January 29, 2010

Question of the Day

I'm biased in this 2010 Louisville Mayoral Race. Specifically, my bias is my love of Louisville, and therefore I am compelled to promote the candidate that is unquestionably the most qualified community leader for the job: Tyler Allen.

Now, back to the Question of the Day's question:
Which candidates have a weekly Ustream broadcast to share their visions with Louisville voters?

I just talked to Tyler, and he would like more questions asked, so if you have a good one, shoot it to

January 28, 2010

Senator Neal did what?

Kudo's to barefoot and progressive to bringing to my attention that Dan Mongiardo made a video where he only waxed one eyebrow. What a rugged outdoorsman he is. Anyway, here's what surprised me...why is Senator Gerald Neal (D-33), of Louisville, standing behind Dan Mongiardo while he's filing for the Senate race? It kind of looks like an endorsement.

An endorsement of what? Dan ends the video "You will always know where I stand." Let me recap for my readers where Dan Mongiardo stands:

1) Against a woman's right to make medical decisions about her own body.
2) Against gays in relationships, and their sinister plot to register for gifts at Bed Bath and Beyond to celebrate their love for one another.
3) Against mountains. Not just tall ones, all mountains. Because under a mountain, there might be coal, and yep, that's whose paying me. COAL. COAL. COAL.

Anyone know what's in this for Senator Neal to stand up with Mongiardo?

See the whole video here:Also, on a cynical note, is there anyone running for Senate that doesn't drive a Suburban? I'm just saying, a Suburban? It's so 1990's. I'm not throwing rocks I had one back then too. Before like GLOBAL WARMING was around, it wasn't that big of deal. But now guys- seriously, set an example...the Ford Escape Hybrid gets like 33 MPG. Andrew Horne has one. I think Anne Northup even does, too. Check it out.

Greg and the enormous need not to build the East End Bridge...

As I have shared my feelings before about how I think River Fields support of Greg Fischer makes him the EAST-END BRIDGE NEVER CANDIDATE, but I've been informed by his staffer, Jeff Noble, that indeed, he revealed to a roomful of folks at the Real Estate Forum earlier in the week that he wants to, and I quote Jeff: "Now, you'll have to stop saying Fischer is against the East End Bridge since at the Real Estate Forum he said Build It First." Actually, here's the screen shot of tweet:

Here's the problem...WHERE WAS HE ON THIS ISSUE IN SEPTEMBER? Oh that's right, I recorded it with my phone:

Funny, Fischer didn't say anything about the "tremendous need to build the Eastern Connection" at that September forum. That was Tyler Allen. And as my friend Steve Magruder points out, where was Fischer over the LAST DECADE on this issue? WHERE WAS FISCHER OVER THE LAST DECADE ON ANY ISSUE? Is it possible a human can just jump out of an airplane, parachute into the Mayor's race with no history of supporting anything? Rly?

And finally, to my friend, Mr. Noble's suggestion that "You need to focus in the CJ/E (County Judge/Executive) race"... Thank you for the suggest, friend, but I friggin am focused just on that. My goal in becoming the Jefferson County Judge/Executive is to call out bullshit when I see it. And Greg Fischer randomly telling people privately that he's for the East-end bridge when the cameras are off- just don't cut it with me. Either he's lying, or he's miraculously changed his mind after milking River Fields folks for all their dough. In either case, there's something fishy going on, and he's not a viable candidate for the mayor of the Louisville I love. And I'm not going to be quiet about it to advance my own career, so don't even try that again. :P

Busting Out: LGBT Louisville in the 1980s

You cannot miss this event....

Busting Out: LGBT Louisville in the 1980s
Host: Friends of LGBT Services
Date: Tuesday, February 16, 2010
Time: 7:00pm - 9:00pm
Location: Strickler Hall, Room 102, University of Louisville
Description excerpt provided by Friends of LGBT Services:

"What was going on in Louisville? In nine short years, Louisville changed forever. In 1981 there were just three small LGBT groups. By 1990, there were over 20. In 1981 there was no LGBT activism at all. In 1989, the Louisville community steered passage of an ordinance through the city's board of aldermen that prohibited discrimination against people with AIDS. In 1990, the city passed the first local hate crimes ordinance covering sexual
orientation. In 1991, the Fairness Campaign was formed.

