July 29, 2010

David James is #6th District Democratic Nominee

0 of the 9 Democratic Party LD's ultimately voted for Ken Herndon in their last vote tonight. Instead they selected David James as their nominee. James changed his voter registration to this district only in March of the current year.

If you feel, somewhat as I, not being more involved in party leadership, take a moment and apologize to Ken Herndon, as well as every resident of the 6th District you know, because they're the real victims of our complacency. Then get involved in party leadership. Thank you.

NOTE: This entry was revised 6.29.10, 11 pm as it was brought to my attention that I might want to watch revealing personal information about candidate James due to his profession, which  makes sense.
I apologize for not being more responsible about that. Good night.

Highlands Alert!

Unrelated, but important: People-Drive safely and respectfully of pedestrians. I see where another guy was killed trying to change his tire on the Watterson, about a week after a woman was ran down on Dixie Highway after walking out of a bar. We're going to be known as the worst pedestrian city on the planet if we don't change our ways.

Tonight is busy. I aspire to be at these things:
5 pm Louisville Democratic Party selects their nominee for 6th District.
6 pm Mike Slaton is hosting a fundraiser for Attica Scott at his house.
7 pm Jackie Green is having a volunteer meet-up at Molly Malone's

July 28, 2010

"Show me Your Papers" Protest!

ACLU & Fairness Logo smaller-1.jpg
July 28, 2010
CONTACT: Ben Ruiz, Co-chair, Hispanic/Latino Coalition of Louisville
Louisville to Protest AZ Immigration Law July 29, 11:30AM
'Show Me Your Papers' Street Theatre at 4th Street Live!, Noon 

LOUISVILLE—Over a dozen Louisville social justice organizations join cities across the nation to protest the unjust Arizona immigration law, SB1070, set to go into effect on Thursday, July 29, 2010. This event is in solidarity with people facing anti-immigrant attacks in Arizona, and is intended to continue building a community here in Kentucky to say "No to Hate" directed at anyone.

The “People Not Profiles: Kentucky Says NO to Arizona’s Unconstitutional Law” campaign will launch Thursday, July 29th, 11:30 a.m. at the corner of Sixth and Broadway (location of the old Federal Building housing the immigration offices). The program will include presentations of support by a wide range of groups and several speakers representing the diversity of this coalition. 

Participants will leave the federal building at Noon and march to 4th Street Live! to approach people in a “Show Me Your Papers, Please” street theatre action in order to engage them in conversation about the Arizona law. The action's focus will be on approaching those who are least likely to think that the law would affect them. Costumed participants will stop unsuspecting individuals walking through 4th Street Live! and ask them to, "Show me your papers, please."

The Arizona law, SB1070, allows law enforcement to stop a person if they suspect that person is an undocumented immigrant, and allows a law enforcement officer, without a warrant, to arrest a person if the officer believes that the person has committed any public offense that makes the person removable from the U.S.

SB1070 allows individual immigration status information to be used to determine eligibility for any public benefit, service or license provided by any federal, state, local or other political subdivision of the state.

The law also requires the courts to collect and remit civil penalties to the Department of Public Safety which must establish a special subaccount for the monies in the account established for the Gang and Immigration Intelligence Team Enforcement Mission (GIITEM) appropriation.

According to the American Immigration Council's Immigration Policy Center, once SB1070 goes into effect, law enforcement agencies will spend between $775,880 and $1,163,820 in processing expenses; jail costs will expand between $21,195,600 and $96,086,720; attorney and staff fees will increase between $810,067 and $1,620,134; and additional detention facilities will have to be built at unknown costs. 

WHAT: "People Not Profiles: Kentucky Says NO to Arizona’s Unconstitutional Law" Campaign Launch and Street Theatre Action

WHEN: Thursday, July 29, 11:30 a.m.; Street Theatre Action begins at Noon

WHERE: Outside Immigration Offices, 6th & Broadway; Street Theatre Action held at 4th Street Live!

