February 26, 2010

Kentuckians Value Fairness Rally & Lobby Day

I enjoyed the Kentuckians Value Fairness rally in Frankfort. Wednesday. The rally/lobby day was hosted by the Fairness Campaign, Lexington Fairness, Kentucky Fairness Alliance, ACLU of Kentucky and the Kentucky Commission for Human Rights.

Personally, I got the opportunity to join a private meeting with a state rep from the southern part of the state. While he slipped the term "alternative lifestyle" a few times, he finally caught himself and asked to be corrected. Fortunately, I was in the room with some really cool fellow citizen-lobbyists and we were all patient with this guy, who sincerely, was doing the best he could to listen and understand where we were coming from. When it was suggested that we come to his district with a "listening forum" sponsored by the Kentucky Human Rights Commission, he frankly told us that wouldn't be the right approach. He said people in his district don't like to be told what to do by outsiders. An insightful observation...

So the lesson for me from this year's lobby day, if we really want Statewide Fairness, which we do, what we will need to do is find folks that are willing to go back to their hometowns, and talk to the people in their hometowns about why they left. That's a big challenge but I think it's necessary.

I'm from Indiana, but I never ask anyone to do anything I'm not willing to do, so I'm going to contact my legislators from where I lived in Indiana and tell them my story. Tell them how I was picked on and beat up when I was a kid because I was gay; Tell them how when I was a victim of hate crime in Jeffersonville; tell them how me and my first partner were denied a rental house in New Albany because we were gay. We have to tell our's important.

Also, I want to mention there were two Louisville mayor candidates there: Tyler Allen and Shannon White. Kudo's to them for being that brave to stand up for us!

February 24, 2010

Silent No More?

I can be "silent no more!" I regretted this meeting! Now, let's make it to where no one else can meet Dick Cheney, EVER! I mean, let's amend the U.S, Constitution to where NO ONE CAN MEET HIM EVER. I SAID I REGRET IT!
See the logic? That's because there isn't any...
So I just left U of L Campus where I saw this sign which says:
"Silent no more. Women DO regret abortion. Hear our stories. 5:30 PM Red Barn Tuesday March 2nd Free Pizza"

So we supposed to change the Constitution because they regret a decision? Wait, they think I care what they regret why? If I support their Sanctity of Life Amendment will they support my Sanctity of not having to meet Dick Cheney Amendment? Oh wait, there's free pizza. I'll be there. What the hell, ever.

Let's see how many pro-choice people there are on facebook? link

February 23, 2010

Against the wars?

Do something about it for just $100! I just got this on facebook and I'm considering going myself:

"On the Seventh Anniversary of the U.S. Invasion of Iraq …
Join us for a massive Peace Mobilization in Washington to demonstrate the will of the people:

End U.S. Wars and Military Occupations!
Bring All the Troops Home Now!
Peace for Afghanistan, Iraq, and Palestine!

Peace March & Rally in Washington, D.C.
Saturday, March 20, 2010


Bloomington Peace Action Coalition has chartered a 55-passenger motor coach to D.C.!

Don't miss this opportunity to help create a massive showing of support for the peoples of Iraq, Afghanistan, and Palestine, and insist upon an end to the military occupations of these countries.

Be a part of this historic National March and Rally in Washington D.C. as we join with tens of thousands of people from across the country in repudiating the destructive foreign policies of the United States, and call for Peace and Justice for Afghanistan and the Middle East.

Board the bus in Louisville, Columbus, Bloomington, or Indianapolis!

• The bus will leave Louisville, KY at 6:30 pm on Friday, March 19.
• Pick-ups in Columbus, IN (8:00 p.m.), Bloomington, IN (9:00 p.m.) and Indianapolis (10:30 p.m.) will follow.
• Convenient pick-up locations in Louisville, Columbus, Bloomington, or Indianapolis will be determined soon.
• The bus will be leaving Washington, D.C. at 8:00 p.m. on Saturday, March 20.
• Round-trip bus fare is $100 per person


• E-mail: or Call: 812-988-1917
• Provide us with your name, phone number, e-mail address, and city.
• We will call you back or e-mail you to confirm that a seat has been reserved.

After you have received confirmation that a seat on the bus is reserved for you, Please promptly mail a CHECK to:

Bloomington Peace Action Coalition
c/o Timothy Baer
P.O. Box 671
Nashville, Indiana 47448

Make your check out to “Timothy Baer”

If you cannot go with us to Washington, D.C. yourself, please consider sponsoring another person's seat on the bus!