The LGBT communities in Louisville and Lexington literally busted out of their closets in the 80s, put down roots, developed networks, and laid the groundwork for all the amazing success stories that would come along in the 90s.

LGBT Louisvillians have many stories to tell about their experiences in the 1980s, so join us for an evening devoted to sharing their tales and discussing how the 80's were a critical decade for Louisville's LGBT civil rights movement.

Moderator Cate Fosl of the Anne Braden Institute will lead a panel discussion that includes Reverand Dee Dale, Sam Dorr, David Williams, Elizabeth Stith, Jennifer Day, Ricky Miller, Carol Enoch, and others. Come with your own stories to tell or come to learn more about an important period in our development as a community.

A light reception will follow so that everyone will have a chance to reminisce and reconnect with old friends. If you have photos, newspaper clippings, or other mementos of the 80s, bring them to share! We'll bring some pieces from the Williams-Nichols Archive to display.

Hosted by the Office for LGBT Services, commonGround, the Williams-Nichols Archive, and the Fairness Campaign"

HB 17

So HB 17 is close to my heart. It's a bill that was pre-filed by Rep. Mary Lou Marzian (D-34). It is simply:

AN ACT proposing to repeal Section 233A of the Constitution of Kentucky relating to marriage.
Propose to amend the Constitution of Kentucky to repeal the definition of marriage; submit to voters for approval or disapproval.

First, let your legislator know that you support HB-17. The bill is currently in the Elections, Const. Amendments & Intergovernmental Affairs Committee, so if your legislator is on that committee, WE REALLY NEED YOU TO SPEAK UP! Here's a link to find your legislator: LRC

Second, be grateful to Rep. Marzian for pre-filing this bill. Because of her shear awesomeness, she's unopposed in the upcoming primary, but we need to remember her courage in going to bat for us in the future.

Third, realize that Kentucky's backwoods marriage amendment will be repealed. If not this year, soon. The Statewide Fairness Coalition is already working on getting new polling data of how Kentuckians really feel these days about LGBT-issues, and when that data comes back, I anticipate a lot of the hesitance and anxiety about standing up for repealing this hot mess will vanish. In 2004, it wasn't that Kentuckians hated gay people. My take:
1) The question's wording might as well have been:"Are you straight or gay?"-We weren't organized enough to have an effective say in the crafting of the referendum.
2) We weren't organized enough period. Lots of LGBT-folk and their allies poured their hearts and energies into working to defeat that amendment, and I don't mean to discount their work. They simply were out-organized. That will not happen again.

January 27, 2010

HB 13 Kentucky Forward Plan

Heard about HB 13 that was introduced in the House of the KY General Assembly by Rep. Jim Wayne? From (KFTC's website), I copy/pasted the 411 below:

"Whereas Gov. Beshear's proposal to address the budget crisis (crossing his fingers and praying his gambling bill passes and makes tons o'cash, which it won't) doesn't actually begin to tackle the problem. Kentucky's tax system is flawed. Period. Right now, the highest tax share falls on the working class and low-income households. I fall under the second-lowest income bracket, so I pay a higher percentage of my income in taxes than the wealthiest 20%. Sound ridiculous? A bit backwards? It should.

HB 13 would raise $300 million in new revenue while also asking $100 million less in taxes from Kentucky's working poor families. This bill would do this by:

* Balancing our income tax---Giving a modest tax raise on income more than $75,000. It's so small that folks will hardly notice, but it will bring in $234 million a year.
* Reforming our sales tax---Limousine rides, chartered plane flights, golf club memberships, landscaping, and other luxury services aren't taxed right now. Expanding the sales tax to include luxury services would raise $100 million annually.
* Lowering taxes for working families with a state EITC---Establishing a state Earned Income Tax Credit for working parents of families making up to $40,000 would put about $100 million annually back into the pockets of those who are struggling.
* Restoring our estate tax---This tax would exclude farms and would only apply to those who have more than $1 million in assets, like trust funds and inheritances. This would generate $22 million annually."

