April 23, 2009

Increasing Louisville Assessments vs. Decreasing Market Values

Assessments vs. market value...there is a buzz now about how awful it is that assessed value of louisville homes have gone up while their market values have gone down and wave3 doing a story thursday.. Can I just say I told everyone about this in January '08 and I couldn't even get the PVA to return my email? I swear if they use the phrase "breaking news" tomorrow I'm going to eat a whole box of oreos in a single setting.

oh wow, an internet record of my original heads up to this travesty.

oh, and I called for a county-wide re-assessment again in April '08 too, eh?

I realize a great city needs significant tax revenues, all I'm saying is the fair way to collect the same amount of tax when market values change differently across the city, would be to re-assess the properties to their true market value, and then adjust the rate to provide the revenue needed.

Here's some data backing up how ridiculous and outrageous the PVA Assessments in the West end have been lately:

the # homes currently listed for sale in louisville under $20,000 in MLS: 122
(# for sale <$10,000 in MLS: 39; # for sale <$30,000 in MLS: 238; # for sale <$40,000 in MLS: 357; # for sale <$50,000 in MLS: 513) Here's the kicker, listed homes make up a percentage of our actual community, so if they're all over-assessed, that means they represent entire neighborhoods that are. the worst part is these are located in the neighborhoods where people were struggling before the PVA joined in on victimizing them, and they are neighborhoods that are demographically Black. One thing interesting about listed property is the point is proven, those homes aren't worth what they are assessed for or the homes would be sold already, and some of them have been on the market for a year (the average for the 39 that are on the market under $10,000 is 88 days, but many of those are on their 2nd listing) Here's a sample below -that I didn't cherry pick, I didn't have to, because virtually all affordable housing in louisville, whether it is bank-owned, rental properties, or owner-occupied, even after the RE-ASSESSMENT, the properties assessments are not related to their market values. In all cases, the PVA assessed value is a multiple of 2x, 3x, up to 7x the actual market value of these randomly selected properties:

property address /owner/ current list price/ current PVA assessed value / RE-ASSESSMENT
846 S 23RD ST/PHH MORTGAGE CORP / 3,800 / 41,330 / 30,430
2326 W MUHAMMAD ALI BLVD / US Bank National Assn / 9,900 / 36,840 / 27,890
513 E KENTUCKY ST / LEANNA W ATKINS / 15,000 / 38,880 / 38,880
2337 W MADISON ST / DUMAS LATANYA / 7,900 / 43,920 / 32,840
3622 GARLAND AVE / WILSON FRANK G SR / 10,000 / 75,000 / 54,600
2117 W MAIN ST / HUD / 12,000 / 80,540 / 54,480
1110 CECIL AVE / MOCKBEE MICHAEL / 12,000 / 50,750 / 42,300
Here's a link to the selected listings:

April 21, 2009

Nancy Peloski Misinformed

Rep. Peloski told the Bay Area Reporter that Repealing DoMA is not a priority of hers this year:

Who told Rep. Peloski that she was "the decider" on which Civil Rights that Gay Men and Lesbians were entitled to receive this year? Ironically, she's "decided" already on the same 2 that Rep. Yarmuth's aid emailed me that he may support (if we lobby him hard enough).

How about this...We The People STAND UP and claim the Civil Rights we deserve.
ALL OF THEM. We can't let a few victories here and there make us complacent.

April 19, 2009

Facebook Event Created for McConnell Protest

Senator Mitch McConnell was one of the supporters of the unconstitutional Defense of Marriage Act (DoMA), yet the University of Louisville's Brandeis School of Law chose him to be this year's graduation speaker.

What a better way then to let Senator McConnell know "We're not going to take it" any longer.

When?: May 9, 2009, 330pm-7pm
Where?: W.L. Lyon's Theater,
315 West Broadway, Louisville, KY
RSVP: Not necessary, but possible on facebook event page by clicking on Repeal DoMA logo.
More info: Email Curt Morrison:

April 13, 2009

Conway Announces run for Senate! Woohoo!

Attorney General Jack Conway formally announced his bid for the Senate seat currently occupied by Senator Bunning this evening in Louisville at the Muhammad Ali Center, although the introduction of his website with it's own video announcement on Friday made the news already.

Rep. Yarmuth, Ben Chandler, Mayor Abramson, Auditor Crit Luallen all showed up at the announcement to show their support. That Dr. Dan Mongiardo doesn't have a chance.
I just read where in an interview with Politico, Dr. Mongiardo's consultant made the claim that "Daniel" was an outdoorsman. Well, he's got that going for him at least.

Oh, and check out Jack's website where he makes comprehensive stands on issues. Neat.

April 9, 2009

Brandeis Forum Proved Fruitful for Attendees

As part of the Diversity Forum Series an forum called "From Prop 8 to SB 68: Legislative Attacks on LGBT Families" was hosted with free lunches last Tuesday at U of L's Brandeis School of Law. Rev. Vernon S. Broyles, III, representing the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.). gave insights to the attendees on how the Presbyterian Church is working for social justice for the LGBTQ-community within the trappings of what their membership will allow. Before he spoke, he was careful to disclose that he did not speak for all Presbyterians. The Reverend, himself a longtime Fairness Campaign supporter, was articulate and entertaining in his presentation, endearing him to the audience.

Bryan Gatewood, a Louisville Attorney with years of experience working in the family court system, and Chris Hartman, Director of the Fairness Campaign, revealed insights on just how unprepared the sponsors and supporters of SB68 were when it came time to debate the consequences of the Bill on children's lives. The presentation ended with the following youtube video Chris showed of the debate that recently aired on KET in which he and Senator Kathy Stein (D-Lexington) embarrassed an unprepared SB68 defenders.

April 6, 2009

McConnell / Yarmuth -Please Pass a Trans-inclusive ENDA.

The Employment Non Discrimination Act (ENDA) is a bill to create a federal law which would prohibit discrimination in employment based on sexual orientation or gender identity, defined to include gender expression. It would provide critically-needed protection for people at serious risk of job discrimination. After years of hard work and thousands of conversations with law and policymakers, we are poised to pass an inclusive ENDA in this Congress.

What can we do to get congress to pass a trans-inclusive ENDA?.... There is no better way to ensure the passage than to contact your representatives and senators, particularly through visits in your district!

Click here to contact Rep. John Yarmuth

Click here to contact Sen. Mitch McConnell

April 2, 2009

Bourbon, Bluegrass, & Bling

Join me in supporting a great cause...and an pre-Derby celebration!!!

Bourbon, Bluegrass, & Bling
April 11, 2009 at The Galt House from 1:30pm-4:00pm.


A Pre-Derby Fashion Event including a Manhattan-inspired runway show, Four Roses bourbon tasting, and a unique shopping experience; with a portion of the proceeds to benefit the Louisville AIDS Walk.