          Anne Braden Institute for Social Justice Research at the University of Louisville
          Carl Braden Memorial Center
          Fairness Campaign
          Fellowship of Reconcilliation (FOR)
          Hispanic/Latino Coalition
          Jefferson County Teachers' Association
          Jobs With Justice
          Kentuckiana Interfaith Task Force on Latin America and the Caribbean
          Kentucky Alliance Against Political and Racist Repression
          La Casita
          Louisvillians In Favor of Equality (LIFE)
          Students for Peace and Justice, University of Louisville
          Women In Transition (WIT)

July 27, 2010

VOTE 2010 & Louisville

Alright, I've stayed away for Federal issues for a while. Sorry. As the election draws nearer though, I'm become increasingly aware of something that you guys probably figured out ages ago already. The biggest obstacle before President Obama delivering on the change we all voted for is our U.S. Congress.

So let's do our part in Kentucky to make sure we get voter turnout and ensure a Jack Conway victory in the Senate & John Yarmuth re-election in the 3rd District, and don't forget John Waltz victory in the 4th District.

We're having a Organizing for America -Vote 2010 Volunteer Kick-off Party next Wednesday, August 4th from 5:30- 7:30 pm at Louisville Democratic Party Headquarters. The Headquarters is located at 640 Barrett Avenue, behind the old Jillian's restaurant. This is a "bring your own coke & chips"- kinda party, because it's more about organizing. We're saving the celebrations until November. :-)

Oh, and check out the fancy website the DNC put together for this nationwide effort:

July 26, 2010

Monday thoughts on the CJ

If you aren't following Jonathan Meador on twitter: do that now: JonathanMeador

After the RIDICULOUS claim in the Sunday Courier-Journal that the Highland's neighborhood I live in is called "Little Indie" -Meador hit nail on head- for what everyone in this neighborhood is thinking.

Also, the Sunday CJ story on how Louisville tolls are going to be comparable to other tolls, compliments of Jere Downs, was just as ridiculously stupid. The new bridge being built in St. Louis over the Mississippi River without any tolls. How is $3 comparable to ZERO? Oh that's right, she didn't use examples of roads without tolls.

July 22, 2010

Fischer Non-story of the Day

^Bizzacco (Forgot where I found this pic)
Mayoral candidate Greg Fischer has hired Chris Bizzacco, as his 3rd campaign manager. I haven't met the guy but people have been gossiping about his past so I devoted half a day of research that indicates to me there's nothing there, so I guess I'll break the non-story, anyway.  
Here are the facts about Bizzacco's past:

1) Bizzacco comes to Louisville from Providence, Rhode Island.

2) He was Mayor David Cicilline's Chief of Staff, when in 2008,  the Mayor's brother, John Cicilline pleaded guilty to conspiracy, obstruction of justice and making false statements for his role in a courthouse corruption scheme. John Cicilline had allegedly pressured city employees to not cash $75,000 in checks that he knew were gonna do like that T.I. song and "Bounce Like This."

3) Bizzacco said in an affidavit that he told the Mayor what his brother was up to, but the mayor denies that he did. The worst of this mess is summed up in this excerpt from the Providence Journal:
"As previously revealed in a state police affidavit last month, Bizzacco, now a graduate student at Harvard University, said that he told Mayor Cicilline about the situation, but that the mayor never directed him to take any specific action or do anything inappropriate. The mayor vehemently disputes that. Murphy and Simmons told investigators that they don't recall telling the mayor, though Simmons did say that given Murphy's and Bizzacco's involvement, 'he thought the mayor would have known."
Looks like Fischer trusts Bizzacco side of the story and that's cool with me. I kind of respect Fischer for hiring him despite that mess. But what intrigues me most about Bizzacco's hire, is that he's the kind of guy that will rat out his boss when his boss screws up. THAT IS SOOOO AWESOME. He is PRECISELY the kind of person I want in public service in my city. 