^^^^^I'm a fan of all this! ^^^^^^

January 26, 2010


Rebecca Jackson was Jefferson County's last County Judge /Executive before merger. She did stuff. County Judge / Executive Ken Herndon has made very few waves in this position, I speculate because he has been quite busy as the effective and talented Director of Operations for Downtown Management District. When I first heard last year from Mr. Herndon that he was not re-filing, as he plans another run for Metro Council, it got me thinking. Since this office is stuck on the ballot until the Constitution thrown out and replaced (Which will probably happen, we've had 5 so far), I would like to see this office evolve to be something more to benefit Louisville...

The role of a Kentucky County Judge/Executive has evolved over the years. Kentucky's first Constitution of 1792 didn't even provide the position, but each county had a justice of the peace. The 1850 Constitution required all Kentucky counties to have a "county judge" who was responsible for about everything. In the 1970's, the KY General Assembly renamed the County Judge position to County Judge/Executive to reflect a focus away from judicial power and toward legislative and financial administration. Then in 2003, the City of Louisville and Jefferson County merged it's city and county governments, transferring the legal responsibilities of the Jefferson County Executive to the Mayor of Louisville Metro.

It's time to write a new chapter for the role of a Jefferson County Judge Executive. What if the person that held that job was just an ordinary citizen, that paid attention to what was going on in Louisville Metro, and publicly held those in power accountable when they mess up? With all due respect to existing media outlets, it's been obvious to many Louisvillians that they (Courier Journal) may have been in a clandestine, loving relationship with our incumbent Mayor. Not that there's anything wrong with that, it's kinky but hey, whatever. But it created a vacuum where tough questions weren't asked, except on the internets by the likes of Jake Payne, Steve Magruder, Ed Springston, and Rick Redding. How often have traditional media outlets ignored what is written by these guys and why? Let's face it- our city has been compromised. And it's time for us as citizens to start paying attention.

Tough questions need to be asked! Folks in the county and the city-slickers alike were sold on lots of merger promises, and I'm not so sure anyone is publicly keeping track on how we're doing there (Sure- Jerry spun it the best he can.)I question whether crime really has decreased? I know homelessness has not. And jobs-don't even tell me part-time UPS jobs count-I worked there- they don't. And we'll talk later on sidewalks, the arena or the East-End bridge. I'll ask tough questions where ever they'll print them or I'll just publish them here myself, either way. Transparency means nothing without oversight and scrutiny- and I'm going to be one of the guys that do that anyway. So let's just make this position about that. Whoever holds it.

Yes, I am the AMAZING CANDIDATE that filed today, at least the one I know of. I won't be raising or spending money (that would be silly), but I might start a facebook page and have a party. If you are frustrated that you can't donate to my campaign, and you have money to part with, send it to the Louisville AIDS WALK. That would be fierce of you and it would help motivate me more!

Please take this vote serious and vote for the best candidate. Technically, the Commonwealth General Assembly could undo this fancy merger. Admittedly, that's not likely, but if we weren't vigil, and elected someone that was a real dork, the state might repeal the merger out of spite to get Louisville back. As of yesterday only a couple candidates have filed in this race. Tomorrow we should have the whole list, but I'm game for debating any other candidates. I'm secretly hoping we have some diversity in this race and they're not all white gay guys like me, because that would be kind of boring. So how can you help? Just follow this blog, and follow me on twitter. Now, go back to work, and do your part to make Louisville the best city it can be!

What up at the KREC?

I just sent an email to the Kentucky Real Estate Commission (KREC) to their General Counsel Lee B. Harris but it got returned with a notification that she's the former counsel and to direct my inquiry to Ms. Denise Wade (who is the Commission's staff attorney.)

What happened? Why doesn't anyone tell me anything? LOL. Seriously, if you're running a Commission in our Commonwealth, and you lose your General Counsel, you really should do a press release. I'm just saying. It's about transparency.

January 24, 2010

Help Haiti Recap...

Now there's 3 ways you can help Haiti on the cheap!

1) Tonight at TK's Pub, DJ Mike will be donating his karaoke tips to the Red Cross. Plus, they have company matching everything they make! So go out have fun and tip much and often.

