September 30, 2010

Moxley endorses Hal Heiner: Greg is so Fxcked

So what's the Courier Journal headline?

I'd call shenanigans but Jake already did:
Also, good news for Ken Herndon and & Judge Katie King. Gays love 'em:
Fairness PAC Endorses Ken Herndon for Metro Council, School Board Races, More                                                            

September 29, 2010

What does Louisville, KY have in common w/Vancouver City, WA?

(Talking about tolls and mass transit in either city might get you in some trouble.)

Remember Jeffersonville, IN's Mayor Tom Galligan's reaction to Paul Fetter's remarks a couple weeks ago?

Extend Benefits NOW

The only big fairness issue Louisville hasn't dealt with is extending domestic partnership benefits to families of LGBT Metro Employees.

If you REALLY care about that, as I'm sure you do, let's do it now, while we still have a Democratic Mayor and Metro Council. Or you can let the Democratic Party gamble with your rights by hoping Greg Fischer gets elected. If Fischer loses, looking at Heiner's "Plus 1" plan, it might be 4 years before all the children of LGBT Metro employees have health insurance. It's YOUR call. 

Contact your Metro Councilperson and demand those benefits be extended before the 11/2 election:

September 24, 2010

Reminder: Louisville AIDS Walk is Sunday!

Seriously Hilarious.

MARCEL THE SHELL WITH SHOES ON from Dean Fleischer-Camp on Vimeo.

Thanks Branden Klayko for this find.

Joe Reagan as Speedy Gonzales

IF you can stand listening to Joe Reagan for 2 complete minutes, you will understand more about why we're using tolls to finance bridges than anyone else you know.

In St. Louis, they are building a bridge across the Mississippi River without tolls because they re-opened their record of decision.

But, we're in too big a hurry to consider THAT.

Reagan's comments in this video were in response to these misguided ramblings from Bridges Authority Director Steve Schultz:

PVA's Attempt to Inflate Ford Assessment Rejected

Question: Let's just say it's Tony Lindauer's job to regulate the City of Louisville's revenue stream (It's not.). Wouldn't it make sense not to pick on Ford, when pissing them off by assessing them unfairly could lead to them leaving and everything going to hell in a hand basket?
Why I haven't decided for sure on the mayor race, I'm one loud Democrat that is definitely crossing party lines in this race.

Here's the press release from Koellner:
 Louisville, KY - The Kentucky Board of Tax Appeals ruled against the Jefferson County Property Valuation Administrator yesterday, citing "flawed" information in their attempt to increase the assessed value of Ford Motor Company's Kentucky Truck Plant.  The Jefferson County PVA was attempting to increase the value of Ford's property by over $30 million.  
Corey Koellner, a candidate for Jefferson County PVA, responded to this ruling by saying, "I agree with and applaud the Kentucky Board of Tax Appeals ruling.  Inflated property values are not only bad for working families, they are bad for business - which means local jobs.  As a city, we will never reach our full potential in job attraction and creation with a reputation for 'sticking it' to our employers.  It seems our current PVA is more concerned with managing the city's revenue stream than the fair treatment of Jefferson County property owners."
The Koellner campaign has been advocating for the fair treatment of all individuals by the Jefferson County PVA office.   Koellner, a Certified Internal Auditor, intends to use his accounting background and professional experience dealing with valuation-related issues to bring a more informed presence to the office.
For additional information regarding this release, please contact Corey Koellner.

September 23, 2010

Herndon Responds to Lawsuit

Yeah, I copy/pasted the press release. I'm in hurry. Gotta be somewhere!

For Immediate Release

Contact: Ken Herndon - 817-2766

Herndon Responds to Lawsuit

The lawsuit filed last week to remove the Independent Incumbent candidate from the ballot in the 6th District Metro Council race and being led by former Democratic Party Chair Jennifer Moore is a clear attempt by the business-as-usual party bosses to protect their backroom nominee David James - who just moved into the district a year ago but, in his first campaign mailer, claimed to be a "proud longtime resident of District 6".
The trigger for this lawsuit is likely survey results that mirror ours.  In a poll conducted by our campaign over four nights this past week, among those who had made a decision, our campaign had almost twice as many committed votes as the other three - combined.
Our campaign is on cusp of making history and changing local politics forever - and the backroom deal makers know it.  Those power brokers believe that the 6th District Council seat is theirs for the manipulating.  We believe it belongs to the people.  And, it appears that the people are agreeing with us.