Typically, there are several people who do not have sufficient funds, but, who very much want to travel with us and participate in D.C.

Your help is greatly needed and appreciated in contributing whatever amount you can to help fund a full bus to D.C.

Timothy Baer
Organizer, Bloomington Peace Action Coalition
(812) 988-1917"

OHRBP might no need tolls?

PLEASE! Make it to Page 3 of today's CJ story by Marcus Green and Stephenie Steitzer. It honestly looks like our legislator, John Yarmuth, was blind-sighted by the idea of having congress pay for any of our bridges project. As in- IT NEVER CROSSED HIS MIND? WTF. I assumed he had been introducing bills in congress to get just that done all along? I asked Chris Hartman when he was his PR guy for the campaign over a year ago, and he said Yarmuth was doing everything he could to look for the money (to fund the OHRBP).

I'm not forgetting, and neither should you, that Yarmuth was once himself, the regent of River Fields. He had resigned within weeks of seeking KY's 3rd district ccongressional seat he now holds.

“John (Yarmuth) and I need to roll up our sleeves and go to work, then,” Hill said according to the CJ.
I thinky Representative Hill was trying to get Yarmuth on the hook publicly, so he wouldn't be succumbing to the influence of his friends and neighbors. What do you think?

I should clarify, if tolls have to happen on the East End bridge, I'd go along. But that's it. And I really don't think that's a good idea. My problem comes when they are talking about tolls on existing bridges that are paid for. That's just not right.

And yes, Dan Borsch, as cited in the CJ, does have a facebook group with 55 members: Say NO to Bridge Tolls. I just joined it, so now he has at 56 members. (A roll!) Granted, "NO TOLLS ON SHERMAN-MINTON, OR KENNEDY BRIDGES. EVER." does have 325 fans, but most of those are only my close friends. :P
I know, you say, Curt needs to get his ego out of the way (By the way, I took the picture above with an old school film Canon. Groovy, eh?) I promised a friend I wouldn't be bitter after yesterday Re: Not being selected as one of Louisville's 128 connectors. And I'm not being bitter. And besides, apparently no one reads my blog anyway, right? It's not like I'm "A Connector." I don't know why, but for some reason I believe my not being chosen has something to do with Michelle Jones not accepting my friend request on facebook. Discuss. Me > Coffee > Now.

February 20, 2010


2 Events. 1 Night. Do them both.

What: Karaoke with the Candidate! (Attica Scott for School Board)
How: "hat we've all been waiting for -- Attica Scott, School Board Candidate for District 1, singing to the oldies! But not just any old jams, you get to choose what she sings as often as you want!
$5 dollars tickets will be sold in advance for the entrance to the event and for each song we are asking for a donation of $1-5, which goes a long way for priceless entertainment and memories that will last and last!!!"
When: : Saturday, February 27, 2010 7PM-10PM
Where: The Tavern, 1532 S 4th St (4th & Gaulbert), Louisville, KY
Facebook event: LINK

What: Fundraiser for Mike Slaton
How: "delicious coffee, yummy beers, great company, music, and to support Mike Slaton in his bid for the Kentucky House of Representatives!"
When: Saturday, February 27, 2010, 8:30PM- 12:00AM
Where: Derby City Espresso, 331 E. Market St., Louisville, KY
Facebook event: LINK

February 19, 2010

American Family Association of Kentucky: Candidate Night

Last week I received a candidate questionnaire from Freedom's Heritage Forum that my friend Kyle Riggs thought was amusing enough to upload to the net. Now it's a pretty popular document: (LINK). The Freedom's Heritage Forum is an organization best-described by the Leo's Jonathan Meador as:
"a group that exists because (1) Hell is very very real, and (2) someone has to undertake the thankless dirty-work necessary for placing conservative Christian candidates into positions of power."
In today's mail, from Frank Simon, MD, of the American Family Association of Kentucky, sent me an invitation to speak at their "Candidate Night." The AFA and the FHF share a fax number (502-897-2426), and as Meador reported on his blog, Simon answers the FHF phone too! If the same guy (Simon) is answering the phone for both organizations, are they actually the same organization? Have the teabagger's formally integrated Frank Simon?