While doing my day gig today, I passed what has to be the most ridiculous-looking house in Fern Creek. At least I'm nominating it in that category. It's located on Tradesmill Drive. Check this out. Let's hope no one that lives there ends up in a wheelchair.


Between 2-3 pm today a very bad accident stopped traffic on East-bound I-265 today just East of the Preston Highway ramp. 
It appears to have involved a semi-trailor that jack-knifed and an ensuing fire. If you're headed from PRP to the East end today, you might want to consider the Watterson Expressway.

STOP Mercury in the Ohio!

Went to a "Pollution Control Standards Hearing/Workshop Set" on Wednesday sponsored by the Ohio River Valley Water Sanitation Commission (ORSANCO)- where I learned greedy power plants want to put more mercury in the Ohio River instead of building windmills, and there's lots of smart engineer-types that care about our water that show up and ask questions.  It seems these "new" scrubbers on coal-burning power plants have to be washed down, and the resulting water is BAD NEWS BEARS. (So much for those "Clean Kentucky Coal" bumper stickers.)  So power companies want variances so they can just dump it in the river. Is that okay with you? Didn't think so. Here's a more technical take on what's going on and what you can do to stop it provided by the Kentucky Waterway's Alliance.

Also, someone in the audience brought up how a possible element of the letter could ask ORSANCO to require these companies wanting variances to provide evidences that their coal ash ponds aren't already leaking chemicals in the rivers they are asking to pollute. That sounds reasonable to me, but disclosure: I'm a newbie to this issue.

I wonder if EON- US already saw that suggestion from the audience coming- and that's what the grant to U of L and UK was all about? Also, did you realize "E.ON U.S. and its parent company, E.ON, have been great corporate citizens." University of Louisville President John Ramsey said they were so it must be true, right? (Yeah, I'm still bitter about not getting into Brandeis.)

A detail at that meeting I'm curious about:
Meme Runyon, of River Fields, Inc., asked what the official position of Louisville Water Company was on these proposed changes and the answer from the moderator, and even amongst some alleged representatives of Louisville Water Company, was there was not one. That's kind of pathetic if it's true. I'm hoping someone looks into that.

Finally, if there's factual errors in this post, comment and let me know. I BARELY understand this issue, but I value clean water so I'm working on understanding it more.

Hal Heiner's $20,000 Gay Problem

Although I made it late to tonight's Mayoral forum at Bellarmine University, I did catch some of the fun and I tweeted some of my thoughts on it, if you really want to know what they were click here.

Tonight's story, though, begins with Chris Poynter, who until recently worked for Jerry Abramson as Louisville's Deputy Communication Director. Poynter has been hired by the Greg Fischer campaign, and recently confronted me because he had heard allegations that I supported Hal Heiner for Mayor. Honestly, I was "almost there" with respect to supporting Heiner. Heaven knows he's not beholden to River Fields like Fischer is, and from watching him present over a couple dozen times, I have to say he is someone that visibly stays true to his convictions and that's honorable, even if I don't always agree with them. And it's in stark contrast with Greg Fischer, who I remain unconvinced is even a Democrat to begin with.

The bombshell.
Poynter informs me, at a bar, that Hal Heiner made a one-time $20,000 donation to the "Vote Yes for Marriage Committee" in the 2004 Election that lead to the passing of the Kentucky Marriage Amendment. Poynter then gave me his card with his fancy email address on it, if you wanted to verify that episode. There were witnesses, not that it matters.

I was blind sighted. I didn't live in Louisville until 2004 and wasn't engaged at all in that year's referendum. So I went home and did my internet research immediately. The next day I even called up Joe Burgan, with Heiner's campaign, and verified it was true with him. And Joe, as much as I like you, it's a little suspicious to me that we live in the same city and we don't have any mutual gay facebook friends. It's ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE not to have a mutual gay facebook friend with me. I know this is wrong to ask, but who does your hair, anyway? Ok, I digress.