Note:  In the CJ piece, the Jefferson County Clerk referred all questions to the Jefferson County Attorney's office.  For the sake of fairness and equity, the County Attorney's office should recuse itself from rendering any opinion on this matter since two of its employees, Michelle Gallagher and Allison Ammon, have been intimately involved in Mr. James' campaign.

Ken Herndon 
Write-In Democrat for Metro Council

Fill in the oval. Write-In Ken Herndon

Paid for by Ken Herndon for Metro Council, Bobby Simpson, Treasurer


Fightin' 'Em Tolls

Reminder!!! Tonight at 6 pm is the Louisville Metro Council meeting in which the NO Toll resolution will be voted on. Be there! The vote will be held during the regular city council meeting held in Council Chambers on the 3rd Floor of City Hall. The resolution passed out of committee last week unanimously, oh, there's a video:

Also, there's a 5:15 pm special meeting of the Council that's being held on the 1st floor. Don't know what that's about so I'll go check it out. Hoping some of my NO TOLLS brothers & sisters will join me there too?

Oh, and we almost forgot to share this little piece of love regarding Jeffersonville Councilman Nathan Samuels and his reason for opposing a NO Toll resolution:

September 22, 2010

Ron Grooms reason for voting down NO TOLL resolution...

I'm no political strategist. Okay, maybe I am.  But I think there's a rule that says if you're going to be a complete idiot, you wouldn't want to do it while you're running for State Senate.

Ron Grooms, an incumbent At-large member of the Jeffersonville, Indiana City Council, is running to represent the Indiana State Senate for District 46. So why he would vote against Councilman Keith Fetz's NO TOLLS resolution Monday night would have been a complete mystery.

Only the dude went on the record with his reason, and #YIKES!:

Grooms is opposed in the general election by Democrat Chuck Freiberger. I don't even know Freiberger's position on tolls, but I imagine he'll have one quick. By the way, constructive criticism for Mr. Freiberger too: If you're going to say "My phone and e-mail will always be open to you." on your campaign website, then maybe you should list them on your website. It would be more convincing.

It's a cardio weekend!

1) Wake up early Saturday morning, so you can make it to Cherokee Park and register before the 9am Race to End Homelessness. (It's pet-friendly, too)

2) Then on Sunday, we have the Louisville AIDS Walk. Here's some PSA's that are cool:

September 20, 2010

Jeffersonville votes against NO TOLLS Resolution!

NO TOLLS advocates lost a battle, but not a war. Oh, and if you have ANY INTEREST in being on Jeffersonville City Council, I encourage you to explore that interest further. The only member of the Council appearing to have courage is Keith Fetz, who is not planning to run for re-election.

Check out the 2:50 minute mark to see the audience's reaction to businessman Paul Fetter's public comments:

And Shawn Reilly being dramatic in his fancy suit:

And the vote:

There's even fancy TeeVee coverage from Claudia Coffey with WHAS 11:

job creation is not job attraction

Who knew there was a difference between job creation and job attraction?
Hal Heiner,  apparently.

Here's Heiner's new commercial:

Greg's going to have to chant "Jobs, jobs, jobs" like 200,000 more times now.
Somebody make it all stop.

Jesus forgive us for being morons.

No Tolls City Council Meeting Madness!

Tonight at the Jeffersonville, Indiana's City Council meeting, council members are expected to vote on a resolution opposing tolls to finance the Ohio River Bridges Project. The resolution will be introduced by 3rd term Councilman Keith Fetz. Fetz can be reached at 812-876-6962 or The resolution was first introduced by Fetz at the last council meeting following a stream of public comments in support of the resolution by Tyler Allen, Paul Fetter, and Curtis Morrison among others. The item died for lack of a second at that meeting. Due to an interest in the issue by the Indiana Tea Party Patriots, a large attendance by the public is expected at tonight's 6:30 pm council meeting.

