November 30, 2009

Mike Slaton = "wunderkind" - (loves it!)

We know Mike Slaton is on the right track when jmeador with the Leo first blogs about the campaign, then the Leo even tweets about the campaign, like it's Molly Cyrus. And it was nice they linked to a little press on the incumbent too, since there's been so little. (laugh now.)

Oh yeah, he even called Mike the "wunderkind."-I think that's German for "your next state representative!"

November 29, 2009

11.29.09 3:15PM, Ready, Set, Go!

Hope everyone had a happy turkey day.
I'm really not sure if this is just a very fancy diary, or if other people read what I have to say, so today, at the inspiration of Ohio River, Left Bank, MP606 soon to hit 60,000 visitors, I have installed a counter. My goal is to hit 6 page views before he hits his 60,000!

Also, I have to link to something fun today- did you know that 2,587,995 Kentuckians are going to hell. It's true- I read it in the CJ. Oh, you'll probably have to pay to access that link within a few days. Here's a blog entry about it. Anyway, I had a dream Wednesday night where I pushed the wrong button in an elevator- totally went to hell. Woke up laughing about it. Guess I'm included.

Louisville: let's get our priorities straight

Louisville's unemployment is over 10% for the first time in ___? (Anyone know?) I haven't found anyone alive today that remembers it that high...So I've been thinking alot about recruiting jobs and jobs and job creation. I don't think recruiting jobs is the way to go. For one, there aren't that many companies out there looking to expand. Secondly-if we did recruit them by promising them the world, what's to stop them from failing once they get here. I think our focus needs to be on fostering the needs and culture for the Kentucky entrepreneur. So, I had an idea last night that I can't get out of my head. I'm hoping someone runs with it. If they do (no matter who it is)-I'll help facilitate it with my time and energy (Even if it's Mitch McConnell himself). Here's the idea:
we organize an emergency 2-day workshop for february or march somewhere downtown where you bring in a half a dozen speakers from cities that have created jobs. speakers could be entrepreneurs that took their companies from 10 employees to 100, mayors maybe. but it can't just be seminar. no partisan politics though. but it has to be an interactive-workshop.
on day 1- everyone brainstorms on all the ideas for creating jobs on slips of paper, we collect them all up, and eliminate the duplicates and read them all aloud. then each of the speaker speak.
on day 2 we break into discussion groups lead by each of the speakers.
at end of day 2, we ask everyone to get together and submit their new ideas. then we read them to group, and generate a public report.

But this can't be our only focus either. Don't miss the letter from Attica Scott in today's Courier-Journal.
When she makes that call for political leadership - she's not the only person in the phone booth. Yes, Humana is responsible for a lot of jobs in town, and I realize this might seem contrary to what I'm talking about above. But you can't build your economy by exploiting the misfortunes of others. That always comes to end. (See Brown & Williamson) Attica's words are the voice for millions of people that have been ignored for so long. She's keepin'it real- Go Attica!

November 28, 2009

What can a Gay Kentuckian really do?

I'm sure that, like me, many of my Kentucky activists friends that fight for LGBTQ-rights get frustrated. I do, even though I'm in the progressive oasis of Louisville. I can't even imagine how hard it is to be a gay teenager in rural parts of our state...we know it's not easy for them.

I see the Fairness Campaign, Kentucky Fairness Alliance, and the Kentucky Equality Federation tirelessly show up for -fight after fight, and I think- geez, when will this ever end? And I also wonder, what can we really do for today's gay teenager in Elizabethtown or Paducah? I came across an unexpected answer in my reading tonight. Here's excerpts from San Francisco Supervisor Harvey Milk's March 10, 1978 "Hope Speech":

"You see there is a major difference-and it remains a vital difference-between a friend and a gay person, a friend in office and a gay person in office. Gay people have been slandered nationwide. We've been tarred and we've been brushed with the picture of pornography. In Dade County, we were accused of child molestation. It's not enough anymore just to have friends represent us. No matter how good that friend may be...

Like every other group, we must be judged by our leaders and by those who are themselves gay, those who are visible. For invisible we remain in limbo-a myth, a person with no parents, no brothers, no sisters, no friends who are straight, no important positions in employment...A gay person in office can set a tone, can command respect no only from the larger community, but from the young people in our own community who need both examples and hope.
(Come Out Fighting: A Century of Essential Writing on Gay and Lesbian Liberation, Nation Books, 2001, p.166)

So yes, we need Representatives in the General Assembly to promote the statewide Fairness Amendment. And we need Representatives to fight Anti-adoption measures like SB-68. And we need Representatives just being darn good legislators, looking out for all Kentuckians, making jobs a priority, and yes balancing our budget- but not by forgetting about the folks that needs us the most.But here's something else we need and I want you to think about this:

We need Role models. Here's our chance:

November 25, 2009

What's up with ENDA?