2) Donate your stuff for an air drop organized by Brycc House and LIVEFEED Louisville. Kristen with Brycc House told me last night that the blankets that you donate don't have to be new, just clean. Also, they need suitcases with wheels!

3) Get a haircut at Paul Mitchell The School- Louisville.

GO HERE for more info.

January 23, 2010


FREE HUG BEAR sounds like a good idea, right? Well just before 3PM today, in front of Day's Coffee, we find out...not necessarily. When drivers are distracted by FREE HUG BEAR- and the truck in front of them stops, well things go bad, quick.

I feel bad for the folks involved, not really the guy in the truck cause his truck is fine, but for the FREE HUG BEAR- because he probably is feeling bad about himself and his free hugs right now. If you see FREE HUG BEAR, give HIM/HER a hug!

January 22, 2010

What if?

What if Candidate for Louisville Mayor Connie Marshal is right? That indeed, she had "...been assaulted on a regular basis through electromagnetic technology..." as she told WLKY:

That would mean somewhere, in a basement of a building owned by eon, there's a committee that is deciding which Louisvillians get zapped and when.
Oh, how I want, very badly, to be on that committee...Please someone tell me how to get on it?..Anonymous sources will be respected!

HB 118

First the good news for LGBT-Kentuckians: No anti-fairness legislation has been introduced in Frankfort so far this session, w00t, w00t!

Now, the other good news- We can focus on actually passing legislation that makes sense for LGBT-people. Here's one: HB 118 - which helps provide hospital visitation rights fairness in Kentucky. Per Fairness Campaign on twitter, it's made it out of committee, w00t, w00t! Now find out who your legislators are and let them know how you feel (Representatives and Senators)!

Also, make sure to call and thank the sponsors of the bill... it is important we recognize our supporters:
Mary-Lou Marzian -
(502) 564-8100 Ext. 643 (She's mine now, I'm a lucky citizen!)
Kelly Flood (502) 564-8100 Ext. 675
Joni Jenkins -
(502) 564-8100 Ext. 692
Darryl Owens (502) 564-8100 Ext. 685
Ruth Ann Palumbo -
(502) 564-8100 Ext. 600
Arnold Simpson -
(502) 564-8100 Ext. 695
Susan Westrom -
(502) 564-8100 Ext. 740

Kudo's to Lexington Fairness' Craig Cammack for giving me the 411 on this.

January 21, 2010

How to give Haiti Relief on the cheap

What can you do in Louisville? Well, here's a TWO GREAT IDEAS...a buddy, James Harvey, sent me this information on an effort organized by the BRYCC House & LIVEFEED LOUISVILLE that includes donating these specific items:
bottled water, personal hygiene basics, soap, toothpaste, socks, deodorant, shoes, baking soda, or blankets
The drop off locations are:
Tyler Allen for Mayor NEW Campaign Office, Billy Goat Strut Building, 600 E. Main St., Louisville, KY 40202
RED TREE LOUISVILLE, 702 E. Market St., Louisville, KY 40202
BRYCC HOUSE, 1101 SOUTH 2ND St., Louisville, KY 40203

Another buddy, Josh Johnson, gave me heads up to this great deal:
Schedule an appt. at Paul Mitchell The School- Louisville (502.583.1018) for Thursday, January 28th. They're having a cut-a-thon on that date, hair cuts will be ONLY $10 and half the proceeds will be given to the American Red Cross to assist in Haiti Relief. They will also be selling treats donated by the Cheesecake Factory (YUM!) and those proceeds, you guessed it, will be going to the Red Cross. Pictured are Winn C. Claybaugh, Josh Johnson, and Paul Mitchell.

Draft Crit 2011!

I've been very put out by Governor Steve Beshear's ineffectiveness, and his obsession with gambling. He's really a gambling lobbyist more than a Governor, and an inept one at that. I watched his silly state of the union video address recently where he laid out his four revisionist goals were for his first term, and how he succeeded in meeting them. And he took credit for bringing transparency to state government, ah, okay. Pretending like gambling wasn't a priority- PLEASE! It's okay to spin, but um, you aren't supposed to lie. Adding that to his choice of running mate, Jerry "poorer, blacker, and older" Abramson who has stood in the way of Louisville's East-end bridge by glorifying this obstructionist-pipe dream of a plan with multiple bridges with tunnels under private homes- and well, I'm just done with both of them.