This Thursday, the Louisville, Kentucky Metro Council will be voting on the NO Toll resolution that passed out of committee last week. That resolution has 20 co-sponsors so it is quite likely to pass, but large public attendance is expected nonetheless. That meeting is scheduled to begin at 6 pm. The Say NO to Bridge Tolls group produced a video that was uploaded to youtube and facebook to promote attendance at the meeting and to raise public awareness of efforts by the community to stop the tolls:

Say NO to Bridge Tolls is a broad based community group representing tens of thousands of people across Indiana and Kentucky that are opposed to any tolls being placed on existing or new bridges, and or the Spaghetti Junction, to pay for the Ohio River Bridges Project.

Also, unrelated. Here's Congressman Yarmuth's shout-out for this upcoming Sunday's Louisville AIDS Walk! Hope to see you there!

September 19, 2010

Jeff Noble turns 50!

Video 1 of 1:

Video 2 of 2:

Jeff's own coverage of his party: 

And because I'm video happy right now, here's the latest video from the Herndon for Metro Council campaign:

Dear Fairness Campaign...

Dear Fairness Campaign, 

I am a BIG FAN of your broad mission statement that allows you to fight all forms of oppression.  And I understand now, you are a 501(c)(4) and you can endorse candidates for office. I was confused on that for a long time and apologize for spreading my confusion.

Here's my 2 questions though. In your endorsement of Greg Fischer for mayor of Louisville in the general election:
1) Did you all consider the social injustice impact of tolls on already economically-oppressed people?
2) Have you considered how tolling ALL cross-river connections will creat regional apartheid within our community?


Oh Yay, press release just came (below). And the answer is "NO." Thanks.

Also, what's up with not endorsing Ken Herndon in Metro Council 6th? You were for him in the special election. After all he's done for our community, I'm in disbelief that you guys would have the audacity of leaving out an endorsement for a gay candidate for Metro Council. Hello? I heard it was "Talk like a pirate" day, not "Do Jim King a favor day." Christ.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Fairness PAC Endorses Greg Fischer for Mayor, Marty Meyer for State Senate, and 10 Other Midterm Races

(LOUISVILLE, KY) The political action committee of the Fairness Campaign, C-FAIR, proudly announces its first round of endorsements for the November 2, 2010 Midterm Elections (endorsement statements follow this list):

Greg Fischer – Mayor of Louisville

Marty Meyer – Kentucky State Senate District 38 
Representative Tom Burch

Kentucky House of Representatives District 30

Representative Darryl Owens

– Kentucky House of Representatives District 43

Representative Joni Jenkins

– Kentucky House of Representatives District 44
Councilwoman Tina Ward-Pugh – Metro Council District 9
William Cohen – Metro Council District 17

Justin Chelf – Metro Council District 19
Mike O’Connell – Jefferson County Attorney

Judge Sadiqa Reynolds – District Court Judge Division 11
Stephanie Pearce Burke – District Court Judge Division 14
PVA Tony Lindauer

 – Property Valuation Administrator

In the race for Mayor of Louisville, CFAIR endorses Greg Fischer with fervor. Time and again, Mr. Fischer has made strong statements in favor of Fairness issues, including fierce support of Metro Louisville's Fairness ordinance, marriage equality, and a commitment to offer domestic partner benefits to city employees should he be elected mayor. The CFAIR board has also been incredibly impressed with Mr. Fischer's legions of faithful volunteers, his ability to effectively raise campaign funds at the grassroots level, and his proactive engagement of constituencies all across the Louisville community to develop comprehensive, informed policies to address issues important to our city.

Conversely, Mr. Fischer's Republican opponent, Councilman Hal Heiner, who did not return a CFAIR candidate questionnaire, has been staunchly anti-Fairness his whole tenure as on the Metro Council. Councilman Heiner voted against the city's Fairness ordinance when it came before the council in 2004, and he contributed $20,000 of personal funds to support Kentucky's constitutional amendment banning gay marriage that same year. Repeatedly, in the Republican Primary for Mayor, Councilman Heiner made statements in opposition to anti-discrimination Fairness laws by citing "current federal protections" that preclude the need for state and local laws, a blatant mistruth. Given Councilman Heiner's inclinations against protecting the rights of all individuals, it is no surprise he is the candidate supported by Dr. Frank Simon, our region's most notorious anti-gay rights activist, who has personally contributed $500 to Councilman Heiner's campaign. 