I kinda thought ENDA (the Employment and Non-Discrimination Act) would have been passed by now, so what's going on with that...

Never heard of ENDA?-here's the quick study version:
ENDA is a federal bill introduced in Congress every year since 1994 to prohibit employment discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. H.R. 3017 is the version introduced in the 111th Congress in 2009 by Representative Barney Frank and this bill is inclusive also of gender identity.

As of November 25, 2009, the bill is sitting in the House Education and Labor Committee with 193 cosponsors. The Senate version is sitting in the Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions, where it has 44 cosponsors. Americablog had reported that the bill was on the agenda to be voted on in last Wednesday's House Committee meeting, but the House website doesn't indicate that it was. Pridesource says the bill will be voted on in the committee shortly after Thanksgiving. After the bill makes it out of that committee, then it goes to the House Rules committee before being put to vote on Senate floor.

It should be noted that 3rd District Kentuckians can be proud of Rep. John Yarmuth for being the only member of Kentuckian's congressional delegation to be among those cosponsors. Go ahead, take a moment and thank him.

Wait a moment, didn't Lexington have a Democratic congressman, Representative Ben Chandler, right? But he isn't co-sponsoring ENDA...why you think that is? I'm not sure if it's because he's a hater, or he's just out of touch? Ask him for me: Whoever your Representative is, let them know you support the inclusive-ENDA bill before this Congress. Thanks!

Find a sweetie for Dec 2 & Support Louisville's House of Ruth at the same time!

Please consider supporting the Dinning Out for Life that benefits the House of Ruth. The key to success is "eating out" on Wednesday, December 2. They have 55 restaurants that are donating 25% of what each of us spend at their restaurant. Last year they netted $55,000 for AIDS related services for our community. House of Ruth does so much good for our community and yet they ask so little from each of us. To find out more, visit Click on the image below to see the list of 55 Louisville restaurants participating in the program:

Hmm...that's Wednesday. Call up your sweetie and confirm it! :P

November 24, 2009

Rand Paul's Camp Booboos Again

I admit, I don't know what Rand Paul's health care plan is. I've been very busy lately and not got a chance to see what the hell he is talking about, but when I read this defense by his Campaign Manager David Adams on PageOne, I got suspicious- because it's misrepresenting the truth. Why?

Medicaid is not solely funded by the federal government. It’s jointly funded by the states, too. There IS an incentive to limit spending as the state has limited funds. In fact, many jointly-funded programs aren’t even participated in by poor states like Mississippi because they can’t even afford their match. I know very little about health care but even I knew that. Granted neither Rand Paul, nor David Adams, had the benefit of a Kentucky education, that's understandable...but they have access to wikipedia, right?

Attica Scott's Campaign Kick Off Huge Success!

Attica Woodson Scott, who has announced her candidacy for District 1 of the Jefferson County Public Schools Board of Education, held a Campaign Kickoff and Meet and Greet at Expressions of You Coffee House Sunday night. Not only did the campaign exceed their attendance goals, they exceeded their fund raising goal for the night as well. Lots of familiar faces from the social justice community were in attendance including Candidate Mike Slaton who is running for the KY House of Representatives and Incumbent State Representative Reginald Meeks. If you want to follow Attica's campaign, you can do so on facebook or twitter.

November 22, 2009

Bardstown Road Hit and Run

Friday night a woman was ran over by a white Pontiac Transport van, and the driver of the van left the scene. The woman, Nuril Papapietro, a mother from Goshen-later died at the hospital.

While the event happened fast, and the driver surely didn't do this on purpose, but nonetheless leaving the scene of the accident is not justice. Here's the CJ coverage.

I'm thinking now is a good time to do two things:
1) Think of who you know that owns one of these vans and play a little CSI.
2) Contact Tom Owen and tell him we have to crack down on the out of control reckless driving that happens all the time on Bardstown Road.



Update: Or maybe I won't be there. Taking niece Isabella to see Christmas Carol that night, it'll be up to her.

November 21, 2009

What is Archbishop Kurtz trying to distract us from?