This all happened a few weeks ago. I apologize to the spirit of democracy for waiting. I guess since Fischer committed to not running a "negative" campaign, having learned his lesson against Lunsford in 2008 - what a better way to leak out the dirt on his opponent but to feed it to a Fischer non-supporter. Well, I'm definitely a proud Fischer non-supporter, and I'm getting played. Yet I'm a firm believer that people make the best decisions when they are exposed to the most transparent options.

So yes, Heiner did donate $20,000 to fight gay marriage. You can verify that here:
Follow the MoneyBase 8, T H E M O N E Y B E H I N D T H E 2 0 0 4 by S O'Connel, & about any website that tracks political donations.

As one of the gayest Democrats in Louisville, I'm STILL not going to vote for Greg Fischer.  At least I've been fair and not kept this info to myself, though. The big question we all need to think about- Why didn't this come up in the primary?

July 20, 2010

Saying NO to $3 Tolls

The LASIBA might say that it's not the final plan, but I don't care. This plan is messed up. If we just downsized the ORBP to an East End Bridge only, we can build it without tolls. Kudos to Shawn Reilly for putting this little protest together so quick. We had about 25 protesters, and about eleventy-million people honked in support of the NO TOLLS cause. Ironically, many were truckers which confused me because Kay Stewart's Astro-Turf, the Bridges Coalition, had those truckers show up at the last Bridges Authority meeting to say they were for tolls. Go figure, not all truckers are for tolls after all. 

It should be noted only one Louisville mayoral candidate showed up today, that would be the Independent candidate, Jackie Green. Also, Tyler Allen was there, but he's no longer a candidate because Louisville drinking water was drugged the night before the election. (If Connie Marshall can believe what she believes, I can believe that.)

Media coverage of today's protest and some pictures by me:

Group holds protest against bridge tolls by WAVE 3

Toll opponents rally downtown by FOX 41 

Opponents of Ohio River bridge tolls hold rush-hour protest by CJ


David Nicklies is all about Speed

Listen for yourselves to hear the priorities that David Nicklies, a fellow real estate broker, has for supporting the downtown bridge and the reconfigured Spaghetti Junction. Looks like he's all about speed. He even brought along a visual aide to that effect.

When I found this video, it only had 19 views. That would be because the Bridges Coalition is an Astro-turf organization with no real human followers. I'm about good ideas always winning out though, so check out this amazingly stupid propaganda and decide for yourself.

Does he mention Waterfront Park, protecting historic Butchertown and downtown Jeffersonville? Does he bring up what the commuters in our city really want? (They want an East End Bridge, even the CJ Editorial Board admitted this Monday in their interview with Hal Heiner.) Does he bring up how people can't afford $6 round trip tolls to cross the bridge daily? Does he bring up how we could downscale the ORBP to just build an East End bridge, and do that without any tolls at all.
It's really simple math.

Okay, Mr. Nicklies, let's build a downtown bridge, so truckers can speed through our city faster than ever. I was an idiot to think it would be better for them to by-pass the city by using an East End Bridge. (That's satire.)

July 19, 2010


This dog was found at a picnic over the weekend, I think St. Agnes on Newburg Rd in the Highlands. It's a boy, and he looks to be a beshon or maltese or a poodle. Can't really give finder's contact info because I just found out from a friend of a friend, but I can connect you if it's your dog. Just comment below or email me:

TARC Hires Bridges Coalition's Kay Stewart

Mayor Jerry Abramson announced at this evening's "Community Meeting" that TARC has hired Kay Stewart, the Executive Director of the Bridges Coalition, as it's new Marketing Director a job which pays about $87,000/ year. Stewart's current employer is the Bridges Coalition, an Astro-turf organization organized by the Mayor to counter the authentic grassroot efforts first of the 8664 organization, and more recently the "Say No to Tolls" organization. In June, I reported the DL on Stewart, the Bridges Coalition, and their real agenda. (It's in Jerry's voice- I was experimenting- Don't worry, I don't want to do that anymore, either.) LINK.