Regardless, they're offering me one minute to speak, I'm going to do it. I just faxed in my RSVP. I'm kinda stoked about it in fact. The invite promises that "500 wonderful and dedicated people will come out..." FABULOUS! Bring your cameras. If any of my readers have ideas on the most productive way for me to spend this hot minute, comment below or drop me an email; Hope you can make it!
What: Candidate Night
Host: American Family Association of Kentucky
When: April 20, 2010, 6:30 PM
Where: Evangel Conference Center, 6900 Billtown Rd, Louisville, KY 40299
Contact information for the American Family Association:
Frank G. Simon, MD, Director
(502)893-2444, fax: (502)897-2426, email:
(In case you had questions for them.)

I'll be hosting an after-party at Cafe 360. Meet us up there about 9 PM in case you don't make it out to the main event!

February 18, 2010


CJ did a decent piece on the TARC announcement today. LINK HERE. (Kudo's to Dan Klepal) Now, I am even more greatly confused by TARC's official spin. When their marketing director Nina Walfoort first announced the cuts, she said
"...we’re hoping to see our ridership go back up so that we have greater fair revenue."
Now we hear the executive director Barry Barker say
"We’ve got overcrowding that we’re not able to respond to."
(picture Curtis scratching head NOW)
Which is it? Um, wait, I think I got this. They are going to 1) cut routes to increase ridership, so they can 2) respond to overcrowding that they already have.

Oh, that ridiculous detail aside, both mayor candidates Tyler Allen and Jackie Green are both spot-on with their inputs into the big picture:
“At a time when there is significant unemployment, when you start eliminating cost-effective transportation, you’re making it that much more difficult to access the jobs that are out there,” - Tyler Allen

“It’s a sad thing, the impact is that it is going is to drive people to use their cars more, which are not for the good of their personal economies. And as we face EPA’s new (air pollution) standards, it will spell even more trouble for us.”- Jackie Green

As for the spin from the mayor's office, well, it reminded me of FAIL. Sorry. And for the first time in this blog, ever, I'm going to quote Oprah Winfrey:
"Lots of people want to ride with you in the limo, but what you want is someone who will take the bus with you when the limo breaks down."
Unless you are in Louisville, apparently, then you want a friend that likes walking...

February 17, 2010

Kentucky Tea Party Lunacy

David Logsdon sent me a questionnaire for Freedom's Heritage Forum. CREEPY AS SHIT! No, I don't want to be endorsed by an organization that believes Europe has been taken over by Muslim's and we're now being invaded. No thanks, LUNATICS!: LINK TO QUESTIONNAIRE

Waiting to see if they endorse Rand Paul....Anyone care to wager?

Update: Observation. If you are one of the liberals questioning the reason why it's necessary to ally with other social justice organizations, note how broad the targets are of the Freedom Heritage Forum. They even go after the ACLU!

February 16, 2010

Fischer: The Toll Candidate

When we are listening to candidate Greg Fischer say he's for building the East-end bridge first after he's taken so much money from River Fields supporters (historyandissues), it's natural to have doubts about his authenticity on this very big issue. And for that reason, I want to share again my video of him answering the question in September of last year (before he got the River Fields donations).

I apologize for the sound quality, and subjecting you to my biased support of candidate Tyler Allen. I made this video for fun, not knowing that Fischer would ultimately flip-flop on this issue. Your assignment is to look past that stuff and try to reconcile what Fischer was saying then with what he's saying now. What's changed? Also, reconcile this answer with the reality of the $4.1 Billion Ohio River Bridges project. Building two bridges means tolls for the Sherman Minton and the Kennedy bridge. Is that what we want?

February 12, 2010

LDMD Spin of the Month

The executive director of the Louisville Downtown Management District is spinning that arena parking won't be a problem after all citing her experience in Lexington:
"where we found that 24,000 fans were loaded and unloaded from Rupp Arena in 17 minutes."- Joanne Gonzalez
That's a fair comparison, since downtown Louisville and downtown Lexington have an identical number of downtown businesses open at night. I mean the nightlife is the same and everything. The cities are really clones of one another. Right? FAIL.

Also in the LDMD's newsletter, they will be hosting a mayoral forum next week: Tuesday, February 16, 2010, from Noon-1:30PM. It's too late to RSVP though, the deadline was yesterday at 4PM, which kind of sucks to be honest. 5 days before the event? What the hell? Why would they need 5 days notice. I just don't get that.

Oh, and FAIL #3, because of a sloppy typo, the link to their newsletter didn't work in their monthly email. (You guys should check stuff like that before you shoot of an email.) Here's a link to the downloadable newsletter: (link that actually works)

Ear X-tacy press conference:

"George Harrison said it best when he said 'All Things Must Pass.' I just don't believe that now is that time yet."