Yes, I just wasted an hour reading this silly 60 page document of misinformation. You can do the same by downloading the pdf here. And you can check out the seemingly-biased WHAS coverage here. (Does Joe Arnold really say "homosexual? I mean really.)
But let's cut to the meat of this fancy new document:
"By attempting to redefine marriage to include or be made analogous with homosexual partnerships, society is stating that the permanent union of husband and wife, the unique pattern of spousal and familial love, and the generation of new life are now only of relative importance rather than being fundamental to the existence and well-being of society as a whole." -P23

Relative to what? Oh he left that out. Here's my take: Relative to how society is starting to acknowledge that people are inherently equal just as God created them. That's what, and they should be scared. With equality- power-hungry patriarchal fascists become obsolete.

It's time someone called these Bishops out for what they're really doing. They are on a mission to distract parishioners from a couple little secrets:

1) They are STILL settling lawsuits with money they collected in the name of God. Money they collected to do God's work, that instead is being distributed to the victims of their hypocrisy and criminal intent. Another 4 Million dollars a couple weeks ago.(WTOC 11, Savannah, GA)
2) This happens just as it is revealed Catholics are aggressively lobbying to keep in the Stupak Amendment- not because they care about these millions of unborn souls (hmmm...where are those souls anyway?)- but...and is's about greed and money. The church's lobbying has been revealed to be just another business decision to remove the competitive obstacles now faced by their 60 some Catholic-affiliated hospital systems spread out over all 50 states.(RH Reality Check)

So remember who is behind this propaganda: The same folks that lied about their knowledge of molesting of children- and are now shaping health care reform in the name of their own corporate greed. So they are selling this idea that the definition of marriage is more important than love itself to distract us from the truth.
Is incoherent opposition to gay marriage a big enough distraction to get them through these trials? I think not. As the Archdioceses begins their descent from irrelevance to extinction, I'm going to start putting a little money aside in a jar-so that I can pick up some of their assets at the metaphorical "fire sale" that appears unavoidable in their foreseeable future.

November 17, 2009

Let's pull back the curtain, shall we?

The Rand Paul "To-Do" list:

1) Get elected to the U.S. Senate by incessantly ranting about liberty and guns.

2) Introduce "pro-life" legislation (simultaneously with Daddy in the House) & my good friends on C-Street to amend the U.S. Constitution to change the definition of life to include the moment of conception.

3) Wait for Supreme Court to overturn Roe vs. Wade as a result of (2).

4) Laugh sinisterly because Kentuckians bought that shit I said about liberty and guns.

If you think I'm crazy, check out the "Issues" part of his website. Just in case he decides to tone it down and take out the word "AMENDMENT", I've screen shot it:

In case you're wondering...if life begins at conception- that means the "morning after pill" is murder. Actually, having Bailey's in your coffee the morning after is probably battery or manslaughter. I don't know, I'm still waiting for him to clarify how people, er, women- will be prosecuted for choices they make with their own body following nookie.

November 13, 2009

John Stuart Mill talked about the dangers of social tyranny

And he was right. A bunch of folks in the Ville tonight supposed to head out to Churchill Downs, one of my favorite places, btw, but I wanted to take a moment to share why I'm not going:
"I do not attend events with dress codes, whether stated or implied. Whether by design or not, they are a form of social tyranny that filter out the have-nots, and I'm not down with that." -CM

So if you wanna go, knock yourself out, but count me out.

Back to Ben Chandler for a Second...

This was him on October 17, 2009 speaking at the Kentucky 6th Congressional District Family Fall Festival in Lexington:

on Nov 7, just 20 days later, he votes for the Stupak Amendment, yet when it passes, he votes against the final Health care Bill? What an embarrassment to Kentucky.

November 12, 2009

WLKY's Fun-Filled Pornography Coverage!

According to google-Louisville is #1 in online searches for using bad words to look up our porn. WLKY broke the story. In unreported news, it's speculated that Lexington didn't make the list, because they don't use bad words to look up their porn- leading them to be pretty unsuccessful, collectively, at finding the best porn on the net, so I'm told.

Only, as they were covering this awful, sinful, trend in the 502, I think around the 2:58 mark, maybe WLKY might have had an FCC boo-boo. I'm not an expert on what's underneath a woman's panties, but from what I've been told this might be that, especially on a German woman. Or maybe that's just a bikini bottom, that happens to match her hair, on her head, I mean.


While it may make Rand Paul look like a bad-ass when his Campaign Manager posts shit like this-it also sends a message to the folks that have weapons at home-that terrorism is the solution. It looks to me from Michael J. Strunk's profile picture he will have an advantage over me in a "street fight." I guess you are saying I should start locking my doors at night, too, and be scared of you guys because you have guns? Is this what you are counting on? If you're a Christian, stop it, NOW, David.

Debunking of McConnell Ramblings...

McConnell say "this bill was strongly opposed by most Americans, which is why one out of seven Democrats voted against it."