One detail that is interesting is Stewart is currently only part-time for TARC, while she wraps up her responsiblity with the Bridges Coalition. There's obviously a conflict of interest with Stewart being an employee of the city, and the Bridges Coalition non-profit at the same time. What can we expect from Stewart in her new position? Well, here's a snarky little nugget of misinformation from her last press release for the Coalition:
"Project opponents were also in attendance and continued to argue against tolls although they did not offer a project funding solution, or they expressed support for only one bridge or no new bridges."- LINK
Is that most stupid and ridiculous sentence you have ever read? The alternative "funding solution" IS the downsize of the project to only an East End Bridge. (Noam Chomsky-RAGE). This is a classic example of Jerry Abramson manufacturing public consent (for 2 bridges: 1 project),by controlling information (what opponents actually are representing.)

Ironically, I expressed disappointment back in February with the last TARC Marketing Director, Nina Walfoort, so if she's hoping to escape my scrutiny, she's probably chosen the wrong gig: LINK

July 18, 2010

Louisville: Drive Safely

You know, Louisville, Friday morning we had another woman stuck and killed by a car on Dixie Highway. (WLKY) I love how the spin on the story was how much the pedestrian had been drinking. I drink too but that doesn't mean people have a license to run over me. 

Maybe it's time we slowed down? Have the courage to take 7 minutes of your time and check this video out. Thanks.

More crime, & My Reviewing the CJ

More rampant crime in Louisville. Look at this criminal mischief I discovered yesterday in front of my own home, IN THE HIGHLANDS, of all neighborhoods!!!!! And now the culprits aren't even talking about the political implications of the ORBP, but they're talking about lemonade! (GASP)
See related story, to find out more on this disturbing trend.

What I liked about today's CJ:

1) There's a Cheerios coupon in it.  
2) Rand Paul is causing his own campaign to #FAIL by ignoring that he's in, um, Kentucky, where we value farm subsidies for responsible crop rotation and irrigation. And prevention of poverty amongst those that friggin' feed us. Anyway, Al Cross was spot on, so he gets my kudos: LINK

3) Haiti: Yes, we needed this reminder about the troubles in Haiti. It looks like the U.S. hasn't event made good on their  1.15 billion in promised relief aide. Kudos to Pam Platt: LINK

What I didn't like about yesterday's CJ:

1) Why the Courier Journal just now decides to report that tolls would be about $6 round trip if we build 2 bridges and reconfigure spaghetti junction, even though this math has been around WAY BEFORE the Louisville mayoral primary is pretty damn convenient.  Now they have Mr. Fischer's nomination secured, they feel semi-confident in reporting the news. (It was after all, front page top column on Saturday's edition, not Sunday's.) Who knows if they even put it in the Indiana edition.
Remember Tyler Allen? Yeah, he told us that we need tolls if we do the whole project, but not if we just do the East End Bridge, remember?: TA commercial (I hope these stay up forever)

2) The feature of Matt and Colleen Dicken's getaway disgusted me for 3 reasons. Surprisingly, I'll itemize them:
a) We are supposed to be worried about reducing our carbon footprint, in lieu of Gulf Oilspill. Glamorizing this DINK's 6 bedroom, 8 bath home,  Is. The. Opposite. Of. That.
I've already submitted my Letter to Editor on this subject. 
b) Since times are tight, I'd rather read about how creative Germantown kids are repairing their windows instead of replacing them, or using scrap material they find on junk day to build their shed's from scratch. It's one thing to be elite, and it's another to show-off. Colleen wasted no time Sunday morning posting that story on her facebook wall. These people have no shame.
c) Finally, The Dicken's work in financial services. The industry that caused the economic mess the country is in to begin with. For people that are suffering in Louisville, do we really think they want to see how financial planners are living? I mean, that wealth did not come out of the thin blue air. There are always winners and losers, but winners that rub it in, yeah, they kinda piss me off.