Anyway, maybe we have another option...

See: Joe Sonka is a pretty awesome Kentuckian, considering he doesn't even live in Kentucky anymore., I'm not proposing him to be least not just yet...But it was yesterday, as best as I can tell, that Sonka first posted his proposal on Barefoot and Progressive that we Draft Crit Luallen for the Democratic nominee in the 2011 Kentucky Governor race, and damn it, that feels right. Oh it looks like Jake at pageonekentucky is also in on this idea. I doubt she'll do it, but if you love Kentucky, you have to want what's best for Kentucky. And that's not more of the same. It's someone like Crit Luallen- with a record of integrity.

There's also a facebook group for this objective (Drafting Crit). Don't just join it, post it on your wall and invite your friends. Our state's future is what's at play.
Also, sorry I don't have a stock photo of Crit, but it was pretty handy that I had one of me in front of the Governor's mansion, eh? (Kudo's to my friend Matt for taking pictures of me in front of it in the dark.)

January 19, 2010

Mike Slaton has Filed!

As of 10:52AM this morning, Mike Slaton is officially a candidate for the 41st district seat of the Kentucky General Assembly, currently held by Rev. Tom Riner. As you can tell from the press release that's now up on their campaign blog, this campaign has some serious momentum.

If Rev. Riner chooses to file for re-election, he sure is itchin' for a fight! My faithful readers may recall that I made my feelings about Rev. Riner known back in October. I also expressed myself in August, too, and I may have started the facebook group called "God is not Kentucky's Director of Homeland Security."Geez, once Slaton's elected, I might need to find a new hobby.

January 18, 2010

The People’s Forum!

Ten of Louisville’s grassroots social justice organizations are joining forces to present “The People’s Forum,” a mayoral candidate forum on Tuesday, February 2, 6-8 p.m. at the Metro United Way Building, 2nd floor, 334 E. Broadway. A reception will follow the event from 8-9 p.m. in which candidates may meet and greet the Forum audience. Admission to “The People’s Forum” is free, and granted on a “first come, first served” basis. Doors will open at 5:30 p.m.

Presenting organizations of “The People’s Forum” include: ACLU of Kentucky, Community Farm Alliance, Fairness Campaign, Hispanic/Latino Coalition, Jefferson County Chapter of Kentuckians For The Commonwealth, Kentucky Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression, Kentucky Jobs with Justice, Making Connections Network, Metropolitan Housing Coalition, and Women In Transition.

Each of the ten presenting organizations is non-partisan, and every mayoral primary candidate, regardless of political party affiliation, is invited to participate. Candidates will answer questions pre-submitted by each presenting group on issues important to their communities. Audience members will have the opportunity to submit questions that, dependent upon time, will be incorporated into the Forum.

January 17, 2010

Statewide Fairness Summit

I got so much out of the Statewide Fairness Summit in Frankfort this weekend I really don't have time to do it justice here. So here are some highlights:

1) BIG ANNOUNCEMENT coming Tuesday (It's a secret)

2) Michael Aldridge, with the ACLU, likes to talk a lot, yet no one seems to mind really and I'm kinda jealous of that! Travis Myles, with the Kentucky Fairness Alliance, pretended to mind but we all knew he was teasing. Hope to learn his secret!

3) Lots of acknowledgment of things that went wrong in the past, and it was healthy as heck.

4) HUGE turnout amongst college youth and that will definitely lead to energizing our efforts. This is not inclusive, but I know Murray State, University of Kentucky, Centre College, University of Louisville, Bellarmine College, Kentucky Community and Technical College and even Indiana University- Bloomington, were represented.