Kudo's to WFPL for putting the entire thing online:
If you don't love the store's owner John Timmons after listening to to him tell his story, you have no soul. Most disturbing quote about our city's current leadership:

"They really didn't want locally-owned businesses down there (4th St. Live)"
(Note to self: Boycott 4th St Live and only spend time at locally owned-businesses.)

February 9, 2010

"get with the plan" = mendacity

"Boyyaa I've lived with mendacity. Why can't you live with it? You've got to live with it, because there's nothing to live with, but there? - Big Daddy
The Courier-Journal editorial board, in their Friday editorial, warned candidates they needed to "get with the plan." By the plan, everyone knows what they mean. It's kinda like code for "help us to sabotage the East-end bridge."

There's actually two layers of mendacity here though. One is the obvious: that the CJ Editorial Board doesn't care, or represent the city of Louisville's needs. The second is between the lines. Why would Greg Fischer solicit all those campaign contributions from River fields donors, then turn around and say he's for building the East-end bridge first?

Was he lying to them, or is he lying to us? I'm not sure. At least it's obvious who the CJ is lying to. mendacity...

Update: Across the Ohio River in Southern Indiana, this is strange, we are seeing...what's this...BRADEN LAMMERS with the Evening News is comparing 8664 to the Bridges Project: LINK. NICE!:

Tyler Rebuttal!

If you didn't read Friday's CJ editorial on the Mayor's race, you are missing quite a piece of work: link.

Tyler Allen wasted no time in publicly responding to the CJ:

"Louisville needs and deserves leadership that will step up and lead, not 'get with the plan'...."- Allen

Also, on the subject of Louisville mayor, our incumbent, Jerry Abramson today on WFPL re-stated his commitment to the Ohio River Bridges Project, as it stands, clarifying that the 2nd Street Bridge will be the only bridge that that will be safe from tolls. They've got their legal minds trying to figure out how to add tolls to existing bridges. Jesus, Mary, and Joseph: What could they be thinking?

Yes, he's suggesting that the Sherman-Minton and Kennedy Bridge will also have tolls to pay for this unnecessary bridge that will slaughter Waterfront Park, Butchertown, and downtown Jeffersonville. He also slipped later in the interview his negotiations on "developing Otter Creek Park." He corrected himself, but it sure seemed to flow uncomfortably smooth out of his mouth. I'm growing increasingly anxious about Jerry's leadership.

February 7, 2010

Comic Sans MS: Font of the week

Don't doubt for a bluegrass minute that project manager Gary Valentine of the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet doesn't have a shrewd sense of humor! The Ohio River Bridges Project website is soliciting proposals to provide geotechnical exploration necessary for the design of tunnels proposed for the extension of the Gene Snyder Freeway under US 42 and the Drumanard Estate. It's no secret that the 55-acre, River Fields-cherished, Drumanard Estate has only been considered "historically significant" since 1987. (8664)

So how does Valentine post a procurement bulletin with a ridiculous $3 Million dollar fee for this drilling silliness under this stupid property, with a straight face? Simple. He posts it in Comic Sans MS font.

ComicSansMS was released in 1994 by the Microsoft Corporation. According to wiki, the font "was designed to imitate comic book lettering, for use in informal documents." Or documents for wasteful geotechnical tunnel drilling in order to obstruct the Eastern connection by inflating it's costs. No difference. This font was previously best known, before now, for being the font on Beanie Bag tags. Who could forget Valentine the Monkey? (Pictured below)

Also fun, I love how he clarified the due date:
"Wednesday, February 17, 2010 4:30 p.m. E.S.T.
(Frankfort time)"
I think it's safe to say "Frankfort time" is very often the same as Louisville time. Oh, I get it, it's one of those fancy innuendos! Yes, Frankfort is in charge of deciding who gets the wasted $3 Million and not Louisville. Also, 25 points for cleverness on this too!

If your curious where the Ohio River Bridges Project actually stands, it's dependent somewhat on the new Kentucky-Indiana bi-state authority which had their first meeting last week to determine the source of $1.44 billion worth of what Ky. Gov. Steve Beshear calls "innovative financing." This will likely mean charging Indiana and Kentucky commuters obnoxious tolls.

I haven't seen any press releases yet from the new authority announcing what they accomplished or when their next meeting will be, but may I recommend, in keeping with new tradition, they use a font called Accidents Grotesque. The fonts designers describe it as follows: "It corners a moment of perfection, folly, and graceful mistake."

