February 27, 2009

Why are Republicans being so mean to Republican Senator Bunning?

I believe it's because he stood up to Senator McConnell and voted against the stupid bailout the voters in his district didn't want, and even though I don't agree with this guy about hardly any issue but this one, I'm sick of seeing him persecuted for being on the right side of history.

He doesn't intend to resign, that rumor was started on a blog referencing an anonymous source.
I think it was PageOne. But of course the Huffington Post had to pick it up after that. If I ever reference an anonymous source on my blog, come find me and shoot me in the head.
There's no room for liars or cowards in a Democracy.

Here's Senator Bunning's own words to the Miami Herald today (quote links to the story):

"It's not true. I intend to fulfill my obligation to the people of Kentucky. If you are going to write something like this, you'd better make your sources known because they are lying,"

February 26, 2009

"Discrimination is not a Kentucky Value"

The annual statewide rally Kentuckians Value Fairness took place in the Capitol Rotunda in Frankfort today. Hundreds gathered in support for the statewide Fairness Law currently in the House Judiciary Committee (HB72). Supporters also were there to show their objection to the Anti-Gay Adoption Ban (SB68).

Chris Hartman, the Director of the Fairness Campaign, which is one of the primary organizers of the event, introduced a succession of powerful speakers sharing their message, including George Stinson, Chair of the Kentucky Commission on Human Rights, who brought with him his Commission's condemnation of SB68, as well his personal story in advocacy of adoptive rights for gay men and lesbians.

Also speaking were Lexington Senator Kathy Stein, who gave her passionate support of the crowd's objectives, Louisville Rep. Mary Lou Marzian who introduced HB72, and Rep. Tom Burch of Buechel who told the cheering crowd "discrimination is not a Kentucky value."

February 24, 2009

Yes Obama Can Reduce Your Interest Rate!

Looking over the fact sheet for Obama's Homeowner Affordability and Stability Plan that was unveiled last week, a lot of folks might qualify for help that they might not even realize.

For instance, you don't even need to have equity, or be behind in your mortgage to qualify for a rate modification. This is awesome for so many borrowers.

Specifically, these two provisions might surprise you:
"Homeowners At Risk: Anyone with high combined mortgage debt
compared to income or who is “underwater” (with a combined mortgage balance
higher than the current market value of his house) may be eligible for a loan
modification. This initiative will also include borrowers who show other indications
of being at risk of default. Eligibility for the program will sunset at the end of three
years. "
"Homeowners Who Have Not Missed Payments: Delinquency will not be a
requirement for eligibility. Rather, because loan modifications are more likely to
succeed if they are made before a borrower misses a payment, the plan will include
households at risk of imminent default despite being current on their mortgage
payments. "

February 16, 2009

Yarmuth's on Repealing D.o.M.A Clarified

(Update 8/25/14: As a beginning blogger, I (apparently) believed it necessary to speak of my own actions in the 3rd person. As much as it would serve me to delete evidence of my own ignorance, this entry is perhaps relevant to history, so it remains as it was originally published except for this note. And you're allowed to laugh.)

Local activist Curt Morrison met with Gil Reyes of Congressman John Yarmuth's office Friday February 16th to find out exactly where the Congressman stood on our community's interest in having the representative introduce the bill to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act (D.o.M.A.). He was accompanied by Chris Hartman, the Director of the Fairness Campaign, and Professor Samuel Marcosson, of the Louis D. Brandeis School of Law at U.of L., who also serves on the Coordinating Committee of the Fairness Campaign.

Morrison says Reyes relayed that while the Congressman is generally supportive of the Repeal of D.o.M.A., but he is as of this time unconvinced the majority of his 3rd constituents feel the same way. Of further concern, Rep. Yarmuth isn't sure that the an introduced Repeal measure would be able to pass Congress if it was introduced. The delegation left Reyes with two questions to take back to the congressman- 1) What would convince him that his voters are behind him? and 2) What would convince him that the Repeal is capable of passing in the House?

Morrison promises to stay in touch with fellow activists, but recommends in the meantime for members of the LGBTQ- community to contact the Congressman either by phone or email, and let him know your position on the Repeal of D.o.M.A. Yarmuth's website is, and his phone number is 502.582.58972


February 11, 2009

Common Ground gets Timely Training on Lobbying

On February 3rd, a packed room attended the U of L LGBT-group Common Ground meeting to learn about lobbying. Carla Wallace and Phoenix Lindsey-Hall spoke about the need for lobbying and their experiences with it. Also, the attendees broke into small groups and did some lobbying role-playing scenarios. Brian Buford says there were students that signed up to lobby this session.

This couldn't be more timely, as a statewide rally called Kentuckians Value Fairness will be taking place in Frankfort on February 25th. Louisvillians wishing to carpool are meeting at 7:30am at the Fairness office. For more information, visit the fairness website, or give them a ring at 502.893.0788.