July 14, 2010

Solar Roadways: I want them now.

Although I totally see our crazy government bombarding us with messages using the LED lights, probably even advertising. Or maybe TV? That would keep our eyes on the road, am I right?

Also, gentle reminder, if you aren't following me at, you're missing some crazy shit.

July 13, 2010

New Crime in Louisville Spreading

This morning local activist/ chalk artist, Stu Noland (pictured to right) showed up for his court date in Jefferson County Court hopeful that the charges against him would be dismissed. So confident that he was on the right side of the law, in fact, he actually showed up without legal representation.

As first-reported by the LEO Weekly & WFPL, about a month ago, Metro Louisville police handcuffed Noland and gave him a citation for criminal mischief for writing about the Ohio River Bridges Project in chalk, on Louisville sidewalks. Noland is the founder of the group Save Louisville, that opposes This morning Noland's case was not dismissed and another court date has been set for August 2nd.

In the meantime, it's apparent that other Louisville citizens are committing grievous acts of criminal mischief even more fearlessly than Noland. These images below were recently snapped in front of Herb Import Company at 978 Barrett Avenue, only 1500 ft from the Barret Avenue Police Station. No information is available on whether suspects have been apprehended from the Barret Ave crime scene, but considering the marketing is for the Herb Company, and there's evidence left unattended in front of said business, even I've seen enough CSI episodes to crack this case wide open.

July 10, 2010

The Jeffersonville Canal: Implications for the Ville?

WOW! This is an awesome big idea. I'm proud of my old city!

Considering what Covington/Newport has done to Cincinnati recreation and nightlife, I think maybe Louisville leaders need to wake up and pay attention. Jeffersonville is focusing on walkability and livability just as we are focused on destroying our Waterfront Park with the downtown bridge/ spaghetti junction portion of the Ohio River Bridges Project. Will Jeffersonville become the next Newport? Will Louisville become the next Cincinnati?
Argh. I'm going back to bed now.

This is YOUR Jeffersonville - The Canal from Squire Davidson on Vimeo.

July 9, 2010

Louisville Urban Parks: How about offleash hours?

Just read a great idea from another city on how we can make our urban parks, like Shelby Park for example, more ALIVE!  The link is below but check out this idea...
One of Thomas's first moves was to announce offleash hours for dogs from 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. Happy dogs and their owners flocked to the park. The lesson: Give the community an incentive to get back into the park, and people will ultimately care more about it. "You've got to have people who will fight for it," Thomas says.
Breaking the Silence: What's the secret to reviving abandoned urban parks by Rebecca Messner

Chief White- Enough with the Whining

"I'm not going to compete for a job I already have."- Chief Robert White talking to Fox 41

Funny, the rest of Louisville has to do this everyday, you entitled piece of shit. Lousivillians have just about had it with this guy treating his job search like he's some kind of American Idol-contestant. How about this as an idea- NO MORE WHINY-ASS interviews about your god-damned career? Because we really don't give a rat's ass. How about focusing on that day job you do have - the one that pays you $154,214.00/ year?

July 8, 2010

Press Release from Ken Herndon Supporters

For Immediate Release
Contact: Ken Herndon, 817-2766

We support Ken Herndon to be named the Democratic Party nominee for the 6th District Metro Council special election on November 2, 2010.

* Ken has a 25-year history of supporting Democrats at all levels of office
* Ken is easily the best prepared to run the strongest race this fall - already having in place a full campaign apparatus with $20,000 in pledged seed money for a fall campaign as well as 1000 yard sign locations in hand, a 100-person volunteer force and a 250-person donor base
* Ken received the support of two-thirds of the Metro Council Democratic Caucus for 33 consecutive votes
* Ken’s strong, proven support, from every part of the 6th Metro Council District, will retain the seat and help elect Democrats Jack Conway, John Yarmuth and Greg Fischer.