Update: Fox 41 reported that the Drumanard Estate only sits on 42 acres. I checked the PVA, and it looks to be 45 acres. Also, annoyingly, the hypertexted link from the PVA to the deed shows up as "no matches." Apparently, when you are this well-connected in Metro Gov as the owners of this house are, your identity is private. So here's what's still public:

The address of the Drumanard Estate is: 6401 WOLF PEN BRANCH RD, PROSPECT, KY 40059. According to CJ Reporter Alex Davis, it was the 8th highest-assessed home in the city last year: Link that will be disabled by Wednesday. It is owned by the SOTERION Corporation, which may be involved in Medical Imaging-Magnetic, and is located in the Cobalt Marketplace, 445 East Market Street, Louisville, KY 40202, (that building is owned by the Blue family.) Soterion shares a phone number with the Semeion Group which has this big plan for curbing drug and alcohol use in kids by scaring them with pictures of their brains. I think. Link that will download an 8 page document about BrainTruth.

SB 53 Let independents vote

There's currently a bill before the Kentucky General Assembly, SB 53, that will enfranchise Kentuckians that are registered Independent to vote in a primary.

Why not? I think this is fair. Join the facebook group. And tell your legislator you're for it if you are. =)

February 5, 2010

What's 8664?

Because I've had bumper stickers on 4 cars over 5 years, I've been asked a gazillion times what is all about. This has been a challenge for me because I'm just a follower of this GREAT IDEA, and most of what I know is from their website. Here's a 1 minute crash course on some of the possibilities this alternative offers our amazing city:

If this makes you hungry for more information, check out the 8664 website and join the existing 11,330 supporters (as of today)!

LouHI needs your assistance!

LouHI needs your assistance! They're going to upload all the Louisville mayoral political TRADITIONAL MAILINGS so they can be online in a central location:

Here's how it works. When you get a mayoral political mailer, scan it in and email it to Steve Magruder at Or if you need to fax it, email him for his fax number.

Reverend Crazy At Work!

Kudo's to for bringing Riner Roadblocking Domestic Violence Protection to my attention:

If you haven't sent his Tom Riner's primary opponent: Candidate Mike Slaton, a check yet, that's okay. You can make your donation online RIGHT NOW:

February 4, 2010


From WFPL:"...we’re hoping to see our ridership go back up so that we have greater fair revenue,” -TARC Marketing Director Nina Walfoort (who the CJ says earns $86,956.00/ Year)

What kind of Marketing Director gets away (in the real world) with "hoping" for customers?

With the exception of their website, which has sucked for just about, oh yeah, since the beginning of the internet, they actually have a great product. TARC is clean, convenient, and cheap. So why don't people ride it? Why don't more WHITE people ride it? Well this video, while instructional and all, might not have helped with that demographic...

I have a theory: Irrational fears about safety have not been addressed in TARC marketing. This may be related to how the Jerry Abramson administration has pretty much ignored that racism exists in his efforts to make "poorer, older, blacker" Louisville all better by ignoring, marginalizing and now isolating people that don't apparently matter. And now who is going to pay?: Those same people. They pay for everything else in Jerry's Louisville- The urban poor. Blacks, Latinos, Vietnamese & every other immigrant, marginalized folk around: This is YOUR problem they don't know how to market their little bus company.

Employees themselves have done a video recently...that shows a lot of pride and enthusiasm for what they do. It made me smile. But they probably weren't authorized to approach the safety issue, either.

TARC is one of the best things our community has going for it. I rode the 29 today: It was on time and people were friendly. Before we start to close it down, route by route, maybe we should look closer at the way it's being run? A tightened economy should NOT RESULT IN DECREASED RIDERSHIP...something is not right here. So we got some work to do. I'd like to see A CRAZY OVERBOARD CAMPAIGN OF TESTIMONIALS from Louisvillians about how SAFE and RELIABLE TARC is. This recession is an opportunity for TARC- I can't fathom what kind of leadership would allow them to use it to justify their failures.

Maybe I'm way off here...I'm sure someone has done a poll to find out why people don't ride TARC, right? They wouldn't have made these kind of decisions without finding that out, right? What did those polls discover? Someone post me a link, please?

Forum di Opera?

Well, maybe kinda. The Kentucky Opera is definitely getting stoked about Monday's:
Conversation with the 2010 Louisville Mayoral Candidate about the Future of the Arts in Louisville
According to their blog, all 13 (Ninmbus still in then?) candidates have pledged to participate! That's pretty swell news for Louisville. What will the questions be about- this is not my specialty, I have no idea.