February 10, 2009

Discussion on Marriage & the Constitution hosted by Federalist Society

Over lunch on Monday, many students of Brandeis School of Law, along with some curious Louisvillians were treated to a discussion on Constitutional implications
regarding same-sex marriage. Hosted by the Federalist Society, the format was planned to be a debate by Prof. John Baker of Louisiana State University Law School and Prof.
Sam Marcosson of the University of Louisville, Brandeis School of Law.

After Prof. Marcosson thanked the guest, and apologized for the "home court" advantage, he presented his arguments on why the United States should allow and recognize the marriage of same-sex persons. The Professor first argued the 14th Amendment provided for equal protection under the law, and the spirit of the Amendment was never intended to have limitations allowing for non-justified discrimination. Additionally he noted that what is being practiced is also sex discrimination, as states are making their decisions based on the sex of those applying for marriage licenses, and not their orientation. Secondly, he argued that the denial of same-sex marriage is part of a system of subordination that privileges the elites which was not the intention of our countries founders. Thirdly, the Professor argued that allowing these marriages was sound policy, noting that at least 250,000 children in America are being raised by same-sex couples, and countless more by non-partnered gays and lesbians. He stressed that just because same-sex marriages were novel, was not justification for their denial.
Finally, he concluded with the point that allowing the marriages of same-sex persons doesn't violate anyone rights.

Prof. Baker prepared the audience with his belief that for a genuine debate to occur, both parties had to have some common ground of values they hold dear, making the topic at hand particularly challenging. He then went on to use the majority of the time intended for his argument, making the argument that the burden of proof is on the ones advocating change. After much more thoughtful disclosure, he hinted at an argument that the Constitution shouldn't be interpreted as a "living document" having qualities of social Darwinism. He also made the argument that equal protection does not imply equality, which he maintained was a philosophical term. Then he cited Hume's view that the origin and purpose of justice was for remedying the defects of human nature, choosing Hume's argument because Hume was an atheist, yet not explaining the relevance of that detail.

Prof. Marcosson's rebuttal was expressed assuredly without hesitation, like lava from an erupting volcano. First, he asserted that Prof. Baker seemed to have rejected the issue at hand as the premise for his argument, which he observed was not logical. He then challenged Prof. Baker to explain how we would have been able to pass Brown vs. Board of Education with such an originalist interpretation. Prof Marcosson's final rebuttal noted that the he personally didn't care what Hume believed because Hume was dead, and we are dealing with an issue with today's people that are alive today, in this world.

Prof. Baker maintained that the burden of proof was not on him, and with some exasperation declared that the rejection of homosexuality was what created Western thought. He also defined the purpose of a marital union not as one for procreation, as the traditional argument goes, but to satisfy a certain incompleteness both sexes can only satisfy with the union with a member of the opposite sex. Summarily, he argued that this was an issue of human nature, asserting that just as the body needs the cell, society needs marriage.

A lucky few of the many frenzied attendees got a chance to raise questions, all of which took the form of arguments challenging Prof. Baker's opinions which seem to be unpopular with even in a crowded room of future red state legal minds.

February 9, 2009

Kentucky House Bill 72: The Statewide Fairness Bill

Thanks mostly to the lobbying efforts of Louisville's Fairness Campaign, Kentucky State Representatives Reginald Meeks(D)and Mary Lou Marzian (D), both of Louisville, have introduced HB72, which prohibits discrimination because of sexual orientation and gender identity in employment, housing and accomodation, by amending Kentucky's existing civil rights laws.

It's of paramount importance that your State Representative know that you live in his/her district, and you support this bill! You can do this with an email, phone call, personal visit, or all 3!

ind out who is your Kentucky State Representative with your address.

February 8, 2009

Komen Louisville Race for the Cure Date Set ; 10/10/09

Saturday, October 10, 2009
Phone: 502.584.2873

Komen Race for the Cure is the largest series of 5K runs/fitness walks in the world, with well over 1 million participants since 2005. The Komen Race for the Cure Series raises significant funds and awareness for the fight against breast cancer, celebrates breast cancer survivorship, and honors those who have lost their battle with the disease.

17th Annual Louisville AIDS Walk Date Set for 9/13/09

Sunday, September 13, 2009
facebook: 17th Annual Louisville AIDS Walk Event Page

Join us on the Belvedere on Sunday, September 13, 2009 for Louisville AIDS Walk, Kentucky’s largest annual HIV/AIDS fund raising and awareness event. Each year families, friends, students, volunteers, teammates and co-workers come together to bring awareness to the AIDS epidemic in our community. Through the participation of hundreds of volunteers and over 4,000 walkers this event has a proud seventeen year tradition of mobilizing thousands from Kentuckiana in the local fight against AIDS.
Visit the website to set up a team, join a team, or sponsor a participant!