July 17, 2014

1600 Block of Stevens- What the hell

Just noticed on Jackie Green's Facebook there is someone on the 1600 block of Stevens who hates trees. See https://www.facebook.com/jackie.green.50552/posts/10203342573877116

If you know who did this or even the property address and I'll go from there, let me know. Thanks.

July 3, 2014

Tryangles has KKK night

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Tuesdays at Tryangles are now a night for "Kocktails, Kraziness & Karaoke."

According to Tryangles Facebook page,"(t)he fun starts at 10:30 PM in the BackSide Lounge with Drink Specials to keep you singing all night long."  The "festive" theme night will be hosted by Amos Gammons & AJ McKay

Whether the acronym for "Kocktails, Kraziness & Karaoke" is an unfortunate coincidence or an intentional action along the lines of "We can do this cute racist thing and get away with it!" is uncertain. 

(In 2012, Tryangles owner Mike Flatt, was exposed here for identifying President Barack Obama as a chimpanzee as well as defending that representation. A few months after apologizing to the community, the bar selected the "Two Proud Parents of a Gay Bigfoot" theme for their Pride parade float.)

June 13, 2014

WFPL Missing that CM David James Most Batty Hypocrite in Metro Council History

Robert Phillips with Metro Councilman David James
Louisville Metro Councilman David James has openly stated he intends to "work with" Robert Phillips on something. (Right here below this picture of James and Mathews accuser Phillips shaking hands.) And now James is upset because Robert Phillips says Judge Bryan Mathews used the N-word. WFPL's Phillip M. Bailey has written a piece about that. Chaos is ensuing. 

June 7, 2014

Missed one! Mitch McConnell's campaign hit ground with Russian field

Even before Mitch McConnell opened his campaign headquarters in February 2013, he started a Facebook page with a cover photo of a dirt road in grass and sunset that just didn't look Kentucky. That's because it was not Kentucky. The pic was taken by Russian photographer Alexandr Ozerov, in Russian.

You can still find that first cover photo on McConnell's campaign's Facebook right here. Since campaign minions will be instructed to delete that pic as they did the Youtube clip of the Duke player, this is how McConnell launched his Euro-campaign:

The CJ's Joe Gerth has also reported that McConnell's camp also used a picture of a Danish hunter and dog, shooting at ducks: Grimes claims McConnell used foreign pic, too. Now I'm a fan of the Danish political drama Borgen myself, but shouldn't McConnell use pictures from Kentucky? Must he outsource every Kentucky job, even the rural field photographer?