Here's suggestions for improvement from the last forum:

Tyler Allen needs to be louder, use smaller words. It wouldn't hurt if he could wear platform shoes, too. David makes him look like a jockey.

Nimbus Couzin, Jonathan Robertson, Hal Heiner and Chris Thieneman need to be more present.

Burrel Charles Farnsley needs to learn about what's going on in this century.

Greg Fischer needs to snort a line of something so he will bounce up and down at least.

Jackie Green needs to talk faster. I'm not sure how a deliberate, cautious speaker learns how to do this, maybe take a class. But the pregnant pauses kill me.

Jim King and David Tandy could both rely less on their past achievements and focus on their visions for the city. You guys do have visions for the city's future, right? (Special note to Tandy: Not allowed to use Jerry's. That's cheating.)

Connie Marshall needs to run her ideas by one of her neighbors or maybe the mailman before she brings them to us.

Lisa Moxley needs to study-up on the issues that she is a bit rusty on.

Shannon White needs to be prepared. If she has trouble remembering what she's going to say, then she could write it on 3x5 cards. No crime in that. Johnny Carson did it. Well, no crime unless you have a HUGE ego, that is.

February 3, 2010

Faith, Nudder Blogger, Meet Mike, & Mayor Sexiness Poll?

I HEART IT so much when people of faith in Kentucky stand up for gay marriage! Go Albert N. Pennybacker. You are now one of my favorite people! SEE OPED in CJ


REMINDER ABOUT EVENT: Candidate Mike Slaton's Meet and Greet is Thursday, February 4 from 6-8 PM. I won't be making it. I have car trouble, a closing, a test, and an appointment with some buyers. But other cool kids will be there. Heck, Mike will be there and everyone knows how cool he is! More info.

Finally, got a voicemail today...I won't reveal the identity of the caller, but she was adamant in her expression of just how much sexier Tyler Allen was than the other candidates for Mayor. I know that's irrelevant, but nonetheless, I think it warrants a poll. WLKY? WAVE? WHAS? FOX41? CJ? Louisville Magazine? Leo? Someone- do a poll to discover who is the sexiest Mayor candidate. Don't make me host a forum on this. I think getting this discussion out there would be an excellent way to reach a lot of voters that otherwise are really bored with this race already. Show me this is Possibility City, damn it!


Did my Forum Recap-Joy not leave you giddy? Did you miss the People's Forum and are now suffering from a nasty case of not enough info about where these candidates stand? Well, "Dr. Steve Magruder" with " General Hospital" has just the script for what ails you:
Video Footage of the Snow White & the Eight Dwarfs (So she'd like to think) at the People's Forum

Oh you can handle more, you say...Well just when you thought it was safe to go outside, we have...ANOTHER FORUM ON MONDAY! This one will be artsy-fartsy! 2010 Louisville Mayoral Candidates have been invited to talk about the Future of Visual Arts in Louisville. This forum will be hosted by the Kentucky Center for the Arts, moderated by David Cupps, Executive Director of Arts Kentucky, supported by local visual arts organizations and will be open to the public.

When: Monday, February 8, 2010 Time: 6-8:00 p.m.
Where: The Kentucky Center for the Arts, Bomhard Theatre 502 W. Main St., Louisville, KY

View Larger Map
Stay tuned to see if Republican candidate Hal Heiner and Chris Thieneman grace us with their presence, or if they are hoping that voters read their minds telepathically. Seriously guys, it's cheaper to get your message out if you show up when you're invited to, um, relay your message. That's my free political consulting for the day.

i’ve not been able to repay

I have THREE things to say about Kentucky Rep. Tom Riner (D-41) today:

1) pageonekentucky's recent post titled Riner’s "Running Scared & Making Crap Up" is DEAD-ON. Particularly interesting is that Riner is writing
“...I have loaned my campaigns nearly $70,000 that i’ve not been able to repay…”
He’s not saying “his campaign’s” were not able, but him personally (he used lower case “i’ve”)
IMPLICATION: In the past he’s actually borrowed the money he's ran with. Who did he borrow that from? Is that legal if it was, like, his father-in-law? (Who also is notorious himself as a huge contributor to Mitch McConnell and Jim Bunning) Think we can get Attorney General Jack Conway to investigate?
Ed Springston: Please take care of this for me. I'm too busy. I'll buy you some donuts? =P

