin control #FAIL" by Louisville Metro Councilman Tom Owen. Turns out:

1) Owen didn't mention his accusations against Allen in past interview on the same subject. They're revelations, I guess?
2) Owen asserts that both endorsements were same thing, but admits to never reading the email Green sent to his staff.

Also, as expected, the Dems filed a complaint against Allen's endorsement today, too. Instead of putting out their own fire by coming clean, they're hoping smoke from other fires will confuse the voters.

October 20, 2010


I've kept a bit of a low profile on this story since I'm kinda close, but since it's pretty much the story of the year I guess I should mention it. So today, two stories hit:
1) The Courier Journal's story by Dan Klepal: A story written WITHOUT the benefit of all his emails on the subject, but only the ones released by Fischer campaign. Wednesday's CJ print edition will likely be similar to Thursday's night online story, in which Klepal clearly frames the story as the Fischer Campaign has instructed. Disappointingly, the CJ is delivering "made to order journalism." The reason Klepal was not looking at all the emails and only the ones shared by Fischer, is he didn't going looking for them. Doesn't the CJ double check their sources? Jump to CJ
2) The LEO Weekly story by Phillip Bailey. A story with COMPLETE transparency because Bailey was looking at ALL THE EMAILS. Online now: link. Phillip Bailey is JOURNALIST.
I'm want a billboard up tomorrow morning that says"We’re not violating KRS-whatever."- GREG FISCHER 

GEEZ, who looks most stupid? The Courier Journal or Greg Fischer? This is from last night...

The Courier Journal Editorial Board has endorsed Greg Fischer for Mayor, and regrettably, that might be relevant.

Finally, if you're on Twitter, a "must-follow" is the Jackie Green for Mayor's campaign account. It appears there might even been some dramatic infighting on who is controlling the account. The avatar has changed and some tweets indicate at least one former Green volunteer is not being assimilated into a Fischer supporter.

October 19, 2010

Jeffersonville PASSES NO TOLLS Resolution

Thanks to the lobbying efforts of several members of Say NO to Bridge Tolls and the Indiana Tea Party Patriots, a NO TOLLS resolution was passed 5-1 last night by the Jeffersonville City Council. Council Member Keith Fetz introduced the resolution. The "No"vote was from Councilman Nathan Samuels while Councilman Ron Grooms abstained. Grooms, a Republican seeking support from the Tea Party Patriots in his current campaign for state legislature, was a critic of the resolution at prior council meetings.
"I'm really looking forward to delivering this resolution to the Bridges Authority. It's time they wake up and smell the coffee," said Shawn Reilly, one of the co-founders of Say NO to Bridge Tolls.
Say NO to Bridge Tolls at one of their first rallys
"The Jeffersonville City Council has done the right thing." said Paul Fetter, the sales manager of Clark County Auto Auction. "In the coming weeks, I'm hoping even more municipalities, especially town boards, follow suit. They're voices should matter in this too." Fetter has lead the lobbying efforts in Jeffersonville, as well as been responsible for a great deal of the over 5,000 signatures already on the Say NO to Bridge Tolls petition.

Similar resolutions have already been passed by New Albany's City Council, the Louisville Metro Council, the Clark County Council, and just last week, the Utica Town Council.

Say NO to Bridge Tolls is a broad based community group representing tens of thousands of people across Indiana and Kentucky that are opposed to any tolls being placed on existing or new bridges, and or the Spaghetti Junction, to pay for the Ohio River Bridges Project. Follow their efforts on their YouTube Channel, or as-it-happens on:  Twitter.

October 17, 2010

Thomas Joseph Cannon: Not a GAY Muslim, terrorist

Page A16 of today's Courier Journal
The "Committee to Elect Thomas Joseph Cannon Judge" apparently isn't taking campaign contributions...but they are purchasing a $6200 1/2 page ad in the Sunday paper to scare the shit out of you. And why not? OMG. His opponent, Olu Stevens, is actually pictured with President Obama.  WTF! This means Stevens is not only a Muslim terrorist, but look closely how he's looking into Obama's eyes? Yes folks, he's a GAY Muslim terrorist.*

*GAY Muslim terrorists are the worst kind because they terrorize you while they do your hair.

Not surprisingly, I have questions:

1) Since Cannon brought it up, in his rebuttal from his non-endorsement by the Courier (Although he was endorsed by Right to Life), and also in this ad, who are the white Christian Pro-Choice people paying for this ad?

2) You realize Kentucky's Law Schools aren't the best in the nation, right?

3) How does being a veteran make you more qualified to be a judge?