The CFAIR team also interviewed Independent Candidate Jackie Green in the race for mayor. While Mr. Green is solidly pro-Fairness with a broad array of unique, social justice-conscience ideas, due to substantially low campaign fund-raising and a lack of broad community support, he was not considered a candidate viable for endorsement by CFAIR.

In the race for State Senate District 38, CFAIR vigorously endorses Marty Meyer. Having worked under the leadership of Congressman John Yarmuth for nearly four years as a District Representative, Marty Meyer has demonstrated his commitment to issues of equality and Fairness for all in the region. He will undoubtedly be a voice for those underrepresented in the Kentucky State Senate. 

Facing Marty Meyer is incumbent State Senator Dean Seum, a proven opponent of Fairness issues. Seum recently joined fewer than 10 state senators voting to pass anti-adoption Senate Bill 68 out of a secret session of the Senate Judiciary Committee in 2009. Senate Bill 68 would have prohibited all unmarried couples in Kentucky from adopting, fostering, or providing relative care services for children in the Commonwealth. 

Representatives Tom Burch, Darryl Owens, and Joni Jenkins, all incumbents in their respective races, deserve the full support of the Fairness community for their long-standing commitment to equality. All three have cosponsored the statewide anti-discrimination Fairness law for many years, and have demonstrated an enduring desire to make Kentucky's future Fair. Representative Tom Burch also proposed legislation in the 2010 General Assembly to allow for second-parent adoptions in the state, protecting the rights of children in same-sex families.    

CFAIR again endorses incumbent Councilwoman Tina Ward-Pugh i

n the race for Metro Council District 9.

 Councilwoman Ward-Pugh is a long-time fierce advocate for the LGBT community who was instrumental in the passage of Louisville’s original Fairness ordinance. The CFAIR team was additionally impressed with Ms. Ward-Pugh’s leading voice in the establishment of the Affordable Housing Trust Fund, in passing Louisville’s smoke-free legislation and in the Green Triangle Initiative on sustainability. 

In the race for Metro Council District 17, CFAIR endorses 

William Cohen,

 a small business owner and board member/treasurer of the Worthington Fire Department, who exhibited a deep understanding of the intersections of oppression during his interview with the CFAIR team. A resident of the district for more than 30 years, Mr. Cohen cited traffic, zoning, library and public health issues among his chief concerns in the race, and offered practical ideas for improvement.

CFAIR endorses Justin Chelf for Metro Council District 19, currently Councilman Hal Heiner's seat. We strongly believe Mr. Chelf will bring to that district the progressive voice it has been missing for some many years. Mr. Chelf is strong on issues of Fairness, and has been a fixture at social justice events since before he announced his candidacy. 

In the race for Jefferson County Attorney, CFAIR endorses incumbent Mike O’Connell, a former board member of the Louisville Metro human Relations Commission who testified in favor of the Fairness Ordinance before the Louisville Metro Council.

Judge Sadiqa Reynolds receives the CFAIR endorsement for District Court Judge Division 11. Judge Reynolds has a proven track record of Fairness in the court room, and we believe she will continue to be a judicial advocate for true social justice.  

In the race for District Court Judge Division 14, CFAIR endorses Stephanie Pearce Burke, who has worked tirelessly in her career to defend those individuals who otherwise would not have had their voices heard. The CFAIR team believes Mrs. Burke will continue to be a passionate and fair voice from the bench.

For Property Valuation Administrator, CFAIR endorses incumbent PVA Tony Lindauer, who is committed to Fairness and equality in all his work. We trust he will continue to be a careful thinker, always mindful of the issues of social justice as he assesses our neighborhoods and homes.

# # #

Committee for Fairness And Individual Rights
P.O. Box 3431 . Louisville, KY . 40201

Sunday, Sept 19, 2010 4:30 pm Update: 
I didn't read the above press release apparently. Turns out there are races that they still plan to endorse in and are interviewing candidates this week, including the 6th District Metro Council race and the County Judge Executive race. 

Sunday, Sept 20, 2010 514 pm Update: 
Oh, joy. Chris Hartman, Director of the Fairness Campaign, has just texted me "With Love" to read the full release, because I misrepresented they weren't endorsing in the 6th District Metro Council race. Well, Chris, don't write press releases that are so damn long and maybe I'll read the whole thing the first time. Thanks!