As of 2004, there were 55 million Republicans, and 72 million Democrats in America (USA Today, 2004). If you take away 1/7th of 72 million Democrats, you have 62 million Democrats, by representation at least, that are for it, and 65 million against it. Adjust for the 600,000 folks in Republican Rep. Joseph Cao's district in New Orleans- 62.6 for and 64.4 against. Kinda close, if the Republican Party has as many members as it did in 2004 (Right!)- I would hardly say that was an overwhelming majority. But McConnell, he say- "the views of ordinary Americans should not be cast aside.”

I don't think they are being set aside, that's why the reform is taking place in the U.S. Congress- because it's an open forum for debating ideas. So debate them and stop with the rhetoric already. No one's view is getting set aside unless they are hiding in a cellar with their internet cut off.

November 7, 2009

difficult to celebrate healthcare reform that throws women under the bus

Kentucky's Congressman John Yarmuth deserves our thanks for not only all his extensive hours of work in researching, negotiating and discussing healthcare reform, but also he gets a heart-felt thanks from me for standing up to the last-minute Stupak Amendment- that not only bans the public health insurance option from funding abortions, but also bans any private plan operating within the exchange from funding them as well.

Our neighbors in Lexington are not as lucky in their representation. Their Congressman Ben Chandler, although elected to his office as a Democrat, voted for the Stupak Amendment. I hope he doesn't get too excited about the new "pro-life" feather in his cap. Democratic voters would just as soon have a Republican voting their conscious than a Democrat being a coward. Merry Christmas, Exploratory candidate Andy Barr- Looks like you have a chance after all.

On a sidenote. I've had a realization. Divided we loose.
Now more than ever, we have to stand up not only for what we believe in, but we have to stand by our allies in their fights as well.

November 6, 2009

Rand Paul is for Limiting Government, Sometimes...

From his campaign website...
"I would support legislation, a Sanctity of Life Amendment, establishing the principle that life begins at conception. This legislation would define life at conception in law, as a scientific statement."

Did everyone catch that? Dr. Rand Paul, of the "Constitutional Wing" of the Republican Party, is proposing on his campaign website to AMEND the Constitution to fit his personal religious beliefs. I am guessing he was raised Baptist as his dad is a Baptist, but I can't seem to verify that. Hell, maybe he's not a Baptist. He read Ayn Rand when he was young, maybe he's an atheist against a woman's right to choose because: she's only a woman and therefore belongs to her man?

I don't know what his reasoning is, but this guy is against a woman's right to choose what to do with her own body and so I'd like everyone to stop pretending that all this rhetoric about freedom is true. True freedom would mean the government didn't get involved in your uterus.

11.08.09 Clarification:
To be fair, Rand Paul's challenger in the KY's Republican Primary is Trey Grayson. Grayson also supports the idea of an Amendment but actually goes further than Paul on his website:

"I am 100% pro-life and believe we must protect the sanctity of human life. I spent many hours volunteering for the New Hope Center, a local crisis pregnancy center that encourages pro-life decisions.

If I am elected to the U.S. Senate I will join the Pro-Life Caucus, support a Human Life Amendment, and work to ensure that the federal government protects and defends individuals' right to life, including the elderly, terminally ill and unborn children.

I am very concerned about the direction of our government on this issue. Some versions of health care reform bills in the House and Senate would provide government-sponsored insurance that would include coverage for abortions. I believe that is wrong and will do everything in my power to prevent taxpayer-funded abortions.

Additionally, I understand that President Barack Obama has issued an executive order overturning the Mexico City policy, first implemented by President Ronald Reagan to prevent foreign aid funds from being used to perform or promote abortions abroad. If elected, I will co-sponsor legislation to reinstate that policy."

That's why the Kentucky Senate Race is so important. Progressive-minded Kentuckians sure as hell don't want these guys pretending to represent them in D.C.

November 5, 2009

Rand Paul is doing WHAT??

He's appearing on Glenn Beck today at 5:30PM and his campaign manager is PROUD OF THAT!
I don't have to tell my gentle readers, Glenn Beck is on a campaign to convince white Americans that our President is wanting to exploit them at the expense of African Americans. You already know that right? The organization successfully lobbied for 80 companies to stop advertising on his show...Why? Because they were embarrassed.

Is Rand Paul embarrassed to hang out with this guy? No, he's been on the show at least twice before (here and here), and they are still friggin' excited for him to do it again.
The Rand Paul Camp is dangerously flirting with waking a sleeping dragon, called the social justice movement. There's no way that man will be a Kentucky Senator in a 2010 election if he continues to hang out with Glenn Beck. Period.