2) I happened to notice on Riner's campaign site today that he's bragging about his work on:
"House Bill 289 (2006) provided that disabled hunters are not prohibited from using assistive technology, including certain remote control devices, if permitted by administrative regulation, as long as they are on the premises and not remote-controlled by use of the Internet."
With all do respect, Rep. Riner, I don't think you have a single constituent that this effects. Let me remind you of who you represent real quick (It's in the blue):

3) Finally, if you are one of those loyal Democratic Machine folks that feel obligated to give because Claudia told you to, you should understand this race is different. I am not the only one with the google machine that will be reading Riner's campaign finance reports so you can bet there's going to be research into the propriety of each individual donor, and each donation. We might just be geeks with computers but we're kinda ruthless.

February 2, 2010

Forum Recap-JOY!

Handing out stickers for Tyler Allen has it's disadvantages, didn't exactly get a good seat at the People's Forum tonight at the Metro United Way. Was directed to the overflow room behind the forum where the latecomers watched it all on TV. Ironically, the latecomers were all the cool kids, so it was okay.

I'm going to shoot my observations out randomly for your pleasure or distress:

Jackie Green made it clear he was the only candidate for light-rail first, before the bridges. Being from Indiana, this concerns me.

Shannon White was the last person to introduce herself and made some snide remark about how she joined the race because she didn't see anything else inspiring up on the stage. I barely heard it but it did get a laugh.

White wants to rehab the blighted, foreclosed houses in our community to solve the problems of employment, homelessness, and energy-efficiency. While I admit I've had similar eclectic ideas before I realized-let's face it-that would take eleventy-billion dollars that we don't have.

David Tandy
wants to take our city buildings "off the grid." I love it because it's radical. However, he hinted about doing this primarily with solar power, and I don't think that's feasible. I think he'd have to make a zillion dollar investment in geo-thermal heating and cooling for this plan to work and that might be a problem. But I still like the idea.

Connie Marshall gave the best, arguably the only answer to the question: "When should officers taser?" She said when a suspect "is lying on the ground and handcuffed, that's it. No tasering. That makes since, and sounds fair to me. Kudo's to her, and I told her that after the show.

Jim King may have said "When it comes between the choice between a taser or a gun, don't use taser." Surely he misspoke, or I misunderstood: The audio wasn't great in the back room. I'm looking forward to viewing the whole thing when one of my buddies gets it up to try to figure out what he said/ meant.

Tandy, when faced with the question about whether as Mayor, he would testify to the Kentucky General Assembly for a Statewide Fairness bill, said "We want Kentucky to be too busy to hate." Then he talked about all the economic benefits of fairness, and how the city could benefit from it.

Greg Fischer also boasted all the economic reasons for fairness.

Tyler Allen mentioned the economic reasons too, but he added how Louisville needs to be "increasingly like the rest of the world in which we want to compete." Lisa Moxley later agreed with this.

Shannon White or maybe Moxley brought up the relocation of Somalia tribes from Smoketown, and I am the first to admit I had never heard of this issue. (Someone email me a link or some literature on this.)

joined everyone in proclaiming Louisville Water Company as being wonderful. This is the part of the meeting I wanted to heckle something like "then why are their fees for an online bill payment" but alas, I was stuck in the back room. Fischer also said Louisville had the 2nd best water quality in America according to (I hate that I couldn't hear everything.)

NONE of the candidates are for buying LG&E from EON. This made me a sad bunny.

Burrel Charles Farnsley arrived late, and didn't have very polished answers to many questions, but he did say something about how his dad, as Mayor, wouldn't pass the buck. Couldn't help to realize just how damning this was a criticism of the incumbent.

Tandy, when asked about extending domestic-partnership benefits to city employees, gave the strangest answer. He relayed that if we do that, we'll get something back. There's something in it for the city. AS-IF, the fact that it's the right thing to do isn't enough...

King, and Fischer also agreed they'd extend the benefits. Jackie Green and Connie Marshall said NO, they would not extend the benefits, but for different reasons. Green seemed to think that it would create discrimination if we allowed domestic partnerships because same-sex couples would have them and not heterosexual couples and that would create discrimination. WTF does he think we have now? MAJOR FAIL BY GREEN, and then he added, that we could use our rejection of domestic partnership benefits as a bargaining chip in Frankfort. Which is kind of like telling us how great it would be to "go to hell" by telling us there's a Wal-mart there. Marshall may have just been confused. Allen said he'd not only extend the benefits, but he wouldn't let the argument fly "we can't afford it." Which was a very important distinction from our current Mayor that I only heard from Allen.