5) Listening Tours, hopefully renamed Equality Tours will be taking to the rural parts of Kentucky in the coming year. Hopefully they will model the Freedom Tours that were so successful during the Civil Rights Movement. One thing we talked about over and over- these tours will be about listening. Not about telling. We can't expect to go around the state and force fairness on anyone-we need to listen and hear where they are coming from. Another part of this is sometimes where rural folk are coming from is they have needs that are more important than what ours are, and sometimes to be frank, that's true. Mountaintop removal in Eastern Kentucky is an example that comes to mind. The mistreatment of undocumented workers is another. This coalition is going to be a lot more open to listening in the future and wow. That's just great!

6) Chris Hartman, with Louisville's Fairness Campaign, does not need a microphone: EVER. Besides being an amazing leader and organizer, he's like a human PA-system and I think that's awesome.

We Surround Them?

Who is them? I'm so confused. There are some busy-bodies out there that have managed to get Rep. Stan Lee to file a resolution in the Kentucky General Assembly called the State Sovereignty Resolution (BR54 / HR10). They are even having a rally this Thursday, per the facebook event. Only 10 people have confirmed so far, but 10 real humans lobbying their legislatures is kinda huge. Why do these people want to focus so much on stealing away the limited amount of time the Kentucky General Assembly has to actually do their jobs- like run the state, and figure how to pay for stuff? The best is I can tell is they are states-rights fanatics that are in denial that we are no longer an agrarian culture but a service culture and those services are based in the cities, sorry guys that you didn't get them memo. Where do these people come from, anyway? Check out their logo...They have a website, too...well, sortof. They have a blogspot like this that they call their website: While I was disturbed to see how organized they are, I was pleased to see they have already identified a few legislators in the Kentucky General Assembly on the fence that maybe you could help sway to reason. Let them know that you are not for Kentucky "going it alone," especially in the most-challenging economic time in half a century. Something like "Don't let those crazy tea-baggers screw Kentucky" is also a good message that sums up my opinion. Wouldn't be a bad idea to shame the sponsors and co-sponsors for giving into the demands of these misguided patriots. They are:

Rep. Stan Lee House District 45 – filed and Sponsor
Rep. Kevin D. Bratcher House District 29 – Co Sponsor
Rep. James R. Comer House District 53 – Co Sponsor
Rep. Myron Dossett House District 9 – Co Sponsor
Rep. Robert R. Damron House District 39 – Undecided
Rep. C. B. Embry House District 17 – Co Sponsor
Rep. Joseph M. Fischer House District 68 – Co Sponsor
Rep. Thomas Kerr House District 64 – Co Sponsor
Rep. Adam Koenig House District 69 – Co Sponsor
Rep. Mike Harmon House District 54 – Co Sponsor
Rep. Brent Housman House District 3 – Co Sponsor
Rep. Brad Montell House District 58 – Co Sponsor
Rep. Darryl T. Owens House District 43 – Undecided
Rep. John Will Stacy House District 71 – Undecided

Rep. Alecia Webb-Edgington House District 63 – Co Sponsor
Rep. Addia Wuchner House District 66 – Co Sponsor

If one of ^ not in BOLD claims to represent you, take a minute to let them know how amazing they are at failing:

January 15, 2010

Curt's Friday Wrap-up

The Tyler Allen Campaign today released a much better-quality video of the filing than mine and here it is:

Also this week, I attended the Mike Slaton Campaign Volunteer Kick-off event. Mike, as you probably know by now, is running for the Kentucky General Assembly for District 41. What a great group of folks that were there and they're committed. I'm pretty stoked about what's to come with this guy.

Also, Jake at did an analysis of 2010 Louisville Mayoral Race campaign websites and I think he makes some valid points. However, I think it's pretty obvious he's using baby lotion in his treatment of Jim King, leaving out that the website was actually designed by a firm in the Phillippines (

A shout-out to the dorks that called my real estate office to complain about my blog. I love all my readers-even those that aren't hip to this little thing called the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

Finally, tonight, I'm headed to Frankfort so I'll be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed for tomorrow's Statewide Fairness Summit at the Paul Sawyier Public Library. I'll take pictures and report back to you guys on this before the end of the weekend.

January 14, 2010

Larry Clark Pleaaaaaase

I just caught where Rep. Larry Clark introduced a bill into the General Assembly that would clarify that parents can't give their kids gifts that could then be spent on a race for public office.