For these and many other reasons, we encourage the nine Democratic Party Legislative District delegates to make Ken Herndon the Democratic Party nominee this fall for the 6th Metro Council District special election.

Former State Representative and Congressional Candidate Eleanor Jordan
State Representative Mary Lou Marzian
State Representative Ron Weston
Former B District Commissioner Dolores Delahanty
President, Democratic Woman’s Club of Jefferson County, Mary Allgeier
Commonwealth Attorney Dave Stengel
Councilman Brent Ackerson
Councilman Rick Blackwell
Councilwoman Judy Green
Councilman Bob Henderson
Councilman Dan Johnson
Council President Tom Owen
Councilwoman Tina Ward-Pugh
Councilwoman Vicki Aubrey Welch
Former Alderman and Metro Councilman Cyril Allgeier
Former Alderman Jim Gravatte
Former Alderwoman Mary Margaret Mulvihill
28th District Vice-Chair, Steve Bittenbender
29th District Vice-Chair, Chris Brady
33rd District Vice-Chair, Kim Greenwell
34th District Vice-Chair, Anne Lindauer
44th District Chair, Steve Fein
46th District Chair, John Sommers
46th District Vice-Chair, Caroline Sommers
48th District Chair Preston Bates

July 6, 2010

Alexi Giannoulias = Amazing Sauce

I wish Alexi Giannoulias was running for office here in Louisville, Kentucky because he's obviously SPOT ON with respect to gay marriage. Reminder: Kentucky's 3rd District incumbent Representative, John Yarmuth, has still not joined 111 other Congressman in signing the Respect Marriage Act. Let him know here that he needs to, thank you.

song chart memes
see more Funny Graphs

July 5, 2010

Obama did what?

If your swimming pool was on fire, would you come home from the office? Yeah, what if it was your ocean- would you pull out of Afghanistan? Just a thought. Also, WTF is Obama thinking banning the press?:

July 2, 2010

Starks Building Progess

I don't know what kind of progress, like what's going on there, I haven't worked there for a few years, and I don't read Business First, but whatever is going on there, it looks exciting!

July 1, 2010

Tolling Authority wants to be called LIBSA

LIBSA stands for Louisville Southern Bridges Authority, and I'm happy that they've settled with that name. It's easy to hashtag on twitter and that makes me smile.

At today's meeting they ratified their vision and mission statements, which were worded very well. And if I wanted an unelected Authority to toll for parts of an inflated bridges project we don't want or need, then sure, it would do.
But I don't, and I am not the only one.

After they ratified the vision and mission, I honestly think they tried to bore the shit out of the media so they'd leave before public comments.
My hats off to Steve Shulz, the Director of LISBA, because it worked.

Also kudo's to Kay Stewart, the Director of the astro-turf organization called the Bridges Coalition for some fancy spin she pulled off today. She had construction workers show up with hardhats saying they wanted the jobs the project would produce. I wonder if Hitler had labor lobbying him to build Auschwitz with about the same argument. Yes, jobs are good. Jobs to build things we don't want or need: Not good. I want an East End Bridge without a tunnel, we don't need that other stuff downtown.

Lot's of people spoke in opposition to what's up today, many with facebook group "Say No to Bridge Tolls". Speakers beside myself were Steve Wiser, Shawn Reilly, Tyler Allen, Jackie Green, Chris Tobe, Tyler Hess, Emily Boone, and Martina Kunnecke. Pictured above is Jackie Green, the only Louisville mayor candidate to even bother showing up to the meeting, by the way. Where was Hal Heiner? Where was Greg Fischer?

I honestly captured the jist of about everything that happened at this meeting on my twitter, and if you want more details, you probably should follow my tweets anyway:
I really like to tweet from meetings, by the way.

WAVE3: Topic of bridge project still taking a toll
WFPL: Bridges Authority Reconvenes