Thomas Joseph Cannon
4) What's up with the bowtie? Are you:
a) Trying to bring attention to your uncanny likeness to Orville Redenbacher?
b) Sending a secret message to Pee Wee Herman that you want to make a GAY, NON-Muslim Love Connection?
c) Being strapped for contributions, you have a neighborhood 9 year old running your campaign that hasn't told you what an idiot you are because he doesn't want to lose his job mowing your lawn?

5) Is Joseph your maiden name, or are you trying to fit in a nuance that you're so much  NOT A MUSLIM, you actually have two Christian names?

I try to stay out of Judge races, but this so far, by far, is the most ridiculous ad I've seen in this political cycle. Will an apology follow? Don't count on it. The guy that approved that ad is proud he's a douche.

Southwest Louisville Bridge?

About 16 days left until the Louisville election. Everyone knows how important Southwest Louisville is this close to an election, right?

Apparently not everyone.

Oh Great. Denise Bentley is back.

Phillip Bailey reported in FatLip back in May that former Louisville Metro Councilwoman Denise Bentley had released a tell-all book on Jim King. Bentley had registered the web domain to sell the book. That's the last we heard from her, and for better or worse, that website is now dead. And no copies on Amazon, or ebay, either. I'm a #sadpanda  Really wanted that for Christmas, too.

Last week. Ed Springston put up a blog entry I felt compelled to refute on the David James and Jim King relationship. And tonight Springston wrote another entry, DISTRICT 6 GETS EVEN WEIRDER: IS KEN HERNDON LYING?

This is just me, but I like reading Springston a lot better when he is hyper-focused on getting King indicted, instead of getting him another surrogate council seat.

Anyway, in this piece, Springston offers up a letter saying the California Jet's didn't endorse any candidate in the general. Problem is, Ms. Hawkins didn't sign that letter. Her signature was a forgery. She told me herself on the phone tonight.  So a forgery. Great. That's classy. Who did that?

Springston didn't say where he got the letter. But he did produce this picture of Hawkins  and James together, citing an "anonymous source" a couple hours later. The problem is, that picture was taken by, and at the insistence of, Jim King's legislative aide, Rob Holzmann, and posted on facebook last weekend by David James campaign manager Michelle Gallagher before Ms. Hawkins herself insisted it be taken down. The California Jets have not endorsed David James. Can the Jim King, I'm sorry, David James campaign just accept this? Please?

So, 6th District drama over, and I can move on to other things, right? Oh no. Guess who is chiming in on the issue just before midnight? That's right. Denise Bentley, herself:

And on Ms. Tammy Hawkins Facebook wall, too. Remember, Ms. Hawkins is the President of the California Jets:
 "It's not about color it is about integrity anybody but KEN."- Denise Bentley
Anyone that followed the 2008 Metro Council 6th District primary election, knows who Denise Bentley is. But if you're the new kid on the block, get brought up to speed by checking out Double whammy - An anti-gay flier may’ve cost Ken Herndon a seat on the council. Along the way, the council president was bull.

One thing is for sure, we know Jim King's really nervous about losing this seat to Ken Herndon if he had to bring in Denise Bentley. 

October 15, 2010

If Jackie's out, then I'm with Hal.

The Courier Journal posted today this story:  
Jackie Green negotiating endorsement of Greg Fischer, possible input on environmental post

The conventional wisdom is that Jackie is the spoiler candidate who could costs Fischer the race. I conventionally never trust conventional wisdom. Most of Jackie's supporters, like myself, are educated and informed and they aren't going to automatically become Fischer's property, like some kind of negotiated dowry. Educated and informed voters have an annoying habit of considering the big picture.

Plus, I have two defining pet peeves: elitism and hypocrisy, and Fischer trips both those alarms. Speaking of hypocrisy, enjoy:

Newsflash: If Jackie's out, then I'm with Hal.  

For all the homosexuals that plan to threaten and harass me for the next three weeks, bring it. I will not be intimidated from speaking my mind.

Greg Fischer: You just can't trust him.

One week ago, the Jefferson County Democratic Party released this video on Youtube:

At last night's WHAS 11/ University of Louisville Mayor Forum, Greg Fischer defended it. Claiming that Heiner might benefit from an East End bridge, and therefore has a conflict of interest inferring he's therefore ineligible to be mayor of Louisville. Gentle readers, I give you a presentation on hypocrisy:

For giggles, you can even play them at the same time.
Located on the 2100 Future Drive, Sellersburg, Indiana is this PRIME 22.46 acre site owned by Greg Fischer, through his ownership interest in Fischer Enterprises, LLC. They own a total of four parcels at the location in all, including 75,000 sq ft under two roofs in buildings on the North side of Future Drive. The listing brags the property has "Immediate access to Interstate 65 via Exit 7." That property is currently listed for sale for only $4.1 million, but it's available for lease, too.: Linky

According to the Indiana Secretary of State, the entity Fischer Enterprises, LLC has had their status revoked. That don't really look too good, either.