Tandy said once he'd use the role of Mayor as a "bully pulpit to..." and I didn't hear anything he said after that. As someone that was beat-up in school, the word bully kind of turns me off so sorry. Tandy also said EVERYONE needs to go to college. I don't agree with that, neither did Jackie Green. I don't even know if I want to go to class tomorrow, really.

Fischer, in his answer to the school question, said we needed to insert "Joy." I thought I misheard him but then he repeated it couple times. Better schools through "Joy." Yeah, good luck with that one.

Jim King, and his wife Debbie, were introduced to me by their staffer Jonathan Hurst. That went a lot better than I expected. While Jim expressed genuine interest in my grudge with him ("why do you not like me, you don't even know me?'"), he was good-spirited about it. Debbie was "on it." She does read this blog, and she wished me success with the Feb. 24 Statewide Fairness Rally and Lobby Day and was adamant about thanking me for what I do for fairness.

Republican candidates Hal Heiner and Chris Theineman were not present?
White reminds me of Sarah Palin. She's got some serious folksy appeal and she's very gregarious.
Fischer reminds me of John Kerry and I'm concerned he would similarly throw this election to the Republican party by being just as boring. Can't we call this the Al Gore/John Kerry Lesson in the Democratic Party and learn from it? Boring candidates are not viable. I am grateful, now that it's soaked in, that he's adopting the "Build the East-End Bridge First" strategy, even though I DON'T BELIEVE HIM.
Tandy knows his resume better than any human I have ever met on the face of the planet. I doubt he answered a single question tonight without a) Quoting from his resume or b) quoting a Kennedy. I want this guy to play a role in Kentucky politics but I'm not sure where to put him. I don't think he's doing a good job representing the urban core, which he reminded me was his responsibility more than once tonight, but I think he's an amazingly-talented communicator and public speaker. We should give him a job where he just talks and tells people what they want to hear.
King I can't say anything bad about because his wife was nice to me and I'm disoriented.
Green talks to slow, and telling city employees that are gay or transgendered to forget about domestic partner benefits really disappointed me.

You've probably already figured this out, I did listen and I appreciated all the discussion, but I'm still in Tyler Allen's camp. He's got the vision and he's proven himself to be able to organize people around that vision. Kudo's to campaign staffers of other campaigns that were friendly to me tonight. You guys are awesome. If I made any mistakes here in my descriptions of the facts, give me a heads up:

It's tonight: GO!

Ten local social justice have invited all the Louisville mayoral candidates to answer questions specific to the groups' goals at tonight's forum at the Metro United Way. We understand that all the sponsoring organizations are non-partisan and all the candidates were invited, regardless of party affiliation.

Show up and hear which candidates give hopeful answers to what will probably be very difficult questions. Admission is free. While the forum doesn't begin until 6PM, the doors open at 5:30PM, so it's suggested you get there early to get the best seats in the house

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UPDATE: Google maps is showing Metro United Way um, in the middle of the block, it's on the corner of Preston.

February 1, 2010

One of these things not like the other?

Remember a year ago when Obama's blog showed a map with high-speed railing coming down from Indianapolis (somehow crossing the Ohio River) and clearly coming to downtown Louisville? Well here's the NEW map- so forget about that dream (for now). Kudo's to James Bruggers CJ blog for catching this and starting our week off sad. Well, at least we know where we are starting from.

Instead of calling our being left-out a Mitch McConnell FAIL, for being an ass to our President, let's recognize that the rest of the country, including D.C., looks at Louisville as being backwoods nuts for not being able to complete an expressway beltway around their city. That's what cities were doing 30 years ago, we need to CATCH-UP if we expect to play with the latest in transportation innovations. So, goto here: and find out what we need to do first, before we get to play with shiny trains, etc.

Or, we could follow Steve Beshear's lead, who is pushing high speed rail from Atlanta? He released the press release Friday. That Kentucky pays for by itself? I mean it would be fun, I love HOTLANTA, but, how? Wait, is this a shiny trick to get me to go along with more gambling. YES. Or maybe just a quick way to give $250,000 to some dude that study's highways. I'm seriously going to put a craigs list ad up to find us a democratic candidate to challenge Beshear in next year's primary (Not giving up hope on Crit Luallen, just wanting a plan B.)

At least we are still on the "long-term" map- but come on people, we have to be responsible for ourselves in the meantime, and build the East-End bridge.