Larry Clark Pleaaaaaase. This was not an ambiguous situation. It was clear-cut illegal for her to have used his money for her campaign. Introducing a bill to help "clarify" the law only serves to make them look innocent of what everyone knew was illegal but apparently them, and well, you? Here's the skinny in the CJ. One thing the CJ left out, again, that is really annoying- limits on personal contributions is not something that is new and it's not something that's just Kentucky statute. The Federal Election Campaign Act of 1971 kind of laid this out slightly before Judge King was born.

January 13, 2010

Tyler Allen Files His Mayor Papers!

This is not the official video of the event, but rather my amateur one, and yes, I put the camera down when it was time to clap. Sorry, I couldn't help myself. This is the most exciting thing to happen in Louisville since Markie Mark caught the Galt House on fire!

Check out more pics of the event on the campaign blog.

January 12, 2010

Statewide Fairness Summitt

Join me at the Statewide Fairness Summitt. It's where the important LGBT- people decide what's best for the rest of us. I have never been before, that could be because I wasn't ever invited before, but is more likely because I used to not pay attention to stuff that now is important to me. Anyway, this year it looks like a pretty open "everyone has a seat at the table"-kind of forum and I likey that. So come, be part of the solution! I'll be going for sure! (as long as I can talk my sister into watching Boomer that day)

When: Saturday, January 16, 2010, 9AM-5PM
Where: Paul Sawyier Public Library, 319 Wapping Street, Frankfort, KY
Facebook event info: click here
Registration to the Summit is FREE, and breakfast and lunch are both provided.
RSVP at or 502.893.0788

January 8, 2010

Louisville Arena Progress

I snapped this January 7, 2009 from I64. Don't like me driving on I-64 while taking pictures? Me either, 8664 then. We don't need an expressway coming within a couple hundred feet of an Arena and power grid anyway-hasn't anyone seen any movies about terrorism?

January 7, 2010


As I reported in September, Mayor Jerry Abramson had 90 days to select 13 nominees for the Affordable Housing Trust Fund (AHTF) Board. Once the AHTB has a real Board, wow-it can get a plan for raising money and helping to make housing affordable.

According to the MHC, there were 12 nominees that the Mayor sent over for Metro Council approval...Oh, here's the actual letter from the Mayor...I thought he was supposed to select 13? Anyone know what that's about? The MHC sent out an email but they didn't explain that in it either.
Anyway- here's what MHC says about the nominees... what do you have to say about them?
"Cathy Hinko- Executive Director of MHC, formerly the director of the Housing Authority of Jefferson County.
Christie McCravy - heading the Rebound housing program of the Louisville Urban League, Christie is on the board of MHC.
Michael Gardner- a Housing Development Specialist with New Directions Housing Corp, Michael is on the board of MHC
Kevin Dunlap- a consultant on community development, Kevin is a past chair of the MHC board. He has been the program director for housing with the Louisville Urban League and has worked with Fannie Mae and with NeighborWorks
John Rippy- a banker with Republic Bank, John has been involved with Habitat for Humanity
Ben Cook- retired from the Community Planning and Development Department of HUD and from being Executive Director of the Kentucky Housing Corporation
Alethea Spearman- a para-educator with JCPS, Alethea has been involved with Habitat for Humanity
Jim Mims- the Director of Louisville Metro Department of Codes and Regulations
Ken Thieneman- a developer, builder and realtor, Ken was on the Planning Commission and has been chair of the board of the Coalition for the Homeless
Marlene Gordon- Executive Director of the Coalition for the Homeless
Chris Dischinger- is in real estate development with LDG Development, LLC which has both home ownership and rental development, including affordable housing
Darryl Defler- is a broker/owner of Southwest Realtors Inc."

Oh what the heck, I'll start this off...I'd like to see Ken Thieneman and Darrly Defler both nixed off this list. I've dealt with both of them in the selling of real estate and neither was a treat. I'm not calling them asshats, but I am saying I don't think they are the kind of "big-picture" thinkers that will work together in for pragmatic solutions to our homelessness crisis. Okay- They're asshats.