October 14, 2010

The Non-Inclusive Fischer vs Heiner Debate

That's right, Candidate Jokes-a-lot, (Greg Fischer) made a joke about
how to finance an Ohio River Bridge in Southwest Louisville.
Also, as someone that follows the Bridges Authority pretty damn close, I can tell you that their website has NOT got more transparent. And if it had, the idea that this clown had anything to do with it boggles my mind. He's never been to a Bridges Authority meeting. Also, he believes the 14-member board is non-political. People like Joe Reagan, Kerry Stemler and Sandra Frazier, they're all "objective, non-political people." Jesus. Who writes his stuff really?

If you were interested in what Jackie Green had to say, WHAS at least did a little interview with him earlier today:  linkster

10.15.2010 5:21pm Update:
Apologize the first link I embedded wasn't the entire debate after all. I have replaced it with the one to view the entire debate. Enjoy.

Louisville's extensive trolley routes

This video is a year old but I just found it. Pay close attention to the 4:25 mark:
"And if you want to explore other areas of Louisville, we offer an extensive trolley route throughout the city..."

Seriously, if you are outside of Louisville, don't be fooled into thinking we have extensive trolley routes for our own citizens. This is just for your pleasure while your here. Just thought I'd clarify. Thanks!

The WHAS Jackie Interview

Tonight the University of Louisville and WHAS 11 have teamed up to host a mayor debate but have excluded candidate Jackie Green. I believe this gives both candidates cover so they don't have to discuss mass transit, and I don't approve. But at least, WHAS 11 did interview Jackie.

Also, check out the most-cleverly named Gabe Bullard blog of the year on the subject of Jackie:
How likely is a Green spoiler

This separate but not equal thing might have backfired:

Well done, Whoopi and Joy.

Can someone give them their own show, now?

Real estate market not too hot...

The latest statistics from the Greater Louisville Realtor’s Association indicate that September of 2010 was the worst September for home sales we have had since 2001, which was a special September I recall.

A closer look at those statistics indicate the purchases that were hit the hardest were homes under $90,000. There was actually a slight increase in the number of sales for every price range over that, so the bulk of the hit for our market was absorbed in the starter home market. That's bad news for two reasons:
1) If we aren't helping out the folks that need it the most, we suck.
2) If we don't have buyers purchasing the feeder homes then how are those folks going to move up to more expensive homes? Yes, it's trickle up economics. Give money, affordable financing power, to poor people so they can make the whole thing work.
It's an amazing time to be a first-time home buyer, though! 
If you have a job and decent credit you should contact me ( Wow, in 2 years I don't think I've ever plugged my real estate business in my blog. That's a real indicator of how tough times are.

In related news, our local GLAR PAC donated a little check to Congressman John Yarmuth today. I made sure I relayed my 2 cents to the person delivering the check that our industry desperately needs speedy reform for Fannie and Freddie. Ideally, our industry will provide some guidance so they don't screw it up again. Hopefully, we'll have affordable home and condo financing again soon.
Cross your fingers!

October 12, 2010

David James and Jim King Relationship

Metro Council candidate for the 6th District, David James recently set down with Ed Springston of Louisville News and Politics and the result was Springston's blog entry, David James Legal for District 6!  In that entry, Springston writes:  
"James says his relationship with King is nothing more than a periphery one based solely on his meetings with King speaking about public safety issues."
Respectfully, I beg to differ. Let's explore some of the evidence on why the relationship between James and Councilman King is much more than "a periphery":

  • On December 15, 2009, the Courier Journal did a story called"Jim King campaigns for mayor on changing Louisville police department."  A line directly from that story: "King is being advised on law enforcement issues for his campaign by David James, a former president of the Louisville Fraternal Order of Police." In his over $1,000,000 bid to be Louisville's mayor, Councilman King relied on James as his adviser with respect to public safety. A responsibility arguably more intense than just some "meetings." 
  • Before the Democratic vote for the interim position where Deonte Hollowell prevailed, Councilman King was bragging to various Democrats about having votes "in the bag for David James."
  • Last Saturday, October 9th, Holtzmann was spotted hosting a campaign event for David James in California Park.
  • Holtzmann was watching over the entire 5 hour Democratic Party nomination process even though the Metro Council was meeting at that very time.
  • Following the nomination of James, Holtzmann personally interviewed candidates for the James' campaign manager.
  • Holtzmann is sending out the James campaign's press points.
  • Between August 28- Sept 2, Holtzmann was one of the first people to become a fan of David James facebook page. 
  • The woman pictured with James in the campaign's door to door piece is none other than Autumn Fisher, Councilman King's office assistant.
I respect Ed Springston, but I have came to my own conclusion that is quite different than his.

