October 15, 2010

If Jackie's out, then I'm with Hal.

The Courier Journal posted today this story:  
Jackie Green negotiating endorsement of Greg Fischer, possible input on environmental post

The conventional wisdom is that Jackie is the spoiler candidate who could costs Fischer the race. I conventionally never trust conventional wisdom. Most of Jackie's supporters, like myself, are educated and informed and they aren't going to automatically become Fischer's property, like some kind of negotiated dowry. Educated and informed voters have an annoying habit of considering the big picture.

Plus, I have two defining pet peeves: elitism and hypocrisy, and Fischer trips both those alarms. Speaking of hypocrisy, enjoy:

Newsflash: If Jackie's out, then I'm with Hal.  

For all the homosexuals that plan to threaten and harass me for the next three weeks, bring it. I will not be intimidated from speaking my mind.

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