If you're interested in watching the Metro Council ignore my view, however, as the MHC presumptively declares in their newsletter...
"come watch the board get voted in by the Metro Council!"

Metro Council Meeting
January 28, 2010, 4 PM
City Hall, 601 Jefferson

Bias disclosure: I submitted my name to be eligible for this Board and to my knowledge was not considered. I understand Adam Hall with 5th/3rd Mortgage also submitted his name, and he not only has a proven track record of actually helping people obtain affordable housing (like me), but he also has experience being effective on these kind of boards. He was passed up for the bank slot by John Rippy, an attorney with Republic Bank who has no experience being on City Boards or Commissions with the City ever, and that's an injustice. One thing I really look forward to in a new administration is Republic Bank not having so much control over the city.

The East End Bridge Never Candidate

"...from all the highest River Fields donor classes (the bold ones), Fischer has received $25,500 from these donors donations for his primary campaign, with 23 out of 29 of them giving the maximum of $1,000!"- Steven Magruder
...Each of these misguided people have donated the maximum of $1,000 to Greg Fischer's primary campaign. Remember, this is just from individuals associated with one non-profit organization! Good work, Steve Magruder, in putting this together to even a 5 year old can understand...Greg Fischer is the "Build the East End Bridge Never"-candidate. Period.
Go here to see his research.

And if you still don't believe it, I've decided to share with my valued subscribers a video I took of Greg with my crappy phone as he first fumbles the bridge question back in September. Just listen to him in his own scripted words...does this sound like someone that's in a hurry to foster Louisville development by building the East-End bridge or someone that's actually giving it lip service? Are his words even his or are they River Field's Executive Director Meme Sweets Runyon's (Picture courtesy of facebook)? You judge. And remember, I've never been a fancy paid political staffer and this is like the first video that didn't have my dog it in, so sorry about the sound quality, indulge me a little...

January 6, 2010

Jim King Philippines

Did Jim King use a local design firm to handle the making of his website, or did he export those jobs to the Philippines? Oh, go see for yourself, I cant make this story any better!:

History and Issue's Steve Magruder

WFPL's Gabe Bullard

January 5, 2010

BIG Cowboy boots.

The Kentucky Secretary of State is having a slogan contest for the 2010 Election ...go vote for your favorite one. Originally, I was against the last one but it's grown on me since I started thinking about Heath Ledger...
"Put on your BIG cowboy boots and VOTE"!
Yes, the 2010 Election is going to be exciting in Kentucky. Lots of candidates for Mayor of Louisville, and for Bunning's Senate Seat. Lots of fun opportunities for House and Senate seats in the KY General Assembly, too.

I'm involved in a couple campaigns as just a volunteer, but I'd like to be more involved. If any last-minute progressive candidates in Louisville want to put on their BIG cowboy boots and run for office? There's still 21 days to file and I'm available for hire. Shoot me an email to set up a time for us to discuss: I'd especially be interested in candidates interested in challenging Tony Lindauer for PVA (hopefully you took and passed the test for that)- or even a Democrat wanting to challenge John Yarmuth. Sure I agree with him most of the time but let's face it- he ain't no more committed to the East End bridge than he is to giving up golf. Oh, oh, oh- and any gay or transgendered candidate?... Just not a Republican one because well, NO.

Yikes, GO VOTE NOW! The one that is winning is gayer than me:

January 1, 2010

2010 Mayoral Candidate Web Presences

Which Mayoral candidates are big on the web and which ones suck at connecting to people using technology? Well, that's good info to know, right? Kudo's to Steven MaGruder for putting all this info at the same place for us to check out:

Yep, Tyler's winning there. Just like he's winning everywhere else. 2010 is not going to be a good year for elitist control freaks that think they can put up their puppets and then pull their strings so all can see. I'm just saying...

Free Cab Rides!

Chris Quay with CJ did a story on this and I missed it until my housemate just told me about it.

Other cities like Houston have done this for a while. It's a good idea: Free cab rides on holidays. Kudo's to Brown Forman for picking up the tab...Put this number in your phone for the weekend: Ready Cab 502-451-4114 and ask for "Safe Ride" program between 10PM-2AM.