October 11, 2010

Hooted out of the room...

Rand Paul on the $2000 Medicare deductible:

Yep, hooted out of the room. You pretty much nailed it there.

Clark County, In. Council to vote tonight on NO TOLLS resolution

The Clark County, Indiana Council is expected tonight to vote on a "NO TOLLS" resolution similar to the ones already passed by the New Albany, Indiana City Council, and the Metro Louisville City Council. Those two resolutions were acknowledged last Thursday at the last business meeting of the Bridges Authority, Here's a funny clip from that meeting, btw:

The Clark County Council resolution is expected to be introduced by 4th District Commissioner David Abbott, who represents all of Bethlehem, Charlestown, Oregon, Owen, Utica and Washington Townships. Tonight's meeting will be held at 5:00 P.M. in Room 308 of the Clark County Government Building, 501 E. Court Avenue, Jeffersonville, IN 47130.
"Alone these kind of resolutions will not stop the tolls being proposed, but they are definitely a step in the right direction," says Paul Fetter a Clark County resident that is a member of Say NO to Bridge Tolls. Fetter adds, "It's still necessary for citizens to contact our elected representatives and express their concerns about tolling, as well as sign our NO TOLLS petition, which already has 5,000 signatures. It's either that or 2 years from now, prepare to be paying a toll whenever you want to go to Louisville from Southern Indiana."

"These resolutions are sending a clear message to the Bridges Authority that most people in our community are opposed to tolling bridges." says Shawn Reilly, Co-founder of the group.

Say NO to Bridge Tolls is a broad based community group representing tens of thousands of people across Indiana and Kentucky that are opposed to any tolls being placed on existing or new bridges, and or the Spaghetti Junction, to pay for the Ohio River Bridges Project.

October 10, 2010

Beck going through "troubled" Darth Vader phase

He's looking to the father of civil disobedience for guidance to for a single answer...
This is not good, people. 

His family needs to have him committed to a mental institution where he can get some help:


October 9, 2010

Jackie writes letter...

Happy Saturday. Got this in my inbox today. I have to say Jackie's 100% right that Fischer needs to be embraced with open arms when he changes his position to a better position. Otherwise, we'd let pride stand in the way of people being the best they could be. We don't want to do that. Here you go:

"Open letter from independent mayoral candidate Jackie Green to democrat mayoral candidate Greg Fischer.
9 October 2010

Greetings, Greg. 

At Thursday’s mayoral event hosted by the Louisville Energy Alliance, I publicly thanked you for the shifts and improvements in the your platform.  Thank you for your immediate and affirming words in reply. 

Those shifts in your campaign demonstrate responsible accommodation to changing realities - a faltering Ohio River Bridges Project, increasing oil prices, increasing public dissatisfaction with the JCPS student assignment plan, etc..

I invite you to consider the following measures to address a few inconsistencies and conflicts that remain in your platform/campaign.
The Fischer platform/campaign...
- talks about supporting the local food economy while supporting the  destruction of local farms.
- talks about “jobs, jobs, jobs” yet has not seriously challenged our local economy’s dependency on Kentucky Coal.
- is prepared to let greenfield development diminish private investment, public infrastructure and metro services for all existing neighborhoods.
- maintains that we have the money to build 1) some unknown variation on the Ohio River Bridges Project and 2) a world class transportation system.
- talks about hiring local talent but hires a campaign manager from Rhode  Island.
- talks about supporting local business but has a website developed by a Washington D.C. firm.

Greg, please work to resolve these conflicts, strengthening both your platform and your standing.  Great leaders embrace needed change - even in policy.

The reality of limited resources (financial, material, natural, spacial, temporal, etc.)  requires that we prioritize.  Either/or scenarios are not ‘false choices’ as you suggest - rather, they tap our power to spawn innovation.

And finally, there is a definition of sustainability better than "productivity and diversity over time" - it is "meeting our needs without diminishing the ability of others, present and future, to meet their needs."

Jackie Green

Vote Jackie Green for Mayor"